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on July 31, 2012
Levitin approaches this broad topic by focusing on design methods first, rather than application. After a brief introduction to efficiency analysis, he moves into elementary methods such as brute force, divide-and-conquer, etc. before broaching more difficult ideas like dynamic programming and greedy technique. In each chapter, most classes of problems that can be solved with the technique are at least mentioned, if not explained in some detail. As a beginner to computer science but having a good amount of programming experience, I was able to pick up the ideas from this book better than from my professor. Bear in mind that this book does not discuss implementation at all, but most algorithms are designed with a C-like or procedural style; you may want to follow up with a book more focused on OO design techniques if you are implementing with C++ or Java. As another reviewer mentioned, there are no solutions to the exercises, but I did find the hints helpful on a few occasions. The solution manual was provided to us by our instructor electronically. The only other complaint is the relatively high cost; this is not a book I plan to keep around for reference due to its limited scope. Nonetheless, as a solid introduction to the field, I found it to be indispensable in my algorithms course.
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on March 28, 2014
I had the pleasure to be taught by the write of this book. He perfectly explains each and every algorithm in there. Definitely enjoying this class and enjoying reading this book. The problems presented after each section are interesting to solve.
The shipping was fast and the item received was as described. Satisfied...
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on December 21, 2015
As others have said the quality of the physical book is easily the worst of my college career. It is essentially newspaper print bound with a thin cover. Reading this book will be tiresome since you can see the print on the reverse of the page.

I cannot believe this costs 130. Probably cost 50 cents to make.
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on July 18, 2016
Author made a mess trying to explain the algorithm concepts using the real world examples. No depth in material. Not a single algorithm is covered in depth. No clarity in explaining the concepts. Lots of inconsistencies !!
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on February 7, 2016
Great book for Computer Science, it is pretty advanced and I would recommend it for someone who is experienced with computer programming and wants to major in CS. This books concepts are not user friendly, take this in mind if you are simply wanting to know more about CS.
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on April 29, 2015
I inherited this book to teach an undergraduate Data Structures and Algorithms course. I would not recommend it.

The gentleman who wrote this book specializes in math, and it shows. While these topics do have a math basis, the courses being taught with it are in Software Engineering and Computer Science. A lot of the topics in here are not practical, and are not presented in an introductory manner. The chapter organization does not actually help in the teaching of a course with the book. While grouping types of algorithms per chapter is interesting, most courses will find themselves wanting to do something such as going over all sorting algorithms together for comparison, and that is a pain to do in this book. When you want all the information on graphs/trees, its spread across most of the book. The terms are defined perhaps 6 chapters before they are practically used. Additionally, the examples and pseudo-code are very math based, and that does not lend to practical experience. It's pretty hard to read at times.

While algorithmic work can get very math focused, this is self-titled introductory. The book fails to be this. It is difficult and boring to read, not practical, and poorly organized. Any book I find I spend more time giving out web links to explain the topics better than the book is not one I would want to use.

If you are a math major and really want to jump into computer science a bit deeper, read this book. I generally cannot recommend it for any other purpose.
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on January 16, 2015
I like the way that this book explains stuff. The language is straightforwards and easy to follow, unlike, for example, CLRS. It also has good refresher tips on the math that you will need for analyzing algorithms, but will probably have forgotten.

However, the latest printing (the 5th, I believe) has the poorest production qualities that I have ever seen in a textbook — particularly one that is priced at $120! The paper is yellowed newsprint, and is so thin that you can read the printing that's on the back of each page. Pearson should be ashamed.
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on May 13, 2014
Had to buy it for a class. Things are detailed and spelled out. Excellent text book. Lots of filler to go through, but everything you need is there.
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on December 13, 2015
Literally 20 minutes on youtube will do a better job of teaching you analysis of non-recursive and recursive algorithms then re-reading this book multiple times. The author may be a very smart person but the syntax of this book is like trying to solve a rubix cube looking in a mirror at a computer screen controlling a robot in space. its definitely possible to a achieve your goals of algorithm analysis with this book but why do it the completely unnecessarily hard way. Get a different book this one won't help you.
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on February 20, 2012
This was the required textbook for my Design and Analysis of Algorithms class. The text content is decent and clearly written, but there are no answers to the heavily math-oriented (that's the nature of this topic) exercises in the back of this book -instead the author thinks that an annoying series of hints will provide the necessary help with the exercises.

As anyone who has done any schoolwork involving math will know, feedback in the form of answers to exercises is critical to knowing whether or not you're on the right track with learning the material. The publisher website has the solutions -available only to instructors (presumably) behind a pay wall, which is about as useful to me as a steering wheel on a sliding-glass door. And for a $90 book, I really don't think I should have to petition an instructor to get answers for me so that I can check my work.

IMHO, the author would have wasted less time by simply putting odd answers in and skipping the hint BS. Now I've gotta drop another wad of cash on a supplemental book (I'm going to try Introduction to Algorithms since it has answers available online at least) so that I'm not flying blind or stuck receiving feedback after the fact in the form of a grade that may suffer for the lack of answers to compare my work to.
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