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on August 23, 2006
First off, ignore everyone that says Aly & AJ are just another spawn off of the Disney entertainment congolmerate. Though one of the sisters, Aly, started her mainstream career on Disney Channel's TV show "Phil of the Future" and then created this album with her sister Amanda, you should know that these girls have been involved in the world of music since a very young age. Unlike some of the Disney spawns who just randomly decide "hey, I think I want to sing", Aly & AJ have had their time coming. They have been writing songs since a very young age. In fact, all but 3 of the songs on the album were written or co-written by them.

You should probably know that I am 21 years old, way outside of the target demographic, but that is changing. I was first exposed to their music when my sister dragged me to Disneyland last August to see them perform live. Like most, I had the pre-conceived image in my head of Disney girls gone singers. Boy was I wrong. The first I ever heard from them was "Rush" live, followed by some more songs off of the album. I was so impressed that I bought the original copy of the CD almost instantly.

I myself have seen them perform live 6 times as well as met them, and I can honestly say that they are real. Live performances have no pre-recorded or lipsynched elements to it. They are real on stage. Guitars are played, songs are sung, and it sounds beautiful. It's a shame in recent times, many idols of their target teenage girl have fallen victim to presentation rather than talent. I say, the more talent you have, the better presentation will be given anyways.

On that note: even if you do have the original copy of "Into the Rush", I HIGHLY recommend buying the upgrade. I already owned the original, as well as the Japanese Import and I didn't hesitate one moment to buy the Deluxe Edition. If anything the song "Chemicals React" is worth it. When the song first debuted, it totally blew me away. The other new song "Shine" is also another one of their amazing surprises. Though not my favorite (but far from my least favorite) song, I felt like this song was sort of like dipping their feet into the pool before diving in. A way to gauge the response to the somewhat different style to see if they want to keep steering that direction. I say go for it.

The remixes of "Something More" and "Collapsed" also give a new feel to the album. "Something More" feels more hard than its original counterpart. More agressive chords, and lively beats are used in the chorus as well as throughout the song. By a pretty good margin, I do have to admit that "Collapsed" has been improved quite a bit. I was already a huge fan of the song before, but this remixed version gives new meaning to the song. It starts out roughly the same, but soon after a pseudo 80's style band backs up the vocals instead of the more hardcore sound of the original. I love the diversity the song has as well as the unorthodox-ness of the whole layout of the song.

If you were too lazy to read that whole review just read this.

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on August 17, 2005
Aly & AJ have great songs. Not all of them are about love, they are about things teenagers go through and can relate to.

1. Rush-3:11: This is the track that kicks things off. The semi-title track has soft verses with a loud chorus, and great lyrics. This was on the Disney Girlz Rock Cd.

2. No One-2:57: This was featured on the soundtrack for the movie "Ice Princess". It's a great slow song that talks about how you should be yourself and never let anybody take you down.

3. Collapsed-2:57: This is a really upbeat track that Aly wrote by herself.The little techno sounds are cool and you will find yourself singing to it in no time. The lyrics talk about a relationship where she is talking about how she dumped someone and now she realizes he was "the one".

4. Something More-3:40: Alot of teenagers probably have been through this situation: You like your friend and want to be "something more". A great beat goes along with the words and you will probably have the chorus stuck in your head. In the booklet, right before the lyrics to this song, it says "For J.S.-Love A.J."

5. On The Ride-3:31: This song has great lyrics. They are talking to each other saying how they will always be by each others side. Above The lyrics, it says "Having a great sister makes life even better."

6. Speak For Myself-3:10: Great beat, with great lyrics. Alot of people can relate to the lyrics, which talk about being seen and not heard. The chorus is like a power anthem and it gets stuck in your head. Above the lyrics in the booklet it says "Children are to be seen and heard".

7. Out Of The Blue-2:58: Another song teen's can relate to. It talks about how you are in a relationship and people keep telling you that you shouldn't be together. It opens with a great acoustic beat and builds to an upbeat chorus. I like how they change the lyrics in the last chorus. One of my favorites on the album.

8. In A Second-3:35: The slowest song on the album, but still good. The way they sing the chorus will have you singing along. The song talks about liking someone and you don't know if they like you. Their answer would change your life "in a second".

9. I Am One Of Them-3:25: GREAT MEANING!! The lyrics talk about child kidnappings. The beat is not slow, yet not fast and the lyrics are very dramatic and make you think about the subject. This is one of my favorites. Above the lyrics in the booklet, it says "Go to [...] to learn more about staying safe."

10. Sticks and Stones-3:47: Alot of people can relate to this song. I can. It's subject: bullies. The pre-chorus will get stuck in your head: "Why don't they understand/That we are all the same/and we all get lost sometimes..." and i like how they change the pre-chorus in the second verse "Why don't you understand/That we are all the same/and we all feel lost sometimes." Very good beat and words. "Sticks and Stones won't break my soul/Get out of the way I'm invincable/Throw them down cause the one you hurt's not around/not around/It's not your place/Honestly." Above the lyrics in the booklet, it says "A Bully tries to tower, but really has no power."

11. Protecting Me-2:58: Aly sang this in an episode of "Phil Of The Future" and this version is a whole lot better.It's upbeat tune will have you singing along. Like in "Out of The Blue" I like how they change the last chorus. Above the lyrics in the booklet, it says "To our amazing parents..." though the lyrics sound more like a love song.

12. Slow Down-3:54: At first i thought it was going to be a ballad, but it turned out being one of my many favorites on this album. The pre-chorus will have you moving around, singing and the chorus will too. I like how, right before the final chorus, when it sounds like their voices skip when they sing "Slow Down".

13. Do You Believe In Magic-2:14: This song is from the Disney Channel Original Movie "Now You See It..." which Aly starred in. It's a great cover and very catchy. Above the lyrics, it says "For Bob Cavallo...The man whose creative past helped frame our future."

14. Walking On Sunshine-3:53: This song was on the soundtrack for the Lindsay Lohan movie "Herbie: Fully Loaded". I never bought the soundtrack and i was glad when i saw this was going to be on their album. Originally, the tracklist had 13 songs, this song was excluded, but they changed it last minute. It's a great cover and i like the guitar in the end that kind of skips as it fades.


If you don't buy this cd, you are passing up on a great cd. The lyrics really have a meaning. The sisters wrote every song on here (except for the last two). I really hope they come out with another CD.
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on August 9, 2006
Aly and AJ have done it again! This CD is soooo amazing! There are 3 new songs on it (Never Far Behind, Chemicals React, and Shine). There are 2 remixes (Collapsed and Something More). There is a bonus fold out poster which has a great picture of Aly and AJ on it. All the songs have positive messages and are easily relatable. You can really tell these sisters have a passion for their music and for life. They have so much energy, creativity, and talent and each song conveys that. I love this CD and recommend it to anyone!!!!!!!!!!
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on August 18, 2005
Aly & A.J. (the Michalka sisters) are incredibly talented. I mean, they can play the guitar, play the piano and keyboards, and sing. They are amazing! I've been waiting for this album to

come out ever since I heard about it cause I was a fan of the "Do You Believe In Magic" CD Single. A lot of the songs on

the CD you will probably recognize. "Rush," the semi-title track

for the album, was originally featured on DISNEY GIRLZ ROCK.

"No One," the second single on the album, can be heard in the beginning of the movie ICE PRINCESS and is featured on the soundtrack. A more acoustic version of "Protecting Me" was performed by Aly on an episode of Disney Channel and ABC Kids'

PHIL OF THE FUTURE. The covers, "Do You Believe In Magic" are

from HERBIE: FULLY LOADED and from Aly's Disney Channel movie

NOW YOU SEE IT... The new ones are just as good, especially "I AM ONE OF THEM," which talks about child kidnappings. Most of the songs on the CD releate to the positive messages parents set

for their kids, but since it's coming from Aly & A.J., they'll totally listen and listen for hours! This album is way worth the

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on August 26, 2006
After buying this cd I wondered if it was really worth the buy. I was worried that I wouldn't be interested in all the songs. (I had only really gotten this cd cause it had Chemicals React on it.) But I was wrong! This cd completely blew me away! Every song has a message on it! Also every song is kid-friendly and is uplifting. It sorta makes you want to dance and sing along to it! Here's the track listing:

1.Chemicals React-1000/5 stars

2.Shine-5/5 stars

3.Never Far Behind-5/5 stars

4.Something More-4.3/5 stars

5.Collapsed-4/5 stars

6.Rush-5/5 stars

7.No One-4.8/5 stars

8.On The Ride-5/5 stars

9.In A Second-4.7/5 stars

10.Speak For Myself-4.9/5 stars

11.Out of the Blue-5/5 stars

12.I Am One of Them-5/5 stars

13.Sticks and Stones-4.8/5 stars

14.Protecting Me-5/5 stars

15.Slow Down-4.8/5 stars

16.Do You Believe In Magic-5/5 stars

17.Walking On Sunshine-5/5 stars

Overall: 4.9 stars

This is a GREAT cd! If your thinking of buying it BUT IT! You won't be sorry:)
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on August 22, 2005
I took my 10 yr. old daughter on Saturday to a local Record Store where Aly & AJ were doing an in-store performance to kick off their newly released Album, "Into the Rush". The concert wasn't very long, only 4 songs, but within those songs, the girls showed beautiful vocals, guitar playing talent and great songwriting skills. After the show, they signed autographs. My daughter was pushed down and injured by everyone rushing to get in line to meet the girls. The security guards, Aly & AJ's publicist and Aly & AJ themselves were very gracious with my daughter, fawning over her injury. They let her be first in line, spoke to her and let her take a photo with them, which was not allowed according to the store. I thought this was was a great thing, turning this trauma for my daughter into a wonderful experience.

I think the album is very grown up and tackles some issues that most "pop stars" shy away from. I'm impressed that the girls play their own guitars and write their own music. Their sister harmonies are beautiful and they are true professionals. The cover tunes that they constantly play on the radio and t.v. do not do them justice. They should focus on their other songs, so people know the girls have substance and are not "bubblegum pop". I recommend purchasing this CD and to tell all your friends about it!! Thanks Aly & AJ for such a great CD!!
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on March 28, 2006
At first I thought they were just a Disney made group but they are much more, no matter your age you can relate to their melody and haunting lyrics. You have to keep reminding yourself they are is that good.

I am not one for POP princesses and these gals arent, my favorite bands are go from Bangles to Bush. So there is something for everyone. The one thing I would ask these gals is how can they be so deep. Some songs really hit it.

So if you are a doubter dont be, it is worth is so comforting in the age of Britney wannabes that they ARE NOT...they wrote every song but 2! Comforting....rock on ALY and AJ...

Check out [...] and check out the whole CD in a Flash convinced me.

Rock on!PS: They need better exposer so pass it around, the album has been out since August 2005

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on August 20, 2006
I have been a fan of Aly & AJ since I first heard their first song -Do You Believe in Magic? This new CD is the Deluxe Edition of their first CD "Into The Rush ". It proves they just keep getting better!

The first single from CD is Chemical Reacts and it is Aly & AJ at their rocking best. This song should be # 1 ! The next new song is Shine which is a great,inspiring song that should also be a #1 single someday. The other new song- Never Far Behind is very good. This CD features two new mixes of Something More & Collapsed which have a rougher, more edgy sound than on the original CD. I loved the new versions! CD has all the other songs from the original including their hits : Rush , No One, Do You Believe in Magic ? and Walking on Sunshine.

The 17 songs on this CD prove that Aly & AJ are the best young pop rock group. The fact that they write the songs and play guitars helps them stand out too.

The Deluxe Edition comes with a DVD that has videos of Chemical React & Rush. Also a cool animated video of the Simlish version of Chemical Reacts.Package also contains a pull out poster of the talented sisters.

If you don't have the original CD- you should definitely get this CD. If you have the original, the 3 new songs , 2 remixes & extras make it worthwhile- if you can afford it.

Note for parents- Aly & AJ sing clean, age appropriate music that your teens can enjoy. This would make a great back to school or a Christmas gift !
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on August 16, 2005
What can I say about this terrific duo. They for one, write their own music. Two, they play their own instruments. And three, these girls can sing live. I remember seeing them in LA for a private concert rehearsal and they impressed me so much. These girls play acoustic guitar like pros and can sing amazingly well. Their debut "Into The Rush" has to be one of the best pop/rock albums I've heard in awhile. Songs like the rocky pop inspired song "Rush" is just one of the standout tracks on the album. Other notable favorites include the "So-called prom" song "In A Second", the uptempo guitar laden track "On The Ride", and the acoustic likeable track "Out of the Blue". I can't really choose my definate favorite because all of them are impressive. The cover songs "Do You Believe in Magic?" and "Walking on Sunshine" are also well done. Overall, the cd is a surprise of the summer. Think Michelle Branch with catchier pop hooks. Very mainstream, radio friendly, and chill to the max. Do not let the Disney brand fool you this is a cd for anyone who enjoys pop/rock. I definately see big things for this sister duo. Not a flash in the pan.
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on March 24, 2006
I am a big Aly and Aj fan. I love everything they do. From Alyson starring in Disney Channel's Phil of the Future and the DCOM Now You See It... to there new DCOM Cow Belles which I love. They are the total package I mean they can act, sing and they are both great role models for young girls. There singles Do You Believe in Magic, No One, Walking on Sunshine, Rush and On the Ride are so awesome. I love the music videos and the songs are featured in the movies Now You See It..., Ice Princess, Herbie Fully Loaded, Twitches and Cow Belles. This is one of my favorite cds I own. I highly reccommend this album and be sure and keep your eyes pealed for Cow Belles and On The Ride: Aly and Aj in Concert both coming to dvd summer.
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