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Marvel Studios unleashes the must-own, best Iron Man adventure yet.

Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow
2 hours 11 minutes

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Iron Man 3

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Genres Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Action
Director Shane Black
Starring Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow
Supporting actors Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Jon Favreau, Ben Kingsley, James Badge Dale, Stephanie Szostak, Paul Bettany, William Sadler, Dale Dickey, Ty Simpkins, Miguel Ferrer, Xueqi Wang, Shaun Toub, Matt Nye, Pat Kiernan, Josh Elliott, Megan Henderson
Studio Walt Disney Pictures
MPAA rating PG-13 (Parental Guidance Suggested)
Captions and subtitles English Details
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Format Amazon Instant Video (streaming online video and digital download)

Customer Reviews

Great movie with lots of Action and special effects.
P. Thai
The first time I saw this movie I really didn't like it, I had just come off the high of "The Avengers" and let me make it clear, this one isn't as good.
Jonathan M. George
We loved the movie in the theater and we loved watching it at home.
jana peach chang

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

193 of 204 people found the following review helpful By J. Courtright on February 26, 2014
Format: Blu-ray Verified Purchase
While not offering an UltraViolet Digital Copy, I am encouraged that Marvel at least provided some reasonable Digital Copy options with this set: Iron Man 3 (Two-Disc Blu-ray / DVD + Digital Copy). Digital Copy owners can select either:

Option 1: Disney Movies Anywhere (account registration required) plus iTunes, or

Option 2: Any one of the following standalone providers (with no Disney Movies Anywhere account registration required): iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant Video, or Google play.

I have a VUDU account, which I selected, so I now have a digital copy of Iron Man 3 (HDX quality) with the ability to download or stream the movie in HD.

Can I ask a favor of everyone for whom the above information was useful? Can we please collectively keep asking Amazon to provide the detailed Digital Copy information in the product description of the DVDs and Blu-rays that it sells? In the Product Details section of every Amazon DVD/Blu-ray listing is a line that says, "Did we miss any relevant features for this product? Tell us what we missed." with a link. Every time I buy a DVD/Blu-ray from Amazon now, I click this link and enter "Missing Detailed Digital Copy Information". If a few million of us customers do this, perhaps Amazon will listen and start including this important information in the product description for a change. Thanks!
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487 of 572 people found the following review helpful By Brian Driver TOP 1000 REVIEWER on May 6, 2013
Format: Blu-ray
Let me start by saying that I can understand why there are a lot of split opinions about IRON MAN 3. It's a film full of misdirection and deceptions, and I was a little distressed by a couple of them - which would give away too much to detail here. Suffice it to say that there were a couple of moments I felt somewhat cheated; and though I'll be vague about it I can say it involved Mandarin. Still, read on; while I gave the movie four stars, I believe down the road I might very well revise this to a five. I'll explain...

First of all, rest assured there is A LOT of action. And there are a lot of the Iron Suits,'s just that Tony Stark isn't often the one IN the suit. I found myself often frustrated by that fact: Iron Man interruptus, if you will. Either the suits were off on their own, or they were on other people, or they weren't working properly...something that seemed to occur almost constantly.

I saw it in Imax 3D, and it was well worth the extra $$ to do so (given the fact that $17 is a RIDICULOUS price for a movie ticket in the first place). The movie was lush, packed with detail, and continuously drew me "inside" it. The scenes of (don't panic about spoilers - these are in ALL the promos) Stark's house exploding and falling into the sea are meticulously crafted and extremely inclusive...I really felt the dimensional layers as the house was blown apart: I could feel the force of the detonation, and house collapsing, and the impact of the sea as the house AND Iron Man tumbled into it. Similarly, the moments where his suit fly through the air and "find" him, or the death-defying scenes aboard (and outside) Air Force One, and so many others throughout the film really do feel like you're there.
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55 of 69 people found the following review helpful By Beth Smith on October 10, 2013
Format: Amazon Instant Video
I am not going to give away anything plotwise for those who haven't seen this movie yet but my advice to everyone is to watch "The Avengers" before watching this one. The reason for this is because the movie frequently references things that happened there and they will make more sense to the viewer. It at least sticks with canon where the films are concerned. While "The Avengers" isn't necessarily "Iron Man 2.5", there are things that happen to the Tony Stark character in that film that come into play in "Iron Man 3".

(Personal side note, I purchased the single disc DVD, just because that was in my budget. I would have preferred Blu Ray but I am one movie fan who doesn't really nitpick about formats. I will watch a film on VHS if I want to see it bad enough.)

That notwithstanding, it is still a great film on its own. If you want to see Robert Downey Jr. a LOT, this film will NOT disappoint you in that department, nor will you feel cheated out of special effects galore, stunning and jaw dropping stunts, and great stuff all around.

Ben Kingsley is hilarious. There are many instances where you laugh out loud in this film.

It is an all around entertaining way to spend two hours and eleven minutes.

The story takes place around Christmas time, which surprised me that it was a summer film. I guess Paramount figured it would be a better time to launch the third film in the franchise. It isn't technically a "holiday" film anyway, but in any case, Paramount studios dominated movie theaters when this first came out and then "Star Trek: Into Darkness" started playing a week or so later and they ran concurrently there for a while..then "Star Trek" got released for home viewing first.

One last thing.
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18 of 22 people found the following review helpful By King Me on November 3, 2013
Format: Blu-ray
(In re-reading my review I realize it is a bit spoilery and ranty, so be forewarned)

I'm afraid this is an example of a great group of very talented people getting together and making a movie that I absolutely DID NOT want to see made.
The trailer was like seeing a beautiful, perfect apple. Then the movie was like taking a bite of the apple and finding out it is just sawdust covered in wax.

I imagine this would be my conversation with the writers/director/whoever:
Wouldn't it be great to see Tony Stark suffering serious post-traumatic stress?
My answer is No.

How about seeing a constantly malfunctioning prototype Iron Man armor?
Nope. That would be a terrible idea.

Well, we can have Col. James Rhodes as Iron-War-Patriot-Machine, who gets to do next to nothing.
NO, I tells ya!

Did I mention that Iron Man's armor constantly falls apart?
You have not mentioned that yet, but I NEVER want to see that happen in any Iron Man movie.

Um, alright, we'll have The Mandarin in the movie (Great!), he'll be played by Ben Kingsley (Excellent!), he will be of indeterminate nationality (I like it!) BUT . . . it turns out it is a cheap and embarrassing trick where he ends up being just a goofball actor (wrong, wrong and WRONG! Horrible idea!).

OK, OK. Well, we'll use the Extremis Virus (that could work) to make people into super-heated, fire-breathing, exploding beasties that can tear Iron Man's 42 different types of armor (wait, what?) into pieces (NO!)

Tony will run around wearing just PARTS of his armor, stumbling and bumbling his way around until flaming Pepper (whazza!?) rises from the fire to save him! (Now you've completely lost me. And I am a lifelong fan of comics and superheroes.
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