Customer Reviews: Ionic Pro Ionic Air Purifier
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on January 24, 2005
One of the big misconceptions about air Ionizers from reviews below is that people expect them to collect dust inside somewhere and get rid of it that way, where the biggest advantage of the technology is actually reducing dust, polen suspended in the air! The way it works, is that Ionizer releases negatively charged Ions into the air, they attach to dust particles that float around and force them to be "dropped down" onto the more positively charged surfaces such as your floor, shelves etc. Yes, part of them gets trapped inside the unit that you must clean. To evaluate the effectiveness of Ionic Pro performance, you should look on the sunny day in your room and see how much dust you actually have floating in the air and NOT how much dust your TV or book shelves have collected! Dust from the air will be attracted to the floor carpet/wood and still will need to be vacuumed or dusted. Only fan/filter-type air purifiers collect dust inside the filter so you have to replace it. Remember-this technology makes your air inside the room dust free, not claims to collect all the dust inside the unit!

I used the unit for days, and the amount of floating dust is minimal to non existent!
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VINE VOICEon May 7, 2006
I live in South Texas where the allergy season starts on January 1 and runs through December 31, but that's not why I bought this unit. We cook a lot, my wife and I both smoke, and we have a beagle in the house, so we got this to eliminate odors. To be honest with you, I don't really notice the difference until I've been gone for a weekend or something like that, or when friends come over and as soon as they walk in the house, they comment about how good it smells, so apparently it works much better than I realize at eliminating odors.

But the main reason I wanted to review this after having it for a year now is this; when I originally got this, I placed it in the front living area of a house of 2500 sq ft. As I said, you would notice the clean air when you walked in the house, but it was probably too far away from the master bedroom to do much good. After having a particularly difficult bout of allergies and waking up with a terrific headache each morning, I finally decided to move it into the bedroom. Presto! No more waking up with a headache!

After a couple of months, it seemed as though the allergy season was taking a respite, so I moved it back into the living room. After a week of waking up each morning with that same throbbing headache, the Ionic Pro now has a permanent place in my bedroom and I am buying a second one for the living room.

I also love the fact that this thing is so easy to clean. I have found the little Palmolive disposable pads to work very well. A quick once over, let it dry (they recommend drying for 4 hours) then back in service. I highly recommend this product, especially for allergy sufferers.
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on March 21, 2004
I purchased the Ionic Pro Air Purifier and within one day, I noticed the difference in the air quality in my apartment. It smells clean and it also seems to have improved my respiratory problems. I would recommend this to anyone with allergies, etc. Best of all, it is silent and cleaning is very easy.
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on December 19, 2009
bought this for my father-in-law, as an early christmas gift. he loves it. he said, from the first day he got it, he woke up with no sniffles and clear headed. we purchased it for him, after reading reviews on the cost of filters and overall pain of having to change them. this model simplified everything. no new filters to buy and easy to clean. so far, so good - it makes him happy.
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on April 8, 2009
I bought this for my husband who has allergies and multiple sclerosis. In August he will begin a clinical study during which his immune system will be wiped out and he'll need all the help he can get with not catching something that will kill him. Currently it sits in our rec room which was an add on in the 70s with no insulation, no heat and no air. It has a vaulted ceiling and dust, dust, dust. It works amazingly well. Easy to clean, too.
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on August 2, 2005
purchased this product and i am very pleased with it. The first couple of days, it collected a high amount of dust, and after cleaning, you only have to do it like once a week, and when you do, just move the bar up and down a few times afterwards and the buzzing noise will stop. But for smokers, it will collect tar and nicotine and it will stick to the blades, particularly to the tops and bottoms of them, to clean them use luke warm water mixed with a little bit of dishwashing detergent (i use dawn) and rub with a non abrasive sponge and it is amazing how easy the tar and nicotine comes off. Just make sure it is dry when you reactivate it. I got a set of extra blades so changing is fast and no air interruption. If you don't have an extra set, the cycle is interruped and will take about 2 to 3 hours to get the room back to par. However the blue light on it at night will light up your ceiling with a circle of blue light (sort of like a night light) which isn't bad cuz i live in the country (no street lights) and i can see to go to the bathroom! lol. It does work and emits a pleasant clean rain smell. To circulate the air, i use a small fan and it is wonderful. Great product!
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on December 5, 2005
I have an ionic breeze and an ionic pro, i wish i hadnt wasted my money on an ionic pro and got 2 ionic breezes. The Pro needs to be cleaned twice as frequently as the breeze, not becasue it collects more (actually it collects much less) but because it starts sparking in its chamber if theres a little dust on the collection grid. My breeze collects more, never sparks and works totally silently. Save yourself aggrevation go with the Ionic Breeze.
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on November 17, 2004
I finally got this one delivered after 2 months of waiting. The unit seems attractive but I really don't see the difference in air quality as the prevous reviewers claimed. I put it in the kitchen when my wife was cooking and the smell of fish was still there. I put it into my bedroom and had it all day long, my allergy is still there. After about 6 days of constant use, I took their blade(=filter) out, but there wasn't much dust trapped on it. I would still keep this device (I don't think it's ethical to return it after 2 weeks of use), but in my opinion, I don't think it's worth $149.
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on May 5, 2010
I find it to be very similar to the more expensive Sharper Image product. I've had those for years and when they give up the ghost I looked for something that was going to be as easy to clean and work effectively. I think I have found it and costing less.
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on May 6, 2005
I bought two of these. I live near a heavy traffic street, and it gets filled with black particles every three of four days, and I believe my allergies and my son's are getting better.

The problems:

1. The power light is so bright that you do not need a night lamp to read.
2. Good thing is that the power light stopped working after two days, I had to put some black tape on the other unit to have a dark room for sleeping.
3. One of the two units I bought makes and extremely loud noise. I tried to change the blades from the other, but the problem seems to be in the unit and not the blades. Being outside the U.S., bad luck for me.
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