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on September 9, 2013
A very well done Dirty Dozen style story set in the world of the Iron Kingdoms RPG and Warmachine/Hordes miniatures game. Lt. Madigan is given command of 6th platoon, a unit of Storm Knights, heavily armed troops armed with lightning weaponry. However, the 6th is full of soldiers no one else wanted, deserters, scammers, brawlers, and crazies. He whips them into shape, and they enter the war ready to kick ass and take names.
The action scenes are VERY well done, as usual for Mr Correia, and the characters respond to the war realistically. I highly recommend this book for anyone who likes a very well written action story.
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on February 2, 2014
I'm an old D&D fan, but not familiar with this universe.

I've also read almost all of Correia's other books, and am a huge fan of the Monster Hunters and Spellbound series.

This book is an excellent combination of Correia's strong plotting and action sequences with an intriguing D&D style world. If you're a Correia fan, you'll feel right at home in this pseudo fantasy. If you're a fan of the setting, Correia is a great author slightly more at home with gun-play than sword and sorcery, but he twists the tale to his strength here.
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on March 23, 2014
I've got to say, this is some of the best tie-in fiction I've ever read. I've never read a Larry Correia book before. But I love the world of the Iron Kingdoms, having played the miniatures game and the RPG, and I've read Larry's blog and seen some of his comments on the Privateer Press forums.

Normally, I don't particularly care for tie-in fiction (having been burned very, very badly on Star Trek and Star Wars paperbacks) and so I was cautious wading into this. I was pleasantly surprised. This book is exactly what it looks like and what it claims to be: an adventure, with enough heart in the characters and finesse to the storytelling that I read the whole thing in two days. I loved the way the odds were stacked against the characters, and I loved that I was rooting for the characters, that I cared how the whole thing came out. As somebody who doesn't really have time to read novels I don't enjoy, this one got me and kept me all the way through.

Way to go, Corriea. I'm a tough-to-please (read: super picky) guy when it comes to my reading enjoyment, and this book, while not perfect (no novel is) was just exactly what I wanted as a Warmachine player and a literature reader. My hat's off to you, sir. :) If there was a paperback version, I'd want it signed.

P.S. Loved the cameo about 20% of the way through the book. :) That was a nice touch.
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on January 2, 2014
"Into the Storm" is a book about fighting men in a world in which one side uses fire-weapons and the other uses electric spark-weapons. Both use something like mechs, and there is little to distinguish these factions other than the names of their respective religions. Enter a platoon that has been formed a la "The Dirty Dozen" from the bars and jails of the kingdom, with a leader who has a dark past. This adds up to a decent entertainment, but hardly the kind of imaginative heights Mr. Correia achieved with his "Grimnoir" series.
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on March 23, 2014
Very reminiscent of Glen Cook's Black Company without feeling like a rip-off of that story. Good characters that felt fully formed, and made you want to know more about them than the author gave. Solid storyline, with enough twists/changes on the expected results to keep the story fresh and moving forward. If there becomes a series of stories with these characters, or prequel style stories, I would come back. I will be reading this author's previous novels from his own created universe, as well as looking forward to any more Iron Kingdoms fiction he writes.
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on October 7, 2013
I was utterly engrossed by this world and by the main character. The sense of duty, and the separation of that from any kind of honor, is the high point in the story for me. The combat is great, and there are a number of very well characterized people that populate this story. It didn't end how I thought it would, but I really liked this ending better.
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on January 1, 2014
I am a Warmachine player, and a huge fan of Larry Correia's other works so this was a natural for me. But don't get me wrong, you do not have to be a fan of Privateer Press products to like this book. Corriea does an excellent job of dropping you right into this corner of the Warmachine world. With his trade mark action sequences, and interesting characters Corriea has given us something that is fun to read that you dont want to put down, and there is not much more you can ask from a book than that.
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on April 28, 2014
I am a huge fan of Correia's Monster Hunter books, so I thought I'd check out what else he had written. I probably should have caught on sooner that Into the Storm was set in a established world (Iron Kingdoms? it was some kind of tabletop RPG). It was a solid book, and I am still a fan of the author, but being totally unfamiliar with the back story and setting left me more than a little confused.
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on April 28, 2016
Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy the Monster Hunter International books, (I am hunting around for a MHI green, horned smilie face patch to put on my range bag) but this book really took the author's writing to another level. Set in a fantasy/steampunk game universe it was so well crafted that hardly any suspension of disbelief was needed to enjoy the characters or settings. The technology is interesting in itself without being over powered or showing obvious seams where lines had to be drawn to prevent it from being overpowered. The characters were well realized, the plot was interesting and not oversimplified or overly tricky; kind of like life, it took odd turns but nothing that required you to believe three impossible coincidences before breakfast. It is genre fiction, if you are into military SF or adventure literature you will recognize certain memes. Sgt Whatisface for one. It doesn't matter because the memes that you find are drawn from real life.
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on April 29, 2016
Set in the world of Warmachine, Into the Storm feels like a cross between 'The Dirty Dozen' and 'MD Geist,' A disgraced, outcast knight is called back to the capital in preparation for war, and given the opposite of the pick o' the litter when it comes to soldiers. The action starts fast, the character development is fantastic, and there are enough twists to keep the reader guessing until the end.
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