Customer Reviews: Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, And Other Foreign Menaces To Our Shores
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on January 19, 2003
Living in South Texas, I am immersed in the problems of illegal immigration everyday, but even I was shocked to be shown the total ineptness of the U.S. government to protect our borders. The reader will see how the government has abandoned the responsibility of protecting American citizens, and done so in the name of political correctness. This book is a wake up for all Americans.

Malkin's work illustrates, not only the ease in which illegals breech our borders, but even the minute inconvenience it is for them to stay here, even after being arrested. The total ineptitude of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) is deplorable, but Malkin shows the problem is hardly limited to the INS, but reaches into all associated with securing our borders.
Fighting terrorism is undoubtedly the cause to be rallied around by all Americans in this decade, and it must start with stopping the influx of illegal aliens into America. This book will arm you with the knowledge needed to make educated commentary to your representatives, or even to debate this perilous issue on the local level.
See how liberal ideals and regulations have opened our borders to this invasion of illegals. Look at actual case histories of illegal felons and how easily they were able to perpetuate their crimes and how they could have been stopped and American lives saved. Find out about the rampant corruption within our government agencies and courts that have a chokehold on American security.
I recommend a lot of books, but this is one of the few I would place on the "must read" list. Michelle Malkin is one of today's finest writers and is on the short list of leadership spearheading the move for immigration reform. Get this book, educate yourself, and get active in this war against illegal immigration. Our future and our children's futures, depend on it.
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The apologists of mass immigration, open borders, illegal cheap labor, and illegal alien amnesties will have a tough time confronting the cold hard facts contained in Michelle Malkin's ground-breaking book, Invasion.
I suspect that the mass immigration media won't even bother addressing the content of this very serious and expertly researched book. The inconvenient fact that illegal aliens rape and murder innocent American citizens, and assassinate law enforcement officers (documented in Chapters 5 and 6) is something that just doesn't fit the "immigrant good, restriction bad" script. So in the face of deafening media silence, click your mouse and buy Invasion! Read it. Share it with your friends and neighbors.
For anyone who actually reads Invasion cover-to-cover (reviewers included), you will know more of the truth about how the federal government has utterly failed to enforce our immigration laws than you could ever have imagined.
You will learn in Chapter 10 that there is a permanent amnesty-granting machine buried deep inside the U.S. Department of Justice. You'll learn that this bureaucracy is called the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), that it controls the nationwide U.S. Immigration Court system and its appellate body called the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), and that it makes a federal case out of the deportation of every single illegal alien and criminal alien resident in the United States. By reading Invasion, you will learn how this litigation bureaucracy operates behind closed doors, turning "due process" into a shameless farce of bureaucratic delay and abuse that allows countless illegal aliens and criminal aliens to remain in the United States.
Invasion is an historic book. Not only does Michelle Malkin explain to the American people what the bureaucrats of the EOIR and BIA are doing to this country, but she offers a solution -- and it's the right solution. Invasion is the first national best seller to call for the EOIR and the BIA to be abolished. And that's something you won't hear on the evening news.
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on September 15, 2002
The general public knows that our current immigration system is screwed up; if not for the illegal aliens roaming their street then by the smoking hole in lower Manhattan. What the public is not aware of is exactly why the system is screwed up.
As anyone who follows immigration policy knows, the nation's news media self-censors immigration coverage. With a few exceptions (San Diego Union-Tribune, Washington Times, Christian Science Monitor) immigration coverage is driven by political correctness. If a story is unflattering to the immigration system, it simply does not get printed.
Michelle Malkin has put together an amazing summary of what's wrong with the immigration system; one that is clear and easy to understand. It reads like a criminal indictment, ranging from incompetence to corruption and political pandering to commercial interests trumping national security. Once you start reading this book, you simply can't stop turning the pages. I finished it in an evening.
If you want to learn how the World Trade Center was destroyed, this is the book to read.
Still not convinced of media bias in immigration coverage?
Read Malkin's book and you will learn how President Bush, many members of Congress and the "immigration elite" have been pushing for a bill allowing "terrorists" to get green cards; a story the nation's news media has collectively ignored. (You can't make this stuff up folks.)
Like Ann Coulter's "Slander", this is one of those books the news media hopes will go away. Where "Slander" deals with media bias itself, "Invasion" covers material of national importance that media bias causes to be ignored.
When you finish this book, you will be outraged and you will know exactly who is responsible for the mess we are in.
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on September 19, 2002
The failure of our government to protect us from dangerous illegal aliens both before and after Sept.11, as documented in "Invasion," will send your systolic and diastolic numbers into high orbit. Illegal aliens, Malkin notes, participated in the first attack on the World Trade Center, the Los Angeles Millennium bombing plot, and the New York subway bombing plot. Three of the 9-11 hijackers were here illegally at the time of their attacks and others obtained fraudulent ID cards with the assistance of an illegal alien.
The visa system, Malkin shows, needs a complete overhaul. The easiest way to enter the U.S. before Sept.11 was exactly how the hijackers did - with a tourist, business, or student visa. With no comprehensive tracking system in place, there are no consequences for overstaying. Yet nothing has changed. The State Department has issued more than 120,000 such visas to Middle Easterners since the Sept. 11 attacks.
Malkin is no mere gadfly; she has plenty of ideas for fixes that can and must be made. Nor is she an immigrant basher. Her own parents are foreign-born; but they came here legally. Ultimately "Invasion" demands little more than that America's immigration laws and the enforcement of those laws be brought more into line with those of the rest of the world. The very notion of that sends numerous powerful special interest groups into spasms of rage. But it's the American people who ought to be enraged. For all our sakes, our government officials must read - and heed - this book.
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on September 9, 2002
Michelle Malkin's book is invaluable to gravely concerned citizens who want a common sense approach to immigration. While the Bush administration would like you to think that safety is its top priority, the truth is altogether different. Malkin points out the dozens of ways our enemies can and do get into the country without any difficulty. The borders are wide open if you want to come illegally. And if you want to come legally, 57 different varieties of visas await you.
Who favors illegal immigration? Just about everyone except the man in the street. Politicians, the media, universities, businesses, the churches and the special interest groups all lobby on behalf of more immigration, both legal and illegal.
As for the average citizen, 75% of whom want immediate and tangible reforms, we're stuck with what we have.
Malkin's great book is written from the perspective of a concerned American. A first generation American, Malkin is correctly disbelieving of the system that is in place.
Among the most moving passages deal with those slaughtered by the "Railway Killer" an illegal immigrant who crossed over and back dozens of times and was in and out of custody before apprehended. You will be deeply saddened when you read about the lives of these everyday Americans who were killed by someone who never should have been in the country.
Don't miss this book. Although it is packed with facts, you will find that it is a page-turner. You just can't believe what has happened to America.
A handy guide of websites where citizens can become active is offered at the end of the book.
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on October 17, 2002
This book is not a right-wing screed. Michelle Malkin blames both the Republicans and the Democrats for this mess. The former prefer to look the other way while illegal immigrants enter our country because of the business advantages. Politically correct Liberals, on the other hand, unwittingly join forces with them due to their unwillingness to take to task those with darker complexions. Our immigration bureaucrats make matters far worse with their gross incompetence and willful indifference to our laws.
America paradoxically is placed in an awkward predicament. After all, aren't we are a nation of immigrants? Our hearts go out to those who also desire to become citizens like our ancestors of another generation. Where do we draw the line? Are we indulging in hypocrisy when clamoring to raise the bridge after we are safely across? Did our ancestors truly follow all of the immigration laws of this country? Alas, we cannot afford to ignore these issues merely because they make us feel uncomfortable. This is especially true during an era of widespread foreign based terrorism. These monsters have no hesitation in exploiting the loop holes in our system. We should have sufficiently dealt with this problem before 9/11. However, it's better late than never. I highly recommend Malkin's book. She will help you make up for lost time.
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on October 5, 2002
I heard Miss Malkin speak on WGN radio and was very impressed with her straightforward analysis of America's shameful immigration system. The daughter of honest, hard working legal immigrants from the Philippines, Miss Malkin actually honors the oath of allegiance her parents made when they became US citizens. Miss Malkin loves our country and she is furious that our country is being invaded and terrorized by terrorists and criminals who flood into our country from abroad.
She has done her research and correctly blames both political parties for the immigration disaster. It is not just liberal Democrats and minority grievance groups who open the immigration flood gates; too many rich CEOs use mass immigration to break unions and lower wages for American workers.
She is able to refute the argument that illegal immigrants only take jobs that working American don't want and mass immigration is "good" because it keeps prices of goods like lettuce, restaurant bills down.
Her response: Americans should be willing to pay a little more for lettuce and restaurants in return for living in a country safe from terrorists, gangs, and ethnic riots.
A great book to refute the lie than only right wing, White, racist men are against open borders immigration.
Miss Malkin's parents did a great job of raising their daughter.
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on February 22, 2003
I read six of the one star reviews and decided I needed to order this book. Once finished reading "Invasion" it was obvious that not a single one of the one star reviewers had actually read this book. There is not a bigoted word in this book and it is decidedly not an anti-imigration book. Just as obvious was the fact that they didn't want you to read it either.
There is not one anti-immigration sentence in this book. No part of this book is pro or anti any nationality or immigration group with two exceptions - "terrorists and felons". This book takes a cold, hard look at the complete and total incompetence of the INS over the last decade. "Invasion" is equally hard on Democrats and Republicans including the current Administration and Justice Department in their lax control over and treatment of the INS top brass, even when found guilty of numerous felonies. Invasion very breifly describes the Clinton/Gore "Citizenship USA" program that naturalized 1.3 million aliens (including thousands of criminals) in time for them to register to vote in the 1996 election.
"Invasion" details how INS employees from the top to the bottom sell for their own profit green cards and even citizenships by the tens of thousands without any criminal background check, even after 9-11. This book details how aliens are rubber stamped through ports of entry with little or no screening for terrorists or criminals, even after 9-11.
Most Americans believe the INS to be a legitimate government agency protecting our borders and citizens from terrorists and known criminals. "Invasion" details the incredible incompetence of the federal agency charged with protecting American's and America's borders during the war on terror.
"Invasion" is not an anti-immigration book so what is the motive of the one star reviewers? You have to wonder about that!
Read this book and then consider the war on terror. Then consider sleeper cells. Then be afraid.
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on September 24, 2002
This book does an incredible job how America will be destroyed by our insane immigration policy. Nothing has changed since 9-11 and the terrorists can come and go as they please.
Sadly it is probably too late to do anything. Read the book and understand. We already have let the invaders in and the intolerance of "tolerance" will be the final straw. A friend of mine works in a government agency and they are worried about what the terrorist will do next.
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HALL OF FAMEon January 7, 2003
"Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores" is the first book from conservative columnist Michelle Malkin. Malkin, who occasionally appears on various television news programs as the token conservative in a sea of shiny liberals and leftists, is a first generation American; her parents came here from the Philippines and gained their citizenship in the 1980s. This fact is important to remember when outraged readers, who cannot tolerate any questioning of America's immigration policy, attempt to portray this book as racist pap. Malkin is no racist; she never criticizes the majority of immigrants who come here through legal channels.

The September 11th terrorist attacks on Washington, D.C. and New York City sent shock waves through every aspect of American society--or did they? According to Malkin, at least one government agency, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), seems completely unconcerned with the 3,000 Americans killed in the attacks. Ominously, the INS acts as though the attacks never occurred. "Invasion" is a 200+ page indictment of the ineffectiveness of the INS to keep out of our country people who dedicate their lives to our destruction. Malkin, through both statistical information and blood chilling stories, tries to open the eyes of the American public to the dangers we face if the INS is not reformed. If even half of what Malkin presents here is true, we can expect more destructive terrorist attacks very soon.

Malkin spends a great deal of time discussing the various loopholes in our immigration policies. Foreigners on international flights into the United States face little challenge at the airport terminal, and only need a temporary visa to come into the country. Once here, they vanish into the population with little risk of deportation. There is no worry about appearing on a security database because these highly touted security systems rarely work or the government agencies do not use them. Once here, the would be terrorist may secure a driver's license without proof of residency in several states, or get a tax number from the government in lieu of a social security card. If seeking out these documents is too much trouble, the criminal can always register for classes at a university and then never show up. There are so many ways to thwart immigration laws that it makes one sick to read about it. Only sweeping, massive reforms have any chance of curing the problem (and even then, it is probably unlikely unless further terrorist attacks occur).

Malkin is most effective exposing the ineffectiveness of the INS during the Angel Resendiz fiasco. Resendiz is a Mexican national with a rap sheet the size of a phone book. After committing a crime in the United States, he would return to Mexico and then revisit the United States to commit more crimes. He quickly added murder to his routine, eventually killing twelve people on his cross border excursions. During this time, the INS failed to enter his name into security databases, allowing Resendiz to commit more murders. Even worse, Resendiz was in custody several times before returning to Mexico. If the INS had entered Resendiz's name in their computers, agents would have known about him and could have held him; instead, Resendiz went free and committed more murders. Of course, none of the INS officials responsible for this fiasco were ever held responsible. At least Resendiz went to death row, but those that allowed him to roam free continue to work in positions dealing with our border security.

The Resendiz case is bad, but Malkin also provides a list of other criminals currently living the good life in the land of the free. These include an Ethiopian secret policeman who tortured women during his tenure in Africa, two El Salvadorans responsible for death squad work during the civil war in that country, two Haitian responsible for thousands of cases of torture and murder, a Cuban known in his homeland as "El Enfermero," a security officer who tortured people by applying electric shocks to their bodies. The list goes on and on, but what is important to know is that these people are not only an insult to our political ideals, their presence is an insult to members of their own communities who are here to make a decent life for their families. Oh, and these criminals are not just visiting; in many cases they received citizenship after they were identified as criminals!

Malkin makes an effective argument about the burning need to change our immigration policies. Regrettably, her solutions usually involve enacting even more legislation to change prior legislation. Endless rounds of legislation will not solve the problem. What we need is an immigration policy approved by a national vote, as it is obvious we may no longer rely on our elected officials and unaccountable bureaucrats to protect our loved ones from violent death at the hands of terrorists.

With the threat of violent death at the hands of international terrorists hanging over all of our heads, this book should find a wide audience among people of all political stripes. Even though the book takes part in a long journalistic tradition of bashing a government agency after the fact (remember the soaking the ATF took after Waco and Ruby Ridge?), the terrorist attacks on September 11th must not become an obscurity in our lives. Read this book and learn about the shenanigans your elected officials are doing in Washington.
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