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on January 5, 2013
I did a lot of research before buying this device, but now that I own it, I love it. I use it with a Big Green Egg (BGE) to smoke foods. To do it right, you really need to not keep opening and closing the lid. There is a built-in dial thermometer in my BGE, but I have no way of knowing whether it's accurate or not since they have a reputation for being inaccurate, sometimes by as much as 50 to 100 degrees. By using one of the dual probes to monitor the BGE internal oven temperature and the other to keep track of the meat, chicken or pork, I know exactly what needs to be done to maintain the temperature as well as when the meal is cooked.

Many of you who are experienced BBQers know that there is often the famous "stall" that happens when cooking low and slow. It will look like the meat has reached a certain temperature and won't go any higher, even though it will if you're just patient and leave it be. That means that it is difficult to cook by time alone on any smoker, including a BGE. With the second probe monitoring the meat, you can watch it hit the stall point and then confidently wait while the meal continues to cook and it reaches the correct internal temperature.

The probes are easy to use and set-up. The oven temperature gauge attaches to the wire grill with a special clip. The other control inserts into the meat exactly the way any internal cooking gauge does. You'll need to read the instructions to understand how to pair them and that each button means, but it took me all of 5 minutes to unravel the whole thing. I admit that I'm good with technical things, but this really isn't a difficult item to master.

Now that I have this product, I can't imagine cooking without it. I think it gives me much more control over both the oven temperature and making sure the meat is to the temperature I want for maximum tenderness. Highly recommended.
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on March 26, 2013
The unit functions very well. It does what it is advertised to do. In fact, it is indispensible to the the extent that I now have three of them. I use one in each section of my Weber Smokey Mountain, while the other one is in the Weber kettle grill. The unit does have a problem though. Where the stainless steel cable connects to the probe, there is a leakage path. Other users have complained about faulty readings as a result of moisture getting into the wiring. Before I put my units into service, I install 'heat shrink' (available at the local auto parts store) over the trouble spot. Carefully done, this makes the probe waterproof.
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If you love to cook, barbecue or smoke meat then this is the ideal tool for you. This digital thermometer will monitor the temperature of your meat being cooked and the temperature of your barbecue grill, smoker or oven. The temperature measurement is accurate and the unit comes with two probes to make the measurements with.

You can actually set the transmitter unit by the barbecue grill or oven and insert the probes into the meat and into the grill and read the measurement from up to 300 feet away. The unit even has a lost link alarm if you are too far away from the transmitter. You can program the unit to set off an alarm when your barbecue temperature is too low or too high. You can also program in a time alarm or a meat temperature alarm.

The short round tip sensor is the barbecue temperature monitor and the sharp longer temperature probe is the meat thermometer. The barbecue sensor comes with a probe holder that lets you install it between the wires of the cooking rack. The sensors are heat resistant for up to 716° F and the receiver can display up to 572° F for the barbecue temperature. The LCD screen on the receiver has a push button to back light the screen if you are cooking later in the evening.

The unit comes with a magnetic meat temperature guide that you can stick onto a refrigerator that advises you of the temperature versus the wellness of the meat ranging from rare to well done. I found the unit easy to use and understand and the temperature readings that I got were fast and accurate. You will notice that there is a small red LED on the front of the transmitter unit and when it flashes it transmits the updated temperature to the receiving unit. The speed of response between the two units is not bad and we verified the temperature of the oven very accurately within the accuracy of the oven's temperature controller. This means that in my opinion the temperature reading of this unit was more accurate than the oven temperature controller.

Inside of the box as an instruction sheet to verify that the transmitter and the receiver synchronize on the same frequency but I have to tell you that my two units synced perfectly but just installing the batteries and turning the units on. The receiver unit had a slide on battery cover that was easy to remove but the transmitter has a cover held on with two small screws that required me to break out the small instrument Phillips head screw driver to remove them.

My wife and I love this unit and we found it to be simple and easy to use and the temperature readings were very accurate. I rate this product as a five star item and it is the best remote temperature sensor that I have seen. The range of the reception is amazing at 300 feet and you will not have an excuse for overcooked or under cooked meals again. Now I have to get one for my sister-in-law who always tries to serve under cooked barbecued chicken and raw hamburgers when she grills out.

I was supplied with a sample for testing and evaluation and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.
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on November 30, 2014
Update: After using this a few times I've found it to be awful.
1) The probe wires are too short and get kinked very easily
2) The logic of the UI is crazy stupid
3) There are alarms for the max food temp and max bbq temp but you can only adjust the temperature up. Yes! that's right you can't adjust it down (even though there are plenty of buttons on this thing). You have to raise the max temp all the way to the highest max (575 degrees) before is rolls over again and starts low - then you shoot by your desired max temp by a few degrees and you have to start all over). The other two alarms are similar. When was the last time you used a device that only let you increment values up 1980.
4) It's not just un-intuitive it's annoying and needlessly stupid. I guess a tip off should have been the fact that even the power buttons on the transmitter and receiver are different (as well as the battery compartment access - one has a screw, one doesn't). Power on the back vs power on the front. There are two buttons on the left they could have easily used for up/down temperature scrolling, but for some reason they didn't. Who designed this piece of crap. It is completely illogical. The manual is fairly useless too.
5) Sometimes the alarms don't go off. Even if you remember to do the extra step of "arming" the alarm after you set it.
Wow. worst designed product of 2014. This must have been designed overseas where they have no idea how it would be used.
It's going back.

Pros. Many useful features.
Cons. Accuracy is questionable. Temp probe cables too short and stiff. It also would have been nice if the product included batteries or at least alerted you to the type of batteries that you should have on hand.

Opened the box. Peeled off the fake display stickers. Looked over instructions. Looked over supplement to instructions which attempts to clarify confusion (this is never a good sign. It usually means the product is made in China and the instructions were poorly written). Discovered it needed batteries (not included). Installed batteries (on transmitter you need a screwdriver to access the battery compartment. on receiver you don't - like they were designed by two different people).

Plugged everything in and noticed that the two thermometer probes did not agree on the room temperature. They were only 4-5 degrees apart but at 68 degrees F that's almost 10%. I did a series of tests using the oven from 200 - 350F to see if the temperature discrepancy got bigger or smaller at higher temps. The max discrepancy was about 18 degrees F. I did a steady state experiment. Brought water to a boil and let the probes equilibrate for a few minutes. Since 225 degrees F is the most important temp range for smokers and approx 160 degrees F is the most important temp for food I wanted to see if the temperature readings of the probes agreed in that range. They actually did (i.e. both sat at 212 F in the boiling water for a few minutes). Still it is irksome that they read 68 F and 64 F at room temperature.

I asked about calibration. Several Amazon users said "No". I asked the company. First they sent me a link to a video on how to use the features of the unit. Which was not what I asked for. The video was just made by some random customer not from the company itself so the reviewer guy seemed kind of like he was discovering the functions as he played with it too . The only useful bit of information was that in the video I could see that his two temperature probes agreed at 73 F at room temperature. So maybe my unit is broken. I emailed the company again. They replied that the probes are "highly accurate" and that its normal for the temperature to jump around by several degrees. Again this is not what I asked. I got the impression they don't really speak English there - or at least not well - or are deliberately trying to evade the question. They did confirm that there is no way to calibrate the temperature probes.

If something doesn't quite work right out of the box I suspect the quality and reliability is not great. It will probably work ok at ~225F but it bugs me that the temp probes don't agree at all temperatures. I may have to send it back.
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on October 14, 2012
This thermometer is really amazing. If you have read all the features of the product, I'm sure you know all about it's potential. There is a much more thorough review on the website but I will throw my two cents in... I lost the wireless signal a couple of times throughout 14 hours of smoking. Each time, all I had to do was push the wires in a little harder and twist them around and then turn it off and back on again. I found the thermometer to be extremely accurate and precise (the temperature readout will jump up and down as much as 3 degrees without meaning which is a measure of the precision, and the meat was perfect when the temp reached the 190 we were shooting for so that's my measure of accuracy). I was smoking two large pieces of meat and so I had to move the meat thermometer. I found that it recalibrated after about 5 minutes (maybe as quickly as 3 minutes). You do need to be a little carful when cleaning the probes, but this is a small price to pay for being able to continuously monitor both the grill and meat temperature while you're comfortable in a chair, drinking a beer, and watching the game.

This is a great product and a must have for anybody serious about smoking meat.
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on October 21, 2013
OK - I've had this expensive thermometer for not even two months and check out what happened. 228F on my kitchen counter! I can assure you, the house furnace is incapable of creating a 228F environment.

Don't waste your money.
review image
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on December 7, 2013
Works as advertised, I used it for the first time Thanksgiving day for two turkeys we did one roasted and one smoked. It was really great to be able to see the oven temp as well as the food temp and being able to monitor these while making other things. Truly a way to relax and be able to multi task with your readings right in front of you to keep track of. The turkeys were great, and what I think everyone else has found out is you are not getting accurate temp readings from the cooking ovens. My bradley smoker was off by twenty degrees, so in my book its worth the money and a five star. I did take someones suggestion of heat shrinking the probes right where the conduit goes into the probe, that is a great Idea and does not intefer with anything and protects the probes from mositure getting in it.
review image review image review image
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on December 8, 2012
Tried smoking salmon for the first time in my Bradley smoker using the Maverick ET732 to monitor my smoking temperature. Unit failed at about 4 hours into the process. Temp went from a constant 140 degrees to about 360. I was not using the meat probe. I have seen numerous reviews complaining of the same problem. Very disappointed in this product. Really had high hopes for it. This was the first time using the product since I received it.

Update: after searching the Bradley Smoker Forum for similar results, I was able to find a solution to the probe failure issue. Any moisture at all and the probes will fail at the connection between the probe and the wire. The secret is to seal that connection with Permatex High-Temp Red RTV silicon gasket. You can purchase this in a 3 oz tube for less than $5. I rubbed it on at the connection point between the probe and wire and then went up the wire about 15 inches. I used rubber gloves to put this on. Let it dry for 24 hrs before use. I also put my non-working (damaged) probe in the oven for about 3 hrs at 300 degrees to dry it out. Do not put the plastic end in the oven that connects to the sending unit. I have now used the same probe I fixed and the unit for a prime rib and a tri-tip and it has worked perfectly. At the suggestion of one forum responder, I no longer put the probes down through the vent on the top of the smoker. I go right through the door gasket and have no problem with this.

Maverick responded to my initial request by sending me two new probes. They actually sent me the longer 6 foot probes. I have no problem with the timely manner in which they responded to my initial email.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that the probes should not come that prone to moisture damage. Once you fix the probes yourself, the unit works great.
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on February 4, 2014
Got this as a Christmas present. Second time I used it the temp probe for the BBQ stopped working. Kept reading LLL which according to manual means the temp's below 32 degrees. I was smoking pork chops...don't think the smoker was at 32 degrees. I've made several attempts to contact the company for a replacement probe to no avail. Company never responded back to my inquiries. My $12 digital thermometer is better than this thing. What a waste of money and disappointed in Ivation's failure to respond to my inquires for a replacement. You're better off looking elsewhere
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on November 28, 2013
Temperature probe worked for about 3 hours. Now it reads 240 degrees as I hold it in my hand or it sits on the kitchen counter. I'm returning this item and would not recommend it for anyone else.

Update 7/6/14:
I emailed the company and it took them 2 weeks to send me a replacement probe. That lasted about 6 months and today died again with no warning whatsoever. The problem is, every brand of temp probes is the same thing, Ivation, Maverick, Redi something or other, Remington, they are all the same cheap thing built in China.
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