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on October 21, 2012
I originally bought this book just to support Paul because I had been following his work for a very long time. I've read numerous relationship books that all seem to exploit women by telling us what's wrong with us and make men seem like flawless beings. As to say if something goes wrong, it must be your fault WOMAN. I very ignorantly thought this book would bring a similar message, but it is COMPLETELY different. It speaks to both MEN and WOMEN in a very realistic way that matches our real lives. It makes you take a deeper look both at and inside yourself, and it makes things apparent that your friends will almost never tell you. I recommend this book to everyone no matter your relationship status.
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on October 22, 2012
I purchased this book a few weeks in advance and I was super excited to receive it straight to my Kindle on the 11th. I quickly breezed through each of the chapters, laughing and learning with every sentence. Paul has a way of relating each of the topics to real, everyday experiences that he has witnessed.

Granted, I'm not the appropriate demographic for this book. He didn't write this book with me in mind, but I still could relate it to my life. I am currently single and have not found love yet, but I'm not down about it. This book helped me see that there are numerous ways for me to go out and find other people who are just like me.

You must focus on your appearance, and keep it in mind. Look through your closet and see what kind of clothes you have. Are they all the same, or do you have a variety of styles and colors. If all you have are jeans and T's, then maybe you need to mix in a suit, and maybe some khakis and polos. This will give you a variety of looks for different situations.

Paul also focuses on how you have to break out of your shell and go the extra mile to meet new people. You might live by the notion that true love will just happen to you someday, but how do you expect that to happen if you aren't out meeting new people? Do you expect Prince Charming to just fall out of the sky and land next to you on your couch? It's not going to happen. You need to be confident with how you look, and love yourself as a person; then go out and do something new and exciting to meet new people.

There is so much good advice within these pages. You would be insane not to purchase this book right away. Oh, you already found the love of your life and you don't need to read this? Well, Paul also touches on how you can maintain that lasting relationship. So that is no excuse, click "Buy Now" and enjoy reading it.
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on May 27, 2013
I saw this book advertised on another person's page and decided to check it out based on what I read from small excerpts. It is more than worth it's value. As a single person maneuvering through the very turbulent waters of dating in this century, this book serves as a life raft. It is easy to read, understand, follow and apply. Also, Paul Carrick Brunson is as real and touchable as his words make him seem. For those looking for love, in love, and regaining love, this book is certainly a jewel to have.
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on July 26, 2014
I absolutely loved this book. I read it in about 4 days! Once I picked up the book, I simply could not put it down. Paul gives great advice in this book for both men and women. This book is not gender-specific. It focuses on teaching everyone to build meaningful, loving, and trusting relationships. Paul's viewpoint is not biased. He's very honest. Some things will be tough to read and he will force you to look deep within yourself at your own flaws to see how they've affected your ability to build healthy relationships. Great job Paul! I can't wait for your next book! We want more!
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on February 2, 2014
FINALLY!!! A book written by a happily married black man who doesn't necessarily have prominent denomination's outlook and who makes sense from a psychological stand point! I LOVED the fact that he adds in stories from clients that he's worked with detailing their outlooks and how he asks them to seek professional help to deal with any issues that may prevent someone from dating responsibly. Much better than Patti Stanger ( who I don't believe is married yet)...
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on May 16, 2013
Paul C. Brunson explores how destructive mindsets, desires, lusts, and impulses stemming from a slew of factors (past breakups, parental modeling or lack thereof, holding on to dead weight, etc.) lead to a cycle of brick wall relationship experiences. He recommends steering clear of red flags, setting boundaries and verbally communicating expectations at the outset.
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on October 2, 2014
After reading so many of Paul's blogs on Essence I must say this read like a well thought out blog. The additional space was used efficiently. The core message to live and love your life where you're at is employee empowering. I will likely referebce this book again when I'm in another stage in my life.
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on November 28, 2012
Paul Brunson is a professional matchmaker and a life coach who is the founder of One Degree from Me, which he started in 2009. To many he is a real life Hitch. Paul has gone on to star in a reality television show on OWN (Oprah Winfery Network) Lovetown, USA.

This novel is a great tool for anyone who is in or looking to start a relationship. It has a lot of educational information that gives insight to those who are looking for love or are in love. Paul challenges you to look at you and evaluate who you really are. The book has a mission to help people find their true mates and to help people determine what they are really looking for. The novel is filled with stories from his clients that brings to life the advice that Paul provides. The information helps you break out of your shell and gives you an insight on how to meet new people. It is obvious from the book that Paul wants people to realize that we make things more complicated than they really are? It makes you question yourself about why we do what we do. Paul gives homework at the end of each chapter that makes you reflect on the information and challenges the reader to take practical steps.

The book is written as if it is a conversational piece between two individuals. The advice in the book is honest and not only offers advice on finding relationships, but also offers advice on how to maintain that relationship. Paul brings matchmaking and life coaching to paper. It is a book that makes you reflect on you and compels you to take a moment to really get to know you. It's Complicated is a must read for anyone whether single or married.

Bella Literary Critic
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on October 23, 2012
Where do I begin...I am so impressed with this book! From the very 1st chapter entitled: Marriage Isn't For Everybody...I was immediately hooked! Talk about your aha moments! I liked that this book goes deep into the psychological aspects of how men and women think which sheds a lot of light as to why men and women often times seem to be on different pages when it comes to relationships. The examples he uses along with the data/statistics he offers to underscore his points are invaluable. This book will definitely keep your interest as Paul offers much insight on a deeper level than most relationship books of late. It made me realize that we do have the tendency to make things more complicated than it needs to be and his words have empowered me to make better dating decisions! I love the homework sections at the end of each chapter...the questions makes you really think about why you think and do the things you do! You have to put in work in order to get what you want so its definitely a great feature!

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in finding a meaningful and STABLE relationship! It has motivated me to become a better me and to embrace what's to come in my personal life!
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on September 29, 2013
I've read a couple of dating/relationship books since being divorced for two years and only two have stayed in my Kindle as keepers. This is the top one. I like how PCB breaks down not so much the right, perfect way to date but how to date the right, perfect person for you. And he does this by having you examine yourself to find out who and what are you needing...not what you are wanting. Sometimes we think we know what we need based on what has been told or taught to us by parents, friends or society. But most times, those are others wants for us. Only you can self evaluate to determine what it is for you in a relationship. And that is hard for some people which is why PCB says that it's complicated, but it doesn't have to be. He breaks it down very well that gives way to the meaning my old uncle says..."it's hard for a tiger to change its stripes". But you have to realize that it's not the stripes you're changing but what's inside. You can't change that you were given kinky hair or you just don't grow taller than 5 feet. But you can enhance all your wonderful features by working from the inside out. Then and only then can you start to polish those stripes to give off the best you.
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