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on January 11, 2012
I am going to be somewhat brief, but I wanted to help anyone who is looking for a low cost solution to headphones. I am in a business that allows me to try pretty much every headphone my family, we have Beats, Soul, Sony, Skullcandy, Koss, Audio Tenhnica...and more. Now, before anyone freaks out, I am NOT comparing them in sound quality to any of them, but let me tell you what is impressive. I cannot wear earbuds...they just dont work for me. I like the "over the ear" fit. I travel by plane pretty much every week and I carry Audio Technica Noise Cancelling headphones - and they are awesome, but when i just want to watch a movie or listen to a podcast in the airport, i dont always want to hassle with the bigger headphones. These earphones are the loudest and most clear I have found. Just for fun, i am CONSTANTLY comparing them to others with a similiar style and its NOT EVEN CLOSE. These are so much louder at low volumes. They do not fit in the ear, they are on the ear, but they are clear and loud. I take a splitter and put these on 1 ear and any competitor on the other ear...Its not even close...even ones that cost over 3 times as much.

If someone can find ones that are even nearly as loud and clear, i would like to know what they are! I have tried to "defeat them" with others...and they always win. Easy to deal with...great volume...and clear. For the price, you absolutely cannot go wrong...
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on March 25, 2014
Received the headset and was eager to try it out. Looks sharp with the red and black styling. First fit was good for my small neck and ear buds sat comfortably in my ear. The red plastic covering the back of the neck was loose on one side. Tried to push it back but it did not stay. It wasn't a snap joi nt but it needed to be glued in place. No big deal. Will do that if I decide to keep it.

Unfortunately I will have to wait for some instructions before I can review the sound quality and pairing capabilities. I could not truth this unit on. There is one pin hole marked with on/off below it. Tried the usual paper clip method but can't feel any clicks and given the fragility of the product, I dare not pushed too hard. Waiting for others to comment on how to turn this unit on and off. If unable to do that, it is going back.

Vendor replied with options to return or replace it but I got it figured out and now testing the unit before final decision.

Do not stick anything into the pin hole. It is not a switch but the LED. What's mark as on/off is really the status led.

The instruction in the back of the packaging refers to a Bluetooth key, that's the play button or the center button. Hold that for about 5s to turn it on. This is also the talk and hang up button.

To pair, press the play button and hold it until it alternates between blue and red for paring, this can only be done from the off state.

To turn it off, Press the play button until you see it flash red. Let go of the play button.

To turn it on, press he play button until you see a blue light, let go of the button.

To answer or hang up, press the play button.
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on March 4, 2014
This is the first Bluetooth headset I've owned. It's a no name brand from China so I didn't expect much. The instructions included are fairly useless, but I really had no trouble with the set up. I'm no audiophile so I can't speak to the quality of the sound because I use it when I'm walking for audiobooks, plus I've got a little bit of a tin ear. But it sounds clean and clear to me- no interference at all. When I got it, I was on my way for a walk, so I figured I'd try it out right away- no charging first. It lasted through the whole half hour walk. When I got home I charged it, and within a half hour it completed the charge. (I don't know how long the charge will last, if need be I'll update the review). As the title suggests, it's a great value- you'll pay this much for a regular set of wired headphones (Which I hate like Wile E. Coyote hates the Road Runner). So I'm very happy with the purchase.

BATTERY CHARGE UPDATE- I use these headphones for about 30 minutes every day and the charge lasted about 2 weeks before it needed a recharge. When the battery is low, you'll begin hearing 4 quick beeps every 15 seconds and then after a few minutes, it will shut off. Also, I forgot to mention that I'm a 'big and tall' guy so the back of my neck looks like a package of hot dogs, and I would describe the fit of the headset as snug. It's not too tight but almost, so if you're not a Heavy Chevy like me, they will probably fit perfectly comfortably.
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on August 18, 2010
Bought these for exercising with because my previous "hook" earphones were always popping out of my earhole, having to be stuck back in all the time. The hook would hold onto my ear, but the actual bud part kept falling out of my ear so they were basically useless. These are a huge improvement, the bud stays securely in place in your ear through pretty rigorous activity and there is never any need to adjust it. I have slightly smaller ears, but the earhook itself is adjustable to a few different positions so I imagine it would fit most ear sizes. The cord's also got one of those cinch-up things to keep the headphones from getting too tangled during storage. They look very sleek and have a lower profile than most other earphones I've come across, which is a plus.

I tested these out with my normal exercise/training routine and they stayed in place the entire time - through running, weightlifting, and even jumping rope (something previous earphones never seemed to be able to handle). The sound quality was more than adequate in my experience. Unless you're an audiophile you should be pleased with the audio quality on these, especially in terms of the price paid. They also do an excellent job of noise isolation, which I wasn't expecting - great if you have obnoxious neighbors or can't stand the music at the gym, perhaps not so great if you run/bike on streets and need to hear oncoming vehicles. I would go with an over-the-ear style headphone in that case.

These are definitely the best sport earphones for under $20 I have come across.
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Size: ..StereoColor: BlueVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Let me first say that I have used many over the ear headsets of Sennheiser such as the Sennheiser PXC 250 Active Noise Canceling Headphones so this was the first in ear type I tried. I compared it to the other three pair I had laying nearby in a head to head, or ear to ear, comparison.

The version number was a bit confusing since these are CX 215 and there was already the Sennheiser CX300-B In-Ear Stereo Headphone out on the market. It just confuses consumers to seemingly go backwards in numbers. Having expressed that, lets talk function and features.

The end that plugs in is a 90 degree type which makes it flusher against the device instead of sticking straight out like most earbuds. Reduces the tendancy to get caught. I go back and forth between cord length issues. This has the 3 foot cord as some have pointed out. I like it this way when wearing the device to, once again, reduce catching it, but need more when wanting to lie it on a desk or in a coat pocket. I think we need more retractible types for earbuds to get just the right length.

Other reviewers have praised the new "Innovative finger-tip contoured design delivers precision placement in the ear-canal" that the product description highlights. Honestly, you cannot grip the little edges to position the earbud. Once in your head it helps align them a bit better, but don't count on them when just picking them up.

The fit was extremely comfortable. Do not forget to test all three sizes they provide. It came with the middle size already on the earbuds, then a larger and smaller tip. The fit is important to get the most noise cancellation.

These headphones beat out all the other earbuds I had around in sound quality and noise cancellation. I had a cheap pair I do not fear losing and an equally expensive pair I use when I know I wont have the iPod or Android. I was quickly impressed with the sound quality and the noise cancellation. While not perfect, it definitely made an impact on removing background noise due to how it fits into the ear canal.

As I tell my kids, never jam the earbuds in there and then crank it up. You actually should reduce the volume on your device before using these to get a true feeling for sound levels and noise reduction. I dropped my volume slider about 15-20% using these by estimate. The earbuds are labeled left and right. I switched them and found no difference, but you could also have a different size tip for each ear if needed. I am guessing it is just a reminder as these do no have memory foam tips so which ear wouldn't matter.

These will become my go to earbuds for now and definitely worth the investment for the quality and noise cancellation boost. Sennheiser has long been known for quality studio and pro headphones and jumped into noise cancellation and portable with the same idea of quality design.

TIP: I noticed there are two clips on the earbuds. The top on is permanently set to split the left from right. The bottom one was able to slide and served no purpose I could tell at initial looking. There is no booklet, of course, for the earbuds so I was curious. I then noticed it has a tiny inset on one side. What I found is that it allows you to fold up extra cable and tuck it into that channel reducing the cord length and creating a small loop. Now if it was made for this I have no clue, but it worked well.
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on July 1, 2014
For the money, it's a great deal once you figure out how to pair it properly. I’ll highlight a few items:

1. Pairing - Just like many voiced, directions were very confusing and worthless. It was definitely translated into English so doesn't translate as smoothly in certain details. I ended up going onto YouTube and found that someone posted a video showing how to pair the headphones with an iPhone (warning it's in French but he shows you what to do step-by-step which helps a lot). Once I was able to figure out how to actually pair it with my phone, it was a very quick set-up (I’ll post directions below on how I got it to pair with my phone). I have not tried to pair it with anything else yet.
2. Sound Quality - I was quite surprised with the sound quality in a good way. I agree with what others have stated that the bass could improve. I mainly use it for my runs and utilized Pandora (which doesn't have an equalizer) but am ok living with the sound. Again, given the price I wasn’t expecting high quality sound just something to use for convenience during my runs.
3. Phone function - The phone function works ok and can get a little echo-y. From time to time, I can hear my speech echo softly in the background which can get a little distracting.
4. Fit – I can see where people have issues with the fit. It’s constructed all out of plastic. The portion which curves around your ears is plastic as well and doesn’t adjust (there are rubber ear buds covers though just like any other buds). It can get a little uncomfortable for longer durations of wear. Additionally, there’s no adjustment feature for the band that wraps around the back of your head. It takes a one size fits all approach which really doesn’t work given everyone’s head is shaped and sized differently. For me, the back of head is pretty flat so it fits quite well. I wear a 7¾ men’s sized hat for reference purposes. Not too snug nor too loose. But I can certainly see how the fit can be annoying for those that have a larger or even smaller sized head.
5. Battery – I haven’t tested it’s battery life as I always charge it after my runs. I haven’t had any issues during my workouts which last anywhere from 1-2 hours. It also charges relatively quickly as well. Not sure if it’s because I haven’t used much of its battery during my workouts so not a lot to charge to begin with or if the charging feature really works that quickly.
6. Shipping – My pair shipped from Hong Kong and took about 3 weeks. Others have stated it was a quick shipping and possibly came from another location. But, it did take a while for mine to come in and I started to get impatient.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the product. Especially, given the money spent I definitely feel it was well worth it and exceeded my expectations (which were low to begin with). There are a lot of things to consider before your purchase it though. Fit will be critical as there’s no adjustment for sizing feature. Also, again, it’s not the best sound quality but gets the job done and given the lower cost you have to set your expectations as such.

Pairing Directions:
There are different versions out there. Some have the buttons on the side while some are located on the back of the band. Additionally, some have blue and red lights while some just have one color light. I bought the green color version of the headset. It contains the buttons on the back of the band (reverse, play/pause & forward). The mini-USB is located on the bottom for charging. Lastly, I only have a red light which is in the tiny hole that’s titled “on/off” (no blue light).

1. Make sure the headset is charged. Mine will have the red light on and will turn off once it’s fully charged.
2. The directions which indicate to press the “Bluetooth” button. There’s no such button. What they mean is hold the “play/pause” button which, on mine, is the middle of the three buttons. You want to hold this down for about 4-5 seconds. The light should come one and blink rapidly during that time. Mine is just a red light but directions state blue and red would interchange so this may be true for other versions. If you have one of the ear buds in your ear, it will also make a “bloop” sound.
3. After the 4-5 seconds, the light will slow down and blink about every ½ second. I normally release the button at this point but directions will state to hold for another couple of seconds. I’ve had success both ways whether releasing after the 4-5 seconds or holding for an additional couple seconds. However, once the light starts to slow down it’s here where you want to pull up your Bluetooth to find a device on your phone or whatever device you have (for me it’s an iphone).
4. The light will continue to blink slowly and this is where it activates the pairing function. When you pull up your Bluetooth to search for device it will show up at this point. Mine is labeled LK-85. Connect the Bluetooth to the device. Make sure you have the Bluetooth part open or quickly accessible as the pairing timeframe is relatively short and only lasts for a few seconds. If the headset doesn't find something to pair with, the light will turn off and you have to start all over again. So, if you don't open your Bluetooth fast enough and find the device, you have to start all over again.
5. Once your device shows connected to LK-85 (or whatever the headset is titled), the light will stop blinking on the headset, it should be paired and ready to go.
6. Make sure that the sound it connected to the headset. When I’m in Pandora, there’s a small icon next to the volume bar at the bottom. When I click it, it’ll show which devices I want the sound to project from: iPhone or LK-85. There will be a check mark next the device that’s selected.

Hope this helps.
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on February 18, 2013
Let me say name is not a joke. I have owned over 100 pairs of IEM's, and I have recently sold all but 5 pairs. I kept my Monster Miles Davis Trumpets, Ultimate Ears 700, Sony XBA-30, Philips SHE3590's and my JVC HA-FXT90. The HA-FXT 90's are literally in the top two or three, and I parted with earphones three and four times the price as these sonic gems. They have a wonderfully thick note presentation, deep bass, which is both controlled and aggressive, with a wide soundstage and above average imaging and instrument separation. These are one of those rare earphones that are equally at home with an audiophile AND the layman with commercial audio tastes. Despite the fact that they are driven by TWO carbon drivers (One a carbon coated tweeter, and the other a carbon nanotube woofer), these are the most comfortable earphones next to my former UE 7 customs and my UE 700. They are built not just gorgeously. so you look really cool wearing them, but they have solid strain relief, thick tangle resistant cords, and a chin slider that reduces microphonics and allows them to be worn while working out.

Now due to the drivers being coated in carbon, which makes the diaphrams much harder and sturdier than most commercial drivers, these earphones need ample time to burn in (this is either blasting the drivers with pink noise, white noise, and sine sweeps for a minimum of 24 hours, which you can do here : [] ), or playing bass heavy or beat heavy music on a continuous loop for 24-48 hours, or listening to music at normal levels for 100 hours + , so that you can loosen and "cure" the carbon coated diaphrams, allowing them to work at their highest and most accurate levels. Don't be afraid to aggressively BLAST the drivers, and hit them with high levels of noise. The carbon diaphrams can take it. Before burn in, the treble will sound a bit harsh, and cymbal and drum crashes sound like a "smack" sound, and the bass will not be as tight, deep, or controlled. After a couple days of burn in though, these things really begin to shine!!! You can hear details in your music you never thought was there, the cymbal crashes become more laid back and has wonderful decay and sustain times, TIMBRE is exceptionally NATURAL and accurate, and vocals are slightly up front and smooth. Bass lines are strong, deep, thick, and fun! YES...THE SOUND FROM THESE ARE FUN AND ARTICULATE! It's been a pleasure listening to them on my Sansa Fuze and Sony NWZ players, and they also sound AMAZING on my ipod touch! NO AMP. Now when i hook up my FiiO E6 amp with my Sansa, they SING! Then when I hook up the JVC HA-FXT90 to my FiiO E11 amp and my ipod touch, then you really get a measure for just how incredible these high end earphones are.

If you don't believe me? Then believe the hundreds of audiophiles and head-fiers who have given these gems 9/10 and 10/10 value ratings. The popularity of these earphones only hampered by their limited availability in the states (most vendors are Japanese and imports), but don't let this deter you from ordering. A few extra days wait will be worth it to subject yourself to audio nirvana, and you get the sense that for the asking price of under $150.00, these are truly one of the finest audio devices on the market today.
review image review image
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on December 10, 2014
I have bought these headphones twice on Amazon from 2 different sellers. The first time I bought through Kev Electronics. I received them in 5 days. The headphones were amazing - the best sound from any headphones I have owned. I own a pair of Sennheiser PX360's headphones, and though the sound is good, it's a little harsh for me. There's sibilance in the higher frequencies, plus I think they are geared more for sound accuracy than enjoyment. These Xiaomi Pistons, however, are like absolute ear candy. Much warmer, richer, fuller sound. Easier on my ears at higher volumes. They were far and away my favorite earphones that I've ever owned. And then I lost them...

I ordered a new pair from seller MartInc. It took a little over 3 weeks to arrive from Hong Kong. I received them yesterday. And boy was I mad, because they were total counterfeit fakes. I had that sinking feeling just opening the packaging, because it was a lot cheaper quality materials than the ones I bought from Kev Electronics. Noticeably so. There was no faint smell of chocolate in the rubber housing. Even the earphones were visibly cheap & low quality - lack of precision milling, things looked rough. The attention to quality wasn't there. And then I plugged them in.... it was like the sound quality of dollar store headphones. Awful - like really, really, really awful and unlistenable.

To give credit to MartInc, they did give me a full refund right away. They said they bought these from the Xiaomi store. I'm certain this is not the case, as someone noted in another review these cost 99 Yuan in china (around $16), so the $14.50 I paid doesn't match up with the cost of earphones plus shipping from China, plus some profit for the seller. I don't know if they were truthful, but they did refund my money.

According to one of the sellers (Booolo) who answered a question on one of the many Xiaomi Piston listings, you can't get legit ones for less than $21 because of the costs of the earphones themselves plus the cost of shipping from China where these are sold & manufactured. So take my advice and don't go the cheap route. There is a massive difference in sound quality between the real thing and the counterfeit.

I have now ordered a 3rd pair from Green Shopping, this time the commemorative 2.1 edition. Kev Electronics doesn't sell this version, otherwise it would have been a no brainer to buy from them again. Hopefully this goes well.

I bought the ones from MartInc because I could get the free shipping through Amazon with the bundle of things I ordered. I took a gamble hoping it was going to work out okay. Let this be a warning.... don't go the cheap route.

I've posted pictures below showing the difference in packaging between the two. The fit and finish of the counterfeit is noticeably of poorer quality. It's also lighter colored. The rubber packaging on the real thing is harder; on the counterfeit it's floppier, uneven and with little pieces of rubber sticking out along the edges. You can also see that the replacement rubber ear pieces fit snugly on the real thing, but on the counterfeit they are loose with a sloppier fit. The real thing came with a metal clip, the counterfeit did not. The real one has the letters S, M, and L on the bottom of the plastic case (small, medium, large). The fake has symbols (a phone and musical notes instead.) I don't have pictures of the real earphones to compare, just the fakes. As I mentioned earlier I lost mine and haven't obtained legit replacements yet.

Other buyers have mentioned getting legit ones from sellers Zhengnan'shop and Boat2014, though I don't know if they still sell them or not.

As a side note, quote: "The volume control doesn’t work for Apple devices. But the remote control keys work, i.e answer phone and pause/play." This isn't important to me because I use my iPhone to control these functions, not the inline controls on the earphone cable. So if this is a deal breaker for you, now you know.

Hopefully all of this will be helpful to you in getting the real thing.
review image review image review image review image
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on November 26, 2014
I decided to come back and edit this review after owning these for a bit. I picked a pair of these up in black at Best Buy for $100. I wanted bluetooth headphones for multiple purposes. Beyond just phone calls, I got annoyed with the tangled mess of wired headphones and switching them between phone/tablet/laptop/pc. So to start off I really like them. No more tangled headphones and it's just click and pair. I always know where they're at since they're on my neck.
Overall they have good sound quality (But only if you have a Samsung product that can control the EQ), features and are fairly comfortable. I would say these are very feature heavy and probably my favorite daily-driver headphones. The simple unclip the magnets to answer calls, reclip to end. Touch sensitive volume control. Vibrating for notifications. Good battery life. While some people may not like the neck brace, I actually like it. These can also pair with 2 devices at once.

I will get a little detailed on why I still can't give these 5 stars:

1) The first time you pair them with a Samsung device you'll be prompted to download the gear app. It will give you control over the EQ settings, notifications etc. It works flawlessly on my Note 4. BUT, for my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014, even after pairing and downloading the app, the app cannot find the headphones. You'll be able to use them, just not have the control features. Update Jan 19: The Gear App for the Note 10.1 still does not work. In fact, it doesn't even work for my Gear S.

2) The little flap that covers the usb port is annoying. It feels kind of cheap. It's very hard to open with the neck brace attached. And when I try to just close it, it will not sit flush. To get it to, I need to pull the back side up that swivels around, push the front down, then push the swiveling area down. This may just be my unit, but if yours does this to, that's how to close it flush.

Update 3) I'm adding more. First, every once in a while I'll get a split second skipping of the audio. Second, every time you go to pair with a device that has the Gear App (that actually works) it has to open the App first and then it often takes an annoying amount of seconds to actually pair. Last is the symbol in your notifications panel. It's already cluttered enough, when you connect to the headphones the symbol is always there and every time it disconnects you get another notification. There's just too much going on.

Update 4) I find the earphones that connect together, while it's all functional and nice, protrude a little too much when wearing a jacket. You cannot wear a heavy coat and stick these underneath. They'll show an annoying little bump on your chest that you can feel until they pop apart. This is very minor and only effects you during winter if you are wearing a heavy coat.

They're typical Samsung, made of plastic but very light weight. While I will never love this because of the cheap feel, it does make sense since it's light and durable. These headphones offer more than just sound, they're a wearable with some practicality. They solved my biggest gripes of daily-driver all-purpose headphones and add a lot of functionality specifically when in Samsung's ecosystem. Last but not least is they look good. More futuristic than anything. They carry a brand name the average joe knows and relates to quality. I don't find them embarrassing to wear which is truly one of the biggest concerns with wearables. Update: I've had people comment on the headphones thinking they're pretty neat. They are definitely unique and come off as expensive workout headphones. I believe Samsung really nailed these down on overall design.

For their first attempt they got it right. But these are not for everyone. If you own a Samsung phone I would say these are a clear winner for bluetooth headphones. They simply do way more than normal at a good price point. If you're an audiophile there's probably better options I'm not aware of. If you own anything outside of a Samsung phone just pass on these. The Gear App is what makes them come to life.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon March 5, 2014
Once again I'm speechless, sitting down with a pair of $24.90 headphones that look and sound better than a number of other popular brand name IEMs that cost 4x-5x that much. How is it possible? For a lot of us who live in US and EU, there is a whole world of great headphone brands from Asia we never even heard of. After reading and participating in a number of discussions on head-fi, I decided to look into much talked about Xiaomi Pistons currently on their 2nd generation release.

I know the price of under $25 sounds ridiculous for anything of a high quality, but you have to trust me - these headphones are simply amazing! I know a lot of you see the name and the model and quickly get on Google to search for the best deals. Here is a thing, when it comes to these particular in-ear headphones, any search will yield a lot of results with fake models. And because those often cost almost as much or a few dollars less than original, it's really hard to find a trusted seller of Pistons. That is a reason I'm providing you Amazon link of a trusted seller who has real Pistons v2 in stock. Be very careful when placing an order even with amazon where you have multiple sellers, and make sure its with Zhengnan'shop. Apparently there used to be other sellers under the same listing which turned out to be fake ones. The one I received came from Zhengnan'shop, I confirmed it to be the real deal!

OK, since I got that explanation out of the way, let's take a closer look at the headphones itself. The small carton box they arrived in turned out to be a one piece design which unfolded with instructions and other info. Unfortunately, everything was in Chinese, but I can certainly appreciate the originality of this design. Once you take the actual box out, you are presented with a gorgeous view of golden in-ear headphones inside of jewelry-like box. When you lift the cover, the first thing you notice is... a smell. I know what you might think, probably a smell of toxic plastic? Absolutely not, you are getting a smell of a chocolate. Yes, I did say "chocolate". There is a lot of thought that went into design of these headphones and their packaging, including one of the most original presentation with a piece of molded rubber insert that houses earphones, inline remote, a plug, a cord which gets wrapped around, and also made out of material with a sweet smell of chocolate. Underneath on the bottom of the box you will find 3 bonus sets of eartips and a really cool shirt clip (a very original design). Once you take the headphones out, you can't help but notice how super lightweight these are and how detailed is their design. Everything from headphone housing to in-line remote (which also serves as cable y-splitter) and 3.5mm connector is made out of lightweight aluminum alloy material with a gold finish and laser etched circular lines. Everything feels solid, durable, and very premium quality. The cord itself is tangle free, and the portion between splitter-remote and 3.5mm plug has a threaded coating which almost looks like a shoelace. The part of the cable from the splitter-remote up to headphones has a durable rubbery coating attached to earpieces with a decent strain relief.

There is no doubt, Pistons have a very luxurious look and feel, but how about the sound quality? Once you put these in your ears, get ready for a very pleasant surprise!!! Featuring a patented beryllium diaphragm, I found these dynamic drivers to cover quite an extended frequency range. The first thing you will notice a rich deep bass which extends quite nicely down to a powerful sub-bass layer while still having a well controlled punchy mid-bass. The selection of a proper eartip size to create the best seal with your earcanal will play a significant role in the amount of bass you will hear. With my selection of medium eartips, I found the bass quantity to be definitely boosted. Not quite at basshead level, but enough to feel it. At the other side of the spectrum, treble was very clear and smooth, hardly any hint of sibilance. Mids were detailed, a bit recessed, but still leveled enough to enjoy vocals. Overall the sound was bright and balanced with a little bit of v-shaped eq, a nice low end enhancement, and in general very airy and smooth. Of course, as great as they sound, it will not replace $500 multi-driver IEMs with a fuller body sound and better separation, but the fact I'm even bringing up a comparison of $25 to $500 in-ear headphones can tell you how highly I think of these. The soundstage was above average thanks to semi-open design with a port on the back of these headphones. Despite that, they actually had a decent passive noise isolation, but as I mentioned above a good seal with a proper eartip is very important to achieve that.

Usually I don't spend too much time talking about in-line remote, but in case of Pistons it deserves a special mentioning. Every pair of headphones I reviewed so far with in-line remote never had a set of volume controls that works with Android phones. Typically you have multi-function button which is universal between android and apple devices, mic for taking calls, and up/down volume for iPhones. Well, Xiaomi is actually a very well known Chinese android smartphone maker, and that is why their headphones were designed specifically for android phones. Though I only tested it with my Galaxy Note 2, the volume control worked perfectly!!!!! Furthermore, multi-function button worked great for play/pause/call with a single click, skip next with a double click, and skip prev with a triple click, and long-press for Google Now. No additional software was necessary, everything worked by default. Also, phone calls were loud and clear.

Overall, I found Xiaomi Pistons 2 to be one of the best value headphones I have tested in a very long time!!! The combination of a sexy design, durable construction, amazing sound quality with a great bass, and full remote control compatibility with android phones makes this a MUST have accessory which gets my high recommendation.
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