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on May 10, 2010
Initially introduced in 1990 as what was called an 'in-depth report' by the Institute For Advanced Strategic & Political Studies of Jerusalem, the contents have just as resounding a relevance for Israel some 20 years hence as they did at the time of publication.

Entitled "Can Israel Survive A Palestinian State" the report/study begins with a warning/description of what was termed then as a "steady and dangerous movement afoot in the foreign policy of the EU and the US to give greater currency to the idea of establishing a Palestinian state in the 'West Bank' and Gaza...". Such a process being fronted by these entities and the international community as the "only viable solution to the Middle East conflict".

The report proceeds to discuss in some detail the "indisputable fact" how such a PLO state in these territories would pose a "mortal danger" to both Israel's future and existence itself.

The contents now disturbingly sound almost prophetic in the wake of the Gaza "withdrawal", Operation Cast Lead and the thousands of Palestinian missile attacks against Jewish civilian areas in Sderot and Ashkelon etc..

Such ceding of territory and a vote for a Palestinian state in Judea & Samaria/'West Bank' and Gaza being described by analysts as "a vote against the continued existence of the Jewish state". The conclusion of the study being that a two-state solution is "strategically indefensible" with Israel's national existence which is being endangered.

A section discusses what it cites as Palestinian terrorism and declares that such would not disappear with the arrival of a Palestinian state but would have the increased legitimacy and protection of a sovereign state. The repercussions of such terrorism and the potential for conflict are analysed.

The study also alleges that the presence of a Palestinian state would not only pose a threat to Israel's existence but also create chronic regional instability and eventually spark a massive regional war, where Israel's borders and ability to defend itself with conventional weapons would be considerably reduced. Any subsequent removal of Israel's 'perceived' nuclear potential being a recipe for it's eradication in a major conflict.

Many are shown to be ignorant to both the intent and agenda behind those who pursue these indefensible borders and the simultaneous removal of Israel's nuclear potential.

A number of the different plans/approaches towards the dividing up of Israel's land are discussed with a variety of 'borders' being discussed. A section cites how Israel is only nine miles wide at the "narrow waistline" of it's pre-1967 frontiers and analyses the vulnerability of such to attack and exploitation.

A 'lot of water has passed under the bridge' since the publication of this 164 page report (which resembles a book in both size and content), not least the two Gulf Wars, the Gaza "withdrawal", election of Hamas, the Hezbullah war and the alleged Iranian pursuit of nuclear weapons etc..

Again the value of hindsight is incredible here. This report, as stated, was written 20 years ago but the threats described then have proved themselves, as now, to be ever present and those warning of them to be correct on virtually every count.

Listening to such warnings in the context of both 1990 and now in 2010, as international pressure increases for further territorial concessions by the Israelis with a view to the creation of a Palestinian state in it's heartland, the calls & appeals of the past have become are sobering indeed.

Sadly it is difficult not to conclude from the text that those imposing the pressure upon Israel appear not to have learned from history or the agendas/charters of the Palestinian groups who allegedly pursue a state.

For those interested in the strategic situation pertaining to Israel's security and the worldwide push to create another Arab state in Israel's ancient homeland I would highly recommend this report/study together with
"Israel And A Palestinian State: Zero Sum Game ?" by Arieh Stav. ISBN: 9657165180

I personally consider that the publications, dated 1990 and 2001 respectively, are as relevant today as they were then. The issues have not gone away, neither has the hatred or the intent of those hostile to the existence of the Jewish state of Israel. Thank you for your time.
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