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on April 26, 2012
My daughter received these books as a present for her 7th birthday. She is in the 1st grade, and enjoys Magic Rainbow Fairy books and Magic Treehouse books currently. Before she started in on this set, I decided to read the first chapter to get a "feel" for the book. I ended up reading well past that, because I was immediately concerned with Beans behavior and language. Bean seems a bit mean spirited and drags Ivy down with her. Running away to a neighbors yard in order to not get into trouble doesn't seemt to be a good message, regardless of the outcome. And using language like Ivy is Boring, a Dork and her sister Nancy is a Tightwad, doesn't appeal to me. I would rather my child read books where children speak and act respectfully. I let my daughter read the first book, but we had a discussion about Bean's behavior. I used it as a teaching tool of how Not to behave. But I would rather my child read books that present her with a positive role model than a negative one. I know some parents find these books engaging and humorous... but I had quite the opposite reaction. I found them rude and humorless.
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on July 23, 2012
I got this book from the library and could not believe my ears as I read it to my daughter. The name-calling between the sisters is relentless. Bean refers to nearly everything and everyone as "boring". She goes so far as to say: "Nice is another word for boring."
My daughter, who is 5 and a half, asked me what a "tight wad" was. (Bean calls her sister a tight wad.) I'm so glad I didn't spend money on this. Our daughters deserve a better example. The author chose to represent the lead characters as trite, mean-girl complainers. Our daughters deserve books that include adventures, bravery, emotion and yes, plenty of silliness, which this book has none of.
Here are some direct quotes: "Bean thought about kicking her sister in the shin...but then she got a great idea, one that would teach her sister not to be such a tightwad."
-(Bean says about Ivy's clothes) "What a goony costume. What a dork!"
-Bean says, "I'm the ghost of Mr. Killop. I lived in your house before. I died there. I've come to haunt you. Tonight while you are sleeping, I'll wrap my icy fingers around your neck!"

Unfortunately I could go on and on. If you want a list of better books for girls there are great ones listed at Mighty Girls website: [....]
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on May 8, 2010
My six year old girl does not love to read. The only books I could get her excited about were the Junie B. Jones books--but they were awful for my daughter--she started to pick Junie's constant terrible words (hate, stupid, dumb). The Bean & Ivy books are so much better! Ivy and Bean are still crazy enough to make my daughter giggle, but the girls are much more like regular high spirited kids. I think there are about 7 books in the series so far-- we just finished the first 3. My daughter and I both had a fun time reading them together. She also loved the treasure box book that came with the set. I really hope the author will keep writing these great books.
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on September 7, 2012
My 7yr. old daughters received this as a present and within the first few pages I was ready to put it down. Words like dumb, booger head, boring, tightwad are all used within the first chapters. And worst of all their used by the main character and child Bean. When Bean's Mother encourages her to play with their neighbor she calls her boring and states I told you I just don't want to. What does the mother do, she dismisses this behavior and says have it your way. All of these words and this interaction made it clear that I could not have my nice and sweet girls read this. I'm surprised by all the positive ratings. Have they all read the book? Even if the characters decide to change their ways the language alone is not one I want my daughters to mimic.
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on November 30, 2008
My niece instantly fell in love with this series of books. Ivy & Bean the Secret Treasure Box is a box set of the first 3 books as well as an additional gift!!!

As an adult, I, myself, found myself drawn to this box set. Containing the books: Ivy and Bean (book 1), Ivy, Bean and the Ghost that Had to Go (book 2) and Ivy and Bean Break the Fossil Record (book 3).

We are introduced to two wonderful and adorable little girls - Ivy and Bean. Neither have very many friends and are urged by their mothers to "go play together" - neither are particularly enthusiastic as they do not seem to share anything in common. Yet, as soon as they get together they realize that they are fast becominng BFF (as my niece puts it!!!).

What follows are 3 absolutely adorable books! The storyline in each is cute and quite unique. They are also quite educational (although I don't use this word around my niece) and surprisingly - the storylines are funny - and not corny. The illustrations are extremely well-done.

I thought this book was very well priced (around $17.00) as this box set looks very professionally done.

My niece, who is 9, went through all 3 books in record time asking me when the next one in the series would be out. BUT, her most favorite part of the box set was definitely the "gift" that came with it - a wonderful "diary" or "journal" which is perfect!!! I mean - I remember how excited I was to have my first diary when I was 10!! - It held all my precious secrets and my niece has made sure to start writing in it everyday - and to hide the diary so we "grown ups" can't find it!!!!!

This is a great box set and I think would make a great gift for the reader or future readers in the home.
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on January 4, 2014
My daughter and I started reading these together and I just thought, wow, these girls are not nice. My daughter couldn't relate really to hating siblings, and calling people mean names, or having secrets. For the "secret note pad" my daughter couldn't think of any secrets she had to keep so she thought of things like "secret recipe" and "presents", which is just so sweet. So I think these books are bound for the donate pile. I'm kind of surprised at how highly rated these books are. Strange!
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on December 19, 2014
My 7 year old daughter is in first grade and a strong reader. She recently discovered a love for chapter books and has been devouring the Junie B Jones series. I've been looking to start her on a new series, and a friend told me Ivy and Bean was really cute. I was surprised to read all the negative reviews on Amazon about how mean the characters are. I'm definitely not the prudish type. Honestly, I was thinking people probably just need to lighten up a little. I've been letting my daughter read Junie, so figured these couldn't be much worse. I ordered the books despite the reviews. When they arrived, I read the first book and decided to send them back. It's not that they are a lot worse than Junie (in terms of sassy behavior). It's just that I don't want my daughter to finish one series about a sassy girl and then delve right into another series about sassy girls. I want her to learn to enjoy stories that don't rely on the crude words and naughty behavior. Maybe in another year, when she's had some experience with other books, I will let her read Ivy and Bean, but for now I'm going to try the Ramona books instead.

In case you wanted more details about content, the other reviewers pretty much summed it up. The entire first book is about Bean's contempt for her sister and plotting evil things to do to her. They're hurling insults at each other left and right "dork, dweeb, tightwad" etc. I kept waiting for the feel good ending....the moment where Bean and her sister would make up. Finally that moment came. Bean saw her sister crying and started feeling guilty. Then she quickly changed her mind and decided she hated her sister even more. I have attached one of the illustrations directly from the book. This portrays Bean's sister right after Bean and Ivy threw worms on her face. No thanks.
review image
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on June 23, 2013
My friend bought the box set for my 5yo because it had the "secret treasure box" with it and she thought that was cool. I've been reading the books and tried to give my daughter the benefit of the doubt that she would just enjoy the adventures and not learn bad behavior, but almost immediately after finishing the first book she did something mean to her little sister. I asked her why and she said because she thought it would be funny like what Bean did to Nancy.

Maybe these books are for older kids (the main characters are in 2nd grade) but I can't imagine the absolute hate-filled interactions between Bean and her older sister Nancy would be a good idea for any kid to "enjoy."
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on June 30, 2010
I've given this boxed set several times as gifts for the little girls in 1st and 2nd grade who are at the stage of gaining competence in their reading skills. They have all loved these books.
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on March 11, 2011
I am a 62 year old grandma who found these books to read to my granddaughter who was 6 at that time. Her 8 year old brother joined us after listening to the first book as we read. Well these books are just wonderful. As far as criticism of when the girls talked about witches, I remember doing this with girlfriends as a youngster. We dressed up and painted our faces and both of us are normal God loving grandmas today. Don't let the naysayers deter you from sharing these wonderful books.
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