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on September 6, 2012
This motion detection light is perfect for my use. Rather than leave a light burning when we are out of the house at night, all we have to do is approach the back door, and the light senses us and lights up the way. This light is no "nightlight", it lights up our entire breezeway, so we aren't going to trip on something before getting to the door. If you're looking for a nightlight, look for something with fewer LED's that takes less batteries.
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This 8 LED Automatic Motion Sensing Night Light is very useful little light that can be used in many different locations and situations.

Powered by 4-AA batteries (not included) the light features a motion sensor with 120 degree coverage angle. The combination light/motion sensor is sensitive to movement for at least 15 feet in my testing. If you place it in such a way that the sensor is not impeded by any objects, or in close proximity to heating or cooling ducts, the light will automatically turn on even when in a good sized room. The light will not activate when in "Auto" mode unless the ambient light level is quite low. It does not have to be completely dark, but there is no sensitivity adjustment, so placement of the light must take into consideration the particular lighting characteristics of the space where you intend to install the light.

The light switch has three positions: off, auto and on. When in the Auto position, the light will activate when it senses movement within it's range. The light will remain lit for as long as the sensor continues to pick up movement. After 10 seconds of no movement, the light will automatically turn-off but will immediately turn on again if movement is detected.

The light switch can also be turned to the "On" position to provide continuous light output, until you turn the switch back to "Auto" or "Off."

I've got my light installed in an attic space that has no electric service. The space is used for storge only and when I need to go up there, I usually have to bring along a flashlight. Now I don't because I've got this light installed on one of the rafters. As soon as I enter the space, the light automatially illuminates the area, I can find what I need and leave. No worrying about turning the light on or off as it's automatic. Love it.

I wish the light had an adjustment that would allow you to set the length of time the light stays on when activated in "auto" mode before shutting off in the absense of movement. In my attic light situation, occassionally I'll be in an area where the sensor can no longer detect my movement and it shuts off after 10 seconds of inactivity. Well, I'm in the dark at that point so I have to go over to the light and turn the switch to "on" mode.

The other wish I had is that it would be nice to be able to adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor. To have a more/less sensitive adjustment would let you fine-tune the placement of the light without having to worry as much about unnecessary activations.

The package includes 2 mounting options:The back of the light has two mounting holes to accommodate screw heads. Included is a set of 2 drywall anchors and: screws. Also included is a small patch of nylon loop fastener.

I was provided a sample for review.
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on October 30, 2012
I was seeking a good way to light a small closet with no AC. I didn't want to have to switch it on and off, so motion sensing seemed like my solution. This product does exactly what I needed. I like the fact that it takes 4 AA batteries. Some units use expensive, low-capacity button (hearing aid) cells or AAA cells. This guy should run for a long time on 4 AAs, unless it wastes too much on the motion sensor. I hope I won't find that out for a year. The product is VERY cheaply made. I was afraid I might crack the case removing the battery cover and putting in the cells. But that shouldn't be a problem if I only need to touch it once a year.
The delay on the auto shutoff is about 10 seconds. I was expecting 30 seconds, but it is very sensitive and comes on or stays on when I'm anywhere in or near the closet, so I am happy not to waste more energy and drain the battery sooner. This is bright enough to pick the right color shirt on the top rack, but can't light the bottom rack, so I will probably get another one. But it is NOT bright enough to light a larger six-foot closet. It would be bright enough to light up a hallway for a few feet and avoid tripping over things.
review image
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on September 8, 2012
Other than Amazon raising the price by $3 within 2 days time (30%), this light is fantastic!

I got it for the purpose of lighting a huge corner cabinet, often referred to as a Lazy Susan. The middle shelf blocked light, so you really couldn't see your pots & pans on the lower shelf very well. This light solved that problem with ease! Now every time I open the cabinet hinged double-door, and ever so slightly lean over - the light comes on.

Because these are LED lights, which are powered with 4 AA batteries, I expect from experience that the batteries will last at least one full year before they need to be changed. The Hipe comes with screws, hollow wall anchors, and one hefty 3M Velcro - which I used.

I will buy more of these Hipe lights for sure - but only AFTER Amazon reduces that 30% price increase they just tacked on.
Be well,
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on June 5, 2012
We love this light! Bought it as a night light for our 7 year old and even though it is way to bright for a night light, he loves it. The auto-sensor function works perfectly and we have not had any problems with the light so far. We highly recommend this light for whoever needs to brighten a dark spot quick and easily.
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This is a low cost solution for a night light, a dark hallway or a quick light to install in a closet. This is a battery powered LED light with 8 LEDs that are nice and bright. It operates on 4 AA batteries that are not included with the unit and it will operate over 2,400 times (Coming on for 30 seconds) on a single set of batteries. The LEDs do not need to be replaced as they are long life and low power consumption.

The light features a built in light and motion sensor and it can be set in one of three modes like Off, Automatic and On. The mode selection switch is on the front of the light. In automatic the LEDs come on for 30 seconds when the sensor knows it is dark and it senses motion within 15 feet. In the On mode it remains on continuously. The motion sensor can sense motion in a 180 degree beam so any motion coming up along the side of the light will turn it on if it is set in the Automatic mode.

This light is ideal for a dark hallway, a bathroom, a child's room, closet, attic or staircase or anywhere you need extra light for safety or just to see. It does not require any installation wiring and it is easily installed. The unit comes with mounting hardware for a wall which is two lag screws with wall mounting inserts or a double sided Velcro with sticky tape for quick mounting. My video shows all of this for your information. The light also features a red LED on the front that will flash once every 5 seconds if the batteries are getting low.

It is easy to use, set up and install. I gave it a 5 star rating.

I was supplied a sample of this light for test and evaluation and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.
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on August 23, 2012
The light works when you turn it on and it is bright. However, when you turn the switch to "auto" in order to activate the sensor the light only appears when you first turn it on; otherwise the light does not respond to any motion. I am so disappointed the sensor does not work. I guess it is a good light for a closet. You cannot keep the light turned "on" as you would a night light because the batteries will burn out in a day or two.
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on December 2, 2012
Light appears to work good. I just took it out of the box, (it didn't come with batteries), and it's nice and bright. It came with 2 mounting options; drywall anchors & screws, or a double-sided stick pad. Obviously, NO thought was put into this. How am I supposed to stick it to something and then change the batteries later? Yes, it has a removable battery cover on the back, but you need access to the back to get it off. Think about it..........
I am going to glue a flat fridge magnet to the back, since it is going to be mounted in a metal cabinet. Assuming the light holds up for the long haul, I'd give it 4 stars, but for now, I'm docking it 1 because if they can't get the mounting options right, that doesn't bode well for the rest of it.
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This old house has always had night light problems. Instead of taking the chance of having a plug-in one, we just haven't bothered. They melt, you have to turn them off manually (what's the sense of a "night" light?), and the little bulbs always blow out, to say nothing of the potential fire hazard. I've had more than one of them that's looked a tad fried. No thank you. The Hipe 8 LED automatic night light has provided just the solution I was looking for. When I think motion or movement sensor, I usually think of outside lighting, but this is perfect for a dark hallway.

There are three settings on this night light, "on," "auto," and "off." Depending on what your needs are at any given moment, you'll have options. For example, I need this to traverse a darkened hallway in my house. I turned it on just before dark to the automatic setting, which will detect any motion in the hall. When I went to bed (I'm the last one up over the stairs), I picked it up and turned it off. Mind you, this can be screwed into the wall or attached via a 3M double-sided Velcro, both of which are included in the box. The only thing not included are four AA batteries.

I have a roaming cat, so obviously I'm not going to want this night light going on an off all night so therefore I'm shutting it off once I hit my bedroom. There are many uses for this light and obviously my situation is a unique one, but I can see this being used for everything from lighting up a closet to detecting that mischievous toddler who decides that getting up in the middle of the night is fun (been there, done that). The LED lighting is very bright and actually lights the hallway, enough for me to be able traverse it safely. This Hipe night light has definitely solved an age-old problem of a darkened hallway in this old house.


~ Power source: (4) 1.5-Volt, AA batteries
~ Working current 120 mA
~ Static current 30~40uA
~ Time delay 10 plus/minus 2-sec
~ LED quantity 8 pcs.
~ Single power 0.6-watts
~ Rated load 0.48-watts Max.
~ Detection range 5m Max. (24 degrees C / 75.2 degrees F)
~ Detection angle 120 degrees
~ Light-control <10-lux
~ Working temperature minus 10 degrees to +40 degrees C (14 degrees to 104 degrees F)
~ Working humidity <93%RH

Sample provided by distributor.
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We picked up four of these Hipe "Automatic Motion-sensing Night Light" for use as backup lights in the stairwell of our three story building. We have emergency lights that come on in a power-outage but we recently discovered that someone can turn the lights off on the first floor while someone is still on an upper floor, trapping them in the dark. These were a good choice for us since, in addition to On/Off, they can be set to activate when they detect motion are motion in when the lights are off.

These come with mounting hardware (screws & wall anchors, and Velcro tape) and produce enough light to allow safe navigation of the steps.

Highly Recommended!

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