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on February 27, 2012
I am amazed at how much I enjoyed this book. It's a great tasteful presentation of the human body with lots of scientific information on how babies are made all the way through childbirth. Surprisingly, it didn't make me feel uncomfortable at all. It has short easy to read paragraphs, comic strips, and lots of diagrams. To me, it seems most age appropriate for ages 10-12, though every family/situation is different.

*Let's be honest, what you really want to know about this book: how it defines sex!! So here it is: "When a woman and a man want to make a baby, they hug, and cuddle and kiss and feel very loving, and get very close to each other - so close that the man's penis goes inside the woman's vagina. When this happens, it is called "sexual intercourse."" No technical diagrams, just a picture of a man and women in bed kissing under a blanket with hearts in the air. It also very tastefully covers homosexuality in terms of love, and briefly touches on masturbation: "touching or rubbing the private parts of your own body because it feels good is called masturbation...every family has its own thoughts and feelings about masturbation. Some people and some religions think it's wrong to masturbate... most doctors agree that masturbation is perfectly healthy and normal - and cannot hurt your body."

Hope this helps you decide if this is the right book for you!
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VINE VOICEon March 6, 2007
I previewed this book at the library for use with my 7-year-old daughter. The reviewers who praise it for its completeness and no-nonsense approach are all correct. However, and it is a big however, it goes much further. I want my daughter to understand where most babies come from (discussions of assisted reproduction can wait a year or two). I'm not ready to discuss HIV, homosexuality, wet dreams, or really, much beyond the basics. These topics need to be dealt with, certainly, but at age 7? I might look this book up again in a few years, but for now I really feel advertising it for age 7 and up is pushing it.
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on January 19, 2006
I bought this book and read it to my almost 9 year-old when he started having questions about things going on with his body and having babies. I was nervous about explaining sex to him but reading this with him made it much easier. Very good and easy to understand. I did skip the part on different types of families as I don't feel the need to discuss homosexuality with him right now. The section had absolutely nothing graphic about the topic, it basically just stated that this type of family exists. I also skipped the mention of abortion. I am pro-choice but I just didn't feel that conversation was appropriate right now.
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on July 21, 2014
When my daughter started asking questions on human reproduction I bought this book.

Here's what I like about it:

* Cartoons. This seems to make it easier to read with my daughter. I especially like that the Bird and Bee have different feelings about learning about human reproduction. I would often check in with my daughter on whether she was more like a bird (curious) or a bee (uncomfortable).

* The order of the chapters. I like that the sexual intercourse chapter -- the one I was not super excited about reading with my kid -- was in the middle and not at the end of the book. This helped us (mostly me) get through the chapter and move on to how a baby grows.

* Style - there is a lot of information packed into this book but it's done with a text, pictures, diagrams, etc... so that it's not too overwhelming for a kid.

However, what I didn't like about the book was that there was often too much packed into a chapter. As we were trying to get through the basics of sex (chapter 9) there are all these paragraphs slipped in about birth control, sexual orientation, abortion, HIV, etc... I think these are fine for the later chapters at the end, but it's just too much for the first go around on this topic with kids. I found myself saying, "..aaaanddd were going to skip a few paragraphs here...." It's not due to politics or moral disagreements with the author but it's just too much going on in one section of the book.

Overall, I plan on using the book again when follow-up questions arise and with my younger children when they get older and start asking questions but I think some chapters could be simplified a lot without reducing the content -- just move some of it to the later chapters that already cover these other topics.
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on February 1, 2008
This book contains lots of information on body science, as well as a loving view of different lifestyles. I used it as a way to open a dialog about sensitive issues such as abortion and homosexuality.
I am a Catholic mother of three daughters. I want my children to model what Jesus taught-LOVE OTHERS and DO NOT JUDGE. I feel that there are many ways to love others and many ways to create a family. We need peace and understanding in this world. I read this book with my girls and we discussed (and I even made my own notes on the pages) all of the issues and where I stand on them, as their mother and guide. We also discussed that people have different views on these personal subjects, but everyone deserves repect. Good book!
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on February 25, 2006
This book gives very complete information about reproduction and sexuality, all introduced in a matter-of-fact and fun way. It does not shy away from details like ejaculation, menstruation, etc., but makes these topics easy to talk about. It really has sparked a lot of good discussion at our house. Clear illustrations help answer all kinds of questions. My 6-year-old thinks it is fascinating. I imagine this would be suitable for curious kids from age 4 on up through middle school, with different topics being more interesting at different stages. My church is going to use this as a part of our sexuality education program for grade-schoolers.
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on September 26, 2005
I highly recommend this book to every parent looking for a comfortable, fun way to talk to your kids about where babies come from, how our bodies change, and sex. I have read the book prior to presenting it to my child and have thoroughly enjoyed every page (and have learned a thing or two myself).

Hats off to the authors..........they have given parents a wonderful platform from which to launch "the talk"...
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on May 14, 2014
I purchased this book, along with another one, mainly because I now have a 9 1/2 yr old who needs to know more specifics, since she's getting older. I have two girls, currently ages 6 1/2 yrs and 9 1/2 yrs. I've always been open and honest and answered any questions that they have had... at this point, my older one knew where babies came from, about an egg, a sperm, but not HOW it all happened and it was time to know. I knew I'd do better with it all if I had a book to start off with... and so began my search. This is definitely a good one, but we might need a second in a few years... only b/c these pictures are a bit cartoon-y (but they are accurate and appropriate at all times).

When the books came in the mail, I decided to show both girls and let them know that we can read it together, or they could read it alone and then come to talk to me about it... making sure that they fully understood that I did not want them to "read it and then never talk about it". My little one gravitated to this one right away! The other book I purchased was a book more about a girls' periods and growing up, so my 6 yr old had no interest in that one at all... this one was "all about babies and bodies" according to her... she calls it the "Body book". It's too in depth for her to read by herself (but my 9 yr old could if she wanted to) but she loves to read parts of this book at night. It's a book you can skip around in or skip certain parts. Be prepared to read this over several nights/ weeks... it is a long book and not a "story book" type you can read in one shot. Each chapter can function on its own if you wish.

Parents definitely need to be aware that this is a very "liberal" book... it does have a whole page on homosexuality (in the chapter on "what's love"; it goes over the terminology and what it means), and medium size paragraphs on miscarriages, abortion, adoption, birth control (those terms are all used), and a half-page on in-vitro fertilization/ artificial insemination (here they do not use those terms, but explain how it works). All those topics are covered in a matter-of-fact way (with no opinion written about it; it is left for the parent to interpret) and tastefully done. Any of these topics are able to be easily skipped and gone back to at another time if the parent feels the child (or parent) is not ready for the topic yet. I chose to skip over a few of them (to come back to them at a later time) and we did read about some of the others... it totally depends upon your values/ opinions, but just know that they are in the book and you probably will need to come back to them at some point if the child picks up the book at a later time.

My 9 yr old is not a big fan of this book... but I don't think she would be a big fan of any book that discusses sex... She was the one that reacted with "ewww! Yuck!!" (and various other reactions) when we read the (simple) paragraph about what sex is. My six yr old was fine with the whole thing! Perhaps my 9 yr old could have used the "middle school" version of this book (the "next" one in the series) since she is a pretty mature kid (or so I thought before I heard her reaction!)... not sure since I haven't seen that one. But I was looking for one I could use with both kids easily, and this is definitely fine for her. The other book most likely will get into things I'm not quite ready for her to talk about (boys, dating, who knows!). I do think this is a great book, and read with discretion, could even be used with preschoolers if you've got a bigger age range of children you want this to fit with... just keep in mind you may need to skip or gloss over certain parts (with the idea you will go back to them at a later time) depending upon how young the child is. I definitely suggest you read over each chapter before reading it with your children so you don't accidentally get into something you were hoping to wait on.

Keeping all that in mind, this book is definitely a good one, and one that you will want to keep on the shelf nearby ready to go back to and keep the discussion going all through your kids' years. After all, this is NOT a discussion that should be a one time discussion and never to be brought up again... especially since these kids do live in different times than we did.
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VINE VOICEon September 29, 2006
I purchased this book after sitting cross-legged on the floor at a major bookstore with a whole slew of books on the subject. I picked this one for a number of reasons including the fact that it discusses different types of families -- this was a huge issue to me because my daughter was adopted as an "older child".

The book is highly non-judgmental. Yes, it addresses single-parenting, homosexuality (on the most general, non-sexually explicit terms), and abortion. If you want to shelter your kids from these realities, don't buy the book.

However, the rest is presented in clear but not "graphic" explanations appropriate for elementary school age kids who are starting to ask a lot of questions. My daughter just turned 9 and we are reading the book together. She loves it!

As stated above, the book goes beyond the pure "birds and bees", but also addresses good touch/bad touch issues, different families, etc. I believe the authors have presented the subject in an upbeat, not-overly-graphic, accurate and entertaining manner. I couldn't be more pleased.
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on June 1, 2014
This is a wonderful book to help teach human development to children and youth. The information is presented using a comic book style format and humor. Children enjoyed looking through this book with an adult or alone. I would recommend this book for 3rd-6th or 7th graders. There are also two other books, "It's NOT the stork" which is the presented in the same format but fora slightly younger audience, maybe only through 3rd grade - because there are fewer details. I would recommend the other book - "It's Perfectly Normal" for maybe 5th or 6th onward because it gives more details and therefore may be for middle schoolers onward, etc... It's also at the families /child's readiness. I recommend buying all three and continuing the conversations as they arise or as the child is ready to discuss different material. I recommend this book and the others from this series. VERY well done. Very approachable and comfortable. Great way to start serious and necessary conversations. Media, embarrassment, fear, and friends, should not be our children's only teachers for such important sets of information.
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