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on September 19, 2003
Presented by a Professor of Islamic History at Al-Azhar University, Cairo, this book provides the reader with an extremely valuable insight into what the Islamic holy book, the Quran, teaches about Christianity, violence & the goals of the Islamic jihad. We are also imparted with an in depth analysis into the Islamic faith, beliefs and traditions through a book which documents the identification between modern terrorism and Islamic theology.
Written in the wake of the September 11th attacks, the book outlines how as a "Christian" society, we in the West have an extremely limited comprehension of what Muslims actually believe and what, if any, agenda the religion of Islam has.
At the outset, the contents of the book go to great lengths to point out that "Islam is behind terrorism" and not "Muslims". Readers being encouraged to love individual Muslims but to be aware of what Islam teaches, pointing out that many Muslims themselves are not aware of all that the Islamic faith includes.
Muslims being described here as falling into any one of three groups; secular, traditional and fundamental Muslims. Secular Muslims only believing in what they term the "nice" parts of Islam and who reject jihad. Traditional Muslims who have a stumbling block with the concept of Jihad and the latter group of fundamentalists who actually perpetrate the terrorism. More detail of this is included as the book progresses.
The book begins with an autobiography detailing the writer's experience and knowledge of Islam and how he came to question his Islamic faith. This is followed by an account of his expulsion from University, his arrest and detention by the Egyptian secret police and his treatment/interrogation. The story extends to his conversion to Christianity and the main body of the book which deals with Islam and associated terrorism.
The fundamentals of the Islamic faith are examined initially, with a description of Islam as being a "religion based on work" with "entrance to paradise" having to be earned. Muslims being described as having no "assurance of salvation". The only way of guaranteeing "entrance to paradise" being to die in jihad. What the book describes as the "perfect motive for suicide bombers". Something which is describing as encouraging Muslims to even leave their own nations to fight jihad in other countries.
This study illustrates that the focus of jihad is to "overcome" people who do not accept Islam (page 33). A quotation from Surah 4;89 of the Noble Quran stating, "Those who reject Islam must be killed. If they turn back, take them and kill them wherever you find them".
Many, many other quotations are taken from the Islamic holy books to substantiate this issue. Many readers may be disturbed by what they read. Indeed, the book proceeds to describe (with suitable references) that the ultimate goal of Islam is to establish Islamic authority over the entire World. The book also revealing what it describes as historical facts about the Islamic prophet Muhammad, his teachings and practices, that few Westerners have ever encountered.
The book declares that Islam has been veiled in a vast sea of misinformation since September 11th , with many political and media elements falsely presenting Islam as a "religion of peace". Muslim spokespersons publicly proclaiming such an image are described as distorting the truth to make it palatable to Western ears and also with a view to attracting possible converts. Many Islamic leaders being cited here as each doing their part for jihad by deceiving the Western populace through the media, achieving the desired effect upon public opinion.
We are also presented with Muhammad's own example of jihad and how others were encouraged to follow him. The ultimate goal of Islam is also examined. Mawlana Abul Ala Mawdudi, the founder of Pakistan's fundamentalist Islamic movement is quoted as saying that Islam is not like the other religions in the World and Muslim nations not like other nations, because Muslim nations have a command from Allah to "rule the entire World and to be over every nation in the World". (Page 81).
The book takes the reader on what it describes as a guided tour through 1,200 years of Islamic history where examples are illustrated that "justify" the killing of even women and children. The evolution of Islamic terrorism is also studied and how it has been brought to the West. The book describing how Islamic terrorism is no longer so intent upon targeting diplomatic figures or individuals, as random attacks upon the general public are more effective, as they terrorize the majority and spread fear in a larger way. Terrorism shown to have become a method of "political debate & dialogue". The depth of the Islamic hatred of Israel, the US, the West, Christianity and Judaism all being mentioned.
The contents of this work also show that Muslims believe that "war means deception" and that lying is justified and indeed an important element of war in Islam. How this crucially affects countries dealing with Islamic nations in relation to so called "peace agreements" is also studied. The book describes how difficult it is for the Western public to accept and understand such a mind-set.
I would respectfully recommend another book by Mark Gabriel entitled "Islam and the Jews; The Unfinished Battle". Thank you.
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on August 13, 2006
Well, if it's up to me I'd give that book a rating of 5 stars myself, I read it all through in one single day!!!

Yes, it was that Interesting & Exciting, it sure will be to any fair open minded person too!!!

Yet the rating of only 4 stars which I gave it, is not due to mistakes or problems the author had made, No...

It's simply that out of my own opinion I had the feeling that...

1st - some of the examples (The wine for example and the contradiction discussed) was a bit weak regarding the verses selected, yet I don't say it's wrong, for if we considered the 3 Rivers of Heaven promised in the Quraan we'll find the same problem again!!!

2nd - Reading throughout the book especially as a Muslim makes you start thinking in a defensive way (what in the world is he talking about, even we call these people Terrorists!!!) He is talking about Terrorists & Extremists, and somehow Muslims will automatically start defending by saying stuff like (Them understanding the Quraan that way is their own problem, yet it doesn't mean it is really that way) and that's only because of the way this book is written when getting deeper into the Terrorism sections of the book, Referring to these terrorists as acting according to THEIR BELIEFS (where these last 2 words are keywords that can turn the whole point of the book over, even if the Author had made clear at the Begining that these are the Quraan's teachings, still using these 2 words makes it sound a bit different again) Yet I'm sorry to say, It is very Serious because it's not THEIR BELIEFS, The Auther is right, it's the Quraan's teachings, at least it's written there, so what else could it be doing there!!!

And who am i?!!

My name is Amr, from Cairo/Egypt, a Muslim since Birth and till now "Only wonder till when!!!", studied Quraan at school (nothing much I know), yet with my Religion Study which I started by the age of 17 and lasted for 8 years now which included 1st (the Noble Quraan) & 2nd (the Holy Bible) I came about a lot...

For almost a year and a half I was a very faithful Muslim, 5 prayers a day plus the Sunna, Fasting (Mondays & Thursdays), reading the Quraan & other explanation books (Tafseer Ibn Katheer "3 books" for example) so yes I know what I'm talking about, just like i'm sure Mr. Mark Gabriel knows that as well, just reading through the book, and the amount of CORRECT information this guy gives you, shouldn't leave you in doubt about his knowledge at all, at least i think so!!!

well, with the 1st time I studied the bible, I felt the major difference between both books!!!

I can't influence anyone's opinion, and I am not intending to, I did my own study and still am reading, and with God's help I'll find my own way through the darkness, yet I can only Recommend you to read this book, to know and to understand, not to fight back!!!

Enjoy your reading and try to be reasonable, fair, and willing to understand (It's no use if you've already made up your mind and rejected it, why then waste your time reading at all?!!)

Amr Abdel Rahman...
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on April 7, 2006
I have read this book, I have heard Dr. Gabriel speak, and all I can say to the pin-heads who bash Dr. Gabriel, call him "biased" and say he doesn't know anything about Islam, is that they have no clue. Dr. Gabriel is EGYPTIAN, could quote the Koran fully by age 12, he is a former PROFESSOR OF ISLAMIC HISTORY at Al-Azhar university in Egypt, and a former Imam. So, I think when he speaks about Islam he KNOWS what he is talking about, certainly more than the pin-head liberals and Christian bashing reviewers. But then again, I would expect nothing but biased, uninformed bashing from them. If you want an inside look at Islam, do something unique: read his books, read his testimony, and judge for yourself.

To the person who took Dr. Gabriel's book to a "linguist" who is a "christian" for an amazing 85 years???? Your "linguist" is ill, so old he is out of it, or you are... misleading people about this book. I am looking at Dr. Gabriels book this very second, looking at page 4-5 and have looked up the Surahs he quotes and guess what? They are EXACTLY as he states. Here is one example:

On page 4, Dr. Gabriel says "In one place alcohol was forbidden; in another it was allowed. (Compare surah 5:90-91 with Surah 47:15.)"

Guess what those two surah are talking about? Have a clue? Here, to help you out, I will quote them:

"O ye who believe! Intoxicants (wine) and gambling, stones, and arrows, are an abomination of Satan's handiwork: eschew such, that ye may prosper. [Surah 5: 90]

Satan's plan is (but) to excite enmity and hatred between you, with intoxicants (alcohol/wine) and gambling, and hinder you from the remembrance of Allah, and from prayer: will ye not then abstain?} [Surah 5: 91]

and in contrast:

"Here is a Parable of the Garden which the righteous are promised: in it are rivers of water incorruptible; rivers of milk of which the taste never changes; *RIVERS OF WINE, A JOY TO THOSE WHO DRINK*; and rivers of honey pure and clear. In it there are for them all kinds of fruits; and Grace from their Lord. (Can those in such Bliss) be compared to such as shall dwell for ever in the Fire, and be given, to drink, boiling water, so that it cuts up their bowels (to pieces)?" (Surah 47:15)

Additonally, using the excuse that Dr. Gabriel is using "bad" translations of the Quran... you must rembmer he reads ARABIC. His native language is not english. Again, he could quote the Quran by age 12 fully... he didn't have "bad" translation nor did he need a translation. His toughts and evaluations are based upon primary source language, not translations.

So please, people, don't listen to the atheists, islamic appologists, and liberal lunatics. Do your own homework people, check with primary sources, and READ!
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on February 18, 2006
I read this book with an interest in understanding the mindset of the Islamic / Terrorist tie. One thing struck me as truth. As human beings that believe in a God, we all strive to "please" God. Some believe in a loving and forgiving God, one that we can have peace with while we live our lives, one we can have a personal relationship with. Other people strive and struggle to please God, never at peace with God and never knowing even at death, whether they will be approved of God. God loves the Muslim as well as anyone else. Mark Gabriel made that abundantly clear in his writing. His realization that God is Love, is the transforming power that broke his hatred. An excellent book!
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on November 16, 2004
I am not sure how reviewer Tron Honto dated 1/31/03 can say the author has no knowledge of Islam, when the author is a former Muslim professor of Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt who taught Islamic history.

I noticed a lot more recent reviewers are trashing this book as well. It is interesting to note their names. I wonder if they have a bias? I am not a Christian and couldn't care less about the author's conversion to Christianity. What is enlightening is a Muslim believer to try and explain the religious aspects of Islam. How Islam does not separate religion and politics. How supposedly, true believers of Islam must believe and practice Jihad. Bernard Lewis books on the Middle East are academically informative books of the history and religion; but they do not delve into the deeper religious aspect of what Islam says. I found the author to be credible in what he is saying based on his background. Based on other things I have read, I have no reason to doubt his words. I found the chapter dealing with the strategy of Islam into a country. How the Muslim immigrant is cooperative, helpful, and obeys the government. Once they become more financially stable, more in numbers, more mosques, they begin to exert their power and influence. They keep doing this until it becomes a conflict of cultures because of political correctness, which is not just a US problem. When you read about these stages, then compare that to what is going on in the Netherlands and France, as well many other countries, you can see this pattern and it is truly alarming. Do a google search to read what's going on in those countries.

The book is a quick read, well written, and seems to be very well documented, despite other reviewers opinions. I think you should read all of the reviews from both sides and decide if it is worth reading; especially William Garrison Jr.
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on July 27, 2005

`Islam and Terrorism'

a book by

Dr. Mark A. Gabriel, Ph.D.

Reviewed by

Ellison J. Peterson

Is it very rare that one comes across a book that is extremely open and honest, and in these ways critical of a faith, that is authored by someone who was held is such high regard by its followers, someone deep behind the lines, rather than potentially biased Westerners. Indeed, Mark A. Gabriel (a pseudonym the author has adopted from his original Muslim name to protect himself after being kidnapped and tortured by the Egyptian secret police for questioning his faith), is a former Egyptian Muslim and Islamic scholar whom now lives in exile in the United States of America. It is interesting to note the reasons why he changed his name. He informs the reader of this in great details at the outset of the book's introduction because he has "no desire to deceive Muslims, Christians or anyone else about" his name "in order to benefit" himself.

Dr. Gabriel, Ph.D. was a professor, one of the youngest hired at the prominent Al-Azhar University based in Cairo, Egypt. He began lecturing after he finished his master's degree and working to finish his doctorate in Islamic culture and history. Al-Azhar has operated continuously for more than one thousand years and is seen as the most respected and authoritative Islamic academy throughout the entire world.

Written in the aftermath of September 11th 2001, this book gives a unique insight into a religion that was, up until then to many westerns at least, a religion deeply enshrouded in mystery. What makes this book so impressive and important is the fact that it is written by a former Muslim and discusses frankly the central issue and greatest threat that is effecting us today - Islam. Not only that, but a highly praised and well respected Muslim. Also, it is written in such a way that is easy to follow. I personally read it from cover to cover in one day due to this fact but also because it is thoroughly gripping and brutally honest. Gabriel pulls no punches with this publication and focuses extensively above all else on honestly and truth from an unbiased insiders perspective.

Gabriel writes from his heart and soul about a subject of which he is fundamentally qualified, with over thirty years of first hand experience and knowledge. As he states himself: "I didn't just do research about Islam; I lived it for thirty-four years!"

Firstly, let me tell you a little bit more about the author himself: when Gabriel was only five years of age and growing up in Egypt, his devout Muslim family helped him to study and start memorising the Qur'an. By the age of twelve he could quote it in its entirety. In his youth Gabriel attended only Islamic schools, from elementary school right through to high school, rather than attending the general public schools of Egypt. In later years he worked as a travelling lecturer for, and hired by, the Al-Azhar University. He also served as an Imam, or spiritual leader, of a mosque in the suburbs of Cairo, Egypt.

As I have pointed out, Gabriel was a prestigious member of the upper echelons of the Ummah, or Islamic Muslim community, and had a deep understanding of the Islamic faith from an insiders point of view, just as his academic credentials below show (on top of the ones already pointed out):

- Bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees in Islamic history and culture from Al-Azhar University.

- Graduating second in his class of six thousand students for his bachelor's degree. This ranking was based on a test to verify he had memorised the entire Qur'an and an oral exam in his subject area.

- Travelling lecturer. Al-Azhar University sent him to countries around the Middle East as a lecturer in Islamic history. (taken from another book by Gabriel)

However, after earning his Ph.D in Islamic history he began to question his spirituality and devotion to Allah, finding that Allah, nor Muhammad through the Koran and Hadith, spoke to his inner soul. Thus he found Christianity and completed his Discipleship Training School with Youth with a Mission in Cape Town, South Africa. The University he lectured at found out about his reservations in Islam and fired him immediately. Rumours spread like wild fire and thus sparked the Egyptian secret police authorities to target him as a traitor and pariah and torture him to near death. Few people realise that it is a crime punishable by death to even question any aspect Islam by a Muslim and today Gabriel still has both the physical and emotional scars of his terrible ordeal. By rejecting Islam Gabriel lost contact with his family, being shunned by many of them, and had two attempts on his life by religiously political radicals. He fled Egypt for his life to South Africa and then onto the United States.

After reading this book, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. In light of what you know from reading about `fanatic' Muslims in newspapers or watching news stories of them from the mainstream media news sources, you will learn that it is not a question of whether these Muslims are fanatic Islamic radicals or extreme religious fundamentalists; no, these people, these Islamists, are just practicing true, honest Islam, and not the watered down Westernised form of it to convert and deceive us.

The book `Islam and Terrorism' (ISBN: 0884198847) starts off with a personal testimony by Gabriel on his experience, knowledge and religious dedication to Islam and his subsequent questioning and departure of a faith that he held in such high regard; a departure that very nearly cost him his life. This testimony in itself is a terrifying tale that will grip you from beginning to end. But, it must be noted that the book goes into great lengths to point out that Muslims are not the main culprits behind terrorism but that it is in fact Islam itself. Gabriel points out that "Islam is behind terrorism, not Muslims. Muslims are victims. Even the nineteen young people who hijacked the planes and were killed in the crashes-they we're victims. The criminal is Islam." It is all in the Koran, you just need to read it for yourself, but this book will be a welcome springboard to opening your eyes to the hidden seed of hate within the Islamic faith of Islam and it's holy book, the Qur'an. A prime example is Surah (Chapter) 9, Ayat (Verse) 123 which states in no uncertain terms, "O you who believe, fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them see how harsh you can be." and reveals the following of `naskh' which is a "system of Quranic interpretation where new verses override old verses" exposing the myths from the politically correct brigade, when the mention them at all (which is extremily rare) of the `loving' verses over the `not so loving ones'.

The books totality interprets every aspect of Islam in an easy to follow fashion and treats us to the history of Islam, its core beliefs and the inherent justification for terrorism within it's teachings from ancient times, looking at the example of Muhammad to the modern day `extremists' taking the Qur'an at it's literal word just as every good Muslim should do.

Although not a Christian, I found it very interesting to learn the false image of Christianity that is presented to Muslims.

Also discussed are the ways in which the mainstream media deceivingly misinterpret Islam as a "peace loving religion" by informing the reader that Islam doesn't actually mean `peace' at all but in fact means `submission' to exposing the real agenda behind Islam, the agenda of global domination. It exposes the three stages in which Islamists carry out `jihad' all over the world and the real meaning behind that word which is so confused throughout the unenlightened Western world today and the justifiable use of lying to carry this out.

An interesting topic covered are the rights of those - both men, women, believers and non-believers, living under Islamic rule to how mosques are increasingly being used to spread hate.

All this, again bearing in mind, that it is not written from a view point of someone from the outside looking in with a potentially biased approach, but from one so deeply and intricately involved within the faith itself. Indeed, at this point I feel it necessary to quote Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's `Sherlock Holmes' when he stated: "To let the brain work without sufficient material is like racing an engine. It racks itself to pieces." And I recommend this book so highly because it quite simply gives you all the facts deemed necessary to make an informed and educated decision. It hides no truth, regardless of whom it may offend. For that reason it is a truly valuable asset.

I think that it is safe to say that you will by no means be disappointed with this book. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that you will encourage others to read it by buying the book for themselves and lending your copy out to friends and family. The knowledge and understanding that you will gain from reading this book of `true' Islam is well worth the small amount of your hard earned cash that you will fork out to get a copy. It is, quite simply, a rip roaring rollercoaster of a read, so don't delay, buy today and learn the truth about the hidden seed of hate within the worlds second largest religion and help prevent the Islamification of Britain!

Ellison J. Peterson

For more information on Dr. Mark A. Gabriel, Ph.D. and his other books please visit his website at [...]

Also, a DVD interview with Dr. Gabriel is available from the Lamb & Lion Ministries by emailing them at
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on December 26, 2005
This book really opened up my eyes to Islam. Muslims will deny the truth, no matter what. Written by a former professor of Islam, I do not see what Mark Gabriel would have to gain from writing this book. Only to show what he knows and what he taught.He is not trying to get ppl to leave Islam, but to know about Islam from a former Muslim, but many muslims would discredit him because of their own bias and hatred for anyone who shows the truth of Islam.I gave this book to someone who had converted to Islam, and after reading it he left it.

I have had muslims deny verses in their own Koran. Many muslims cannot even translate verses of their own Koran ,but yet spat out war verses in the Bible and verses in there that suit them and cannot even explain those. I mean this man was almost killed for leaving his faith, and telling about Islam. This goes to show ppl what muslims will deny. They have denied 1400 yrs of atrocities against Christians and Jews, which Muslims will deny to this day and show one side.

The Koran also speaks of virgins in paradise for those who die for Allah. While the number is not said in the Koran, it is not 70,000 but 70 according to Islamic fundamentalists. While Surah 4:29 says not to kill yourselves or destroy yourselves, Muslims do not call it suicide but martyrdom. The influential islamic scholar Sheikh Yusaf al-Qaradawi, who has been hailed as a "reformist", by Islamic scholar John Esposito, summed up the more common view. the prohibitions against suicide do not apply to suicide bombers, because their intention is not to kill themselves but the enemies of Allah. "Its's not suicide, it is martyrdom in the name of God."

This is also summed up in the Koranic verse 9:111-which is translated-"Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods;for theirs in return is the garden of Paradise:they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain:a promise binding on Him in truth". And how is the Garden of Paradise described in the Koran concerning virgins, well let's see. Surah 78:31-"voluptuous women of equal age." Surah 37:48-"those of modest gaze, with lovely eyes".Surah 44:54-"fair women with beautiful, big lustrous eyes." Surah 55:58-"like unto rubies and coral."Surah55:56-these women would be "maidens,chaste, restraining their glances, whom no man or Jinn (spirit being) before them has touched". Surah 55:36-Allah "made them virgins".

So in conclusion, these verses and all prove that if u die as a martyr for Allah and fight in his cause you will reap the rewards and be promised virgins. What are women promised if they become martyrs? Kudos to Mark Gabriel for having the courage to show us the truth. I wish I could meet you. Like I have said before, The truth hurts, but it is still the truth.
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on March 29, 2007
I generally like to get a feel for both sides of the argument when reading a controversial book such as this. I must say, though, I find the critical retorts here to be lacking, at best. Complaints against this book are limited to personal attacks on the author, "straw dummy" arguments, and accusatory finger pointing at Christianity.

There are two key points that stood out to me in Gabriel's book:

-Contradictions in the Quran are alleviated through this idea of "progressive revelation," with the anti- "ahl al kitab" verses coming in Muhammad's Medina years.

-Extremists (such as Salafists/Wahhabists, etc) are the only Muslims practicing 100% Islam.

The first point is of particular interest to me. I have read the Quran (Ali translation) and any unbiased person must admit the idea of progressive revelation DOES tend to alleviate many of the seeming contradictions. The downside, of course, is that the picture thus becomes just as Gabriel describes it - bleak.

I generally don't look at the ACTIONS OF PEOPLE to help define a religion, as people (of any religion) are imperfect, emotional, illogical, and inconsistent. I believe it's always best to go to the SOURCE of a religion to determine its value. Therefore, even though I find Gabriel's book to be far from convincing, I think the questions he raises (specifically, the idea that progressive revelation shows that the current goal of Islam is forced worldwide submission to Allah) warrant an answer.

Any takers?
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on September 17, 2006
Islam and terrorism provides a basic (very basic) introduction to Islam and Islamic history focusing specifically on people, events and ideology leading up to modern terrorist movements.

The author claims that he is a former Muslim, Ph.D. professor of Islamic history at Al-Azhar University in Cairo. This is confirmed by one of the reviewers listed in the book who says he personally met with and checked out the author's references. The author writes under a pseudonym for reasons that will be quite obvious after reading the harrowing story his background.

After reading the Amazon reviews by critics of this book I had to wonder if some of them had ever actually read the book. For example, one says that there is no record of the author at Al-Azhar University, although the book makes clear that the author is writing under a pseudonym. Others write as if the Author is simply spewing hatred against Muslims when it is very clear from the book that the author has a deep personal love for the Muslims. His intention was to explain the rise of Islamic terrorism, not to cast aspersions on the Muslim people. It is hard to understand how anyone who actually read the book could miss that.

The book is outstanding and should be considered essential reading for every adult in America.
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on January 13, 2003
This book doesn't do the thing that most "middle eastern" book does which is to white wash the ideology that is called Islam and fill the minds of people who don't know Arabic with inaccurate presentations of the 1,400 years old Arabian faith. Arabic is my mother tongue and I come from the Middle East. I was searching for someone who can write about the facts that people wish not to talk about. I am so glad Mr. Gabriel who teached in the most prestigious Islamic university in world managed to provide a critical account of islam. I am also glad because no one can deny what he is saying because he follows the rules and present all his facts and arguments. Please remember that Mr. Gabriel at the beginning didn't leave Islam just to become Christian. But he left it because his mind dared to think about what others do not want to think about.
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