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on May 23, 2012
Lord Nathan Wynter is a romance novel hero you'll never forget, and not simply because of his physical endowments. He is selfless, falsely accused (willingly so), and conflicted. The sexual tension between Nathan and Lady Iona is palpable. They struggle to come to terms with who they really are deep down, and what they mean to each other. The author keeps us guessing until the last page as she immerses us in the town of Bath in the Regency era with beautiful descriptions of costume and setting. It's one of those books you cannot put down.
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on October 15, 2012
**warning*** this review has some spoilers

It's not just the characters who are frustrated throughout the book, it was myself as well.

I had high hopes for the story line, it was a novel approach and I enjoyed reading a romance from this time period set in Bath rather than in London. The main characters are engaging and the writing style is well done. But then the frustrations start.

First of all, Lady Iona is downright awful at anything approaching communication. She lets her family shut her up all the time, even when her very happiness depends on it. And then she constantly thinks about telling Nathan the truth about her father's plan to engage her to her cousin, but she never actually brings it up. It takes her forever to explain to him why she won't marry him. And then once he insists on the marriage, even after he's told her how impressed he is with her artwork and how he'll support her in the endeavor, she immediately starts assuming that he'll crush the happiness out of her and not let her do the things she wants to do. I have NO idea where she got that idea, and she never even asks him about it! I'm not really sure who she was rebelling against... it mostly seemed to be like she was rebelling against her assumptions rather than what people actually wanted/expected from her.

Not that Nathan's much better at communication, but at least he tries to talk to HER even if he doesn't clear up things with his family - not that they're listening to him anyway.

She's also more than a little bit selfish, but even once she realizes that she's behaving selfishly, she doesn't stop! And she behaves more than a little recklessly, putting herself in danger in ways that IF she truly had spent time helping women of the lower classes like she says she does, then she would know better. I understand wanting to make her seem innocent and naive, but in a lot of the situations she goes way too far and it just becomes ludicrous.

And then we have the ridiculous about turn of her family. Not only did her mother warn off Nathan from her - long before he had truly become a rake, and we never get a real explanation for that... unless the rumor about him ruining another girl was out beforehand? but even then, why would the DUCHESS be the one visiting and telling him that, shouldn't it be up to Iona's father? - but her father goes from punching Nathan in the face one night and insisting that she must marry her cousin as he's planned, to the next morning hearing Nathan out and then declaring that Iona must marry Nathan to save HIS reputation? Why on earth does her father suddenly believe Nathan's accounting of events? Out of freaking NOWHERE?!

There is a good story within this book, unfortunately it's hampered by way too many obstacles which bog down the plot line, an overabundance of bad communication between characters (to the point where I almost put the book down because they were annoying me so much with their ridiculousness), and ludicrous turn-arounds from several of the side characters who suddenly start behaving supportive without any explained motivation. That being said; I did adore Lord Nathan and the end of his story was immensely satisfying. I just wish that Lady Iona and her family hadn't been so ridiculously eye-roll worthy.
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on June 19, 2012
I loved this story! Watching the way Iona blossoms under Nathan's tutelage is charming. It struck a cord with me because at one point in my life I too had to make the decision of whether to be a "Lady" or a "Woman". Like Iona I made the right choice so I understand how she felt. The way Ms McFall developed the characters was delightful. It was like seeing friends find themselves. I was glad to find out that Nathan was more than everyone thought.
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on November 25, 2012
I loved the first book in this series and was applauding the author in my last review. Then the author must have fallen down the rabbit hole and started writing just like every other romance author because this book was terrible. First of all, it wasn't a romance. It was a mixture of never ending plot twists that weren't cohesive at all thrown together with a sex scene which was totally out of place. How many misunderstandings can one couple encounter? This author would have you believe weeks could go by where the two main characters couldn't have a two second conversation which would have solved everything. Usually this kind of thing doesn't bother me but this book DRAGGED. Very boring, very poorly written characters and a HUGE disappointment when the last book was so good. Sometimes you just can't make a sequel.
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on June 8, 2012
I always thought romance novels were a silly waste of time, but I picked up a copy of "The Marriage List" by Dorothy McFalls, and now romances are a staple in my library! My "library" (ok, it's really a Kindle and a couple of bookshelves) includes every single one of Dorothy McFalls' books - she is my fave author. Along with period romances like Lady Iona, she also writes contemporary romances, paranormal romances, and mysteries (Dorothy St. James). I really loved the heroine Lady Iona, and throughout the book I found myself lost in her world. I thoroughly enjoyed the book - it really is a page turner and you won't want to put it down.
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on March 13, 2013
This book charts the romance of two secondary characters from a previous novel The Marriage List. It is a fabulous book. Despite the "sexy" moniker, this book is actually not smutty at all. There is 1 sex scene that was absolutely delicious and 1 other scene which did not involve sex but pretty much everything else. The erotic blended with the romance in a completely believable way. It was very well-written. The characters are excellent as well. I am intrigued by Lillian and would like to read her story. Lady Iona is an untouchable paragon, or so she seems. In reality her cold, perfect exterior hides a passionate inner self that longs to break free. After helping her friend in romance and meeting Lord Wynters, Iona's staid existence is no longer enough. A chance meeting in Bath with Lord Wynters gives Iona the perfect ploy to break out of her overly obedient and dutiful life: she will ask Lord Wynters to give her lessons on living the life of a rogue, taking her pleasures when and where she wants them and in the process she will learn how to emerge from her shell and take over control of her own life. Nathan, Lord Wynters, wants to put some polish on his blackened reputation in an effort to seal the life-long breach between him and the rest of his family. A respectable marriage should do the trick and who should he find staying in Bath, the lovely Lady Iona, a woman he had fallen in love with once and foolishly chased across the country only to be disappointed. Her reputation is more sterling than silver, she is gorgeous, and they were friends once; she's perfect. This story is more tragic than comic but it has its moments of levity. I greatly admire Iona's strength of character in the face of losing everything she held dear and of course, Nathan's unrequited love and passion and refusal to admit defeat - refreshing for a hero. An Excellent read. Very highly recommended for all Regency Romance lovers.
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on June 25, 2012
Just finished reading Lady Iona's Rebellion. Entertaining, sensual and fun! Poor Iona, always doing what is right until her father the Duke tells her she is to marry her cousin. She wants to learn how to be rebellious so she askes her friend, Lord Nathan Wynter, a renowned rake and rogue, to school her in the art of rebellion. Poor Nathan, his goal is to marry Iona, a woman above reproach, with whom he fell in love 2 years past, in order to reconcile with his family. What follows is the good girl going bad, and the rake turning out to not be as bad as perceived. Who said falling in love and following your heart was easy? A delightful romp through Regency Bath!!! Can't wait to read the prequel, "The Marriage List", so I can see how Nathan and Iona met!
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This is a light read. It is about a naïve, innocent Regency era woman who has about had enough of parental and society expectations. She approaches the one man she knows and trusts to aide her in some adventures. Of course, everything spins out of control and the threat of scandal looms.

Dorothy McFalls writes this novel about a beguiling beauty and Rake of the Ton with a clever plot and easy style. We know Iona is a bit of a flibbertigibbet and Nathan is a much maligned man of good character. One escapade follows another on their way to admitting their love for each other. This is a sweet, sexy romance. Enjoyable even if predictable.
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on August 18, 2012
This story began rather slowly with the Prologue and first couple of chapters. After the hero meets Iona again in Bath things get fun and dialogue gets interesting. I really enjoyed the funny circumstances surrounging their adventures, although the descriptions of the actual events were difficult to dicipher even after reading them multiple times (where an editor would have helped). The second half of the book seemed to slow dramatically and repeat itself. I wanted to skip chapters several times. Ultimately I enjoyed the ending. I think you will like parts of it and not be so excited about other parts.
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on June 13, 2012
I love Regency romance, but I like my reads a little spicy. This one certainly fills the bill! Great characters and a story that is fun and sexy. Highly recommended!!! You won't be disappointed! I'm definitely going to check out this author's other books. Love her writing!
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