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on October 9, 2013
I was a long-time Microsoft Money user, and a reluctant Quicken 2011 Premier user since late 2010 (once Microsoft announced it was no longer updating Money). The transition was somewhat laborious and annoying, but I have since grown used to Quicken. Yes, it has its quirks, but I have never lost any data and I have grown more and more dependent on it and more familiar with it over time.

Based on scathing reviews of 2012 and 2013 versions, I never tried to upgrade to those versions and have no experience with them. The reviews of previous versions are similar to other reviews for 2014 in that most claim very few (positive) changes hence no real reason to upgrade. Alas, soon my online updates in Quicken 2011 will stop working in April 2014 due to Quicken's policy of only supporting the last 3 versions (2014, 2013, 2012). At least they are consistent - this has been their policy for 10+ years. I love automatic updates of my accounts, so I bit the bullet and purchased Quicken 2014 Premier.

I think a lot of people are in my shoes... Waiting as long as you can (3 years) before being forced to upgrade from 2011 to 2014 due to the syncing capability expiring, and begrudgingly upgrading and wondering if it will make your life better or worse. So this review is written from that perspective... 2011 vs 2014.

First of all, the upgrade process was fairly straight-forward. I didn't lose any data, there were no errors, and all customized reports came across just fine.

I don't get too worked up over cosmetic or even functional changes but instead put the effort into learning the new application and generally am OK with whatever changes the vendor makes in the long run. In this case there REALLY isn't anything to worry about - Quicken 2014 looks almost identical to 2011. There are a few minor changes such as color scheme. More accounts show up in the account bar (new "Separate" group for accounts that don't show up under "Banking", "Investing", etc. groups). Some dialog/input boxes look different but offer the same functionality. One annoyance is that the pencil/blue dot in the register to indicate Manually Entered / Reviewed downloaded transaction sometimes gets covered up by a new balloon tooltip that prevents you from getting the context menu that allows you to mark it as Reviewed. But overall, it looks very similar.

The One Step Update process is a bit different - one less dialog to click through (especially if you are using password vault) - so that is good, but it does look different. I can't tell that it is any faster at updating accounts than 2011, however. I have been having problems updating my PayPal account in Q2011, and in Q2014 it still had problems but generated a lot more error dialogs that kept getting in my way, so I ended up disabling syncing of my PayPal account altogether.

There is now a way to close accounts instead of only hiding them. This helps in reducing the number of accounts to choose from in account droplists, for example.

I also like the ability to see upcoming scheduled entries in the register - very nice enhancement, although I haven't worked with this too much yet.

The mobile app... I have an Android phone, and it is nice to see recent transactions and such, but really nothing too exciting here. My wife has an iPad and I have to say the iPad app is actually pretty nice - I was pleasantly surprised - very smooth and fluid and modern. The main way we use it is to keep track of our monthly budget/spending progress. Our original (default) budget had way too much detail & too many categories in it, so we created a new and separate "Discretionary" budget that had limited categories (dining out, gas, etc but not fixed things like mortgage) to make it easier to view on the iPad. It is nice that you can determine which one (and only one) budget to sync to mobile devices. This is nice since Quicken is on my laptop and I travel quite a bit, so it is easy for my wife to keep up-to-date on everything while I am away.

Many times when syncing, Quicken will hang and/or crash. I can't seem to spot a consistent condition that causes this to happen. Again, I haven't lost any data, but this behavior doesn't instill confidence, either. At one point I was running into enough crashes that I ended up disabling mobile sync (Quicken Cloud syncing) altogether to essentially reset everything, then re-enabled mobile Quicken Cloud syncing. Since then, it has been a bit more stable, but not perfect. The initial sync takes a LONG time... be prepared to wait 10-15 minutes even on a high speed connection (100Mbit up/down office connection), but the incremental sync after that is reasonable (less than 30 seconds). I am syncing 17 accounts and the small "discretionary" budget.

Overall, I'm not mad that I upgraded, but not ecstatic either. I wish it were more stable and efficient and that there were a real competitor out there to keep Intuit on their toes. Overall it has been an OK experience.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 9, 2013
I have been using Quicken for more than a decade and have tolerated being forced to upgrade every few years simply because there is no better alternative to this B+ software.

So I recently upgraded from Quicken 2011 (which was working tolerably) to Quicken 2014. The look and feel of the program is exactly the same as the three year old Quicken--no changes or improvements that I can see. However, the new program is clearly not ready to be released as it is filled with bugs.

Most annoying is that when I try to download transactions from my bank, credit card or brokerage house, the program immediately crashes. Quicken customer service, although happy to talk to you, is hapless. I have spent about 5 hours on the phone installing, uninstalling, copying and validating files--essentially beta testing this program which I spent $75 for-- all to no avail. Promises to get a call back from 'level 2'to resolve have been lies.

If you have a working version of Quicken, do NOT upgrade to this version. Am trying to figure out how to get my money back.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi K Friedlander,
Thank you for contacting us about your issue with Quicken - please let me know if you are still unable to resolve this issue and I will escalate this to our development team.

Hope this helps,
Quicken Customer Experience Team
on December 30, 2013
Forewarned by abysmal ratings on Amazon, but optimistic that by now (December 30, 2013) Quicken Premier (QP) 2014 would be functioning properly, I downloaded it to a computer which didn't have Quicken on it at all, in case there was trouble. I've been a Quicken User since 1993, and have upgraded every year. QP 2013 was the worst version before 2014 came out, and it took Intuit eight revisions for the 2013 version to get it functioning by the end of 2012 (it's presently had 12 revisions). QP 2014's debut seems to have set a new low in both competence and professionalism.

Two days ago (a Saturday), figuring that surely after getting feedback and having some Intuit ghost, "Kathryn," putting canned messages on the hundreds of complaints about QP 2014 (and other Quicken 2014 software) that things were fixed, or would be forwarded to something called a "development team" (a development team? Now? Why not have a development team before the product was released to an unsuspecting public?), I downloaded it and found that it updated itself to Revision 5 and converted my QP 2013 files--an unfortunate habit Quicken has of making it as difficult and inconvenient as possible by seeing to it that prior versions won't work with data files of succeeding versions.

When conversion was complete, the first thing I noticed was that the toolbar only had four or five of the functions I had set up in QP 2013. I had added a number of specialized reports I designed for doing taxes, and none were on the toolbar. Neither was the calendar icon there, which I found particularly baffling. There were no alerts indicated, and when I called up the calendar by alternate means, I found that not a single item was on it. It was blank through the end of 2014, despite my QP 2013 calendar being full of dates for medical appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, tax events, and other things. There was nothing before 2014 either, leaving me with no references for future or past occasions and activities. QP 2014 apparently ignored what was in my QP 2013 version calendar.

Next, I downloaded transactions for my checking account and two credit cards. The download seemed to be going all right, but when it finished, I was aghast. My checking account had mushroomed to $63,000 (would that I did indeed have that kind of balance!), and there was a message saying that "my bank" had told Quicken that there were more transactions, but they were unavailable because I had waited so long to update. As a matter of fact, I reconcile my accounts nearly every day, and all had been reconciled just the day before. Hundreds of transactions downloaded to my checking account, none with categories, even though all my transactions were recorded, with categories, in QP 2013. The two credit card accounts were much the same. Transactions up the ying-yang, no categories, and incorrect balances.

I have little doubt that there were other things that weren't correct, but at that point, I'd had enough. I was not about to amuse a bunch of Intuit programming clerks by researching and correcting their incomplete, inaccurate, and invalid financial transactions, nor was I going to re-enter everything into the blank calendar for both future and past years, nor was I going to hunt for other possible errors and dysfunction. They may not think my time is valuable, but I do. I don't know how such DNA gets into the human gene pool to pollute it in the first place, or why anyone would want to hire it, but whoever is responsible for this thing that's called a 2014 financial management program should be dealt with. I dealt with them by removing QP 2014 from the computer to which I had downloaded it, and went back to QP 2013, which was on my other computer (and which still worked, mercifully enough!).

I intend to get my money back from Intuit (I had purchased it from them through a special offer linked to their current TurboTax program, which I use each year; the price was less than Amazon's). I might share with fellow QP 2014 purchasers though that even getting a refund shows an incompetence and unprofessionalism almost without parallel, in my experience. When I went back to my account and called up my order, there was a "refund" box," but I couldn't put a checkmark in it. A message said to call Intuit, which I did this (Monday) morning, as soon as they opened. I got a rather snippy robo-voice when I selected the "for Quicken press three," telling me to go to a website, get a telephone number, and call that. What a bunch of nincompoops!

Okay, I went to the website, and never did find other numbers to call. I'm happy to report that, after a lot of experimenting with un-"intuit"-ive screens, I finally was able to find a place, well-hidden, it seemed, to request a refund. I clicked "submit," and was told that I'd receive an e-mail. I did receive one promptly, but it said that I'd recently had a "conversation" with someone, and that the conversation was summarized below. There was nothing summarized below or anywhere else in the e-mail. I have an "incident" number, which suggests that someone things I asked for technical support, and I don't have a clue as to whether Intuit knows I've requested a refund or, if so, when I might request it. Of particular interest, nowhere was I asked why I wanted a refund. Is it possible that they don't want to know? Don't care? Have a failed business model?

That's my experience, and I just hope before my three-year period or being able to use QP 2013 is up, a firm which cares about excellence and customers will put out a good financial management software product. Intuit, its Quicken programming clerks, and its management no longer seem to have the will, expertise, or oversight to serve what should be a lucrative market. I imagine that the founder must be spinning in his grave, because when the company was started, the situation I've described here, and the same or worse situation hundreds of others have shared on Amazon just this year alone, would not have been tolerated. As many people have noted, the Quicken line of products have been stagnating in terms of features and getting worse in terms of capability to even work. One wonders how long this can go on. I'm generally a very loyal customer, by the way, but there are limits.

A final note, if I might. I read every one of the then-562 ratings of QP 2014 before trying the download, along with every comment on every rating. I noticed several four- and five-star ratings which had no justification for them other than some vague murmurings to the effect that "Quicken is great." In many of those instances, that was the only rating the person had ever given on Amazon, or one of two ratings. That, and a recent news program reporting that people were being paid to put in phony ratings for products to increase the averages (Intuit wasn't mentioned in the program), made me wonder whether all the high ratings of QP 2014 (relatively few that there are) were completely honest. I think it's clear that the great bulk of customers who have rated QP 2014 are nowhere near happy.

Others have raised the issue. If they're right, as I suspect they may be, the "real" average rating for QP 2014 may well be closer to two stars at this point--maybe less. Of course, some people may well have had a fabulous experience with the program, and truly believe it merits four or five stars. My own experience was the opposite, and I hope that the information I've provided in this review has justified my one-star rating and will be of some assistance to other customers.

P.S. Oh--and "Kathryn," if you even exist, don't bother putting one of your canned comments on my review. Notwithstanding your blatant use of your (or a made-up?) first name, as though you're bosom-buddies with customers, I don't think most of us are fooled
for a moment into believing that you're dealing with us out of friendship. Yikes!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 26, 2013
** - Edited on Sept 27th. Having corresponded to Quicken customer services, I've discovered the password issue is fixed; I had to change the default setting in Quicken to request a file password, not just a vault password. If you're upgrading from an older version of Quicken, you might need to do this check. I've improved the rating to 3 stars. I've also noticed that Intuit is not yet showing Quicken 2014 on their website (they're still selling 2013 for $99).

I upgraded from Quicken 2011, so this is a 3-year jump. It was instantly familiar, but there are some worthwhile additions and tweaks. The budgeting is easier to set up and track, as are savings goals and debt reduction. The online updates are improved, they're slightly quicker, and I like the new loan summary screens that show project payoffs and some 'what if' scenarios.

But, this release is sloppy for several reasons. Firstly, the R1 release was done with several known bugs, including one where you can access data after cancelling the password prompt. I reported this on the quicken community website, and was told the bug was fixed in R2 and my thread was locked. I have R2 now, and this bug is not fixed, although others are including serious crashes when accessing older reports. (now fixed, see above)

Another issue is screen refresh. On the registers it's noticeably quicker than older versions (apparently due to using the .NET 4.0 framework), but on screens with graphics (such as the budget screen and loan details screens) the refresh is appallingly slow. I have a very fast PC with dedicated graphics cards, and this makes no difference. This isn't just a slight nuisance, it's practically unusable.

There are other annoyances too, which have been there a while. You still cannot create trend graphs for multiple categories, where the graph shows the breakdown (for example Food, Food: Groceries, Food: Dining out etc). Also, you cannot budget by summary categories, you have to include sub categories and go through a process of moving rollover between categories. Example, if I have Personal Care:Equipment and Personal Care: Activities. I might want to budget $500 for both, but not specify an amount for each. These features have ironically been available on (also owned by Intuit) since 2009.

Finally, I understand the mobile side of Quicken 2014 is being updated too, so your old version won't work. This will be released on Oct 1st.

How important these things are to you, may simply be down to how you use the product - but when paying $100+ for a bit of software, which has to be renewed every 3 years, you might expect better. With no viable competition, Intuit really has no incentive to do so. My recommendation; if you're on 2011 or earlier, upgrade. If you're on 2012 or later, it might not be worth it.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Zoolook,
I'm sorry you're having trouble with Quicken-any crashes reported on the community are being reported as resolved by the R2 release; are you experiencing a crash? I'm not able to reproduce the issue you're seeing with your data file password, but I would like to get your information so we can pass this to the development team.

Also, you should be able to budget by summary categories:
1. On the budget click "Select categories to budget"
2. On the category list:
- Select "Personal Care"
- De-select "Personal Care:Equipment" and "Personal Care: Activities"
- Click "OK"

If you can, please send more details of the issue you're seeing to Quicken_CustomerSupport[at]

Hope this helps,
Quicken Customer Experience Team
The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 13, 2013
I have written to Senior Management as well as Support located in the United States. I had serious problems with Quicken in 2000. Scott Cook, Quicken's founder, looked into it and acted. That is no longer true. I wrote to him and never heard back. A support staffer called back after I chased down the VP of Turbo Tax, and he told me that all of my issues were actually "design improvements" When I pointed out that the "design improvement" either did not work, or did not reflect the real world I got no where.

I am desperate for another product where you actually get value from a new release and new releases make the product more flexible and responsive instead of less. These guys released a buggy program and take the position that flaws are "design improvements".

After using this product for almost 20 years I AM REALLY ANGRY.

Below you will find the specific problems with the current version of Quicken 2014 R2. as of 10/13/2013. I updated the version information but the rest of this review I wrote in March of 2013 and NOTHING has changed. I updated again after R5 the latest "fix" was released, no improvements, more problems.

2/4/2013 Quicken 2014 version R5

Not only have none of the problems below been fixed, but now investment transactions that are recurring entries do not roll over to their next scheduled date once they are entered. This is a new flaw introduced in R5. Secondly the "lowest balance for the next three months" or the length of time set up by the used no longer is accurate. Instead of fixing things Quicken is continuing to break them. Unbelievable.

10/13/13 Quicken 2014 version R2

1) You can not monitor a credit bill. If you have a credit balance on an account Quicken does not let you manage it as an ongoing bill. It arbitrarily converts a minus of a credit balance to a plus and creates a line item to make the transaction positive. This has NEVER been true in ALL the other versions of Quicken that I have used since around 1995.

2) The redesign of the mortgage function FORCES you to use the Categories that Quicken wants. This means that you have to either correct the transaction after you enter it, or reclassify all of your mortgage entries. You can not use the tag function, and again have to touch the transaction to correct it.

These two issues and the company's reaction, give evident of a company that does not care about their long time customers, and based upon my experience and the experience of other reviewers seem to be badly rewriting their code to address what they see as a new market, mobile computing, without fully testing the old routines to make sure they work. They also seem to have neglected any customer feedback. The support guy told me neither of these issues were actually problems.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Robert,
Thank you for your feedback-we are always working to improve our product-I will be sure to pass this to our development team for consideration in a future release.

Hope this helps,
Quicken Customer Experience Team
on October 4, 2013
UPDATE: Dec 1, 2013- Well, I am still not convinced that the feature set justified the upgrade, and the program still worries me. I backup every couple of days in anticipation that I will lose my data file someday. Continuing problems. Every now and then, usually when I am doing a lot of transactions, the program will just decide to close. It appears to happen when I have several weeks of catch up to do. Nothing is lost, but I need to reopen the program and pickup where I left off. The graphics, as comment by others, appear to have been coded by an beginner. When you click on an account, the ledger windows shrinks to about 1" by 1", background colors flash, and eventually the register will open. Really poor graphics. Another problem that appears to be happening on downloads is that quicken thinks I have duplicate check numbers. I will accept a transaction for a check, then the next transaction, which is not a check and just a straight debit card charge, generates a dialog box saying I have duplicate check numbers and if that is not the case, just accept the transaction. Don't know what is happening here, but it appears the program is confused. It is not my Bank! This just started with Quicken 2014, and my bank is extremely tech literate. If quicken doesn't up their game, current online banking services will replace them. My bank will already project pending and scheduled transactions against future balances.

ORIGINAL: Oct, 4, 2013- I upgraded from Quicken 2011 since it was approaching the 3 year limit. Interface changes are not that significant and in some cases a step backwards. Can't understand who architects the UI, but it doesn't appear like anyone who actually uses the software is involved. Loan button was removed taskbar. Liabilities are merged with assets on account bar. No way to get rid of assets, or choose assets for accounts, without hiding them from all displays. No way to move display of liabilities (loans) to a more user friendly place close to bank accounts. Lot's of other functionality that has never been implemented.

Real negative problem. Loading of account screens. I don't know who programed this, but it is clunking and slow. Small minimized window flashes before account ledger is displayed. Found a major problem with program scheduling. Try a high disk activity task and programs stalls until it is complete. I was ripping from a DVD drive to HD on a separate controller, secondary RAID controller. While every other program, to include the browser, functioned fine, Quicken locked and would not load a screen account until I got a pause between rips. It appears the program runs, with the flashing screen problems other have noted, when it is the only program. If there are other windows open, it appears to have the last priority and must access the disk before loading an account register. Intuit-it is not my computer and if you dismiss this, you are ignoring all the other mentions of slow loading of accounts.

Had do upgrade, not happy. Still wait for someone at Intuit to actually improve the functionality and make this product attractive again.

Follow-up on functionality pet peeves:
1. 401K matching. A bi-weekly chore for most non-salary quicken users is adjusting employer 401K contributions. You would think that a program of quicken's pedigree would have incorporated a simple employer match for 401K. Instead, when the weekly 401K amount changes, the user needs to make two entries, one for the employee and one for the employer. Simple functionality of setting up the paycheck with matching would solve this problem. There are several simple matching schemes that could be added. 100% match. xx% match to a limit. xx% match to limit, with fixed employer amount based on salary. Possibilities are endless.
2. After all this time, if my bank can get utilities bills, why can't quicken? My bank will get the utilities bills and pay automatically. However, when quicken schedules the bill, the amount is incorrect so when the bank transaction is downloaded, I get duplicate transactions. Why can't quicken schedule the correct amount, or come up with an algorithm that matches the two transaction? Bank registers are becoming more functional than quicken.
3. Transaction matching. Why hasn't someone done a little work to make this more useful? How about some register/account aware matching. I schedule transfers to several accounts. In the scheduling I do, quicken knows the register, the payee, and the receiving account. However, when the bank transaction comes in, it only matches the name and amount. If the name matches, it will change the receiving account, even though I probably got it right in the first place. So when you have several transaction that come down from the bank, if quicken matched not only on name, but also on account that it comes from, I wouldn't have to manually scrolled down and select the correct one.

This all seems a little picky, my first transaction in quicken is from 1989. This doesn't count the incorrectly converted transactions the quicken now says occurred in 1912. Over the years, the annual updates have included less and less real functionality updates to the UI. Intuit has pursued some strange functionality, and ignores all the requests to improve the mundane day-to-day transaction improvement that people encounter all the time. That is why I have gone from an annual update cycle to only 3 year forced updates. I can tell you, that there are no real improvements since 2011, that are worth the reduced price of $69.00.
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on October 11, 2013
This is a mandatory upgrade from 2011 to 2014.
The install was fine.
The data conversion was scary but it worked and nothing was lost. Be Patient, this took a while and the program froze twice during this process.
When you click on an account it takes 3 seconds for the little blue circle to stop spinning, every time. Seems like a graphics issue to me its like it just cant draw the lines.
The look and feel seem the same as 2011 except slower.
I gave it 3 stars because it works. It adds no value over 2011 but I'm good for another 3 years.
Bottom Line: I use to look forward to upgrading every year, now I dread the upgrade every 3 years.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 26, 2013
This review is on upgrading from Quicken 2013 to 2014. I'm long time Quicken user and update annually. My large (>120MB) data file (>250,000 items and transactions going back to 1995) converted without any problems and my financial institution connections worked as they did before. There is currently a R2 update patch available.

Didn't notice many visible UI or large feature changes from 2013. Some of the dialog boxes (such as the One Step Update) are different. However I did notice very good UI performance improvements in scrolling in the Portfolio View with investments (eg mutual funds) that contain many (100+) transactions. Scrolling was painfully slow previously. I understand Quicken 2014 uses an updated .NET software framework improves refresh performance. I would recommend updating from 2013 to 2014.

Quicken gets a lots negative reviews. Some of this is likely deserving - releasing 12 patches for Quicken 2013 in a year does not instill quality software development and testing practices. Some of this is related to the very large user base with varying degrees of computer knowledge, condition of the user computers, and connectivity to a myriad of financial institutions, which Quicken gets the blame for the problems.

My experience in using Quicken is not representative as portrayed by the severity of the negative product reviews and their support personnel. I use Quicken extensively for my personal finances, tracking expenses, electronic bill pay via Quicken BillPay, and investments, making use of its online capabilities to send/update transactions, that I couldn't do without it. (My most used application after Office, browser, and email client.) The Quicken community forum is pretty active and helpful in resolving problems. I have had Quicken hang-up, crash, but I have not lost data, nor have erroneous balances or mishaps in any electronic payments.

With the shift to cloud-computing and mobile devices, there are a number of alternatives to Quicken like (also owned by Quicken's parent company, Intuit), or financial institution online services. Some of these alternatives may be suitable to you depending on your needs. I have not found any alternatives which provide the personal finance management capabilities as Quicken.

I hope Intuit management is paying serious attention to the negative publicity and addressing these issues as I would like see Intuit continue to have the revenue stream to be able to invest in developing and enhancing the product.

**11/21/2013 Update: Have used Quicken 2014 now for two months. (System: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit on a laptop with a 3rd generation i7 processor, 8GB RAM. I keep my O/S and drivers updated to the latest releases.) A R3 patch for Quicken 2014 is available. In reading many of the amazon reviews, it's hard for me to imagine that I am using the same software. My overall experience with Quicken 2014 has been positive. It has worked like Quicken 2013 with some performance improvements and generally stable/faster downloads (several financial institutions and many securities quotes). I only experienced one crash and it was during a R3 patch installation. No data loss due to crash. I don't use the mobile feature (due to the reviews and no support for investments) or Windows 8 - which appears to be the root of some of the reported problems. Quicken 2014 billing/reminder feature is useful. It addresses the transaction copy/paste I used to perform to create a future income/expense view in an account register. One issue I noticed is that you cannot switch applications when running the One Step update. In other words you can't let the One Step update run in the background and work in another application. Quicken returns the focus to itself. Reading the Quicken forum, this is a known issue and hopefully will be addressed in near future. Also enabled mouse pointer trails which improved transaction entry speed.**

**12/4/2013 Update: R4 patch appears to have fixed the ability to switch applications during One Step update.**

**2/14/2014 Update: R6 patch was released in February.**

**3/12/2014 Update: R7 patch released.**
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Thanks for your generous feedback! Our team worked hard on the Quicken 2014, so we're glad you're enjoying it. Thank you for being a long-time user--we will continue to work to make Quicken the best it can be.

Quicken Customer Experience Team
The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 8, 2013
I am a long time Quicken user. I find it amazing that a very large, reputable company like Intuit would release a software product like Quicken 2014 that is clearly not ready for prime time.

As with other users who have previously reviewed Quicken 2014, I find that the software is rendered basically unusable because of the long delay after every individual register entry. See, for example, this prior review: (Quicken 2014 "very often "pauses" and displays a blinking/rotating round pointer in the screen.") See also this comment in the review by zoolook: "the refresh is appallingly slow. I have a very fast PC with dedicated graphics cards, and this makes no difference. This isn't just a slight nuisance, it's practically unusable."

As evidenced by the reviews noted above and other reviews here on Amazon, this refresh/flickering cursor/flashing circle issue is real, and I can't see how it could not have been detected during beta testing. I should add that there is nothing unusual about my set-up: Windows 7 running on a standard PC with a recent i7 processor and a good graphics card, no unusual software running in the background, etc.

I have uninstalled 2014 and gone back to Quicken 2011. I'll reinstall 2014 after Intuit works out the bugs. Still, I ask, how could they have released the software in its current form? Disappointing.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Armonia,
I'm sorry you've experienced this issue with Quicken; this does occur on some systems. We are currently working to fix this issue, and hope to have a resolution ASAP.

Thank you for your patience while we resolve this,
Quicken Customer Experience Team
The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 30, 2013
*** 10/27/13 update: app crashes almost daily. This happens when syncing with my accounts, and/or cloud, or just moving around in the app. It is really shocking how bad this app is. It is very disappointing that such a mainstream product is so unstable, yet people (suckers like me) seem to still buy it! I am told that you can return the product within 60 days for full refund, and at this point with multiple crashes per day I have reached this point. I will be returning the app and searching for more stable alternatives.

*** 10/3/13 update: Quicken 2014 has crashed now about 3 times for me (in 3 days of use). All during the sync. Really don't want to even bother with customer support again, this product is getting worse the more I use it. It is unstable now, and I can't believe that a production version of the app crashes like this. I would give it negative stars if I could. Says COM error, then just crashes. $100 for an app that crashes, speechless.

*** 10/1/13 update: just confirmed #7 is a bug in 2014. It took only 2 support people and 3 hours of my life to convince them there was a bug! They kept trying to convince me it's not a bug, it's working perfectly, but I would not give up. It is this culture at quicken that is killing the product. How about reward the support staff and users for finding bugs, rather than having them tell us we are wrong! I paid $100 for this product, and have spent hundreds more worth of my time. If it takes me (a software engineer) 3 hours to convince your support team of the simplest bug there is a major issue with your support staff. Nobody else (besides me being so stubborn) would ever take that much time and patience! I can send the transcript of my chat with support for anyone at Quicken who cares. ***

Upgraded from 2012 to 2014. The Mobile app (Q14) is nice for budget, checking and savings, but that is all. No support for investment accounts, so that is a huge disappointment - even more so considering this is the second year the mobile app has been around. It took me a while to setup the cloud sync, and it failed the first time I tried. But after working with support I finally got it to work.

The budget screens are painful, much worse than 2012 in my opinion. There are bugs in the charts, editing the budget is painful, there is no easy way to create a simple budget. It just needs to be streamlined some more, but it's still pretty bad.

Also the app is still slow, screens flash and go black, overall it just feels cheap. The quality is just not there. Charts and graphs start out less than full screen, flicker then go into full screen, load slow, and are jittery.

Here are my list of complaints of Quicken 2014:

1) Allow category edits to an item from the category transaction history popup in the budget page.
2) The app is still too slow: I think you need new developers that know how to use caching.
3) No support for opening multiple windows on window task bar.
4) Need a simpler budget editor to setup budget, graph view and annual view are awful.
5) Fix the graphics on your UI! Charts flicker and are slow, the app goes black when syncing.
6) You need to make ALL syncing (including to the cloud) run in the background so we can still use the app.
7) When clicking on a category item in the budget (graph view), or chart icon, you see a spending history chart by month. The chart incorrectly shows the current months amount across for all other months. So the entire chart shows the same values for all months for the whole year, which is clearly wrong (confirmed this is a bug with quicken).
8) Add investment accounts to the mobile app. Quicken Premier is supposed to be about adding support for investments, but no support in the mobile app? What a rip.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi M. Yoder,
I'm sorry you're having trouble with using the budget - we've updated the appearance of the budget significantly between 2012 and 2014, so the features you need are likely available. If you can, please send more details of what you're experiencing and what you'd like to do with the budget to Quicken_CustomerSupport[at], and I will help in any way I can.

Hope this helps,
Quicken Customer Experience Team

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