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"Our goal for Invest in Yourself is to motivate you to take charge of your life and make the most out of your time, energy, and money." That's a novel and valuable perspective that's worth five stars for this book.
Too many self-help books focus on helping you get more money or more out of your money, but ignore the costs in terms of the time, attention, effort and stress involved. Invest in Yourself looks beyond that overly-narrow focus. That's the good news about this book.
The bad news about this book is that it has taken on more than one book can hope to fully deliver on. I hope the authors come out with sequels that expand and magnify what is here.
The six secrets are:
(1) Make your own lifestyle decisions.
(2) Put your family first.
(3) Wherever you work, be in business for yourself.
(4) Make the most of the money you bring home.
(5) Turn your debts into golden investment opportunities.
(6) Map out your financial future.
The three authors have an unusual perspective. They have dropped out of the "get ahead at the office" rat race and "shop until you drop" lifestyles much more than most. As a result, they have lots of money-saving ideas based on their own life experiences. Much of what is in the book, Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge would approve of. If you are like me, you will find money-saving ideas that would never have occurred to you, otherwise. My parents have always shopped are yard sales, but it had never occurred to me to use these routinely for the kind of around-the-house items that I will seldom use like unusual garden tools.
One of the strengths of the book is that it is not a "one size fits all" approach. They realize that each person will have a different set of life goals, and the advice is couched to accommodate that.
I also liked the way that the book challenged the automatic assumptions that many make: Career comes first; job comes first; exciting consumer experiences are a main reward for success; and only the best will do.
By having three authors, the perspectives and ideas were much more varied than I have seen in other, somewhat-similar self-help books. That also was a strength.
The weakest section was the last one on mapping out your financial future. Almost everyone will need more guidance than is here. That's the bad news. The good news is that there are lots of books about creating financial plans that you can use to supplement this one.
On the other hand, those who buy into the traditional American Dream and will happily pay the price for economic success will find less in this book than will those independent souls who listen to their own intuition for guidance. Despite ideas for making penny-pinching fun, it's not going to be fun for everyone. I do applaud pointing out how saving money for essentials is far more valuable than expanding income due to the income tax effects on progressive income. The advice about paying off your expensive debt is pretty standard, but I liked the way it was couched in terms of thinking of it as a high return investment.
I hope you will not only read this book, but apply its lessons. As you do, I encourage you to expand your perspective even more broadly than the book does. What other areas do you have important values in, besides time, money, and energy? How can those values be honored in your tradeoffs? The more you do this, the better life you will have . . . the richer your life will be in terms of its effect on those around you.
Enjoy, live long, and prosper!
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on November 18, 1998
I had just made a bad decision in the stock market when I started to read Invest in Yourself. The book provided me with so many strategies to improve my financial life that I saw how to make up for my mistake in a hurry.
I like the fact that this book shows you how to break the bondage to a paycheck that so many of us suffer. That dead end job isn't a necessity, it's a choice, and there are powerful alternative strategies.
This book is loaded with financial information, techniques and stories, but it's really a book about happiness. About what gives lasting satisfaction. Thus, it transcends information and provides wisdom. I am grateful to have read it.
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on December 24, 1998
As a professional magician, I am always trying to make money appear from nowhere. As we all know, this is just an illusion. But with "Invest In Yourself, Six Secrets To A Rich Life", by Marc Eisenson, Geri Detweiler, and Nancy Castleman. You really can make money appear in your pocket. Best of all, it's YOUR money! And they teach you how to keep more of it, painlessly. No, it's not a magic trick. Just plain, down to earth advice on how to "Invest In Yourself". Like many people, I found myself struggling to make it from paycheck to paycheck. When I came across Marc's first book "The Bankers Secret", I thought it was fiction. Naturally, like many others, I was in debt denial. But once I started to practice what he preached. I saw my familys finances improve greatly. This meant more of our income staying in the household and not going to the bank holding our mortgage or the credit card companies. The stress relief alone was worth 50 times the cost of the book. I thought that Marc could never outdo himself. And then, "Invest In Yourself" was published. This should be the financial Bible in every home. They say that Great minds think alike and Marc, Geri, and Nancy have proven it to be true! No matter what your financial situation, This book is a MUST READ! Every chapter in the book can be applied to someone's unique situation. Best of all, you don't have to start at any particlar place. Look at each chapter, choose the one that best fits your situation, and read the best advice available today. We are all individuals with different circumstances, and this book is written for all of us. Planning for retirement, college, or just your life's journey, it's all covered in this masterpiece of financial advice. Six secrets to a rich life is exactly what it is. If you follow the advice of these three experts, you will enjoy more of your money, without stress, anxiety, or bill collectors. This is the BEST BUY of your lifetime in my humble opinion. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. What have you got to gain? Financial security for your future. A life with much less stress. More of your own money without having to sell your soul to your employer. Quality time with your loved ones. Peace of mind. I could go on forever because I love this book. So I will sum it up in six short words. "Invest In Yourself, Buy THIS Book" Steve Whateley WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Steve The D.J. & Magician
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on August 1, 2001
Need help on the job, at home, and with your finances? Then this book is for you. The book is a comprehensive guide for saving money and becoming a better person in the process. The book offers six secrets like determining what you want in a career, investing in intangibles like family and friends; paying off debts and getting into a 401(k); keep learning new skills; managing your own money and owning a business of your own. The book goes on to tell you how to negotiate to get the best price on just about anything, including motel rooms and used cars, and gives the lowdown on turning your kids into savers and investors, controlling college bills, cutting home buying costs and planning for retirement. This book will show you the way to make a difference in the way you approach money, work and life in general. In relation to life and financing I found this entire reading very inspiring. The book provides the only road map you'll ever need. Enjoy it.
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on December 27, 1999
I just want to thank the Authors of this book ! They have given me the tools I need to get the most out of my money and to get out of debt.
There are numerous examples of easy to understand tricks to getting the most out of your money. I now feel better supplied to make strong decisions regarding just about any money matter.
I would suggest this book to anyone and I am buying afew more copies for gifts to friends and relatives.
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VINE VOICEon April 10, 2007
I already knew most of the secrets explained at length in this book. However, I must agree with Secret #3: Wherever you work, be in business for yourself. The old covenant between individuals, private enterprise and government no longer holds. Those of you (including this reviewer) working for a living would do well to become a bit more entrepreneurial.

Having read more than a few personal finance books, I can say that this book is very good for someone who has been pretty much in the dark about his or her finances. I highly recommend it to the highly indebted wage-earners out there who want to get a grip on their personal finances.
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on August 3, 1999
This is a great book. Refreshing and motivational. Invest in yourself will get your priorities in place and you'll get results. I highly recommend this book as a must read to anyone seeking FinancialFreedom and Independence. Two other books are "The Millionaire next door" and "Financial Self Defense"
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on June 10, 1999
It only took me 30 seconds to buy the book after I scan the titles of the chapters in a fantasitic bookstore in middle Taiwan...all matter to me even if I am a Taiwanese who's so different from those who are supposed to read it.The subject is so universal that,after wandering among the shelves for hours with limited budgets, I decided to take it. The book provides us with so many tips and give us so many substantial thoughts and agendas that a man has to take to make himself rich, materially and spiritually. I am so amazed that,even books about the same subjects in the books are countless,this is a real DIFFERENT book which is written on basis of the authurs' financial expertise and their ideas of helping people, withour meaningless preach and crabbs. This book is a real life bible. I am so glad that I have it.
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on October 2, 1998
It's hard to gain control of your life these days--if things are going well at the office,then you've got some personal crisis to deal with. That's what so appealing about INVEST IN YOURSELF. It offers a fresh approach to figuring out what's important and then includes financial strategies that will help you keep your life in balance. I urge everyone who wants a handle on their finances to read it!
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on November 18, 1998
Most financial books are usually so filled with technical terms and stultifying formulas that you either lose interest in them immediately or get so lost you put the book down and never pick it up again. This book is informative, an easy read and is filled with practical advice you can use immediately and with few props. Highly recommended.
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