Customer Reviews: Intex Challenger K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump
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on August 1, 2015
After reading some of these reviews my friend I were skeptical...
We were wrong to be so.
This kayak is amazing. I've taken it out about 3 times now for extended periods of time (8+ hours).
-No skid problems (like some reviews mention)
-no control problems
-durability is quite amazing.

I even use this 2 person one when I go out on my own. Taking out the 2nd seat gives me tons of storage space!!

Packing up/taking out have a learning curve but it's easy to get into the swing of it. Just read the instructions and you'll be fine :)

Taking it out on rougher waters tomorrow. Will update.
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on February 22, 2016
This is a great inflatable kayak and I give it a 4.5/5 stars.

This kayak is a great option for someone who needs the portability of it or lacks the space to store a hard kayak. This kayak was a savior in college being able to throw it into the trunk of my car and collapsing it into a bag that could fit into a closet. You can throw it in the trunk, drive to the lake, and in 20 min be into the water enjoying yourself. This is the same when breaking it down. You can have it packed back up in roughly 20 min again and have it in your trunk. I just make sure to wipe it down with a towel before folding it up.

I used this kayak mainly for fishing (I know an inflatable for fishing?). But this kayak is made of tougher material than you would think and could take a hook grazing along it or bumping into sticks or going over some occasional rocks. If this does get a puncture, it is actually relatively easy to glue and patch with the right resources. I had this happen with my past kayak and after sealing it, I had no problems with future leaks. I have gone into the trees along the edge of the lake when getting snagged and accidentally gone over shallow water and bottomed out without any issues.

The kayak can accommodate 2 people although somewhat snugly. You can definitely have 2 people in here but based on weight/size you might not have much more room for other supplies. It is manageable but I much prefer using one seat at a time and using the extra storage space for my backpack, fishing pole, anchor, tackle box, etc. The seats clip in and are pretty comfortable and you can actually sit the seat in 1/2 Velcro spots along the bottom of the inside. I basically move my back seat up as far as I can on the back Velcro spot and then I am set to use it as a one-seater.

The mesh part in the front is nice for some extra on-top storage. It stays relatively dry and holds my flip flops, life jacket, and other items pretty well. You can also use the rope around the edges of it for grabbing/carrying the kayak. There is also a bit of room under the front and back of the kayak as well for your flatter items. I can usually throw my flip flops, fish net, tarp, and life jacket under the front. In the back, I can usually throw my bag and pump and extra seat under the back edge.

The kayak actually navigates pretty true. With the skeg on, it tracks pretty well and can actually go decently fast. It probably can't compete with a hard kayak but it definitely isn't a "toy". I have had absolutely no issues with the skeg coming off either as others have stated. It has NEVER gotten loose and actually can take a little muscle at times to get out. The skeg just slides into the plastic cut-out on the bottom. If you're going forward and it gets hit on the bottom, it can only go inward so it shouldn't really come loose from that either. Just make sure it clicks fully into place - that's my best advice. Maybe others aren't fully engaging it.

Overall, this is a very nice starter kayak or kayak for those that cannot afford or don't have the storage for a hard one. I have had a very positive experience with it and would recommend it to anyone. I get compliments on it all the time and people walk over to see what it is. If you have any questions just comment and I will try to answer them for you.
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on March 12, 2012
First off, yes, the tracking is poor. There are many ways to improve it from strapping a t-frame on the stern(which is not that easy to ensure its straight), buy the extra adhesive skegs from the manufacturer or engineer your own. I drilled two mounting holes through the existing skegs and attached my own larger skegs I fashioned from some sheets of .100" polycarbonate and it works great.

People tend to look at this thing and just assume the first pointy rock it grazes is going to rip this in half but I'll remind all that navies around the world use inflatable boats of comparable material for a variety of tasks. I would warn that the first time you inflate it, do so in a cooler environment and do not over-inflate it. A couple friends got theirs, inflated them with hot air and then set out immediately and they now have a mild but seemingly permanent 5 deg list to one side as a result of expansion. I first inflated mine in my living room and have not had any problem of the sort.

As far as durability goes; my first use was a 51 mile trip down French Creek in North West Pennsylvania which in early spring is rated class 3. The trip started on Friday afternoon and ended Sunday evening, with camping on islands at night. The second trip was 20 miles on the upper Allegheny River, from the Kinzua dam to Tidioute, PA, launching just before midnight on Friday and arriving in Tidioute on Monday morning. It held up quite well with no signs of wear despite being drug over rocky areas numerous times as well as bouncing gently off submerged rocks and being drug onto beaches. Never has one of these capsized and it would honestly take a lot to do so.

Using it as a one-man boat allows plenty of space for necessary and even luxury gear on long range camping/kayaking and the best part is that you can toss it in your trunk when you're done. If you do get a puncture, the patch kit will have you back underway by morning as with a hard body you're looking at quite a bit of work before it's worthy again(i.e., your trip is over.) Since I bought mine last year, four of my friends have purchased their own and we have completely cut the need for a gas guzzling pickup truck and/or boat trailers out of our adventures. Ultimately, it depends on where you plan on going and what you plan on doing with it, but it has served me very well. Take care of it, exercise normal safety precautions and I believe the K2 will take you very far.
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on July 30, 2013
UPDATE: Maiden Voyage complete! Went on the Monongahela River solo. Tried paddling seated near the middle, seated in the rear, and kneeling in the middle. All positions worked well. I went 2.34 miles and stayed close to the shore since it was my first time kayaking. I looked at the skeg after returning to the car and noticed it was popping out a little. I did ride it onto some rocks and the boat ramp when exiting the water. I might drill a hole in the skeg and attach a rope to it, so I do not lose it if it falls out. Overall I am very happy with the purchase and would make it again. Nice little kayak for the money. The video is to show how well the skeg stays in when I pull on it, but I was not trying to rip it off (if I even could)!

INITIAL: So I purchased the item from the Amazon retailer providing prime shipping. I was pleased to see I received the new green model, despite the picture containing the older blue model. It came as described. The removable skeg appears to have a small clip to hold it in place and the end is enclosed so it cannot push through. I am not sure if this is a change, but it seems hard to believe it would come out very easily, it is a snug fit. Pumping it up did not seem to take too long, maybe 15 min (I forgot to keep track). The pump worked well, but did seem a bit cheap. This is a low cost model, but I was surprised by the quality of the items. It can be tricky folding it back up because of the chambers retaining some air, but I managed to get everything back into the carrying bag. I may use an old hockey bag that is a little larger to keep it in. I keep thinking the handles on the bag might rip, but they are holding up for now.
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on May 20, 2010
Just bought a K2 at a local Ocean State Job Lot store and took it to the water on the same day. I've never kayaked before, but I just knew that any water vessel is not supposed to spin around the way this does. After reading some reviews online, I found that a lot of other people had a problem with the traking of this kayak because the only two keels on it are tiny and in the center of it. So I figured I could make my own out of some soft wood (balsa if anyone wants to know). Took me about an hour to make it with a hand saw and a screwdriver, and I'll find out this afternoon how good or bad my custom made keel is.

Update: the wooden keel I made works wonders! Even though it was very windy and the water was very choppy at the lake I went to, the kayak always kept straight. The easy fix makes this kayak really worth the money.
Changed from 3 to 4 stars.
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on April 30, 2014
I am very enthusiastic because t his Kayak provided lots of fun for several people in a shallow bay in Florida where we could explore places where no larger boat could float above the sand. AND it needed no launch ramp.....AND it felt very safe when we did cross into deep water with waves. I have owned another inflatable Kayak for years but wanted to try this boat partially because it cost no more to buy and ship with Amazon Prime than I would have paid for round trip baggage had I taken it on the plane to Florida.
It acted differently than my other inflatable that I've had for about 4 years:
(1) It needs to be very fully inflated to move well. My Other Inflatable Kayak (MOIK) can stand some softness.
(2) With two people and a little wind, it MUST have the skeg installed for stability. MOIK does not. This makes it a little harder to launch and land on sand or silt.
(3) It has inflatable seats that provide reasonable support. MOIK does not.
(4) An individual needs to use inflation to adjust the seats for best comfort and paddling position. In MOIK , WYSIWYG
(5) This kayak arrived with everything needed including its very collapsible paddles. My height is about 6-3 and I paddled with another 6-footer. The paddles were long enough to work. Also paddled with a 7-year old. She was too small to use a paddle in kayak-mode,and I split one paddle so we could paddle it like a canoe. I had to buy paddles separately for MOIK.
(6) The hand pump is more portable but a little more work than the foot pump included with MOIK.
All in all, I really like inflatable kayaks because they can go anywhere. They aren't as quick and efficient as rigid kayaks but IMHO are MUCH more comfortable and much safer as well as being FAR more portable by car, by hand, or by plane, or by Amazon Prime. I exercise care to avoid punctures and over-inflation and have experience no damage.
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on March 30, 2015
Have taken this badboy out 2 times and i must say that it is awesome! Definitely exceeded expectations.

Turned Easy
Went Pretty fast
Easy Setup
Easy cleanup
Price is Great!
Storage net
Back rests
Comes with everything!

Paddles have spring loaded locks, the plastic on the locks are crap.
Hard to get air out once you are done, but not impossible.

Overall this thing is awesome! If you have been eyeballing it, get it.
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on September 21, 2012
I have used this twice now and can attest to its toughness. First use was during serious winds, which made white caps on the lake, and while it was hard to steer, it was not impossible and any kayak would have been tough, but I made it. The second use was on a calm day with another person. This kayak steers just fine, not as well as a hard body kayak, but it isn't like you just spin in cicles uncontrollably. This folds up nicely in my trunk, the pump only takes a few minutes to air up the boat and the kid loves it. Great way to get younger kids out on the water a few times a year without the expense of a big 2 person kayak or canoe in the way for the rest of the year.
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on October 20, 2013
These are wonderful kayaks and very sturdy. Easy to pump full of air, it took minutes. Light enough for one person to carry. Both came with a small rudder (which fixes the problems others mentioned in older reviews). We had no problem fitting 2 people in each kayak (2 adult-size people @ a total of 245 lbs in one, 1 adult, 1 child @ a total of 230 pounds in the other). Very comfortable seats and the paddles worked well too--no problem navigating at all. Best purchase ever!

UPDATE: I stand by my review, this kayak has been a great purchase and very sturdy. Unfortunately, we lost a SKEG today and had to order the replacement part. This part is IMPOSSIBLE to find on their website, by the way. I emailed them and they told me it was listed as Kayak SKEG replacement part Item # 11650. There's no way to find the part on their website, trust me. Call them and order over the phone, it's a total of $9.44 and worth the hassle of being on hold, etc.
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on September 30, 2013
About 18 years ago, I used to whitewater kayak and had a Dagger RPM (which I still regret selling). Anyway, this year my wife, daughter and I bought an RV and I have found that many campgrounds we go to have great access to water. I have been wanting to introduce them to paddling but didn't want to invest a lot if they don't like it and am greatly limited in what we can carry since it has to fit in either the RV or the back of the truck. We could put a rack over the cab and hood of the truck, but, again, don't want to invest a lot, yet. I bought this based on other reviews and am glad I did.

For flat water (which is all I have tried in this, so far) this thing is great. We have the (apparently) new, green, version with the redesigned rudder in the stern. It pops in securely. I have experienced absolutely no tracking issues with this yak. Maybe that's because I was used to a boat with almost no stability (by design), but I think a lot of the reviewers complaining about the tracking just have not developed a good stroke on both sides, yet. It is easy to control and maneuvers surprisingly well with either 1 or 2 people.

I was also very surprised by how rigid it feels when inflated. I was expecting it to feel like sitting on a pool toy but it is surprisingly solid. Once in the water, you really forget it is an inflatable.

It also inflates quickly with the Boston valves and supplied pump. The seating isn't the best (after all, it's an inflatable) but they really aren't bad given the compromise. The paddles are ok, actually a lot better than I expected given the reviews, but I suspect that it the rings that tighten the sections together may give out at some point, but not sure, yet. When we packed up the first time, I was surprised that everything actually fit back into the supplied bag for storage when disassembled.

In the end, sure, a hard-sided Dagger or Perception boat would be a lot better, but for the price and especially if you have limited space when travelling, these things are well worth the money. I plan to order the K1, next, so all three of us can be on the river at the same time.
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