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on May 5, 2013
My favorite of my collection of 8 never-ending compliment-provoking collection of Invictas; 8 out of the 50 other top-brand watches in my collection. First; its magnificent bark-blue dial with large off-white pearl hour marker display forms the perfect backdrop to not just its large pearl-colored hour markers and gold-rimmed sub dials, but more importantly it makes its large white minute and hour hands stand out with such crystal-clarity that a fractional-second glance is all that's needed to embed the time image in memory. It also has my favorite feature common to many Invicta watches with the small 60-second sub-dials I dislike. intensely. simply start the chronograph when the second sub-dial's hand reaches 60, and the chronograph's large second hand will run infinitely as if it were the watch's full-display-window sweep second hand. Finally; the watch has one of the most unique date displays in the Invicta family that, although it shows numerous before and after dates, each day's correct date is miraculously shown with absolute clarity in a white, gold-trimmed window. In short, a perfect watch at an affordable price. My only complaint with Invicta, is to stop showing phony retail prices that are often 10x higher than you can by buy the watch anywhere, The watches are a bargain at the prices they sell them for, so stop putting fictitious Rolex-type retail prices on them,
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on April 19, 2013
Great merchandise and shipping wonderful and excellent service from Amazon and Amazon sellers direct a great location and reliable - serve you in your country until customs clearance and in case of any problems restore you your money - in the upscale dealing summit reliable
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on October 29, 2014
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on May 30, 2014
I graduated high school in june of 2013 and this was one of the two watches my dad purchased for me. The 4th of June will mark a year of me having this watch and overall this watch is great. It still looks as good as it did when i first purchased it, aside from a few nicks in the crown but that was due largely to me. To anyone saying this isn't a durable watch, they are wrong. I play basketball with this on, shower, yard work, ocean swimming, the whole lot and not once has it failed me. Additionally, to this day i get compliments everyday from random strangers about how pretty it is and the fact that the bezzle rotates and all the chronological pieces are still accurate a year later speaks for itself. I recommend this watch.
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on April 17, 2013
I love my new invicta Russian diver 6983. It looks amazing I love how big and bulky it is.I love absolutely everything about this watch. I got plenty of compliments on it the first time wearing it. The shipping was right on time as well. After buying this watch I am in love with invicta watches and plan on buying 3 of their mechanical Russian diver watches as well. Thank you amazon!
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on September 5, 2015
Less than 75 bucks?
5 stars on first impression. Let me tell you a story. I love CHEAP watches and GREAT watches. I own 2.59 cent LCD cheapo's I think are amazing and I own a 2400.00 Rolex and 1700.00 Tag. Well the Rolex is almost 26 years old and (though it works great and looks awesome) don't I need a change? The Tag was a change, but again 12 years old and now wanting it's 2nd battery we're talking around 220 bucks. (just for the battery replace).

Loving watches in general, I've always wanted the invicta TV channel shows but never bought. Seems to good to be true? Well this time I needed a new Battery of 220 again and thought - maybe try a 200 buck Invicta. Reading reviews that said things like the crown and springs popped out and Invicta charging them for repairs made me worried about spending 200-300-400. Other reviews of HUGE AND HEAVY worried me. I shopped and shopped and added those I liked to my WATCH LIST. Feeling secure that if I buy from AMAZON - I'm able to return.

So after thinking on it - I just couldn't bring myself to buy 300+ for something that may arrive broken. I ordered one... this one. Because it looks great and what the heck - it was like 65.00 bucks. I buy...

NEXT DAY Amazon shows me a SALE on them for 25% off. What! So before the first one even came, I ordered two more since I couldn't pass on that savings. Total cost - very close to a new battery replacement in my TAG.

The showed up (2 boxes) at the same time. I open one and get this one first. My jaw dropped. FIRST LET ME SAY that the Japanese internals are 1/2 the thickness of the Swiss units. At these cheap prices - do I really care who made it? So many people have said I've sent it back because it was to big and to heavy. I'm use to a large watch (TAG and ROLEX are not light, though thinner than swiss and Japanese Invicta.

I have very thin/small wrists. (150lb 5'7") Well putting the watches on (all 3 of them) I have to use the smallest or 2nd from the smallest hole available. (so that give you an idea) the sizes of the faces are large and I like that. The weight of this one is lighter than the others and I like that. But the other swiss ones aren't uncomfortable.

Now at these prices - I hope to update my review should anything negative arise. They've not been in water and thought I've had my Rolex and Tag scuba diving all over the US and Caribbean, I don't really dive any more. But I do sail aggressively catamarans. (VERY WET) so we shall see.
I HATE scratches on crystals - so we shall see that over time as well. I don't know what the heck a flame fusion is (someone made that up). My 27 and 12+ year old Rolex and Tag do not have scratches. And I'm ROUGH on them.

The band - RUBBER? is cheap, but looks like it will last. I WONDER IF IT WILL GET STICKY to my wrist in warm humid weather? But should wear well and not deteriorate with water use. (THE BAND FOR THIS ONE IS A BIT DIFFERENT) original review was on Japanese model But I got this at the same time.

Being AMAZED at what I received for a bit over 200.00 it then hit me. NOW I HAVE 3 BATTERIES that will likely need replacing at the same time!? SHOOT I never considered that. I wonder what the cost of batteries in these will be? And if it might just be smarter to throw them in a drawer and get a new look at that time? I hate jewelry - so these are my only sort of bling I wear. I'll toss a few photos in here - and will update later if I find any negatives to these item. I'm using this same review for the 3 watches I received.
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on May 30, 2015
I can't tell you how many people have complimented me on this watch. It's stunning to look at and looks even better in person. Its build quality is above what I'd expect from a $100 watch. Invicta is my go to company for watch purchases. I've been a fan for about 8 years now. The watch is bulky which personally I like and is a little heavy (again I prefer, feels expensive). They make many variations of this watch and I'm considering buy a white one now less than 2 months from when I purchased this.

Stunning to look at
Above par build quality
Large Faced
Easy to Read

In between:

a bit uncomfortable-
The band feels a bit uncomfortable when you're wearing it for awhile around the inner wrist area. This is my special occasion watch so its no big deal for me.
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on July 30, 2015
As is clear from all the customer photos and videos of this watch all over the internet, it's incredibly beautiful. Invicta blue is one of the most beautiful colors I've ever come across, and it looks stunning on this watch. I'm not a big gold person, but it just *works* here, especially when paired with all the blue. The large face and thick case gave me pause when first placing my order, but once on the wrist it is extraordinarily comfortable (even on a smaller 6.75 inch wrist). Most of the polyurethane straps I've had on watches have felt cheap, even if they've proved to be durable. This strap is different; it imparts a feeling of high quality, and makes one feel secure knowing this strap is what's keeping their watch attached to the wrist. It feels great.

However, there are some problems. First, unlike what is advertised, this is NOT a Swiss quartz movement. Instead, what this watch has is a "Swiss Parts Movement." To many this won't mean anything. Yet, there is an important difference. A Swiss movement is made with Swiss parts, in Switzerland, by the Swiss, according to Swiss quality control processes (the most stringent in the world). When you buy a Swiss movement, you buy the best in the world. The only guarantee you receive with a "Swiss Parts Movement," on the other hand, is that it's made with Swiss parts. The assembly, fitting, etc. can be done by anyone, anywhere in the world, not necessarily (and infrequently) according to the same stringent quality control processes in place in Switzerland. You can use the best parts in the world, but if you don't assemble them properly, they won't work well together.

Second, the build quality is fairly poor. [To clarify, my favorite watch in my collection is my Invicta Grand Diver (3045), so please don't think I have anything against Invicta, or that I'm picking on them—I'm just trying to be honest.] The crown isn't screw down, which was advertised, but it spins freely even when pushed down all the way. I've never had a push-style crown spin so freely, which makes me nervous about the water resistance (something I didn't test myself, but is reportedly terrible). The bezel rocks up and down, which causes a very audible clicking noise (keep in mind, this is while the bezel has gone unmoved in position indicated on the face). This makes me nervous that the bezel mechanism might break, causing the bezel to either fall off or not work as intended. Finally, the mineral crystal is very weak. As mentioned, my favorite watch in my collection is my Invicta Grand Diver, and this watch has been my daily for the last 2.5 years. This watch also has mineral crystal, and despite all the knocks, smashes, drops, and smacks I've put it through over the last couple years (I'm VERY rough on my watches), it has remained virtually unfazed. Sure, there are a couple minor scratches (which is expected after all this abuse), but the crystal has remained intact. The crystal on this 6983, however, isn't anywhere near the same caliber as what's on my Grand Diver. After very *lightly* bumping the face against some *glass* (not something hard or sharp, like metal or rock), there were three very detectable chips on the face. In my opinion, that is inexcusable, even for mineral crystal.

This is a beautiful watch, but if you want something other than the watch equivalent of a "garage queen," then I would look elsewhere. I certainly will be.
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on January 5, 2016
I love this watch. I have a Seiko Kinetic, which stopped charging. It is my intent to get it fixed one of these days, but until then I needed something to hold me over. What I found was an affordable watch that looks much nicer than the price tag.

It is definitely a beefy watch. That's for sure, but it's also kind of what I was looking for.

The quality is good, and I'd say perhaps better than what you're paying for, but the crystal and the paint on the dial seem to be a bit sensitive. I've already got a couple barely noticeable scratches and scuffs. But it's also kind of meant for that as this is my every day watch.

I've gotten many compliments on it, which I thought was probably just an exaggeration of some of the other reviews, but no. This is definitely noticeable.

I've got medium sized wrists, and I've attached a few pictures of what it looks like wearing it from multiple angles.
review image review image review image
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on June 16, 2015
It's a decent watch, it looks nice. It is heavy, my brother and I got it for my dad for Father's Day so he hasn't seen it yet but I'm sure he'll like it. The reason I'm giving it two stars is because as soon as I opened the box the watch fell apart, one of the straps just fell off and I wasn't too shocked just because I did read the reviews of others and the same thing happened BUT it wasn't expensive to fix, unlike someone else on here who returned it and had to wait forever to get it back.. I just went to the watch kiosk at the mall and they fixed it for $16 which isn't bad at all. Overall the watch is an eye catcher unfortunately it is poorly made but it isn't so badly made that you can't just go to a place near you to get it fixed. Is it worth the amount it's posted as? Kind of, again it was a minor flaw so hey maybe it is worth that amount compared to $800. As I was going to take the picture of this watch I dropped it so.. it's pretty sturdy and there's no scratches!! The box in the pictures is the box I received it in and everything looks real. The color of the watch is different from the color in the pictures. Also the length of the straps may look short but they fit my brothers wrist and mine with no problem, everyone is different so be mindful of the size and read everything clearly. I've also included the picture of when I first opened it and the strap fell off and if you look closely there are silver parts on the table that belong to the watch, that all fell apart from the watch but again it was MINOR flaw but definitely worth the buy.
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