Issue with filter Hi, I just returned this because after using it for the first time, when I went to pull the filter back up, it was stuck. I had to really struggle with it to get it back up and out of the container, and I just hoped that it would not break the glass. When I pressed it back down, it again was stuck, at which point I just returned it because I was afraid it would break.

I wonder if I just got a bad one and the filter wasn't cut right and was too wide for the size of the press? I don't see anything like this reflected in the reviews and am reluctant t get another one because I wasn't sure. Just curious if anyone experienced something similar. Thanks.
asked by monsieureden on April 22, 2012
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The filter has a spring to keep the edge tight to the side. Although it appears oversize, if you put the filter plunger in the carafe on a slight angle, it will go in quite easy. You MUST use coarse ground coffee or the filter will become very hard to press down and create a suction making it hard to remove.
Tim answered on November 27, 2013
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