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on October 27, 2009
The reviews are correct, it will get You in motion and looking at Your home and possessions in a whole new light. I walk around thinking about what to get rid of next and not buying anything that will take up space. If I could exchange all the unused items I have for time with family and nice meals/concerts...that's the kind of thinking this book gives. You will look at everything differently. I don't want much for Christmas because there's not much I want (learn to distinguish want from need, I need new shocks & struts). I was letting wants get in the way of needs. This book will help You save time, money, and space. If followed it will provide sanity. I had long wanted a place to sew but didn't know where that place could be - I have it now. I went through all my kitchen plastics and matched up lids, anything w/o a lid had to be recycled. Now the cabinet is more spacious and I get leftovers put away in a flash. There were times I wouldn't put things away b/c I didn't want to deal w/ finding a place for them. That was a sign I had too much stuff. I'm getting rid of stuff and setting a do-by date for things I haven't gotten to yet. If not done by that date they're gone. No need to keep craft paints around if I'm not painting. This prompts me to do things I've been meaning to do and not be out shopping for things I don't need. The book works if You take the time to pick it up (grab a pen!) and go through each exercise. My boyfriend is a neat freak and this book helps me be more like him. I still have a junk drawer (sorry Mr. Walsh, I'm Southern, I must have a spot for batteries, flashlights, etc.) so don't worry about losing Yourself completely. This book changed how I look at my desk and workroom at work, and at home my bedroom, closets, and yes, even the bathroom. The book is broken down room by room with questions and space for You to answer in each chapter. He even says, to paraphrase, standing outside Your home what did You envision would happen here; that's a powerful question. Please, give this book a try. You'll be glad You did.
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VINE VOICEon January 26, 2010
I think Peter Walsh is a riot. First started watching him on TLC's Clean Sweep and followed him to Oprah and bought his hardcover It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff and Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?: An Easy Plan for Losing Weight and Living More. Peter gives practical advice with humor and makes you look at your "stuff" wtih new eyes. This workbook is a companion guide to his hardcover It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff.

Part I focuses on the state of your house and general clutter and then narrows to a room by room analysis. Part II shifts to maintenance and how to keep clutter from coming back. Much of the book is common sense, but Peter asks questions from the simple: Do you know where your TV remote is? Are you being taken over by plastic grocery bags? How many magazines are in your house? to the heavier ones like have you unpacked all boxes from your last move? Do you have a storage facility? When was the last time you visited the facility? Do you know what is in your unit?

This book is interactive follow up to It's All Too Much. For instance, Peter goes through "excuses" again and has you write down answers to things like Excuse 1-I might need it some day. Then you write down the things that you keep that you might need someday. Simplistic, but if you use this as a tool you can begin to see patterns emerging. It forces you to look at your home and more importantly decide what you want that home to be. With the tools Peter offers to declutter your home, you can begin to focus and mold your home into your dream home!
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on June 1, 2011
This would be fine as a stand-alone book, but is basically the original with space added for notes. If you already have the original book, save yourself some money and buy a spiral notebook instead. But if you like to be spoon-fed or want no excuses not to start, this could be for you.
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on May 5, 2010
This is a great book to read with your family. After reading this book I have a new perspective on how I look at my stuff. This is a must read for someone who does not understand their partner's need to hang on to "stuff." This book has really changed my life. While I am still working on the processes described in the book, I have already adopted the mentality to keep my life uncluttered. Just like he says, if it takes you 10 years to accumulate stuff, you can't expect to de-clutter in a weekend. This book teaches you the small ways to attach the large problem of your possessions controling you. If you have ever thought that your clutter is all to much, this book is for you.
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on September 19, 2009
If you have read his other book, It's all too Much, then this is also a good bet for you. It's basically assessing what you have and then making the plan to either use it or lose it. It's a good tool to have when you are planning on getting organzied. I also recommend It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff.
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on February 4, 2015
I had about 7 of these organizing books and visited an infinity of organizing websites over the years. Peter Walsh begins, executes, and ends on a spiritual level, which resonated with me. This seems irregular from an organizing perspective, but this is what I needed to get my whole entire life in order. I purchased this book to get my house in order. 1.5 years later, EVERYTHING in my life is approaching order and clarity, including work, relationships with husband, children, friends, family, car, personal aspirations, body (exercise and nutrition). My physical health has immensely improved, saving me lots of $$ in physician and medication bills, time, and discomfort. My mental health is more stable and positive. I now have more room in my home, work, leisure time, and spirit to enjoy the things that make me feel inspired and well. I also really appreciated the practical and relevant resources Walsh offered, such as places and their websites where I could donate gently used items. Thank you Peter Walsh!!!!!
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on July 3, 2010
A very helpful tool to organize and motivate allowing for individual timing. Be prepared to do homework (as in jr. high) in order to get the most from the book.
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on September 15, 2013
I have always considered myself an organized person but what a difference this book made. When I bought it, there were small areas all over my house that were a mess, cluttered and drove me crazy. I felt overwhelmed and thought I didn't have the time to organize it all. I was wrong. Instead of looking at my house as one whole project, I started room by room. First my bedroom. It took less than an hour and, that evening, for the first time ever my bedroom suddenly felt calm, serene and restful. Following his book, I eventually organized my entire house including the garage(!) As I organized each room, those areas suddenly felt peaceful and calm.

That was two years ago. Since then we have purchased a new home and I've had to organize again. One of the great things about knowledge is that it always stays with you. I have since unpacked, decluttered and organized our new place. The process doesn't seem overwhelming anymore since I know exactly what to do.

Buy the workbook, take it room by room and you will love the results. They say that the average person spends one hour looking for things each day. And that for every minute you spend organizing, you save yourself an hour. By organizing your home (and your life) you will save yourself all that aggravation.
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on October 4, 2015
Gave this as a gift to my daughter-in-law (no we get along great--she is awesome and I am not a nagging m-in-law :-) because it helped me so much. Peter Walsh is incredible, and when he tells you it is not about the stuff, but about your vision of your space, it really hits home. I struggled for years and years with the "stuff!" and it was only when I saw my vision of what my space should be, that my house began to transform. My house is still not perfect but I am happy for that. It was by really listening to what Mr. Walsh was talking about when he said perfection isn't what we want--that great can be the enemy of good, that things began to get better for me. For so many years I just didn't even start, because I knew I could never reach perfection. After letting go of that expectation, good enough really is good enough. The burden of perfection is gone forever.

I love Peter Walsh, and he alone is the reason my house is pretty respectable now. I purged myself of so many things I didn't need. I am still a work in progress, but he made me see I was holding on to items that brought me nothing but unhappiness. I thought I needed them--that they were integral of my happiness, but it was only by letting them go I found even true happiness. I finally got that "Stuff' will never be the people I have loved and lost--it's just STUFF! My memories of them will always be with me, but I no longer have to have the item I thought was them--now I just take a picture of the item and write a little blurb about what it meant to me, then pass that item along to someone who can really use it. My house is now filled with things I love. Sure, I kept some family items, the ones I loved, but I didn't have to keep it all. By getting rid of the things I thought I needed, but didn't necessarily love, it made room for the things that make my heart truly happy.

BTW, it helps if you enlist someone who can keep you responsible when you first begin the process of getting rid of things. My cousin stayed by my side when I first began divesting myself of items I thought I had to keep. The first thing she made me throw away was an old ratty, pink flowered cotton robe my mother had purchased for me when my son was born 26 years earlier. It had a safety pin holding a part of it together, and I hadn't worn it in years, but the thought of letting it go was painful as my mother was gone, and my son all grown up with children of his own. She talked me through it, and I have never regretted letting it go, even though we laugh about it to this day--it was a hard thing to see go at the time, but so glad I did as it freed me in a way that is hard to describe. It's like I had a tower of things I had to take care in my mind--memory keeper for myself and my entire family. It was a burden, though a loving one, and by letting that all go, especially in my mind, it opened many new doors. It's scary, but well worth finding the courage to let it all go.

Highly recommend Peter Walsh ANYTHING to anyone who struggles with clutter, weight, etc. He really gets it.
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on February 29, 2016
I've seen Peter Walsh's episodes a few years back, but always thought that his assistance was there for hoarders. I'm not a hoarder. Or am I?? Okay, I'll agree that I'm a "quasi-hoarder." Probably the worst kind. I've let things sloooowly pile up in every corner of hidden space of my house for the past 11 years. What was the tipping point for me was when my husband and I were hanging our coats on a treadmill in our living room instead of hanging them into the over-stuffed coat closet right next to it. Thank God I found Peter's help! I kid you not, in less than a week my house is 3/4 clutter free. All the major stuff is out the door! I didn't give Good Will crap that they'd have to throw away themselves. Instead I donated to them nice things that people would really want. And I called my city trash collectors and found out that once a month, they will leave a "sway cart," which is a HUGE trash can in your yard or driveway for 4 days for us to fill, and then pick-up at no additional cost to us! I sold two things I'd been "meaning" to sell through a local "sell your stuff" FaceBook page in just one week and netted $80, and best of all, I have free space to put the things that will help us achieve our goals for us, our home, and future. So if you're like me and sick of the clutter pouring out of your every crevice (ew), get Peter's book "It's All Too Much" and workbook. Or do like me and listen to his book through Audible here at Amazon.. but DO get the workbook. I got mine used through Amazon for $6 and it looked like it'd never been opened. I'm 50 years old this year and never knew it was okay to get rid of my skinny clothes and my books, etc. Hopefully you'll learn much sooner than I! P.S. since I listened to "It's All To Much" and didn't have the actual book, it's hard to compare, but I honestly think this Workbook has most of what he covers in his book. Maybe others can expound on that. Happy Decluttering!!
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