Customer Reviews: ION Video 2 PC Analog To Digital USB Video Converter for PC
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on January 26, 2011
Great product for the most part .. does what it is suppose to do. I had some problems with the windows 7 driver though... It said it didn't recognise my device... but I downloaded the correct drivers from the Ionaudio website.
I first uninstalled the program again - then followed the instructions on the above link and only THEN I installed the ion program - and voila! It worked perfectly and the first thing I recorded was brilliant, sound was ok and video quality was better than I expected. Oh! And I had to go into settings and adjust it to PAL as it came out black and white.

I did however discover that the software is powered by ArcSoft which installs a program on your computer that loads when you boot up and constantly phones home and has absolutely nothing to do with the use of the product. After making a firewall rule to keep it from phoning home I noticed considerable slowdown of my internet connection. The cause was ArcSoft trying to phone home every 2-10 seconds (no exaggeration). I tried unsuccessfully to contact ArcSoft about this but can't. So when I booted up my computer I had to go into Processes and manually stop the 2 ArcSoft processes (You'll see that they are from arcsoft in the description). This little phone home program is not listed in Add/Delete software either. I finally discovered where it was and deleted the files. You can find it here:

Program Files\Common Files\ArcSoft\Connection Service\Bin

Just delete the executables (under Type it would say application - windows 7 by default don't show .exe extensions).

Apart from the arcsoft software and me now knowing what their software 'phones home' about - I think this is a brilliant little device and I'd definitely recommend it.

9 July 2013:
I was made aware that they removed the link to the drivers, here's to get them:
Just go to the Ionaudio website, go to support > documents and drivers
Then just use the drop down menu and choose video to pc or video to pc mk2 and choose your operating system.
It seems like they've already added Windows 8 drivers as well.

I hope this helps.
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on October 22, 2010
At first the video was garbled. After reading an on-line trouble shooting guide I found out that not all USB ports are the same. My laptop has 3 ports, only one of which is an Enhanced USB host controller. The others are USB universal host controllers. After connecting to the enhanced one it works great. If it doesn't work, just try other ports until you get a good picture on the preview screen. You can find a list of your USB ports on the Device Manager in Control Panel. (I'm using Windows Vista).
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on January 22, 2012
I ordered this video capture device from Amazon, and it arrived a few days later. Rather than immediately install the drivers and software on the enclosed CD, I went to the product's web site to download and install the latest software. Inadvertently, I downloaded software for an older device, which was actually older than the software on the CD. An email request to Ion for tech support was quickly answered, clarifying that I had the MKII model, not the older MKI, and pointing me to the correct software. (There is no mention of different models of this device in the enclosed documentation.)

The newest drivers installed easily, and Windows immediately recognized the device when connected.

The next hurdle was the software to operate the device -- Cyberlink Power Director. This software package, featuring a massive array of fancy video features -- transitions, titles, etc. -- was breathtaking in size: in excess of 627 MB installed! Complete overkill for what I want, simply to digitize a few old video tapes of TV shows. Again my request for tech support was quickly answered, suggesting that I uninstall the Cyberlink software and use the company's EZ VHS converter software.

True to its name, this second software package was simple and EZ to operate. However, although it previewed both audio and video before capturing, it managed to capture and save only audio -- no video at all. After a fair amount of tinkering and mounting frustration, I next searched out and tried three other freeware video capture software titles, but all failed to capture successfully for one reason or another. I finally found, downloaded and installed a freeware video capture software package that worked, and that is what I am now using with the device. (The software also captures streaming video and TV as well [through an installed TV tuner]).

It took some work, but I am now using the ION Video2PC without further incident.

If you have at least intermediate knowledge and skills and are not afraid to tinker, the ION Video2PC will work. If you are a neophyte, this device may not be for you.
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on June 6, 2010
There weren't many reviews on this product so I was hesitant to buy it when I saw the low price. I wanted to find a cheap way to convert my 8mm footage to digital files I could edit on my computer. This product does just that. The set-up was simple, and it was easy to figure out. The only thing I noticed was that there wasn't a huge help menu or electronic manual that comes with it, so if you do experience problems you are left to figure it out on your own. Seriously though, for the price you can't go wrong!
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on June 14, 2011
It's a great product but it reminds me how lousy VHS picture quality is and full screen not widescreen lol. Just make sure to follow the instructions and manually install the drivers because if you let windows install the drivers it's not gonna work. One page, read it, save yourself 10mins of being confused. The title of the device is deceiving it's not going to magically convert from analog to digital which is logical, expect the same picture quality. A 2hr video is going to take up around 2 GB of hard drive space.
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on July 26, 2013
This is the fourth video capture device I've ever bought and used. It may be the best one as well. (My first was a video capture card which I couldn't keep after I had to buy a new computer, the other two were USB devices that just didn't work.)

I had some trouble installing this because I downloaded and installed the driver for "Video 2 PC" from the ION website. Whenever I tried to start software to use the device to capture video, it crashed my system. I was about to return it when I double-checked the ION website and realized they had two video capture devices that looked about the same. As it turned out, my product was the "Video 2 PC MKII." Uninstalling the drivers I had installed and then installing the correct drivers, I got it to work like a charm.

The only reason why I'm dropping a star is that the only way to tell if you have a MKII version is to check the underside of the device. The packaging only says "Video 2 PC," making for easy confusion. I hope this warning helps. Check the underside of the device before installing drivers and make sure you download the right ones. You should be able to find the ION website easily with Google and all the drivers and software are downloadable from the product's page. However, since the included CD comes with video capture software and a key to use it, I suggest using the software on the CD.

Video capture requires a lot of disk space and memory usage. This is true with any video capture device, not just this one. As such, I suggest closing all other programs and dedicating your computer to video capture only during the process. (You might even find it helpful to disconnect your internet connection at the time.) If not, you may get stuck frames, garbled audio, etc. If you're short on disk space, try experimenting with different capture settings to find one that will capture video quickly and at a small file size (Power Director's DivX setting worked for me just fine). If you have plenty of disk space to spare, it's highly recommended to capture video with MPEG-2 video and uncompressed audio and then worry about cutting down the file size in editing afterward.

I used the device with the video capture software I've been using for awhile and it did a serviceable job, but then I tried the included version of Cyberlink Power Director 8 and the results were much better: the image was much more stable and had less flickering color than the other software. Since I was capturing VHS (one that was about 20 years old), only a couple filters were needed to improve the look of the video. Cyberlink, however, will not capture video from copy-protected cassettes. My other capture software, VHS To DVD 3.0 Deluxe [OLD VERSION], does however. (Please note that if you're going to do this, copyright laws need to be respected. Only transfer such videos that you own for your own uses.)

So, it should work fine, if you make sure to install the correct drivers and have a good system for video capture. (I'm on a Windows 7 computer with 4GB of RAM and a 2.0Ghz processor.)
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on September 20, 2011
Well I read the reviews and was hesitant, but decided at $35 I could toss it out and still only be out a half tank of gas. Product arrived and is light and feels cheap but hey what electronics from China doesn't. Took a little while to figuire out and go through the prompts etc but after some tweaking in works great. The problems were more related to my being a bonehead and not the product. Background, I have maybe 50 home movies on old Sony 8MM tapes that are quickly degrading and needed to be put in digital format. enter this thing. Honestly works great, but keep in mind that the video is only as good as you put in, and the files are HUGE something on the order of 8.2 gig for a typical 8MM tape. So get ready to cut etc but the included software for editing seems to have some nice features and works well enough to set up a semi-impressive home dvd. The S video thing I have yet to figure out but I think with a single audio feed it will work. Overall a decent product - I have Vista and there is nothing worse so if it works for me it will work for you. Just dont expect too much but its certainly worth the price.
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on January 7, 2016

This was an easy hook up. It all was working...then, about 3 videos (of 30) in, Windows decided to force me to upgrade to Windows 10. Yes, force. But that's another story.

After waiting for this update to happen, I go back to continue my project. Uh oh. Power Director, the INCLUDED software that you have to have to work this little bundle of (now) technological horror, keeps shutting down immediately upon opening. Okay. I uninstall and reinstall. Same problem.

1) I go to the Power Director website - no updates. Maybe it's because ION sends you Power Director 9 and that software is now on "14 Ultra". There's no way to update from the Power Director site.

2) I call ION customer service. Since the wait time (before I finally hung up) was over 15 minutes, I had a chance to surf their community forums in the support section of their website and found this little gem from today.
Customer: Does CyberLink PowerDirector support or work on Windows 10? I cannot get the Power Director to run on Windows 10. When trying to launch the program, it keeps giving the alert that "PowerDirector" has stopped working...!!! Iv'e uninstalled and re-installed three times now!
EMPLOYEE Chris D (Employee) 3 hours ago
Hello, Thanks for the post. I don't believe your version of Power Director is fully supported on Windows 10 computers that's why. We don't make the software, we supply the hardware and sell Cyberlink's software with our hardware as a bundle. This software bundle was released back when Windows 7 came out.

Please read CyberLinks online statement regarding Windows 10 support. Click on the Download Win 10 Compatibility Advisor link to see if your software version is supported. If not, you may need to purchase an upgrade from them.

Already Bought a Windows 10 PC? Check CyberLinks Windows 10 Compatible Products

So, alright. Deep breath. I look back at their Amazon site and see that it doesn't say that it's compatible with Windows 10. After cursing Microsoft and Windows 10 under my breath, I go into my system restore and use the MS method to return my computer to Windows 7. This takes about another hour. I want to drink whiskey but think better of it, correctly assuming that I may need all of my faculties for this.

Back to the old settings. Great, let's go! You are kidding me! Power Director still won't work? I uninstall and reinstall numerous times. To the point that I almost have the 30 digit CD-key memorized. Nope, no joy for me.

Seriously though, ION, you're selling a piece of equipment with software that's so old it won't run on most computers today, and your response is that I need to buy new software? Which in case you're wondering, gentle reader, is not cheap. The customer's emoticon read "frustrated and angry". I know how they feel.

This is getting returned.
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on June 20, 2011
althought the item looks generic it does what it's suppose to. Easy set up a and you basiclly get the same quality that you put in to it so if your video is old and poor quality thats the type of digital copy you will get. Had no problems with the software althought it is a little out of date looking and don't plan on multitasking because the soft ware wont run in the back ground while you try to surf the web or what ever else you just have to turn it on and leave the room. Also you really cant watch the movie while you are recording because it will only show up on a small 4X4 window on the screen. Payback is easy but haven't figured a way to watch through windows media player so you have to wacth through the soft ware which isn't the end of the world.
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on October 21, 2011
No problems using this. If you're doing serious video work, be sure to turn on deinterlacing in your software program.
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