Customer Reviews: Invicta Women's 1277 II Collection Chronograph 18K Rose Gold Ion-Plated Stainless Steel Watch
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on February 26, 2013
First thing's first: this is not a man's watch. At all. It's 38mm and it's rose gold. There is a reason some are calling this "feminine," and that's because it's almost identical to several Michael Kors rose gold watches out there, and those are marketed directly at women. Compare this watch to Michael Kors Women's MK5314 Classic Rose Gold Tone Stainless Steel Watch, and you'll see that the only difference is that the watch being sold here is 4mm smaller in diameter - which makes it even more feminine.

Now, I bought this for the girlfriend for Valentine's, because she'd been wanting a rose gold watch. Decent but good-valued watches for women are notoriously hard to find. They're either garbage and priced accordingly, or they're fashion garbage and priced astronomically for no reason.

Enter this Invicta. I feel like this is a great watch for what it is: a good value fashion watch. You won't win over any watch enthusiasts, but if you're looking for a rose gold watch, this one is hard to beat: reliable quartz movement, stainless steel construction, and a reasonable water resistance rating, all at a fair price (especially when compared to the exact same watch from MK, which sells for more than twice as much - it literally uses the exact same quartz movement and materials, so there's no reason for the markup).

As with almost any plated coating, it will eventually wear off on this watch. After only a few weeks, the girlfriend's watch has the usual "desk diver" micro-scratches at the bottom and side of the bracelet. Luckily, we took out enough of the spare links when sizing the bracelet that if the scratches get really bad, we can swap those back in.

Speaking of sizing: this watch comes sized for about an 8" wrist. I had to take 7 links out for it to fit the girlfriend (and there are only 8 removable links). The clasp is adjustable, too, though, allowing micro-sizing adjustments (2mm-ish) beyond the 1cm or so you get per link.

The watch has a bit of heft to it (being stainless steel), but the bracelet is not has heavy as some of my higher end divers. That's to be expected, though. In fact, it's probably a good thing this watch doesn't weigh a pound, because the girlfriend would probably complain that it's too heavy. From what I could tell, the links looked solid, but the end links are hollow. Not a big deal, especially since she's never going to actually dive with this watch.

I was surprised to find that the diver's bezel actually works! It rotates 60 clicks counter-clockwise, and the markers line up perfectly. The girlfriend doesn't really understand its function, even after I tried explaining, so I guess it's another "gee whiz" item. The the watch will never see a scuba tank, but it's nice to know that Invicta took the time to make things actually work. Too many times you'll see chronograph sub-dials, but no chrono push-buttons. What? On the contrary, all the "complications" on this watch work perfectly.

The buttons for the chronograph (stopwatch) function are a little stiff, yes, but the girlfriend has no problems using the function. Contrary to what another reviewer said, you DO NOT have to hold the buttons down. Ever.

The chronograph buttons work the same as almost any chronograph/stopwatch I've ever encountered:

1. Push the top button to start.
2. Push the top button to stop.
3. When stopped,
a) Push the top button to start again; or
b) Push the bottom button to reset.

You never have to hold any of the buttons for any reason. The seconds counter (at 6 o'clock) will tick until you reach a count of one minute, at which point the minute counter (at 9 o'clock) will advance once. Reset the chronograph, and both dials will zoom back to 0.

This watch is a little different from more high-end chronographs in that they usually include a sub-second dial (usually 1/10s of seconds). This watch's chronograph function, though, only has seconds (at 6 o'clock) and minutes (at 9 o'clock). The subdial at 3 o'clock is actually a 24-hr dial, but it is not independent. In other words, it just tells you the "military time" equivalent of the time the main two hands show. Kind of a "gee whiz" function, but it works. The date wheel is smooth, and the date has been revolving reliably around midnight.

All in all, this watch is perfect for a girl who just wants a "nice rose gold watch." It'll take a beating, it'll take a bath, it'll keep on ticking, and it'll look good doing it.
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on September 24, 2011
Was looking for a Rose gold mens watch but didn't want to spend more than $100. Came across this one and it matched what I was looking for - understated, slightly timeless and above all quality. Great watch overall, can't complain. Side note - I have fair skin and I think this still looks good on me.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a very attractive watch. I do think the rose color is a little on the odd side, but I'm sure I'd get used to it.

On the functional side, I liked the idea of the diver's gauge quite a lot. That is a dial around the entire watch circumference with a 60 minute set of markings on it. If you want to know how much time you are spending on something, you spin the diver's gauge to place zero at the spot your minute hand is pointing to. Then you can simply read the minute hand against the gauge to see how much time has passed since you set the dial. Very convenient way to time things without having to worry with stopwatch type features.

Mentioning stopwatch type features, that was the drawback to this watch. The buttons which control the stopwatch timers were somewhat stiff, and a bit narrow. Pressing and holding those buttons actually hurt my fingers as they dug into them. Since this is not something I'd probably actually be using the watch for outside of playing with the functions after receiving the watch, it would not impact me whatsoever. However, someone who might actually select this watch with that feature in mind might want to take this into account. I have another Invicta with an almost identical set of stopwatch dials controlled by two buttons just as this one is, and I didn't notice any discomfort when using the buttons on that watch.

On the other hand, the watch's stem functions better than the one on my other Invicta. On that one, it was very tricky to pull the stem to the correct position to set the watch's time and/or date. This watch did not have that issue. The stem behaved very well and I had no trouble with setting either. Not that I really needed to. The watch arrived set to the correct date and even set to EDT. I only needed to play with the settings using the stem to verify that I could acceptably use it to correct them if needed.

As with pretty much all watches now, the band has the maximum links in it, and only would fit on a giant sized wrist. You'll need to either take it to a jewelry counter to have links removed, or if you are adventurous and handy, buy one of the little kits here on Amazon that will allow you to remove links yourself. They only cost a few dollars, so that is a realistic alternative. In the past I've had jewelers want me to leave a watch with them for a band adjustment. When that happens and you have to make two trips, that becomes somewhat of an inconvenience.

The issue of the stopwatch control buttons aside, I have no trouble recommending this watch if you are OK with the color.
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on March 25, 2013
I've worn it for 2 weeks and the pink gold is already coming off on the bracelet. The watch is nice but the colour is changing.
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on May 16, 2012
Purchased this watch for my mother for Mother's Day. She loved it. She'd been asking for a rosetone watch with chronograph. When she opened the box she almost cried. The color is exquisite. And given the smaller mm case size it is perfect for a woman who likes larger watches. The end caps on the side really step it up. I am getting one for myself and hubby. When we went to get some links removed, my jewelers sister kept eyeing the watch. Now mind you, she was wearing a Rolex Justdate diamond encrusted watch and here she was googling over our watch. The pink plating is the best I've seen thus far. Very well done. If you are a man who likes large watches, this one is not for you. Or if you want it in silver (Invicta 1275 - 40mm face) OR in gold (Invicta 1276 -38mm case)try those. I will also say it seems to look better on people with color. Trust me, you will be approached about this watch when you wear it. Good luck. Hope this helps.
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on June 4, 2013
I wanted an oversized rose gold watch for women. While Invicta calls this a woman's model, I had to have 6 links removed from the band so that it would fit. I like the watch and the dial is the perfect size for me - 38MM - not HUGE but still oversized. But if you are a female, you will need to have the band sized for you.
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VINE VOICEon January 28, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There is gold and then there is this gold--which is rosey. The former is what you see on a normal 'gold' watch--yellowish tint in light and a rusty tone in the shadows. This 'rosey gold' can be best described as having a copper tone or bronze tone. In the light the rosiness gets more 'gold' and in the shadows it becomes more 'sweeter' i.e. a rusty pink. So yes, the watch stands out from other gold watches. If you like the look of the watch just by the pictures, the rosey quality will make you more than pleased when receiving it. Here are some things to watch out for however:

[---Size of the Face---]

This is subjective really, but I find that a watch needs to have a nice presence on your wrist instead of appearing shrunken. The face on this watch, the 1277, looks somewhat dwarfed because it is actually a smaller than typical face--at least by Invicta's standards--at 38mm, or 1.5 in. I have a smaller wrist and this is a very subdued watch. I prefer a little more oversized style, so this may work out great for you. Use the measurements from above for a better judgement.


When getting it out of the box the watch feels solid and heavy. This is so for a couple of reasons: 1. The overall weight of the watch is on the heavier side--with the majority of metal being stainless steel ion-plated with gold (18k), and 2. The entire watch, including the band, is wrapped tightly in a plastic protector. The latter gives the watch, when first taking it out of the box, a very 'solid' feel. After taking off the plastic however, it will definitely loosen up a bit to the point that the band has somewhat of a squeaky sound when moving it around. It feels higher quality when taking out of the box than when you unwrap it.

[---Reading the Dial---]

To be able to accurately tell time on the 1277, from just a glance, it will require good perception and good vision. Because the size of the dial, at least to me, is on the smaller side and because everything on the dial is uniformly the same color, you will have to see smaller than average hands against a background that blends everything together. Black on Black so to speak. When using this in the sun, it can be difficult but can be done with a little angling and tilting.

Outside of a few quibbles and personal tastes, if you like the look of the watch in the pictures and do not mind an average-to-smaller sized watch, then you should be perfectly happy. This is water resistant up to 100ft.--do not know if I would trust it that far-- a nice, and different type of tone making you sure to stand out from other gold wrists around your area, and is generally good quality for the price.
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VINE VOICEon January 19, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been surprisingly pleased with this watch. The watch is all about being subtle and stylish. The rose gold gives the watch a unique look which is nice and is stylish. The steel has been brushed and polished which gives it a smooth feel which is very comfortable on your wrist.

The watch face includes three smaller, sub-dials. Two of the sub-dials are dedicated to the stopwatch which can be used up to 60 minutes. The stopwatch is controlled by two push-buttons on the side of the watch. The other small face shows the time in military time. There is also an indicator for the date.

The face of the watch is rose gold with the numbers in a slightly lighter color material and the watch hands coated with a white material that glows in the dark. I would have preferred a bit more contrast on the watch face, but as it is, the watch face is subtle and elegant. I would also have liked the face to have been just a little bit larger in diameter so that it stood out a bit more from the watch band. That the watch face is almost the same width as the watch band and that the watch face is subtle rather than bold does give the faint impression that the watch is a woman's watch.

If you purchase this watch, plan to go to a jeweler to remove some of the watchband links or purchase a SE Watchband Link Remover Tool so that you can do it yourself. My wrists are not skinny, but I had to remove six of the links from the watchband to get a good fit. If the watch was wrapped around a cylinder, inner diameter of the watchband before I removed the links was around 2.5 inches which is really generous. I successfully removed the links myself in a matter of minutes. Once I removed the links, the watchband was very comfortable. The clasp keeps the watch band securely in place while at the same time being easy to open and close.

Overall, a subtle and stylish watch that looks great and is very comfortable to wear. I definitely recommend the watch.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My first impression when I removed this watch from its padded retainer inside its sturdy yellow spring-hinged box was, "Wow, this thing is really heavy." And it is. On my kitchen scale, it weighs in at five ounces, and it feels more massive than that. My second impression was that it was far more attractive than I expected. I initially thought a rose-gold finish might not be the best choice for a man's watch, but there's no mistaking it--this is a very masculine timepiece. The gleaming finish of the body, the rotating bezel (counterclockwise only) and the multi-link band is a rich, reddish-tinted gold tone overall, with a contrasting, slightly salmon-pink dial. It really is good-looking, and should match any attire very well (for men who care about such things).

Thin plastic shields protect virtually all of the watch from abrasion during shipping--the front and back of the body and both sides of the band, including the clasp. The band is really long, and most buyers will probably have to remove a few links for it to fit properly. Included in the box are a 56-page instruction manual and warranty guide, a two-sided 8-1/2 by 11-inch "quick start" guide and an application for an extended five-year warranty (the basic warranty is one year). The instruction manual covers the whole line of Invicta watches, so it's a bit of a chore to isolate the sections that apply to this model. The "quick start" guide is more specific--it explains the major components and buttons, shows how to set the date and time, and explains how to use the stopwatch.

The two-position crown and two push-buttons access all the functions. Using the crown to set the time and date is straightforward. Using the two push-buttons to operate the stopwatch, which uses two small dials inset onto the main dial (the third small dial is a 24-hour time indicator) is less so, but not any more complicated than other analog or digital watches. As usual, I'll have to refer to the guide on those rare occasions when I might need the stopwatch. There's no way I'll remember the "push button A and then button B and then button A for two seconds..." sequence to control the stopwatch functions.

I personally prefer analog watches to digital, but years ago I had to switch to digital, simply because those were virtually the only types of reasonably priced watches readily available then. The pendulum seems to have swung back the other way lately, with more analog watches on the market, and this Invicta is a very nice one that is sure to attract admiring attention. I haven't had it long enough to know if it keeps accurate time or if it will prove to be reliable, but I have no reason to believe its performance and longevity won't live up to its looks.
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on February 25, 2014
Planned on buying a Michael Kors rose gold watch but decided to try Invicta instead. The watch is trendy looking and well made. On the other hand it's pretty heavy for a lady, and it's thicker than an automatic watch. I have a very small wrist and have the jeweler took off 6 links and still manage to get compliments on the first day I wore it! Overall, I love this watch!
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