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5.0 out of 5 stars Not Usally My Genre But I Loved It!
Romatic comedy--usually not my genre. This one's different. Very funny, and it's got just the right mix of elements. Number one -- should I say it again -- truly very funny. Everyone in the theatre I saw it with was laughing out loud and having a great time. Number Two -- intelligently written, no mediocrity here. Number Three -- it's about real people who are grown-ups...
Published on February 27, 2010 by FewReviews

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3.0 out of 5 stars Formulaic, Pottery Barn-Focused Nancy Meyers Comedy Allows Streep and Baldwin to Shine, Martin Not So Much
I should have recognized the pitfalls of a pre-packaged Nancy Meyers movie since she consistently delivers the same overly manicured, Architectural Digest-meets-The Barefoot Contessa ambiance that perfectly reflects the privileged, vacuous lives of the characters who inhabit her designer comedies (Something's Gotta Give, What Women Want). This middle-brow 2009 romantic...
Published on May 8, 2010 by Ed Uyeshima

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5.0 out of 5 stars Nancy Meyers' "It's Complicated", May 4, 2010
This review is from: It's Complicated (DVD)
Nancy Meyers' "It's Complicated" is one of the best examples of how good a modern romantic comedy can be. It's relaxing, enjoyable, laugh out loud funny and competently made. The cinematography and set design are gorgeous. Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin turn in deeply funny work that is both nuanced and realistic without ever loosing the comedy. "It's Complicated" is a great film that pretty much anyone can enjoy!
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3.0 out of 5 stars No complications, December 14, 2010
light-years "Wowreview" (Los Angeles, California United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: It's Complicated (DVD)
I saw this movie in the theater and I liked it. When it came out on DVD, I bought it so that could I drool over the interiors. (Let's face it, Nancy Meyer movies are great in large part due to the set design and shoot locations.) I wasn't so impressed the second time I saw it. While it is an enjoyable movie, and Meryl Streep comes off as likable and not shrill like Diane Keaton often does, the conflict isn't really that deep. It's a movie where you can watch capable actors--walk through a script blindfolded. Without the proper casting, which the movie has, it doesn't really work. Although in all fairness, Steve Martin's character doesn't really have much to do, so he comes off as sweet, but dull.

Another thing about the movie is that the characters seem too storybook, well with the exception of Meryl's( but even she is practically perfect). Baldwin plays the charming, aging, cad to a 'T'. And if you looked up "nice guy" in the dictionary, you would see Steve Martin's character's face. The kids seem like they come out of an advertisement or a really old sitcom. At one point in the movie, they all (this is not really a spoiler) get into bed, under the covers, and look at their mom with sad puppy doll eyes. All three of them. In bed. With covers. Did I mention they are all adults? And at least two of them have graduated college? Unreal! It was like watching the picket fence Vanilla family. In what world do these people exist? When your dad is the coolest person in the movie, something is wrong.

Nancy Meyers likes to use scripts to project onto the screen things that have happened in her own life. She's a divorced, creative woman with clout, who loves France, and I understand that her homes are always exceptionally designed. All of her recent female protagonist reflects this. I'd like to see her expand on it a bit. Make her characters have a few more warts, and make me really debate who to cheer for at the end. And please include the fabulous set design of course.
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5.0 out of 5 stars I loved the movie, November 26, 2010
I just finished watching this movie and I loved it. To the haters who didn't give this a very high rating I highly recommend this movie. Alec Baldwin, Meryl Streep and Steve Martin were amazing. I have always been fans of all three. Together and individually their performances were moving. It was funny, sad, and true to life. I am not one to take the time to comment on something unless it is meaningful and moving to me. This will be one of my favorites and I am ordering it after I finish my review. I am hoping that their is a accompanying CD because the music was amazing. I hope that they will come together again to make another movie. Bravo!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Entertainment``, July 22, 2010
Gene Swanson (Paso Robles,, Ca. USA) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Very good entertaning movie. Merle Streep is her usual outstanding best Alec Baldwin did a good job too.
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2.0 out of 5 stars It's repulsive, July 22, 2010
Jean E. Pouliot (Newburyport, MA United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: It's Complicated (DVD)
Lots of films play up adultery for a laugh. I'm fine with that - deception and selfishness are part and parcel of the human condition But few films fail to bring laughter from the pain as much as this one. Meryl Streep plays Janey, the wildly successful owner of a pastry empire, divorced 10 years prior by her husband, Jake (Alec Baldwin), for a younger woman. While celebrating their youngest son's college graduation, they have a fling that threatens not only Jake's new family, but also Janey's precarious sense of personhood, their kids' emotional health and the fragile personality of a friend. Each of Janey and Jake's utterly narcissistic decisions is deeply wounding to someone they love. Worse, friends and advisors inexplicably encourage this. It's hard to make a comedy out of that kind of recklessness. Streep mugs and sighs her way through film. It was amazing to see how many times "<Exhales"> shows up in the subtitles when she is on screen. Steve Martin acts even more rigidly in this film than in most. During his one bit of buffoonery, playing himself while high, I couldn't help think "Let's get small!" from his old comedy routines. A hard-to-believe "damaged children of divorce" theme was tacked on for pathetic effect, as though kids in their 20s are still getting over a split that occurred ten years earlier.

A thoroughly unfunny, unentertaining and thoughtless film that had my stomach in knots all the way through.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A Comedy For Grown-Ups, January 14, 2010
This is a comedy for Grown-Ups...A VERY FUNNY comedy for the over-25 crowd.

The cast is grown-up. Meryl and Alec are high 50's so when you see them mostly naked, it's pretty realistic. But oh what a funny movie it is. I laughed so much it hurt, and I enjoyed the personality Meryl portrayed like the professional she is, and Steve martin's character was also very endearing. Alec did an excellent job playing the 'bad guy' -- regretting his divorce enough to cheat with his ex-wife -- so the cast was wonderful.

There is (nearly) unapologetic marijuana use in the film. The grown-up characters smoke pot and giggle and the 20-something children chastise them and are embarrassed. How's that for a switch? The pot-smoking scenes were hilarious and harmless otherwise.

There is an awareness of adultery. Meryl is worried about committing adultery which I find refreshing in our progressive-leaning world. And Steve Martin plays such a straight romantic character that you really root for him to 'get the girl.'

I have to give this movie 5-Stars for comedy and acting. OH I forgot to mention the 4 young actors playing the children. They were all awesome too. Just seeing their sweet young faces and healthy physiques may be enough to attract younger viewers, but as a whole, I think this movie is most enjoyed by us... the Grownies!

Ellen C Maze, author
An Undead Tale like none other. Sixteen 5-star Reviews the first 8 weeks!
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3.0 out of 5 stars A moderately entertaining comedy buoyed by great leads, February 7, 2010
This review is from: It's Complicated (DVD)
Without Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep, this would have been a remarkably uninteresting film. The story is perhaps a tiny bit above average but nothing special. But luckily for the film, it didn't have weak leads and instead of being a bad movie, it was a decent one. It is, I think, getting more attention than it deserves, based partly on the leads, partly on the conceit of a part of exes in their fifties having an affair years after their divorcce, and partly on Alec Baldwin's rolly-polly nude scene (which was funny). But this awards movie season has, I confess, left me a tad depressed, with films like this and UP IN THE AIR receiving awards attention that they never should have received. Luckily this film did not get an Oscar nomination (nor did it deserve one), though it did receive a Golden Globe nom.

This is definitely a film worth seeing with low expectations. Approached with the correct attitude it will provide loads of fun, though I doubt if anyone will remember any part of it for more than a couple of days. Not an offensive film, but definitely not a memorable one.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Good acting, weak script, August 16, 2010
This review is from: It's Complicated (DVD)
I didn't know what to expect when I sat down to watch this other than the fact that it was supposed to be a comedy. And I suppose that in our world of today when we laugh at other people's pain and awful decisions so much, this could be considered a comedy--unfortunately, we saw almost nothing funny in it. Meryl Streep plays a character who has been divorced for ten years who gets pushed into having an affair by her manipulative ex-husband (an attorney, played by Baldwin), and the movie degenerates into a series of deceptions and lies and bad decisions that are very hurtful to themselves and others. I suppose this could be funny, but it's presented as somehow being a "normal" part of dealing with a divorce that had happened ten years earlier.

It was sad and painful to watch these characters show their weaknesses and willingness to hurt others to fulfill their own selfish desires. Baldwin is especially repulsive as an obsessed older man who even stoops to spying on his wife during one of her dates, looking in her kitchen window.

The children are poorly developed as characters, so most of what we get from them is simply reaction to what their parents say and do.

All in all, it just wasn't funny, the characters weren't always believable or likeable, and the script was simply lame. And it lasted far too long for it to be enjoyable with these sorts of flaws. Good thing we rented it--I would have hated to have bought this weak movie.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Divorce, Never Better!, May 3, 2010
This review is from: It's Complicated (DVD)
"It's Complicated", starring the awesome Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin and with honorable mention John Krasinski. I think you have to mention John Krasinski since he did steal a few scenes in the movie. First, I liked the movie. It was funny in parts, sad in others, endearing, heartwarming, emotional, and overall a decent depiction of the insanity that can occur in a marriage, or even long after two people are divorced. As I have discovered firsthand, it doesn't matter if you are divorced. Your ex-wife never goes away if you have children. Sadly for me I am definitely not divorced from Meryl Streep though.

Anyway, the movie takes place several years after Jake, (Alec Baldwin) and Jane (Meryl Streep) have divorced. They have three kids, two girls and a son. One of their daughters has married. Jake cheated on his wife, (why is it the guy has to always be the bad guy in the movies), and then married the much younger woman. While she is absolutely smoking hot, she is a complete and total bitch. Jane on the other hand has never found a long term love interest, but she has focused on finding herself, and has flourished in her career as a bakery owner.

Jack and Jane head to their youngest son's graduation in New York. Jack's young tart of a wife can't make it and one thing leads to another. Jack and Jane in up in bed. Things really heat up when the formerly jilted wife realizes she is having some fun with her ex-husband. He in turn figures out that she was pretty damn good, asking himself why he left her in the first place. What do they say; the grass is not always greener on the other side. Interestingly enough with growth comes change, and in the end Jane has left the childish antics of her ex-husband by the wayside. Again, I sure as hell wish my ex-wife would have been Meryl Streep.

What is the word I am looking for, anyway. There are several laughs and it becomes touching when you see the two acknowledge that they really have grown apart. You move from feeling sorry for Jane in the beginning, to admiring the woman she has turned out to be in the end. I guess it really does take most of us sixty plus years to finally grow up. I wonder what I will do when that finally happens.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Alec Baldwin was great and Meryl Streep was fantastic as always. Steve Martin played a forgettable role so he didn't have much meat, but I will always love the aging comedian. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who is beyond their teen years. It was well worth the [...] I paid onDemand.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Greed is good, June 20, 2014
This review is from: It's Complicated (DVD)
**This review contains spoilers**

The message this movie spreads is that an affair is a terrific ego boost if you're feeling lonely, and justified if the betrayed spouse is a cheater, too. There's some minor heartbreak, but overall, everything works to your benefit.

Jane (Meryl Streep) cheats with her married, ex-husband Jake (Alec Baldwin), and they both feel refreshed about it.
Her therapist gives the ok as well, saying the affair will be a great learning tool for her.
Her friends also cheer her on, saying she's "allowed this one" and assures her that Agnes, the woman Jake left her for, is the one to hate.

However, it's hypocritical of them to hate Agnes for being greedy but then encourage Jane to be just as greedy. Being cheated on first doesn't mean two wrongs make a right.
And if her friends hate Agnes, then they must hate Agnes's son, too, because his innocent life would also get turned upside down by the affair she's "allowed".

Speaking of kids, neither Jane nor Jake consider how their affair might affect their kids' lives. Instead they're too caught up believing that if something feels good, do it. In the end, they even both agree they don't regret their affair.
So, they shook up the lives of their innocent kids, an innocent son, and an innocent man who's heart got broken (Adam, played by Steve Martin) all over greed....and yet, if they could do it again, they would?

Both Jane and Jake were too self-centered to offer real love to anyone. Jake insists this affair reveals his undying love for Jane, but really, it's just an excuse to run away from adult responsibilities. Jake is a narcissist who treats people like toys and when one toy breaks, he replaces it with another.

In his first marriage, Jane was a good toy who took care of him. However, she broke when kids came along and she had to split her attention with him. He then replaced her with a new toy who adored him...but alas, that toy broke, too, when she had a son and her attention got split as well.

So history repeats itself with Jake running off to another toy, this time Jane again, who's waiting to be played with. She's more appealing now because with kids grown, she can pay more attention to him. And just like before, instead of closing one relationship before opening another, he strings both toys along because they're both still useful.

The kids are objects to Jake, too. In one scene, he manipulates them with fake tears so they'll pressure Jane into letting him stay the night. He says he misses the kids but that's only because all that's required of him is to eat dinner (that Jane prepared knowing it's his favorite dish) and watch tv on the couch. If any real, adult problems occurred, he'd run off to a new toy again.

Jane's character isn't any better...though she tries to redeem herself, saying if only she didn't feel so much guilt and fear, she'd lighten up about this affair. However, for like 90% of the movie, she's giggling and squealing with laughter. Her conscience seemed pretty clear to me.

Like Jake, she doesn't respect the boundaries of marriage either. She explains her affair as wanting to experiment if something was still there with Jake. However, because Jake is married, she no longer had that right. Despite what her friends said, she wasn't "allowed this one".

I think this sentiment was just to make Jane appear deep, but she's not. She even described Jake as an "ex with benefits", so clearly she was just looking for a fling to boost her and nothing deeper than that.

I would've given this movie 2 stars had Adam left Jane like he originally planned. He was a decent guy who was too good for Jane.
Jane flaked on Adam twice...yet gets angry when Jake flakes on her once.
She also only invites Adam to her son's party to make Jake jealous...yet, she accuses Jake of only thinking of himself.

In rom-coms, though, serious problems get neatly resolved, so Adam goes back to her. It's a bad move, though. Not only does he deserve better, but in the scene before, there's clearly unresolved feelings between Jane and Jake.
So I could neither root for this couple like I was supposed to nor support the warped message that greed is good.
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