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on February 8, 2011
I have been looking for this product Antiphlogistine Medicated Poultice for years since I purchased a jar in the 1960s for human use. That jar is almost empty having been used over the years on my own and others' cuts, infections, boils, and some non-identifiable rashes. It often heals overnight. Within 15-20 minutes of application, one can feel it getting warm and drawing out the soreness and pain. A dab on a band-aid or gauze to cover the affected area is enough. If the poultice in the jar dries out, mixing a little water in it will restore its pliancy.

The logo in the picture is the same, except for the horse! This product is great for human beings.
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on February 11, 2012
I strongly agree with the other reviewers here. I grew up with my mother treating me with this for everything from a splinter, a boil, a bite, or any kind of surface infection. It seemed to always "draw out" the offending infection and helped heal the injury. It is sad that this has not yet been officially recognized by the government for human use. I recommend that you try it for yourself. Why do horses get the benefit of this miracle product and we don't?
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on February 11, 2013
I would not be without this product I share it with grandchildren and friends. It helped heal my daughter's horses leg
that was injured. every house hold should have it on hand, draws out the poisons from bites and rashes.

so thankyou
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on April 12, 2013
I love this stuff!!! I used to use it when I was a child, it still works great. Just wish it had been in a 2lb. container instead.
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on August 11, 2014
It's not like the stuff made years ago for poultices for taking out inflammation. Good, though and works all right.
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on January 9, 2015
Well I have to say that my mom used it on us kids when I was growing up. I remember it being warm and on a cloth or old t-shirt. Actually I was wondering how long it stays good to use as I do still own the original container it was in when I was growing up with some still in there. I happened to look it up online and seen that it was only meant for animals. I am amazed at this as it helped me get well many times when I was younger and I am going to be 50 this year so that should tell you how long I have had this with me...:) So if anyone knows I would love to know if it would still be good?
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on January 20, 2011
Not for human use?...I was told about this miracle product some 40 years ago by my pet's veterinarian who referred to it as
"Mississippi Mud". He had used it on wounded horses, and humans, in a war. He suggested I use it on a dog bite I received; I was able to purchase a 10 oz tube at our local drug store at the time. Within 15 minutes after applying the warmed poultice to my dog bite, the pain was GONE - the scarring is minimal as well! I have used this poultice on my family and my pets over these last 40 years for relief from various bites as from tics, spiders, etc. as well as on areas where we've removed redwood splinters from ourselves. I've never found this poultice in tubes again and had to resort to buying these large tubs but that's fine with me as long as I can still get it! I cannot recommend this for human use as it is not sold for that purpose, I can only say that it works
and it's a shame doctors and veterinarians don't seem to be familiar with it...
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on January 17, 2011
As a young child my mother told us her mother used this to relieve chest congestion. My mother used it on all four of us kids and as Phonemike ( first reviewer) pointed out it was available for Human use in Pharmacies. Why it got pulled out of the human theater I know not. ( Perhaps becuase company fears of Sue Happy Lawyers ). Regardless my mother would place the tube into a warm water bath ( Boiling pot of water on stove ) this cuased the salve to become more spreadable instead of it normal sticky very thick consistency. She would then spread it on a square pre cut piece of fabric ( usually cut from an old T shirt ) She'd use a Iceing knife or Butter knife to spread an even thin layer over the cloth. She would then insure it was not to hot to apply to the front chest wall and do the same on the back of the chest wall. The salve was still warm when applied and had a unique odor wouldn't call it a stink ( it does contain menthol )We generally had this applied before going to bed. I honestly don't know the science if any to it or what it did, but generally by the next day my chest didn't feel congested and I managed to cough up alot of Phlegm as if loosened over night by this stuff...... The stuff also would dry out under the cloth if difficult to review simply get into a warm shower the water would loosen the salve and allow easier removal of cloth and salve wash with soap and water to review remaining remanents. All I know is that as I got older when I felt congested or that I had mucus down there I couldn't expectorate I'd actually ask my mother to apply it. Even up into my twenties, later I applied it myself during severe chest colds. I am now a Medical Physician ( M.D. ) and as my education has taught me to use only evidence based medicine, all I can say is placebo or not this stuff has worked for me and I continue to use it to this day and will for my family.

Disclaimer: This review in no way endorses the use of this product for human use or for off label use from Manufactures Recomended uses. It is merely informational as to my own personal experiences with this product, myself being an MD I can not advocate or promote your personal use of this product as what PhoneMike has reviewed or I have, as always one should always speak to their OWN physician before using such products.

Side note: I do believe considering the other crap on the market listed as holistic or Natural or Nutracuetical, the manufacture of this product could list it as Nutracuetical and resubmit it into the market for such uses. With an included FDA has not valuated these claims statement as every other Nutracuetical non prescribed remedy has done so.

I hope this review has been helpful
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on June 28, 2010
I used this product 34 years ago when it was available at the pharmacy for human use. I don't know who's idea it was to take it out of this catagory. I had shingles and was told by the Dr. that he could help the pain but not the virus. I put it on the sores on my face and in the morning I removed the bandage. To my surprise and horror I had large pits in my face where the shingles were. These healed completely without scaring. I have not had a reocurence since. I still use it for all our extended family without any negative reaction. Since, I don't know the resaon it is now for animals only, I can't say weather to use it otherwise. I will continue to do so. We put in in small bodies and divide among the families and it is very cheap this way. We use it on boil, splinters and anything else that needs a drawing salve.
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