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My wife and I were in need of an air bed. I had surgery on my leg this week, and it was decided that I'd have our regular bed to myself for a few weeks. So we needed a place for my wife to sleep, as several weeks on the sofa isn't a great idea. So I set out looking for an air bed. We didn't know one brand from another, so it came down to reviews and price.

There seemed to be two sticking points with people. First, did the thing come with a pump, and how did it feel? Price too to a lesser extent. I did notice that some beds do not come with a pump, and you're looking at an additional $25 on average for a decent sized pump. We were looking for something decent, I didn't want the cheapest one imaginable, but I wasn't looking to break the bank either.

So I happened upon this one. After reading the reviews, I decided to take the plunge. My wife has slept on it for a couple of nights, and has said it is OK. I think that's what most people here who are ragging on it aren't taking into account. THIS IS AN AIR BED. If you buy this (or any other one) expecting it to feel the same as your regular box spring and mattress, then you're missing the point. Air beds aren't meant to be the same. My wife says it's comfortable enough, but she wouldn't want to sleep on it long term. Which is the point of these. Short term bed. It feels great. It has kind of a water bed feel to it (especially if you don't fill it to max capacity).

The air pump is built into the unit, you basically open a hatch, take out the plug, put it in the wall, and go. You run the pump by deciding whether or not you are going to inflate or deflate it (it sucks air out too). It filled the whole thing in about 2-3 minutes. It's somewhat loud, but not excessively loud, so if you're in a place where quiet is an issue, this might be a concern, but I imagine any pump would be that way.

Some reviews talk about leakage or punctures. Sure, it's got the potential for punctures, but what air bed does not? The package comes with a puncture repair for a few minor leaks, but we have had it inflated for a week now, and have not yet had to refill it.

It's good quality, it's cheap, and has a pump. We give it five stars, as my wife can sleep on it, and it does the job. Recommended!
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on June 20, 2011
I purchased the Intex pillow rest raised twin size inflatable air bed for an emergency visit to my sister's home. The bed was ordered a few days in advance and was waiting on me when I arrived. It was very late into the evening when I opened the box and immediately set up the bed within a few minutes without a problem. It was extremely easy and amazed both my sister and me as it practically set itself up once it was plugged in and the dial was turned to inflate. I was so impressed and I plan to purchase additional beds for my own home to accomodate guests. The bed was comfortable. My mother, who suffers from dementia, arose during the night and came into my room and got on the bed with me. Luckily we are both small women and we both slept well on the bed. Our combined weight would be about 210 pounds and the bed held both of us without a problem. I highly recommend this bed to anyone who needs an extra bed. I slept on the bed for approximately two weeks and did not wake up tired or achey.
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I live in a smallish one bedroom apartment and have frequent visits from out-of-town friends and relatives, so I have a pretty significant need for temporary beds. When set up, the temp bed is right in the middle of the living room, so I need to deflate and store a temporary air bed on a daily basis when guests visit. Unfortunately this is a nightmare endurance test for air beds as the frequent compression and folding of the unit for storage along with the periodic inflation and deflation is a formula for a shortened air bed lifespan.

There are two significant names in makers of at-home air beds: Aerobed and Intex. (Coleman seems to be targeted more for camping use and their beds by most accounts seem to be cheaper and less comfortable than these other two more residential brands.) Aerobed costs three to four times more than comparable Intex products, and it may not surprise you to hear that the Intex also offers significantly lower quality along with the lower cost.

This model, the Intex high-rise twin size (18" high) appeared decent at first inspection. Unlike Aerobed, which insists that every sleeper must fit comfortably on a 74" long mattress, the Intex is 80" so taller sleepers or those who like their pillow under the top of their heads rather than under their necks will be more comfy.

Unfortunately this is the only advantage Intex has over Aerobed. The Intex feels mushier even at maximum inflation, so the "adjustable firmness" feature on the Inex is wasted unless you like sleeping in jello, as even maximum pressure inflation will be as soft as most users want.

The main problem with the Intex is that the motor to inflate it is inside the bed. Aerobed uses a detachable inflating motor. The problem with the Intex design is that the internal motor creates a hard inflexible lump in the interior of the bed, along with a sharpish rigid exterior plastic panel with the inflation control and electrical cord storage. As might be predicted, the Intex is almost impossible to fold into a compact bundle, and you will soon give up on attempting to stuff the folded bed back into its storage bag. At best you will end up with an untidy big lump, like a half full garbage bag, that needs to be stowed away in a corner or closet. Even worse, as you compress and fold the bed up, you are stretching, bruising, and maybe even tearing the internal and external lining of the mattress around the motor and the external control panel.

In my case, this contusing and abrasion of the mattress for storage resulted in a major air leak occurring after only maybe a dozen uses. Fortunately, this happened in the first three weeks of ownership, so I could easily get a refund as I bought the unit from Amazon. Intex itself has only a 90 day warranty on its products versus a 1 year warranty for Aerobed products.

The air leak in the Intex basically makes it un-useable as it loses most of its air after only three hours. The sleeper wakes up sinking into a plastic mush, and although you can of course always add air in the middle of the night, this does not make for restful sleep, as at the air loss rate of the leak here you would have to add air twice during the night in order to get 8 hrs of rest on a reasonably firm and supportive sleeping surface.

Though this review seems to be an endorsement of Aerobed, my experience with that brand has also been mixed. My original Aerobed twin size low (6" height) is still alive and kicking after 5 years of frequent use, but a later Aerobed deluxe full size high riser (24" off the floor) lasted only 15 months of light use before developing a leak. Moral of the story from my experience: if you want a durable air bed, especially one that can stand being deflated and stored frequently, get a low rise Aerobed. The higher rise models seem to be more inclined to spring leaks.

The other lesson here is that Intex beds are pretty junky. Looking at the reviews of this model on Amazon, 8 out of 28 reviewers (including me) report air leaks on this model. That's about a 30% lemon rate, so buyer beware. Spending more on an Aerobed gets you a better warranty and also better design and build quality.

Even so, unless you plan to keep your air bed permanently inflated and set up, I would suggest getting some other temporary guest bed solution. The 74 inch max length of the Aerobed models is an annoyance, and the long term durability of these inflatable designs is very questionable where the product will be deflated and compressed for storage on a regular basis. Maybe an old-fashioned folding cot would be a better low-tech solution for many consumers in need of a frequently deployed and frequently stored temporary bed for guests...
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on January 20, 2015
So fantastic I bought a second one! Easy inflate and deflate, stores beautifully and stays inflated all night. My son and I use these to sleep on cold gym floors while we are living in schools during drum corp season. They are high enough off the ground we never get cold and set up is a FAST piece of cake. Stop won't find anything nicer and more reliable for the price!
review image
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on December 10, 2008
Great service, great company. Will buy from them in the future.
The bed works great, i had to run a marathon the following day and i slept on this bed and woke up feeling great, just as if i had slept on my own bed at home!

Great company by the way!
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on May 21, 2015
The bed was great for some time, until one day one of the line impressions on top that suppose to make the bed comfortable, broke and now the bed is swollen from one side. Making it difficult to sleep on. Take my advice, If you want a permanent bed for everyday use, GET A NORMAL MATTRESS. Check the attached photo for more accurate information.
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on November 28, 2007
This inflatable bed is perfect. It's just what we needed. We love the quick inflation. We've already had a guest sleep on it and she slept comfortably. We're thinking about buying a couple more. It's a really good product.
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on March 9, 2006
Our Guest room overflowed and we needed an extra bed. This was GREAT. Inflates fast and easy and is very comfortable. Stores away like a small suitcase. Twin sheets fit well. Very happy with the product and it will get a lot of use.
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on July 23, 2006
We did an extensive amount of research online for an air mattress that would be durable. This item, despite a handful of reviews (all with 5-stars), began to deflate immediately upon being inflated. Unfortunately, we didn't test the mattress before the arrival of our house guest, unwittingly giving her the pleasure of seeing a night on the couch materialize right before her eyes.

Given that so many air mattresses seem to leak, we were partly prepared for a non-working mattress. But here is what we weren't prepared for: the difficulty of recuperating our money after return shipping costs.

First of all, the matress comes inside a box that you will never, ever be able to re-insert the mattress into. Next comes return shipping costs that equal about 50% of the value of the mattress itself. The matress company suggested we cut up the mattress into smaller pieces to try and save on the shipping. We devised a better strategy: throw it in the trash and don't look back.

Here's our advice for anybody looking for an air matress: go to Sears and buy one. If it leaks, drive back and exchange it.
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on June 14, 2015
Worst purchase ever. I spent all 5 nights of a camping trip sleeping on the ground because it wouldn't stay inflated. Apparently, the air mattress needs to "stretch" for DAYS before being used. Okay, fine. I guess that's my fault for not opening the box before I left- in general, one can usually use brand new things right out of the box. But now it won't fully deflate. I even tried using my old battery operated air pump but that doesn't work with the electric pump. Not sure how to possibly return it (it's tough to fit an undeflated air mattress in a box) so now I guess I'm stuck with a 1/6th inflated air mattress taking up a ton of space in my closet. My whole life I've been purchasing crappy $10 air mattresses and it turns out those are a million times better than this POS.
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