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on February 5, 2012
Ironhaven, by Misa Buckley, was a surprisingly good science fiction romance that I received unsolicited from the author.

The story starts as the last shuttle leaving a dying earth is about to take off from the spaceport. Lucian Hoyt believes he has a ticket on it. But he discovers when he attempts to board the ship that his ticket has been cancelled--by his parents! Since they refuse to answer his calls to clear up the mess, he is left with the conclusion that he is being disowned in a rather permanent fashion because he refused to marry the upper-crust debutante his rich parents had chosen for him.

It's never specified, but our earth has gotten a lot colder, and things are getting worse. Whether this is a future where the sun is just getting old, or whether we've screwed up the planet, it doesn't matter. The point of the story is that everyone knows the planet is dying, but that there is plenty of time to get some people off planet, just not everyone. And the ones remaining have plenty of time to worry about when death will come for them.

So Lucian gets left behind. He resents his parents for having left him, naturally enough. Lucian is used to being rich, to being part of the upper crust of society. Now, everyone he sees resents him for being one of the people who left them behind, even though he has been abandoned, too.

All is not lost, however. In the first bar he walks into, Lucian meets a pilot, Drew. Drew knows an engineer who might be able to built a ship, if Lucian is interested. Lucian goes looking, just thinking there might be a way out of the death-spiral. What he finds is his past.

Lucian didn't marry Elspeth "flaming" Pennington, the rich debutante, because he never stopped loving the one woman his parents forbade him from marrying. When Lucian discovers that Genevieve Scott is the engineer, and is the only person who might possibly be able to built them all a way off their dying planet, he finds he wants to build a bridge back over the chasm separating them every bit as much as he wants to help her build that ship.

The question is whether either of them can get past the hurt and the scars, both emotional and physical, that five years of separation, pain and broken promises have left on their bodies and hearts.

Escape Rating B+: I enjoyed this story very much. I really wanted it to be longer! It's only 49 pages, and there was a certain amount of background I wanted, like what was really going wrong with the Earth, that I just wanted to know.

Gen and Lucian and interesting characters. I wanted to spend more time with them. They deserved their happy ending, they worked very hard for it. Again, I would have liked just a little more background. But as the reader, I definitely felt their pain. There's a specific instance about the lack of background that made this a B+ and not an A. Lucian is in his 30s. Without more background, it was difficult to understand why his parents still had such an vise-like grip on his life. There's something about the way that the society is structured that I didn't get. Gen couldn't figure out why Lucian didn't contact her in the five years they were separated, if he loved her so much, and I couldn't either.

This book is only 50 pages. The author did a remarkable job tying up all the loose ends. I simply wanted more!
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on January 11, 2014
Reviewed by Crystal
Book provided by the publisher for review
Review originally posted at Romancing the Book

Ironhaven is a good short read. I really enjoyed reading it.

I can’t imagine that my own parents would disown me and leave me on a planet just for not doing what they wanted me to do. Lucien is a man in his thirties and has always done what his parents wanted. When he finally grows a backbone everything changes.

Lucien was so down and out and found out that there still might be a way off of Earth before it freezes. He goes to find the inventor and it turns out being the woman he had left at the altar five years ago Genevieve.

Gen, as he called her, has some scars left over from their past and when I say scars I mean literally. She tried to win Lucien’s parents over so that they would let them get married.

I really enjoyed watching Lucien do whatever he could to win back Gen. The thing is they both still loved each other just Gen is afraid for Lucien to see her because of her scars. You could feel the love that had survived five years between them. Lucien wasn’t some rich jerk who thought he was better than everybody.

Gen opens Lucien’s eyes to what was really going on in Ironhaven. He takes everything his parents left and sales everything to get the money to help Gen build a way for everyone that was left on Earth to leave.

Ironhaven has a little twist that I loved and is something I wish a lot more man do. Can you imagine a guy in his thirties is still a virgin? Well he was because his parents controlled everything he did. I really loved watching them fall more into love with each other. It helped heal the pain that they both had for five years. Gen had to open her heart and trust again.

The only thing I didn’t like was you never knew what the outcome was.

Favorite Quote: Gen chuckled. “I’d forgotten that you were virgin territory.”
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on February 27, 2012
A dying Earth where everyone who had money had left, Lucian Hoyt thought he lost everything when his own parents barred him from boarding the last shuttle leaving the planet. But, he was wrong... he found himself again!

A story of love and redemption, Ironhaven is set in a post-apocalyptic earth sometime in the future. Born rich, Lucian Hoyt had everything except the woman he loved, low-born Genevieve, whom his parents disapproved of.

Left at the altar 5 years ago, Gen hated Lucian for not being able to stand up against his parents, but never stopped loving him. So, when Lucian showed up at her doorstep she was shocked and all the bittersweet memories of their old relationship came back.

"Ironhaven" is a novella and even though it is short, the characters are fleshed out and thus readers can easily emphatize with both the hero and heroine. And because of that, I want to see and hear more about them. The story is great as it is. I just wish that the author expanded it more.
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on August 2, 2011
Picked up this story after it was recommended to me by a friend. Thought it was fantastic. The characters are well developed with a vivid history and a lot of heartache. The world is like none I've read elsewhere. I thought everything about it was incredible. Hot love scene and an ending that made me tear up. Highly recommend this book.
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on December 9, 2012
Misa Buckley is fast becoming one of my favorite sci fi authors. In the far future as time is running out for the planet, Lucian Hoyt tries to rekindle the flame with his first love Genevieve Scott. She suspects that his motive is to save his own butt since she's his only hope for survival. I'm a sucker for a sentimental love story and Misa delivered with Ironhaven. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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on February 28, 2012
This story had me hooked from page one. Give me colony ships, a dying planet, and someone forcibly left behind, betrayed, and I'm yours. Just the right ingredients for a good tale, and Ironhaven doesn't disappoint. Very well written.
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on June 8, 2012
A very nice read. SCI FI, FANTASY. Well written and held my interest. Nicely written and good formatting for the KINDLE
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on September 28, 2011
A heart-breaking romance with a background of apocalyptic scifi, I really felt for the two main characters in this story. Lucien Hoyt is an ass, but his parents' outrageous behavior at abandoning him on a dying Earth by invalidating his pass on the last shuttle is shocking. When he meets his potential savior and we learn their bitter history, suddenly his fate seems appropriate. Luckily for him, his determination to put things right and gain the forgiveness of his ex-fiancee drives him to redemption.
The story made me cry, a sure sign than the author's style and characterizations had me in complete empathy to their tragic relationship. A short and enthralling read.
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on August 17, 2011
This was a debut novel for Misa Buckley and I really enjoyed it.

I felt anger in Lucian reaction to his parent's betrayal through the author's words. I wanted to reach through the book and strangle them! How could parents do that to their own flesh and blood? Yet the horrors committed by the rich against the poor let a bitter taste in my mouth. I have read atrocities like this before, but still Misa's descriptions were amazing here.

Even though it was short in length the author's descriptions put me right where she wanted me - with Lucian and Genevieve. Even in the beginning I felt the desperation, pity and anger of the people left behind to die.

As we got to know Lucien though I just thought he was a spoiled ass until he had to face reality. The fact that he did so and did what was needed redeemed him in my eyes. As soon as Lucian's eyes opened he stepped up to the plate. He was not an alpha male, rather a flawed one who tried to take care of his girl and his life.

Gen was so strong yet I could feel the pain in her heart and the scars that lay upon her body. I understood her desire and her mission. I did kind of wish Misa had written the interrogation scene so I could see the tough side of Gen another time however.

Their past was a underlining thread throughout the novel and I was almost unsure that they could overcome it. The scene with Drew made my heart hurt for the both of them. The fact that he was willing to let her go made me respect him. When they finally did get together it felt as though it was a real life scene - not something contrived. (I enjoyed that :-) )

If the book had been longer I would have enjoyed to read more on why the planet was dying and what happens when they leave.

I know this isn't going to be a series but I wouldn't know mind a bit more about that world and Drew! :) (nudge nudge)

I will totally read this again and I wish Misa luck in her future carrier! Great job babe!
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on August 3, 2011
Have actually just finished reading this book for the second time (yes, out was so good it got a second read just days after I finished it the first time). Wonderful characters that are well thought out and an interesting, well thought out story line make this book a must read for any fan of science fiction and romance. The characters are so engaging that as soon as I finished I wanted a sequel. Definitely a perfect summer (or any time of year) must read. Thanks to the author Misa Buckley for the hours of reading enjoyment.
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