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38 of 41 people found the following review helpful
on April 26, 2006
One truly great thing about this movie is that it is not in the least pretentious, overblown, pompous, puffed up, or heavy handed. Neither does it hit you over the head with an overload of CGI and special effects nor wallow in personal issues like so many film today.

This movie is basically a swimming trunks and bikini action adventure flick. so, if want some good shots of Jessica Alba (Sam) in a bikini swimming - this movie is for you.

But there is more to "Into the Blue" than that. And it is not a teenager kind of film (i don't think there is one teenager in it, although ofcourse they may enjoy it like anybody else). Jessica Alba was probably about 23 years old when she was making the movie - and Paul Walker (Jared) was at least 31.

i'm not going into basic plot details (that has been done by others here) - just some fun observations.

Sam has a kissy-kissy ralationship with boyfriend Jared. in the first half of the film this actually becomes a turn off - it was funny when one of the characters actually tells them to basically 'knock it off ' when they start in on one of their run-of-the-mill kissing scenes. one thing more about turn-offs in the movie, *(SPOILER - WITHOUT TELLING YOU WHO OR HOW)* when one of the main characters gets seriously injured and dies there is hardly any real or true concern for her life expressed by anyone.

But the film does mangage to finally get into some actual story-telling with some good twists and turns. a bit far-fetched and drawn out near the end but that's what makes it fun!!.

So for me "Into the Blue" gets 4 stars; it has a good moral to it - about the real treasure found in one's own heart, it had good nature photograghy of the ocean -- and it was just plain fun!!

It turned out to be pretty good.
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
INTO THE BLUE surprises. Despite an opening sequence that is frightening and grisly, this film starts with the feeling that it is another pretty people at the beach flick - mindless, but visually attractive 'what I did last summer on the waves' story. But stay tuned: this is a film of visual splendor and tense intrigue and action that is up there with the best of them.

Amidst some of the most spectacular underwater sea photography on record blooms a story of friends with polar priorities: Jared (Paul Walker) and Sam (Jessica Alba) live the simple life in the Bahamas, sport diving, looking for lost treasure ships as a hobby; visiting lawyer friend Bryce (Scott Caan) and his just-met current squeeze Amanda (Ashley Scott) have dubious pasts and are out for the quick buck no matter the dangers. This quartet spends the first part of the film diving and playing underwater with the glorious sea life until the unexpected discovery of a submerged airplane (recall the opening sequence) containing vast amounts of cocaine changes the playing board. Jared and Sam won't deal in drug trafficking while Bryce and Amanda are unable to resist. Once this strident mark is hit the movie becomes a fast paced intrigue of good vs evil, crime, police corruption, all mixed with chase sequences both on land and underwater. Tragedies occur, priorities alter and the polarities among friends are tested.

Even if the story of sunken treasure and drug trafficking weren't as well written as they are, this film would be well worth the time spent just watching some of the finest underwater choreography on a stage both fascinating and gorgeous and with a cast of beautiful bodies in synch with the splendor. The cast is good and certainly beyond even the eye-candy appeal of each of the actors. Peter Zuccarini's underwater cinematography deserves Oscar attention; Shane Hurlbut controls the above water cinematography well. But director John Stockwell is to be commended for the pacing of this edge-of-the-seat story - and that is saying a lot for a film that is close to two hours long! Yes there are chinks in the mortar of the story and moments where the audience must suspend belief (just how long can Paul Walker hold his breath anyway?), but in the end this is a film that deserves serious attention from the movie audience. It is better than you would expect! Grady Harp, December 05
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon July 30, 2007
`Into the Blue' could have easily been nothing more than a toned body showcase with little plot and even littler brain patterns but instead it proves itself smart, exciting and worthwhile after all. I don't think I can really express fully my surprise when walking out of this film. I really expected nothing more than Alba in full skimp form frolicking in the ocean but instead I got an intelligent and very well plotted action film that continues to entertain me viewing after viewing. The scenery is nothing short of gorgeous and the quick paced editing of some of the key action scenes will keep you glued to the edge of your seat in sick anticipation of the next sequence. The directing is actually so delicately handled that the audience begins to feel the claustrophobia and panicked hysteria that can come from too much water.

The film follows Jared and Sam, played by onscreen couple Paul Walker and Jessica Alba, as they struggle with the consequences of buried treasure and smuggled cocaine. You see Jared has just been fired from his job as a snorkel guide, and as much as Sam claims to be happy with their poor existence Jared is determined to find the wreckage of the ship Zephyr and make himself, and his girl, very rich. With the extra time on his hands and some new toys thanks to a visiting friend and his connections they set off to find this wreckage but they never bargained on finding a sunken plane containing kilo's upon kilo's of cocaine. Jared's friend Bryce and his girlfriend Amanda are a bit careless and a lot selfish and so decisions are made that jeopardize everyone involved, even the innocent.

The acting is actually decent for the cast included. Paul Walker perhaps gives his finest performance, beings that for the most part I find him a talentless hack, and Alba does an arguably great job with her character. Love Scott Caan and probably always will and here he doesn't disappoint and neither does Ashley Scott. Josh Brolin also delivers as the rival treasure hunter, complete with deliciously evil stereotypes.

The film though transcends the acting and just becomes a fun film. It's not going to win awards or even be considered as a film on the verge of but it delivers one heck of a great time and it's smart in doing so. There is really so much to enjoy here, from the scenery (both oceanic and Albatic) to the intensity to the sheer shock of pure enjoyment. So shuck aside the preconceived notion that this, as most do, with suck royally and enjoy what might be one of the best films any of it's stars will have the opportunity to partake in (with `Sin City' left out of the equation).
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on June 18, 2010
There is so much to like about this little gem of a movie. Many say this is a remake of The Deep, and there are many similarities. The hot leads Walker and Alba (oh, she looks so good in this movie) are reminiscent to Nolte and Bisset (oh, she looks so good in that movie). The diving, treasure, drugs, drug dealers and sharks are all in both stories as well. However, this is a much better movie! Here come the crazy The Deep fans after me. The Deep was a very choppy story with some good scenes and decent acting (Robert Shaw is always awesome). Into the Blue really draws you in with the main plot and all the subplots. The dynamics of love, friendship, betrayal are well written and connects you to the characters. The mystery behind the Zephyr and the plane filled with cocaine is also compelling. Can you believe I am saying this about a movie with Paul Walker in it??? The action sequences are great, especially with the sharks (and yes that is Paul Walker swimming around with all those reef sharks around him). Give credit where it is due, this is a fun movie to watch.

NOW FOR MY BLU RAY THOUGHTS: A beautiful transfer. The power of blu is evident in all the underwater sequences. On DVD the scenes look pixelated in areas of darkness. That is not the case with BD. The audio is also a nice mix. SPECIAL FEATURES: All ported over from DVD. FINAL THOUGHTS: Jessica Alba in a bikini in HD = UPGRADE!
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22 of 30 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon June 25, 2006
As I sat down to watch "Into the Blue", I knew exactly what I was in for. There would surely be lots of ocean, lots of beautiful underwater scenery, some gorgeous fish, and a semi-coherent plot-line. Additionally, I knew that it was a safe bet to expect plenty of the incredibly beautiful Jessica Alba in a bikini - for the guys, and a considerable amount of camera time for a shirtless Paul Walker - for the ladies. What I didn't expect, what nobody could have possibly expected, however, was COKE ADDICTED SHARKS! Allow me explain.

The premise of the movie starts off simply enough. Walker is a down on his luck diver, underwater scuba instructor with a penchant for disobedience. Basically it's "Fast and the Furious" if swimming replaces the driving. His girlfriend, Alba, is an instructor at what looks like a SeaWorld rip-off, and inexplicably is with the guy who has no money or possessions. So, right off the bat, all viewers can easily place this movie into the fiction category. They are "in love" despite their meager incomes and the fact that they are scraping by in the world. Walker, however, has dreams of striking it rich by finding treasure in the ocean, despite the fact that he's a borderline homeless guy that still gets to sleep with Jessica Alba. The plot thickens...

Upon eventually finding his buried treasure, a ship called the Zephyr, he and a few friends also happen upon a crashed/sunken airplane filled with tons of cocaine. They debate about using the drugs to fund their treasure finding expeditions, something they can't do presently because of their impoverished state. After mulling it over time and again, arguing and pondering the ramifications of illegal drug trafficking, they inevitably get involved. And this, my friends, is where it gets good.

There are numerous diving scenes where Alba and Walker, although it's hard to notice Walker with Alba swimming around, go down for the treasure and drugs. Unfortunately for the divers, but incredibly fortunate for the viewers, some of the cocaine packing gets a little loose. Sure enough, it's turned the entire ocean into a big swimming cokehead convention. Sharks have bloodshot eyes; fish are fidgeting as they swim by, and the manta rays are pimping themselves for some unknown reason.

What follows is a combination of "Jaws", "Cool Runnings", every episode of the original "Star Trek", and a smidge Scooby Doo antics. Sharks eat people; Jamaicans are rampant; the sole, inconsequential character from the Alba and Walker crew dies, and there is a ridiculously convoluted and complicated trap set up to catch the bad guys. Bad guys lose/die; good guys win.

The movie in and of itself is worthwhile. I don't feel like I wasted my money. What needs to be made clear, however, is that this movie took the next step. They breached a horizon that has never been previously approached. The touched upon a concept with unfathomable possibilities: COCAINE ADDICTED SHARKS! Think about the possibilities; really, think about it. Tell me you can't think of another 10 movies with animals addicted to drugs as the major factor in any one of the rising action, climax, falling action, or denouement.

What a great friggin' idea.
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8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on February 13, 2006
"Into the Blue" is not a great movie, but it was never meant to be. What Director John Stockwell wanted to do was make a suspensful, and beautiful looking film. He fills his camera with breathtaking underwater shots and the amazing bahamas islands. Also haveing the half naked Jessica Alba and Paul Walker helps a lot. The plot is neat, it combines the old theme of treasure hunting and adds a new age spin of drug dealing. Its not great but really works for the film. "Into the Blue" is fun, and entertaining. Its great to watch on a snowy afternoon. I dont get how people think this is a bad movie. Its a very servicable film that holds up to repeated viewings. Its not art but was never meant to be. Its just a great time. My rating B+
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14 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on August 31, 2006
3 stars for the movie, plus a bonus star to the director for being a genius. How you ask? It's all about Paul Walker. Man do I love that guy. Absolute worst actor in Hollywood, but still gets part after part. His acting style is like a piece of wood with constipation. But he's just bad enough to be lovable. People still like him despite his failing, not like Hayden Christenson (Anakin from Star Wars), who just needs to die.

Anyways, so the director is sitting and thinking: "Hmmm... Paul Walker's in this movie. How do I distract people from his god awful acting enough so they'll still like it?" Then the answer hits him like a sledge hammer to the head. Get a super ridiculously hot woman to play along side him! Enter Jessica Alba. In a bikini. Think any guy is watching Paul Walker any more? And that handles half the audience at least.

Now if that isn't enough, we also have pirates, sharks, mantas, and other sea creatures who consequently get addicted to cocaine, and lots of underwater shots of our illustrious stars diving for treasure / drugs. Also, putting Paul Walker underwater for much of the film erases the need for him to talk. Bonus!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
When I popped "Into the Blue" into the DVD player all I remembered about the film was that it featured Jessica Alba in a bikini. This was the main thrust of the advertising campaign, although I am sure there were plot points of some sort in the trailer. Once the film started the title started to make more sense because normally the words "Into the Blue" are associated with my "Off we go into the wild blue yonder." This instead this 2005 film is about the "deep blue sea," at which point those of us who remember "The Deep" are seeing the similarities and understanding why this film was given this particular title.

Alba plays Sam, who is living with Jared (Paul Walker), a dive bum in the Bahamas who wants to start looking for buried treasure on the ocean's floor because he just got fired from his old job. However, he does not have the money it takes to do things right, so when his friend Bryce (Scott Caan), an American lawyer, shows up for a visit Jared thinks he is bringing financing. But even though he has access to an estate his law firm ended up with after defending a rich criminal, all Bryce brings is Amanda (Ashley Scott), who he met on the plane. At least they have access to a sweet boat, so Jared and Sam take Bryce and Amanda scuba diving. On the ocean floor Jared discovers evidence of an ancient shipwreck and the airplane full of drugs that crashed at the start of the movie before the credits. This coincidence becomes key to the entwined conflicts the drive the film. Jared and Sam are excited about having found a treasure ship and want nothing to do with what is in the airplane, but Amanda and Bryce want to sell some of the drugs, even if it is to get the money they need to do the salvage business right.

Of course you can tell people like Amanda and Bryce "no" all you want, they are going to try and sell those drugs. After all, what is the worst thing that can happen to two neophytes attempting to sell drugs in a foreign country? Further complicating things is the question of salvage rights, because even though Jared and his "partners" have found something, apparently they cannot get the rights to it unless they can identify the wreck in question. There are shady types poking their noses into what is going on and Jared thinks that Bates (Josh Brolin), the king of salvagers on the island, is behind what is going on. Or could it be who ever the drugs belong to that is checking them out? Once you see the roster of characters that part is relatively easy to figure out by process of elimination if nothing else, but there still ends up being some suspense to the proceedings.

The underwater sequences, shot by Shane Hurlbut and Peter Zuccarini, hold up the first part of the movie even though pumping up the music every gets to be a bit much after a while. Back on on shore things progress inevitably towards the part where things get bad, and that is where what happens under water becomes more important. So there is actually an argument to be made here that the big irony is that the best parts of "Into the Blue" are not when Alba is wearing a bikini (even though that is the first shot you see when the menu starts up on the DVD). There are so many things set up by the screenplay by Matt Johnson ("Torque"), that as director John Stockwell ("Blue Crush") works out the end game things get fairly interesting. The fact that much of the action takes place underwater works to the advantage of the film because we are spared some of the inane dialogue that often runs rampant during the big action sequences. But the action and the underwater setting taken together are certainly enough to justify rounding up.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon January 4, 2006
You know Into the Blue is going to be beautiful, both the stars and the scenery. That's a given.

The surprise is that this thriller is actually quite good, better than more ambitious recent efforts like After the Sunset. Even if Jessica Alba and Paul Walker aren't big names like Sunset had, the plot is tighter and more plausible -- skin-divers looking for buried treasure exposed by a recent hurricane in the Bahamas find it, along with a nearby crashed plane full of cocaine -- and the actors throw themselves into the admittedly not-amazing dialogue with real commitment.

The only real issue in the movie is that Paul Walker is apparently half-dolphin, able to hold his breath for a half-hour at a time. The first time he does this, another character is impressed that he can hold his breath for three minutes at a time. Later in the movie, they're all doing a lot more than that, in areas where they can't conveniently get more air, and no one seems to think it's remarkable at all. There's also several uncontrolled ascents that scuba divers will wince as they watch -- several of the characters should be laid up with the bends at different points in the movie, and possibly have serious damage to their hearing -- but otherwise, the filmmakers show a generally strong understanding of diving, both scuba and otherwise.

This is a light and breezy entertainment, to be sure, but a better use of your time than most such films. A strong recommendation for scuba diving movie-watchers, those who just love tropical locations and, of course, anyone interested in lots of sequences of Jessica Alba in a bikini.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on January 12, 2006
I was at the video store ready to make an indiscriminate purchase. My hand was on "40 Year Old Virgin" when out of the corner of my eye I spyed "Into the Blue". I should say that I zeroed in on the sight of Jessica Alba in her too small blue bikini. This impulse had struck me in the past most notably with "Catwoman" last year. Would Jessica make me feel like the jilted bridegroom as Halle did before? Would this movie be an instant candidate for the discount bin at Wal-Mart? Much to my surprise "Into the Blue" was not the extended SI swimsuit video I expected but an honest-to-goodness edge-of-your-seat underwater thriller. Normally I hate underwater movies but director John Stockwell shows an expert hand at not only framing the beauty of the Bahaman waters but staging action undersea. Both Paul Walker and Alba make for appealing protagonists. It shouldn't be held against them that they are,

well,pretty. Scott Caan has a nice turn as Walker's oily buddy. Josh Brolin makes for an imposing heavy. My only real reservation about the flick is that it gets a little bogged down with gratuitous violence towards the end. My initial reservations about this flick emenate from it's lukewarm critical and box office reception on it's initial theatrical run. The problem is not so much with the film itself but how it was marketed. If they played up the action angle as well as the cheesecake factor it's fortunes might have been better.
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