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Band Color: Stainless Steel|Change
Price:$75.07+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on February 22, 2007
I can not believe I am the first person rating this amazing watch. I have been doing some research on Invicta watches, and finally decided that I was not ready for an automatic watch. If that is your case you have to buy this watch.

THIS IS the same Invicta 8926 but in quartz, and it is a true Swiss watch (no Japanese movement inside). I saw some reviews on the 8932, and people complaining that it was smaller. That is correct. The 8932 is a smaller watch. The right Quartz equivalent to the popular 8926 is this watch, the 9307. This is 43 mm.

For those who are starting to look around, I can highly recommend it. This is very strong built watch, but light enough to feel very comfortable. It has great looks. It has the right size too, not too big, not small either. It is just such a classic diver watch for an affordable price, that you can barely believe it costs less than a $100. There is no other diver watch for this price around. It could easily cost more.

I will definetly recommend this watch and brand.
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on January 7, 2008
I recently purchased an Invicta 9307 (diver's watch) from Amazon and I will comment on 2 areas: The watch itself, and's handling of my order.

1. The Watch
I am extremely pleased with my Invicta 9307 diver's watch (Swiss quartz movement, non sweeping second's hand). The case and band have a quality feel and excellent finish without being too heavy. The crystal has lived up to my hectic schedule without a scratch. The luminescence of the hands and markers remains visible well into the early hours of the morning. The unidirectional bezel has a quality feel without being "wobbly" or feeling loose. The band is easily adjustable to fit any wrist and arrived with plenty of extra length (I easily removed 2 links to fit my wrist). I purchased the watch because of a co-worker who wears a Rolex Submariner that I like and when I place the watches side by side, the look and feel was amazingly similar. The only major difference is the Rolex has a coin bezel where the Invicta is beveled. The weight and feel of each is almost identical. Of course, the price is the biggest difference! I would highly recommend this watch to someone who needs a reliable time piece. On a side note, I have worn the watch with jeans and t-shirt and also in a suit and tie and it looks great either way..

2.'s service
Over the past few months I have become a loyal customer of I have orderd my watch and found a Movado for my wife (at half the price of the mall stores!) and received free shipping on both. Ordering is a breeze, shipping is fast and traceable, and information in the form of e-mails has been plentiful. I highly recommend Amazon for saving time and money on your next purchase.
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on October 4, 2012
This is my initial review, having just received the watch. In a month or two I will write another one, to reevaluate and to compare to a Hanowa Swiss Military Flagship model that is similar to the Invicta but costs twice as much or more.

I bought this Invicta from Amazon for a total of $75.59 with tax and free shipping. I had rather low expectations given the price, and knowing a little bit about Invicta -- knowing that the company is now another one of those marketing companies that focuses mostly on, well, marketing. Clearly they are also a "designer" company, given the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of watch designs they have, much like Seiko. So I was somewhat pleasantly surprised to find that this watch is quite well crafted and nicely finished. The all stainless steel case is on par with most modern stainless watches--very heavy, with an adequate attention to detail, equal to its more expensive Swiss cousins. The rotating bezel operates smoothly; the crown pulls easily and the time/date setting functions properly. The dial is gorgeous, the hands and the markers sharp and easy to see. The lume is nice and bright even at the end of a long night. I'm especially impressed with the solid-link stainless steel bracelet. It has smooth edges and the brushed steel portions are not much different from much more expensive watches like Omega and Rolex. The only complaint I have with the bracelet is the locking, fold-over clasp, made with rolled steel: as it is new it is very difficult to open the two clasps to remove the bracelet. This is probably good, as with long-term use the clasps will probably wear in and loosen up, but for now I nearly need a small screw driver to pry them open.

You can call this watch "Swiss" but it is really only a "Swiss Movement" watch, most likely assembled in Asia. But, the assembly seems to be good and the quality control tight. As to the Swiss movement, I've tried to find out who makes it. Most likely Ronda or ISA, but without opening it there's no way to know. I set it according to my computer time and synched it with my Hamilton Khaki quartz and 24 hours later it is still right on the money, exactly in synch with both the Khaki and the Mac. I am further impressed that the second hand hits the marker dead on for most of the markers all the way around the dial. None of the Seiko quartz watches I have do that, so it seems to be a good movement.

While this Invicta has a water resistance claim of 200M, I would not chance even taking a quick dip in a swimming pool given the fact it does not have a screw-down crown. Most likely that feature would add a few bucks to the price, but I think most watch enthusiasts like myself would pay a little more for the added assurance that if someone just happens to push you in the pool you will still know what time it is when you pull yourself out.

Overall, my first impression is four stars. If it had a better, push-button clasp and a screw-down crown I would rate it five stars. Let's see how it does over the next couple months, and how it compares to the more expensive Hanowa. So far, for the money, it seems like a real bargain floating in a sea of overly-pricey Swiss watches.

DECEMBER 23, 2012 FOLLOW UP REVIEW. Have to keep it at 4 Stars due to the slight inaccuracy of the quartz movement. Not a big deal but to earn 5 Stars quartz movements should be accurate to within a few seconds per year and this Invicta has lost nearly twenty seconds over the past two months. If that doesn't bother you, it's a great watch for the money and after all, what difference is 20 seconds going to make, ever?
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on June 5, 2008
After searching amazon for a full two weeks and comparing so many models I finally decided on this watch. The watch came in good time as well.

The following are some of the good things about this watch:
1. It's price - It was well under $100 with the 20% off Amazon deal.
2. Swiss movement - Instead of the cheaper japanese movt, this one commands respect among watch admirers in many amazon forums.
3. Quartz and not automatic - With so many complaints about Invicta on various forums about the quality of their automatic movement watches, I assume a quartz watch is a proven technology and cannot go wrong.
4. Solid bracelet - The bracelet is just awesome for most of the Invicta watches. This one's no exception.
5. Good looking dial - I really liked the dial and its solid look.
6. Case diameter - For me who was searching for something between mid-size and full-size, this came as a perfect size.

So, why just a 3 star rating and why I returned it the very next day to amazon?
1. The second hand was falling in between the markings. How can a watch maker's quality process miss so obvious a thing? Forget about your technology that's INSIDE the watch... The first thing that catches the eye is the dial and its contents.
2. The bezel markings and the dial markings were not aligned. Not that I am going to use it everyday and such an offset would upset my schedule. But still its so obvious a thing that hits on the face. With such a face, how can i trust what's inside.
3. This is so minute but irritating: One would expect the dial to be equally divided into 60 parts for the hands to move over. But at least one or two of the sections were larger and hence some other sections were smaller.
4. Yes, I was looking for a bigger-bang-for-the-buck-watch. But why can't you compromise on something like dive-depth, good-looking packaging etc and give a better watch?
5. The feeling of participating in a lucky draw is what I get from choosing to buy an invicta watch. Some customers get watches from good quality batches, while others do not.

I feel so bad that while many other customers were able to get a good piece, I was not able to get one. Invicta has mastered the art of making low-cost watches, but they should definitely look into their quality process as well.
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on September 6, 2012
I just received the 9307 and I am very pleased with the watch. I was going to purchase the 8932 but after reading that the case is smaller than the 8926 I decided on this one. It looks virtually identical to the 8926 except for the case thickness and couple of very minor differences. The 9307 is slightly thinner due to the quartz movement vs the 8926's automatic movement. The only other difference that I could find was on the dial. The 9307 has "Swiss Movt" and "Quartz" on the dial while the 8926 has "Japan Movt" and "Automatic". The date number(font)is slightly thinner on the 9307. Of course the case back is stainless steel on the quartz model vs the 8926's exhibition caseback so you can see the automatic movement. Other than that, at half arm's distance, I can't tell the difference other than staring at the second hand to see which ticks (quartz) and which sweeps (automatic).

The watch is heavy and has a solid feel to it. I own several Invicta watches and have been very happy with them. The watch arrived in perfect condition with all the protective plastic wrapping on the watch. The band is long so customers with large wrists shouldn't have problem sizing it. I had to remove 4 links to fit my wrist (yeah, it's skinny).

I bought this quartz watch as a "pair" to the 8926. If you're not into making sure to wind up an automatic watch daily or wear the automatic watch daily, then this quartz model will fit the bill nicely.

I now own the following:

8926 Japan Automatic S/S (stainless steel)scalloped edge bezel
9307 Swiss Quarts S/S scalloped edge bezel
9310 Swiss Quartz S/S Gold scalloped edge bezel
9937 Swiss Automatic S/S coin-edge bezel (aka Rolex style)
9938 Swiss Automatic S/S Gold coin-edge bezel (aka Rolex style)
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on February 28, 2014
This watch is the quartz movement equivalent to Invicta's 8926, which I also recently purchased. (See review) I decided to buy the quartz model not only for the great price, but also to save time constantly setting and winding the automatic 8926. I'm a collector and have over twenty timepieces.

The 9307 has the same solid feel of the 8926, which is a mainstay of the Invicta brand. It's a bit lighter and thinner due to the smaller size and weight of the quartz movement compared to the automatic model. Case diameter is the same, which was important to me as I can't wear most Invicta watches; they're way too large for my wrist. (I'm not a large man.)

Compared to the 8926, I found my complaints regarding the bezel and clasp remedied on this model. The bezel is more easily turned, and the clasp is much easier to open on the 9307.

Two big deficiencies, depending on your point of view:

1. No screwdown crown. (No, it is not advertised as having one, either, so for once, an Invicta description is accurate, for those of you who have experienced "false advertising" with this brand.) I won't dive or snorkel with a watch without a screwdown crown. Too much risk. In my book, any 200m watch should have this feature. The 8926 has it, and I feel more comfortable diving with that one. But for casual swimming, the 9307 should probably be okay--stay tuned.

2. The lume on this watch is extremely insufficient. While the minute and hour hands are fine, as is the top dot on the bezel, the hour markers are pretty much illegible in the dark. If you want better luminosity, you're probably better off with a Seiko or Citizen, or one of the tritium gas watches. Of course, you won't pay just $80 for those as you do for the Invicta. Tradeoff.

In summary, this is an attractive, functional watch. I'll edit this review as needed, but based on previous Invictas, expect this one to be reliable. It's a nice pseudo-Submariner (Rolex) watch in appearance, for a tenth of the cost.
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on November 27, 2013
While I saw a good number of negative reviews of this watch, I liked the idea of a Swiss movement and the Quartz mechanism. I saw more negative reviews of the automatic clone of this watch. I have been very pleased with the watch so far (that time has been short). I do not see any loss of time and have not experienced any popping out of the stem. I guess those people have problems with everything that they buy.

I like the size of the watch. It is perfect for my wrist. It was very easy to adjust to my wrist size. I see no reason to take it to a jeweler to get this adjusted. Anybody with minimal aptitude should be able to adjust the band.

I love the appearance of the watch. I do not give a crap if it looks like a Rolex. It is an attractive watch. It does not bother me that the second hand falls between some of the second markers; it hits about 90% of them right on. Big Deal!

The watch is light and the band is quite sturdy. I find it equal in quality to Seiko watches that I have owned. I suppose the watch could die in a few weeks, but it satisfies my needs now.

The price was a good price. I do not like Invicta's sales strategy by marking up the retail value. It is a $100 watch not a $300 watch. I think it was a good bargain at $69. I have seen it on Amazon recently for $59 and that is an even better value. I am happy with my purchase.

It was delivered quickly and packaged very securely. I would recommend this watch to anyone. I am sure some people have received a defective watch. My experience has been great. I would buy another Invicta watch. Do your homework and check the reviews before you buy. I did and I am happy with my choice.
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on January 8, 2014
I really love the looks of the Rolex Submariner. But there are 3 things I don't like. The first is obvious, the price. Even a used one is an order of magnitude out of my league. Number 2, they are all automatics. I've had an automatic before, and I don't want to have to store my watch in an auto-winder so that I don't have to reset it if I don't wear it for a couple of days. And last, I don't like metal bands. That one can be resolved after the fact, however.

The Invicta seemed like a a close homage. I would have preferred a coin-edged bezel, which only appears to be an option on the automatic models. And many reviewers mentioned the difficulty in rotating the bezel on the 9307. I was prepared to live with that for the looks of the rest.

However, I ended up returning it without even trying it on. Why? Because the quality was the last straw. First of all, the hands don't line up with the minute marks, as some other reviewers also mentioned. At first I thought I could live with it. But it got my attention every time I looked at it. Next was the water resistance rating. It's supposed to be rated for over 600ft (15 ATM), which is good enough for scuba diving . . . if true. But it doesn't have a screw-down crown, which didn't inspire any confidence. I called Invicta customer support, who promised to repair it if it leaked . . . for the price of shipping, almost half the cost of the watch.

I decided to pay a little more (actually almost 3 times as much, but under $200) for a Sandoz. I still have to change the band, but it has everything else that was important to me.

But all of these are my personal issues. This is still a very good looking watch. I gave it 3 stars, when I would have preferred 2 1/2, but that wasn't an option. However, for the money, if I didn't want to snorkel with it, I'd live with the rest. After all, you get what you pay for (you may quote me!).
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on August 6, 2015
Invicta Men's 9307 Pro Diver Quartz 3 Hand, IS THE POOR MAN'S ROLEX.
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on January 17, 2014
After researching and debating over weeks on which Invicta to get, it came down to the 9307 and the 8926. Finally decided on the 9307 because of the quartz movement. I didn't want to deal with an automatic ( the 8926) as I like to switch between watches. Anyway, the pros and cons:
Nice weight. Heavy, but not too heavy.
Price: You really can't beat the quality and look for the price.
Look: Looks like a Submariner for substantially less.
Timekeeping: Keeps great time for me. Haven't had to adjust in two weeks
Band: Nice quality. Stands up to daily demands. Good, quality stainless steel. Was planning on switching it out with a leather band but I like the metal one more than I thought I would.
Face: The crystal is of good quality and hasn't had a scratch or blemish on it. Love the luminous hour dots and hands.
Build: Waterproof (however, it does not have a screw down crown; but it still retains its waterproofing without it) and a good solid build. Came rapped in protective plastic and a very nice box.
Size: A little smaller than I would have liked. Only off by a few millimeters, but enough to notice.
Bezel: It's impossible to turn with plain manpower, but I found a rubber jar opener helps it turn without a problem (you can find them at a dollar store.). Also would have preferred a coin bezel (like a Submariner), but it is only available with the automatic model. However, since I found the jar opener method its really only a small concern now. EDIT: Now that I've played with the bezel more it moves easily by hand. Guess it just had to loosened up a little.
Band size: A little big, I needed to remove a couple links. But only a small complaint
Magnifier lenses on the dial: I hate it and I am looking how to remove it without damaging the watch. Looks gaudy and distracting.

Overall, I would give it at 3 1/2 (if such a rating existed). I like the quality, timekeeping, and look. However, small details keep it from being my perfect timepiece. (My Wegner Classic Military field watch with a black dial still holds that title). I'd still recommend this watch, though. Happy with my purchase overall.
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