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4.2 out of 5 stars
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on April 28, 2010
When the show first premiered, I was a bit reluctant on trying it out, but after tuning in for only a few episodes, I was hooked on not only the well-crafted storyline, but also the interesting cast of characters that would help carry the show throughout its first season. Howard Stark is killed in the first episode, and his son Tony must carry on his father's goal of collecting and researching the five magical Makluan rings. During this journey, he must also come to terms with his father's death, and the legacy he left behind when Tony is set to inherit the company when he turns eighteen. Along for the ride are Tony's friends, who all contribute something to either the storyline itself or to the development of our hero; who grows over the course of the series. The villains who are introduced feel like actual fleshed out characters, from the unstable and misguided Living Laser to the enigmatic and tragic Madame Masque, rather than obstacles that the hero must fight for the sake of filling time. As the show progresses, Tony begins to realize hidden secrets about his father he didn't know about and things begin to tie back to the late Howard Stark and how everything starts coming together in the end.

The cel-shaded animation is a unique look for the show, and helps it stand out from not only the other CG properties currently airing on television, but also the traditional animated shows as well. The cinematography is creative and dynamic; not only making the fight scenes fun to watch, but everyday tasks look and animated beautifully. While certainly no match for the theatrical works of Pixar and Disney, this show certainly feels like an aesthetic standard that all CG properties on television should strive to achieve.

Overall, I found this show to be a lot more than I thought it would be; especially in a genre I lost interest in long ago. I recommend this show to any sci-fi fans, superhero fans, or maybe even a mecha anime fan if you got time to kill. Really, anyone simply looking for an animated show with a good, developed story and a memorable cast characters should check it out.
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on June 5, 2010
Just like the last family and I love the show! We were introduced to it by Netflix streaming (first 6 episodes) and could not get enough! (All of the first 6 episodes were presented in WIDESCREEN.) I also found that NickToons streams a few newer episodes online (all in WIDESCREEN) and we decided we like the show enough to buy the complete first season.

Well, we ordered this DVD of the complete first season is in FULLSCREEN!!!
The back of the box says:

What does that mean to you? Well "standard version" may well mean FULLSCREEN but the rest of the statement seems intentionally misleading. This was clearly created originally in WIDESCREEN and cropped for this DVD. Was it presented in FULLSCREEN in April 2009 when originally aired? Hard to say but I guess it is possible. Regardless, this is intended to mislead. Since the discs themselves actually say FULLSCREEN, why was the studio not willing to put that on the outer box? Instead, they came up with this ridiculous statement to intentionally mislead.

This just infuriates me. If you buy episodes from iTunes or Amazon, they are in WIDESCREEN. Amazon lists this as WIDESCREEN. Why would Vivendi Studios create the DVD in FULLSCREEN?

Here is my thought:
It is also available on BluRay and my bet is it is presented in WIDESCREEN there. Can anyone confirm? Seems like Vivendi Studios wants to create "premium" value for their BluRay product by not allowing WIDESCREEN on their lower tier DVD product.

Note to other studios: Do not follow suit unless you want to hasten the death of the DVD. People will just move to streaming and legal & illegal downloads before they are forced into BluRay.

Note to Amazon:
Update this listing. This product is not WIDESCREEN!!!
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on October 15, 2011
My sons (2 and 4) love Ironman, but all the other series and movies are either too violent or creepy for toddlers. This is a perfect middle ground. This Ironman is in high school and although the same bad guys are present, they are not quite as evil looking as in the other movies/series.
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on May 6, 2011
I first saw this show when the first 6 episodes were on Netflix. I tried it out with my son and we were hooked by the end of the first episode, so we just had to get the whole season.

For kids:
This show is perfect for a young boy who likes action but you still want to shelter a bit. There is no "butt-kicking" (just tail-kicking). Nothing "sucks" (it stinks). Nobody dies, including bad guys. Plenty of explosions and action scenes each episode. And the themes in this show are all things you can talk with your kids about, like "Why should Tony stay in school" or "Why are weapons bad?".

For parents:
The dialog and voice acting is great. There are good jokes your kids can't get. My husband loves the animation. The story is easy enough for a kid to get, but very entertaining for adults as well. (And, being of the female persuasion, I can't wait until Season 2 so Tony and Pepper can maybe get together.)

I highly recommend this show for anyone looking for something safe and fun for their son or grandson to watch.
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on May 20, 2010
Honest. I have no idea why the people in charge or producing the DVD product don't present the show in the way they were made. Transformers Animated? Created in 16:9 widescreen, the DVD? 4:3. Iron Man: Armored Adventures created in 16:9 and the DVD? 4:3. The product description even says WIDESCREEN and I was pissed to actually put it in my player to see it in 4:3.

My one star is a reflection of this product only. As far as the show itself goes, I would give it 5 stars but this 4:3 version of the show totally removes from the awesome visual experience I got addicted to watching it on Netflix Instant Stream.
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on June 2, 2010
The animation in this series is excellent. It's also engaging enough for a 10 year old to appreciate it as well as entertaining enough to keep a four year old glued to their seat. Having the entire season together in a well priced bundle is FAR preferable to having a few episodes per disc sold at inflated prices. I was pleased enough with the price and the quality of the episodes I viewed with my daughter on TV that I pre-ordered this season 1 release. I am very happy that I did. I think the series could benefit from more characterisation of the female characters, but it does make a good start.
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on August 13, 2013
Though short lived this series was a nice reboot to the Ironman story. Basically Tony Stark is now a teenager using his Ironman technology to gain back control of Stark Industries. I won't say much more so as not to spoil any plot lines but suffice it to say a few arch enemies are also now the children of some evil person.

Nice touch as it probably relates to the kids better. Definitely makes for an interesting Ironman based story line.

Animation is a bit "computer generated" looking, switching from excessively detailed shots to some that are more akin to a modern video game. This seems to be a common theme with many cartoons/anime lately, not bad but annoying to some.

The second season definitely ends as if more episodes were to follow but apparently the series was canceled before any were made.
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on April 1, 2012
I dont normally post reviews but for this I am making an exception. If you have an Iron Man lover at home this is truly a must have. We absolutely had to buy this once the kids became addicted to the awesomeness that is Iron Man season 1 ... ;D It has a catchy theme song, great story line, and the animation is quite good. My kids truly LOVE this show and ask for it daily so I highly recommend it to everyone. Seriously... If your kids are superhero fanatics this has to be on the shelf.

I bought mine used, the sleeve which is just a cover and not important anyway was torn slightly and quite shelf worn & crumpled ... But the actual DVD case was pristine and the DVDs were in perfect condition. For a grand total of 12 bucks I am not complaining one bit! In fact I am thrilled at such a great deal.
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on February 4, 2012
I dont know why they only made the 1st 6 episodes on blu-ray, when the whole season runs 26 episodes...

Stupid if you ask me.

Anyway, IRONMAN: A A is an Awesome Show. It combines the Old Comics and the New Movies, with a fresh-perspective of Tony Stark in his Teenage Years.

Why they didnt call it "Iron Teen", I DONT KNOW... He's not a 'MAN' yet...

They Show is awesome. It's made for kids, using a 3D-CGI/Cartoon Animation combo, kinda like FUTURAMA does.

I'm 26 and I love the designs of the suit, the new weapons, the story and conflicts, etc....


Unless you have VERY LOUD out-of-control kids, who like to turn up the Volume on their TVs (this show has a loud opening/closing theme song) But, it
only lasts for like, a minute each, so, it's up to you if you wanna put up with it. Just dont be surprised if the song gets stuck in your head.
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on November 30, 2013
Entertaining and more age appropriate than other violent iron man cartoons on amazon. My son is six. Anyway, I only give it three stars because it wasn't entertaining enough for my son to want to watch more than two episodes.
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