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on October 6, 2011
If you're considering purchasing this drive, you should be aware of the tradeoffs involved in trying to use it.

On paper the drive looks great. I really wanted it to work. In reality, it is designed so that you can't actually make use of all of its features at the same time.

The drive's features are a USB hub, high power port for charging an iPad, Firewire 800 port for higher speed disk I/O and LED indicators on the front to show you how space has been used.

If you connect the drive via USB, the "high power" port for charging your iPad reverts to low power and your iPad will tell you that it's not charging (it will actually still charge, albeit very very slowly). If you do not connect the drive via USB you (obviously) will not be able to utilize the additional USB ports. You will be able to charge your iPad quickly but you will not be able to sync it via USB.

So you get to choose - either fast charging for your iPad or usable USB ports.

If you want to use the Firewire 800 port for better disk performance, you can't also use the USB port. If you connect both, the drive will randomly switch between Firewire and USB when your computer sleeps and re-awakens. If you're using the disk for Time Machine your backups will randomly fail.

So you get to choose - higher speed disk access or usable USB ports. Of course if you opt for higher speed disk access you'll also be able to charge your iPad faster. You just won't be able to sync it.

Finally, the software that controls the LEDs on the front of the drive is rather poor and doesn't hide itself. So you'll always see the Mac Companion software when you're switching between applications.

You're better off buying a 3TB external drive and separate USB hub and saving yourself a bunch of $$$. The drive looks beautiful, it's true, but it's hard to understand why Iomega thought that these tradeoffs were acceptable. I'm thankful that Amazon's returns policy will save me from having wasted money on this clunker.
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on February 29, 2012
I ordered this in late October of 2011, and by the end of January, 2012, it was broken. Out of nowhere, it simply shutdown. There was no opportunity to salvage anything.

Since it was still under warranty, Iomega sent a refurbished replacement (they will only replace your drive with a refurbished model, NOT a new one!) Upon arrival, the refurbished drive didn't work. Disk Utility detected errors, which it was unable to fix, even when I went through various techniques while working with someone from Iomega.

I sent back this broken replacement/refurbished drive, and was told that this time I would be sent a new one. Instead, what arrived was another refurbished drive. And guess what? Yes, it didn't work, either.

To sum up, the initial, new drive only worked for a couple of months, then died. Two replacement drives were sent, both refurbished, and both dead-on-arrival.

If you're into these kinds of nightmares, then by all means, buy one of these. If not, look elsewhere.
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on March 14, 2012
Before i get to the 'flawed part' , let me say first that the hard disk works as a hard disk , stores files and does that correctly. Just like you'd expect from a external hard disk. So far so good. But, that can be done with any hard disk. It's the 'extra bits' that iomega throws in , and that you pay the big bucks for, that don't work right.

First problem : High power charging port and usb hub. Well , you have to decide. Want to use the high power charger port ? then you have to connect the drive using the FIREWIRE cable and the USB hub in the drive is shut down. That means you now have an expensive hard disk that is also a power adapter... but no USB hub ! that high power charging port does NOT work like a usb port , so you can't sync your devices when it is plugged in ...

So , back to USB hub mode then.. a, well see , you can't do that bit there.. The usb hub works fine , but no high power charging port for you billy-boy !

So , you try to be smart and plug both USB and firewire in. Well , it turns out you can;t do that bit either. The manual even warns you explicitly not to do this...

In short :
Use firewire and Iomega gives you a 5$ high power charger. You loose USB
Use USB and Iomega gives you a 5 $ hub, No High power charger.

And this costs 300$ ? An external 1Tb drive from WD costs 129$. Throw in an extra 10 bucks for a high power charger and a usb hub and you end up at 150 .. tops ! So what does the other 150$ get you ? a form fitting aluminum case that matches your macs pedestal. That's where it ends. ( and even the case has a rough sandpapery feel to it, not smooth to the touch like the mac's case.

And then there is another annoyance : This damn thing keep sending USB message to wake up the computer. Put the computer in sleep : 5 seconds later -ping- computer comes out of standby. I cannot get my mac to go to sleep correctly ( 27 inch iMac 2010 model ). Unplug this box : sleep works fine. Plug it back in , sleep don't work ...

Someone at iomega needs to kick their hardware and firmware designers. It's not 'rocket surgery' (a crossbreed between brain surgery and rocket science : you are performing brain surgery in a rocket while it malfunctions) you know.
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on February 5, 2012
Confirming the pros and cons mentioned in the other reviews, I can well live with the fact that one has to decide for either Firewire or USB connectivity. But what I find unacceptable is that this device is not able to perform what should be a key function: Time Machine! It simply stops after downloading a few GB's. I have tried virtually everything but cannot get this beast to work. Very frustrating and obviously a terrible oversight by its makers.
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on August 2, 2012
Dont buy this item, Iomega 3TB. I ordered the 3TB and the box says 3TB but my Imac says it's 2TB. I ordered another one, Amazon sent it the next day and it was the same thing, the box says 3 TB but the PC says 2TB and Iomega confirmed that this item is boxed incorrectly. Take your chance in ordering it if you like. I am disappointed in Iomega. They used to be so good in the past. Now I have to look else where for something faster that matches my Imac setup.

The Box and serial number labeling on these units are incorrect! Also, the second unit that I receive, the top cover was kind of lifting up to one side a little. I pressed on it and it popped back in place. This company has gone down hill in their product build and packaging.

The unit may look nice on your Imac base, but I would not trust the product. Also, those who have purchased the 3TB units, you might want to check in Finders the information stats for this unit. If You have not, you might be surprise that you may have a 2TB unit instead of a 3TB unit.
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on July 5, 2013
Bought this to backup picture and video archive and it is the perfect tool for doing so. It is great quality, and has an enormous amount of space. I wouldn't recommend entrusting your lifetime memories ONLY to this - make sure you also burn discs or use a cloud drive in ADDITION, however, this is a very easy and straightforward method of backing up either particular files or even your entire system. It is straightforward and easy to use.
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on November 16, 2013
I remember Iomega from the removable media days, Zips and Jazz. I have not owed an Iomega device since those days. But the price was attractive. I looks good with my iMac and it is multi interface. Perfect for my needs. It is fast, very quiet and been reliable.
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on February 24, 2013
We had purchased one hard drive prior to this one for our new iMac. Almost immediately, the iMac was not able to write to it, and so it became unusable as a Time Machine backup. So far, this hard drive is working perfectly with iMac's Time Machine application.
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on February 1, 2013
My unit failed day 2. Tech support at Iomega was unable to remedy the problem and told me to return it. I shipped everything back in the original box, complete with everything it came with. It took them two weeks to replace it (after multiple e-mails from me asking for confirmation of receipt and/or projected shipping date), and then they sent me only the hard drive without the cords, power supply or user guide. Apparently, this is their "policy." After complaining to them, they said they would make a one-time accomodation and sent the cords and power supply. However, when I finally went to connect the drive I noticed dirty fingerprints on the aluminum case and chips in the plastic top and realized they sent a "refurbished" drive. In summary, their customer service is abysmal and I would never buy another Iomega product! Luckily Amazon has excellent customer service and allowed me to return it.
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on April 9, 2012
While this is a perfectly good external drive it is advertised to do several other things as well. I bought it at a higher than average price because of all the extra features and great appearance but afer doing so here is what it actually does

Act as a USB HUB to connect printers and other peripheral USB devices - After 3 calls to IOMEGA support I was told this is not possible even though it is advertised to do so on their own website. One support person even said it is not USB HUB capable even though they advertise it as such.

That it is optimized for IPAD and IPhone charging - My phone will charge and my IPAD does not through the side USB port that is specifically supposed to serve this function.

High speed Data transfer by Firewire - yes if you do not expect to connect USB devices to it. If you want to connect USB devices then you must connect to your computer using a USB cable and not Firewire thus defeating the higher speed data transfer.

All of this might be no big deal if the Mac Companion did not cost so much more for the appearance ( which I like ) and the extra features that it turns out unable to deliver.

I am not very happy with it although it serves as a fine 3tb Hard drive for back up. I think I should just buy a real USB hub, give up on all of the USB ports and connect it with a Firewire to at least get high speed data transfer.
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