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270 of 276 people found the following review helpful
NOTE: the description I saw on the Amazon page does not reflect the product I have. Above it discusses a headband and an adapter which are not part of this product. Also, the rated frequency response is 10-20k, not 16-23k. I think this is (or was) an Amazon editorial error.
My interest for this product is as a solution to listening to music, lectures, and movies while travelling, and I travel a lot. I have a set of Panosonic noise-cancelling headphones which were good (about five times more expensive than these earbuds) though bulky, but the plastic broke so they won't stay on my head now.
These earbuds are an excellent alternative to noise-cancelling headphones for the frequent traveller. I find them more comfortable for extended listening than most conventional headphones. The ability to seal out noise from the external environment is very good, and makes it possible to understand what actors are saying when watching a movie on an airplane.
The overall performance - sound quality and noise blocking - is not as good as the Bose noise cancelling headphones, but the Bose are 20 times as expensive, much less convenient to carry, and subject to damage from the rough world of the road warrior. If The Plug had an optional noise-cancelling unit (say, combined with the eq), it would be a killer combination - are you listening, Koss?).
The sound is good. Bass-heavy, to be sure; I would like them better if they had a flatter response, but the product is marketed at the portable music crowd, and many of them are looking for dramatic bass rather than golden-ears sound.
Besides, mobile sound is always a compromise, it's just a question of whether the compromise they chose works for you.
Here are some problems I've heard and the solutions:
1. "They fall out of my ear." I think an older version of this product did not come with alternative cushions; the ones I bought recently (as pictured here) came with 3 alternative cushion pairs, one of which fit well in my somewhat large ears. To make them fit well, roll the cushions in your fingers and squeeze them down, then hold them in place in your ears while they adjust the fit. Also, it is possible to fashion your own cushions (easy modification to commercially available ear plugs from pharmacy); go to google and search for "koss plug mods".
2. What about when I have to replace the cushions, they'll get waxy/dirty with use? See last sentence of #1.
3. "They sound tinny". I have a sense that the sound was tinnier on an earlier version of these earbuds, judging from comments I've read in feedback and on the koss plug mods page. The purple plugs (as opposed to the older(?) blue ones) do not sound tinny to me; they seem a bit heavy on the bass instead. Koss also makes a 3-band eq (20 dollars) for their headphones that can be used to adjust the sound some. I have an eq on order, hoping it may temper the boomy bass a bit. Of course, your player may have a way of changing the color of the sound, but my laptop does not.
4. "They're easy to lose." The price of their tiny size and negligible weight, is that you need to be careful not to lose them. I've already lost a pair. Koss also makes a carrying case which may help, or you could just put them in a 35mm film canister. But at $... a pair (compared to $... for noise-cancelling headphones) I'll just keep a spare pair around in my travelling case.
Overall I'm pleased with the price/performance tradeoff for these earbuds, and they are an essential part of my travelling kit. They sound better than any other earbuds I've used, and they remove a good bit of the ambient sound, offering more pleasure in listening. I give four stars out of five because I'd prefer a less bassy sound, though some people will really like the way they sound.
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286 of 308 people found the following review helpful
on March 4, 2014
This is the first Bluetooth headset I've owned. It's a no name brand from China so I didn't expect much. The instructions included are fairly useless, but I really had no trouble with the set up. I'm no audiophile so I can't speak to the quality of the sound because I use it when I'm walking for audiobooks, plus I've got a little bit of a tin ear. But it sounds clean and clear to me- no interference at all. When I got it, I was on my way for a walk, so I figured I'd try it out right away- no charging first. It lasted through the whole half hour walk. When I got home I charged it, and within a half hour it completed the charge. (I don't know how long the charge will last, if need be I'll update the review). As the title suggests, it's a great value- you'll pay this much for a regular set of wired headphones (Which I hate like Wile E. Coyote hates the Road Runner). So I'm very happy with the purchase.

BATTERY CHARGE UPDATE- I use these headphones for about 30 minutes every day and the charge lasted about 2 weeks before it needed a recharge. When the battery is low, you'll begin hearing 4 quick beeps every 15 seconds and then after a few minutes, it will shut off. Also, I forgot to mention that I'm a 'big and tall' guy so the back of my neck looks like a package of hot dogs, and I would describe the fit of the headset as snug. It's not too tight but almost, so if you're not a Heavy Chevy like me, they will probably fit perfectly comfortably.
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295 of 320 people found the following review helpful
on March 25, 2014
Received the headset and was eager to try it out. Looks sharp with the red and black styling. First fit was good for my small neck and ear buds sat comfortably in my ear. The red plastic covering the back of the neck was loose on one side. Tried to push it back but it did not stay. It wasn't a snap joi nt but it needed to be glued in place. No big deal. Will do that if I decide to keep it.

Unfortunately I will have to wait for some instructions before I can review the sound quality and pairing capabilities. I could not truth this unit on. There is one pin hole marked with on/off below it. Tried the usual paper clip method but can't feel any clicks and given the fragility of the product, I dare not pushed too hard. Waiting for others to comment on how to turn this unit on and off. If unable to do that, it is going back.

Vendor replied with options to return or replace it but I got it figured out and now testing the unit before final decision.

Do not stick anything into the pin hole. It is not a switch but the LED. What's mark as on/off is really the status led.

The instruction in the back of the packaging refers to a Bluetooth key, that's the play button or the center button. Hold that for about 5s to turn it on. This is also the talk and hang up button.

To pair, press the play button and hold it until it alternates between blue and red for paring, this can only be done from the off state.

To turn it off, Press the play button until you see it flash red. Let go of the play button.

To turn it on, press he play button until you see a blue light, let go of the button.

To answer or hang up, press the play button.
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99 of 104 people found the following review helpful
on November 17, 2014
For the price, it's hard to beat. I bought the exact same headset a few months ago and paid around $35 for it. I just got two of these and it was still cheaper. The headset is great for people like me that can't wear the standard Apple headsets 'cause they fall out. I can only wear in-ear headsets and this one works great. It's also very comfortable and easy forget you're wearing it. There's a LOT of volume available on these; in fact, in a quiet room I have to put them on the lowest volume. Between the in-ear buds and the volume, I have listened to music while driving my lawn mower and still not had to go to full volume. Pairs easily with my iPad, Mac and iPhone. The on-board Next & Prev song buttons aren't ideally located but once you get used to them you can find them fairly easily. As on every other headset I've seen, the Next & Prev song switches double as volume controls (press once to go to Next or Prev song, press & hold to lower or increase volume) . Note that the buttons do control my iPhone and iPad remotely but, for whatever reason, not my Mac Mini. It's not a big deal - just use the Mac volume control and it works fine. One big nuisance, and the reason for not giving it 5 stars, is that the headset speaks the words "Connected", "Pairing", "Power Off", etc., but it speaks at FULL VOLUME. If you have the ear pieces in, it's at best jarring and at worst, it hurts your ears. When a product does something this stupid it always makes me wonder if anyone at the company ever uses the product 'cause it is a very obvious nuisance and shouldn't have gotten out the door like this. However, with all the benefits; easy pairing, great volume, great battery life and comfortable fit, it's something you can learn to live with. One other note; most of these headsets come with multiple, changeable earpiece attachments for different ear sizes & comfort. This one doesn't include any extra earpieces but they're a standard size and, if you need to change them, I'm sure you can find an assortment of replacement earpieces on Amazon for cheap. They fit me just fine, though. It does include a (very) short USB cable for charging the headset but no power supply - you'll just have to plug it into your computer or another USB charging adaptor.
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63 of 65 people found the following review helpful
on February 25, 2002
I heave read many of the review on this site, and I probablly would have not used my Koss earbuds to the full extend if I have not read many of the reviews. First issue is that people cannot get the earbuds to stay in their ear. I found my earbuds not needing any modification when it comes to foam, but rather they way the earbud is placed in. The first problem that I had is stuffing it in my ear, they would fall out, and the foam would look all pushed back on the stick (refering to the rubber sticking out from the headphone). YOu must firmly squeze the foam from all sides and quickly insert it into the ear. You will know if the ear bud is firmly in by shaking your head, and nothing is falling out. Do the same for thea other ear. Now you will hear the amazing quality of the sound that these pupies can give. The base is amazing, these earbuds I find better quality then my Sony Studio Monitoring headset (one great advantage of earbuds, the volume on my MD player doesn't have to be set to the max to hear any music). The sound quality is amazing, the isolation from outside is great, especially on a loud bus, unlike other earbuds. ONLY IF THE EARBUDS SET PROPERLY INTO THE EAR YOU WILL HEAR THE FULL QUALITY OF THE SOUND... I heard no distortion...I hope my review helped you on earbuds.
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44 of 46 people found the following review helpful
on July 1, 2014
For the money, it's a great deal once you figure out how to pair it properly. I’ll highlight a few items:

1. Pairing - Just like many voiced, directions were very confusing and worthless. It was definitely translated into English so doesn't translate as smoothly in certain details. I ended up going onto YouTube and found that someone posted a video showing how to pair the headphones with an iPhone (warning it's in French but he shows you what to do step-by-step which helps a lot). Once I was able to figure out how to actually pair it with my phone, it was a very quick set-up (I’ll post directions below on how I got it to pair with my phone). I have not tried to pair it with anything else yet.
2. Sound Quality - I was quite surprised with the sound quality in a good way. I agree with what others have stated that the bass could improve. I mainly use it for my runs and utilized Pandora (which doesn't have an equalizer) but am ok living with the sound. Again, given the price I wasn’t expecting high quality sound just something to use for convenience during my runs.
3. Phone function - The phone function works ok and can get a little echo-y. From time to time, I can hear my speech echo softly in the background which can get a little distracting.
4. Fit – I can see where people have issues with the fit. It’s constructed all out of plastic. The portion which curves around your ears is plastic as well and doesn’t adjust (there are rubber ear buds covers though just like any other buds). It can get a little uncomfortable for longer durations of wear. Additionally, there’s no adjustment feature for the band that wraps around the back of your head. It takes a one size fits all approach which really doesn’t work given everyone’s head is shaped and sized differently. For me, the back of head is pretty flat so it fits quite well. I wear a 7¾ men’s sized hat for reference purposes. Not too snug nor too loose. But I can certainly see how the fit can be annoying for those that have a larger or even smaller sized head.
5. Battery – I haven’t tested it’s battery life as I always charge it after my runs. I haven’t had any issues during my workouts which last anywhere from 1-2 hours. It also charges relatively quickly as well. Not sure if it’s because I haven’t used much of its battery during my workouts so not a lot to charge to begin with or if the charging feature really works that quickly.
6. Shipping – My pair shipped from Hong Kong and took about 3 weeks. Others have stated it was a quick shipping and possibly came from another location. But, it did take a while for mine to come in and I started to get impatient.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the product. Especially, given the money spent I definitely feel it was well worth it and exceeded my expectations (which were low to begin with). There are a lot of things to consider before your purchase it though. Fit will be critical as there’s no adjustment for sizing feature. Also, again, it’s not the best sound quality but gets the job done and given the lower cost you have to set your expectations as such.

Pairing Directions:
There are different versions out there. Some have the buttons on the side while some are located on the back of the band. Additionally, some have blue and red lights while some just have one color light. I bought the green color version of the headset. It contains the buttons on the back of the band (reverse, play/pause & forward). The mini-USB is located on the bottom for charging. Lastly, I only have a red light which is in the tiny hole that’s titled “on/off” (no blue light).

1. Make sure the headset is charged. Mine will have the red light on and will turn off once it’s fully charged.
2. The directions which indicate to press the “Bluetooth” button. There’s no such button. What they mean is hold the “play/pause” button which, on mine, is the middle of the three buttons. You want to hold this down for about 4-5 seconds. The light should come one and blink rapidly during that time. Mine is just a red light but directions state blue and red would interchange so this may be true for other versions. If you have one of the ear buds in your ear, it will also make a “bloop” sound.
3. After the 4-5 seconds, the light will slow down and blink about every ½ second. I normally release the button at this point but directions will state to hold for another couple of seconds. I’ve had success both ways whether releasing after the 4-5 seconds or holding for an additional couple seconds. However, once the light starts to slow down it’s here where you want to pull up your Bluetooth to find a device on your phone or whatever device you have (for me it’s an iphone).
4. The light will continue to blink slowly and this is where it activates the pairing function. When you pull up your Bluetooth to search for device it will show up at this point. Mine is labeled LK-85. Connect the Bluetooth to the device. Make sure you have the Bluetooth part open or quickly accessible as the pairing timeframe is relatively short and only lasts for a few seconds. If the headset doesn't find something to pair with, the light will turn off and you have to start all over again. So, if you don't open your Bluetooth fast enough and find the device, you have to start all over again.
5. Once your device shows connected to LK-85 (or whatever the headset is titled), the light will stop blinking on the headset, it should be paired and ready to go.
6. Make sure that the sound it connected to the headset. When I’m in Pandora, there’s a small icon next to the volume bar at the bottom. When I click it, it’ll show which devices I want the sound to project from: iPhone or LK-85. There will be a check mark next the device that’s selected.

Hope this helps.
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90 of 100 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon December 29, 2001
Ok the first thing about this review. I have a pair of the 'new' the Plug headphones. They are not the ones pictured here. They have no mute button and are metallic silver and purple in color not blue and yellow.
Apprently KOSS got a lot of feedback from the first version, they listened, and made a much better product. The ones I have are just fantastic. Great bass, like the original, but very good mids and lows as well. They work better as isolation headphones then anything I have used before, but apprently people who are audiophiles are not that impressed. Also they have fantastic volume ability. Because they are in your ear canal I can turn my portable equipment up really loud. I don't but its nice if you want to. Music sounds great with these headphones. Frankly best headphones I have ever used, BUT I am using the NEW VERSION not the blue and yellow ones pictured here.
OK right now what to do? I would call Amazon and MAKE SURE you are getting the new version. I never used the one they have listed here but almost everywhere I looked on the net, people say the new version is MUCH BETTER...
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53 of 57 people found the following review helpful
on July 12, 2014
Get these when they are on sale in the $10 range. I got them when I did (different source) inexpensively. No, they are not super-quality. But, if you're like me and constantly losing the @#&_@ things - they are perfect. If you require real, quality sound - pass on theses. But, for work-a-day, general use, no problems. Also great if you have kids because you KNOW they will lose a set or two. Or three. Audiophiles - stay clear. Parents, casual users - dig in.
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44 of 47 people found the following review helpful
on March 30, 2014
I owned the name brand LG version and they magically disappeared. Wasn't interested in paying that much again. After reading some of the reviews, I figured why not give them a try. So far so good. No they don't come with additional ear buds or the wall portion of the charger, but you do get the cord and with most devices having the wall jack that is universal its not that big of a deal. And the device is pretty much self explanatory. I will update the review if my feelings change. But for now, you can't beat the price or quality of the product.
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47 of 51 people found the following review helpful
on April 21, 2014
Shipping was much faster than advertised. I got mine in a little over a week.

I ordered these Earphones to replace a set of Motorola Rokr Bluetooth headphones for which I paid $100 about 5 years ago; I am thrilled with them for the price. They perform *almost* as well. I bought them primarily to listen to audio books, but even listening to music, they are pretty good. Except for the very low end of the bass (these tend to not push through much below 80 Hz and little below 50 Hz) they are every bit comparable to most other BT earphones I have owned. For audio books, or other spoken word, I find these truly excellent.

Mine did not fit well right out of the box, as they seemed to be stretched too wide by the packaging. After sitting out between uses for a week or so, they seem to have adjusted to fit better, or I have just gotten used to them. They still fit somewhat loosely after several weeks of use, but I have not tried to shrink them as I use them in situations where I want to monitor what is going on around me when I wear them. They are capable of volume that exceeds the surroundings, but I haven't used them in that manner... maybe I'm getting old... (or not.)

These are actually lighter than other BT headphones I have owned and seem to stay put on the ears better because of it. The casing or shell does seem to be as "rugged-ized" or "water-proofed" as several other pairs I have owned or tried out. This has not been an issue for me as I tend not to pour sweat over them or wear them into a boxing ring.

I have been able to get at least 4 hours of continuous use out of them before re-charging but have not run them "dead" yet. I'm not sure what their maximum battery life actually is.

If you're an audiophile looking for a set of headphones that will replace your Bose or Beats, these will probably disappoint you. If you are looking for a set of *reasonably* performing wireless headphones for a *reasonable* price... these will probably make you happy.
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