Customer Reviews: JLab JBuds J5M Metal Earbuds Style Headphones (Black / Electric Blue)
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Style: earbuds with Mic|Color: Black / Electric Blue|Product Packaging: Standard Packaging|Change
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on November 22, 2011
Out of the package these look a lot like the j3s but in a great new package. It's like a foil bag that you just rip open. The 45 degree angle plug isn't quite as good as a 90 but it's an improvement. The stress pints on the cable are beefed up compared to the j3s but not as bulky as the j4s. The wire is plenty long and seems very delicate and its rubbery feeling instead of slick like the j3s. Most of my jbuds last 3 -6 months so we'll wait and see. The mic is in a great place, it's closer to the y in the cable and just feels better using the control functions. They changed their warranty and it sucks now. If you're looking for the best warranty it's skullcandy HANDS DOWN!

These are SUPER comfortable, hardly notice them in my ear. The tips are soft. They feel light in your tugging or fatigue. I really like the grill on the back. Gives them a good look in your ears. Also great for sleeping because they don't stick out too far.

As for the sound its very good. Very warm sound and crisp highs. Didn't notice any mixing of the mids and bass like the j3s but I haven't been using these long. So far seems very balanced and clear.
If these had a lifetime warranty like skullcandy these would be 5 stars.

Update 12-8-11 After a good 40 hour burn in the sound is quite stunning. They claim 23khz as the high end and you can tell. The highs are very crisp. The separation of the highs, mids, and bass are quite amazing for buds in this price range. They honestly sound as good as my klipsch image s4s. Def a good buy

Update 1-15-12 I've had these less than 2 months and the left earbud tube literally separated from the housing. I have kept these in a samba case at all times and only use them at home. In other words they were well taken care of. The buds still function but when I pull them out of my ears the left one separates. I am going to try their warranty process but my expectations are low. I've had bad experiences with jlab in the recent past. I've heard from friends and here in the reviews that they often reject your return saying nothing is wrong. Guess we'll see. I'll update when I get through the warranty process. Gotta drop the rating a star for durability. If they mess with me on the warranty it'll drop another. I uploaded 2 photos so you could see what happened

Update 1-28-12 Went thru the warranty process and received my replacements fairly quickly. It cost $4 to ship in the defects. Only thing that would have made it better was if they'd have let me pick a diff color like skullcandy does.

Update 7-9-12 Thought it was worth noting the control functions do not work with my android device running 2.2(froyo). They do work with my device running 2.3(gingerbread). So I assume if you're running 2.3 or later you'll be good.
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on November 20, 2011
I just got a pair of J5s and have been really impressed with the quality of the build. I have owned a lot of headphones before from all the major brands and have kind of stuck on JLab products because a) I don't like waiting in line at stores so I buy everything on Amazon and b) Jbuds are typically the least expensive decent quality earbuds on here. I go through my buds pretty quickly as I bring them everywhere with me and usually wind up leaving them somewhere eventually. I was a big fan of the J4s and have a couple pairs of those. I liked the durability and the sound clarity was great. For my most recent purchase, I decided to try the newer version because they were a bit cheaper and I didn't need a case. Here are my initial thoughts:

Sound quality- These are some of the best headphones I have ever owned for clarity of the music. I feel like I do not have to turn my iphone volume as loud as with other buds to get a decent volume level. Also, at the louder volumes, there is no distortion. This has been a problem in the past with other earphones I have used.
Look and feel great- I am a fan of the rounder tear drop shape of the buds. I prefer this over some of the boxier earbuds or the ones that look like they come from another planet. The J5s are super comfortable in your ears and you can wear them all day without any discomfort. The grill on the back is cool and is a nice touch.
The jack- JLAB has restyled the jack and the new one feels really solid and well constructed.

No case- The J5s do not come with a case. This was not a big deal for me as I have a couple extra. I think that you can buy the case separate if this is important for you.
Thinner cable- The cable on the J5s is thinner than the J4s. This is a better design if you need it for running or when you are on the move but some people might prefer the heavier cable.

The J5s are the best sounding buds I have ever used and it is pretty incredible that they only cost $30. If you want a thicker cable and case, look into the more expensive J4s though.
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on December 13, 2011
As a bit of a preface, I tend to work in environments that are noisy, and the work I do leans towards long periods of concentration to maintain productivity. For this reason, I choose to keep music playing at almost all times. I have used many different kinds of headphones in my several years as an audio freak, going from giant over-the-ear bass boosters to hilariously intrusive canalphones. For convenience, seal, and price, I have found JBuds to rarely disappoint. What is more, they are surprisingly rugged (in my experience), and take the abuse I randomly dole out rather well.

To break it down simply:

- Impressive seal that allows you to listen to music lower and still hear more.
... This is important to me, as this causes the earbuds to function like portable ear plugs that shoot the wonderful tunes right into my ear, just the way I like it.
- Not intrusive at all, and quite a comfortable fit.
... This prevents what some call "ear fatigue," or a pain that develops from having earbuds or canalphones in too long. I experienced this with the J4s, but the shape of the J5s are much more kind to me.
- Sound range is very good for the price range.
... Keep in mind that while these may seem expensive, they are only mid-range for LOW-END headphones. The bass bumps a respectable amount, and the treble is crisp. It helps tons if you use your EQ intelligently, but these work well enough even on Windows Media Player.

- Much like the J3s, these earbuds will seem to "short" if there is pressure placed on them from the outside while they are being worn.
... Typically not an issue, but if you are in bed or leaning your head sideways against a chair, if just about anything touches your ear, the seal will be messed and the sound will be ruined until the pressure is removed.
- A lot of transferrence of external inertial noise through the wire.
... I forget the exact term for this, but it comes down to being able to hear any rubbing or bumping against the headphone wires. Mind you, this is a common failing of ALL in-ear headphones, and is generally something you will learn to ignore.

I'm not sure why a case would be any sort of deal breaker or decision maker, but I will note that it made no difference to me, as I use the epic carrying pack that came with my J4s.

In closing: JBuds are far from perfect products, and I would always caution a buyer to do their research on what kind of headphone is best for you. However, for their price and durability, I prefer no other types of headphones more when on the go.
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on November 28, 2011
i recently purchased this pair of jbuds due to the quality provided by the previous models. it seems that this new j5 model has worked out many of the problems with the previous models. the earbud is no longer heavy due to the metal composite (like the j4) but is still maintains a metal shell. the sound quality is amazing with a clear bass too. the track control is a nice feature too!

track control instructions:
1 press- pause/play/answer call/hang up.
2 press- skip song.
3 press- previous song.

like any other buds, keep them safe and dont handle these roughly. it only takes a a quick accidental yank to ddestroy ANY pair of buds. keep them safe and they will serve you for at least 8 months.
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on December 5, 2011
I have personally bought 4 pairs of JLabs Jbuds, from the Jbuds all the way to the J4's. I had originally bought them for the colors and the price, but after hearing what they'll do, I can't bring myself to buy anything else. I usually rock a $50 pair of Sony buds, but after getting the J5's, I really have no use for them. These things are more comfortable than every other set of buds I've ever had. These things are very well worth the price. If you're looking for comfort, sound quality, volume, clarity, bass and really nice style, these are the way to go.

The small cord is an added bonus for me also, I hate a thick cord weighing down the buds and pulling out of my ears. I haven't put them through the standard 24 hour break in period the other Jbuds need, but I'm not even noticing that they actually need it. I've only had them in my ears for a short time and have already had multiple eargasms.

These buds are absolutely amazing, affordable, and what everyone on my Christmas list is getting.
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on December 12, 2011
Very good sound quality, strong bass.

Any sort of rubbing/contact with the cord causes VERY LOUD noise in the headphones. I tried workout out with them, and it was very annoying. I cannot recommend using these headphones unless you are sitting still, even wearing them just walking around is not pleasant due to these noises. I will stick with my Sennheiser 380's for the gym

Earbud material not very comfortable, and feels somewhat cheap and stiff. The extra large buds are HUGE! I usually wear XL but these are just a bit too big. However the normal large is a bit too small, so I ended using some extra earbuds I had from another set, which fit pretty well.

Good value for the 19.95 lightning deal, however material quality (cord, earbuds) is lacking. I will just be using these at work in my cubicle. For 30 dollars, I would recommend getting a pair of Sennheiser's.
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on December 5, 2011
If you are "upgrading" from J3s, be aware that it doesn't feel like an upgrade. Was shocked that a case is not included... it didn't say there was, but family members and I have five pairs of JBuds J3 and let's just say it's an expectation (reasonable or not). The phones seem pretty good (still breaking them in) so we'll see. Don't forget to play at high volume for 24-48 hours. Also, the J3 has a raised letter on the left bud so I can tell which ear in low light. Not so on the J5 - both feel the same. Buy the J3, get a tangle free, sturdy cord, neck tension adjuster, tactile marking on ear buds, and a free case. JLab J3 Micro Atomic In-Ear Earphones with Travel Case - Jet Black
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on July 29, 2013
These headphones have decent sound and are attractive, but lasted exactly the length of the warranty and (literally) started to come apart at the seams. I first noticed problems with the microphone and ipod controls about 6 months in. The product became useless after about 13 months, when the headphones stopped producing any sound at all -- probably due to the seal and joints holding the cable to the plug coming apart. If the price is worth a year of use to you, by all means pull the trigger. If you are looking for something more long term, I'd look elsewhere.


The very same day I posted this review, I received a reply to the review from JLab. They assured me that the product was defective and this was the exception, not the rule. They then directed me to the customer support page on their website and it was all too easy to make a claim and receive a replacement set of these defective headphones, even outside of the warranty period. So, although I am pleased with the reasonable customer service of this company, I will revisit my rating of the product only once I have had an opportunity to see if the set I had was one of just a few defective products, or the manufacturing quality on this model simply isn't up to par.


After having these replaced, they have once again suffered the same fate of the first Jlab J5M headphones. At 3 months, the casing from the microphone assembly came undone, leaving part of the assembly to slide up and down the wire. Then, after about 6 months of use, the wire that connects the plug to my iPhone has stopped working properly. If the wire isn't positioned perfectly, the sound stops entirely, requiring random jiggling of the cable to get any sound whatsoever. Very annoying when you're trying to work out. Despite assurances that these defects are the exception to the rule, I am forced to conclude to the contrary. Not saying don't buy them--the price is right, the sound is decent and they fit nicely in the ear--just do so with the awareness that this product is not built to last.
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on November 29, 2011
These are good, they just sound flatter/less dynamic then my J3's do. Combine with the J3's come with a case and thicker cord, ten dollars more in price, and this is actually an expensive "down grade" for someone. I tested using an iPod touch, flat mix, equal volume. The J3's just sounded better and were also louder with more bass. Equally sized ear canal inserts were used. One positive is the J5 seems to stay in my ears better then the J3 when I exercise. I'll keep them (J5) for back ups, and I prefer the "ear bud" style headphone to the stock in your ear iPod headphone. All in all a decent ear bud, just not as good IMHO as the J3s. Link for the j3:
JLab J3 Micro Atomic In-Ear Earphones with Travel Case - Jet Black
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on March 24, 2012
This is probably my first time actually buying headphones. Previously I never had to, as I simply used the ones that came with ipod. But the iPod ear buds broke, so I was looking around for some great earbuds. My friend told me about JLab, Sehensier and SkullCandy. I checked out all 3, and ultimately I went with JLabs J5 because the inline mic would be useful. This cost more, but I guess you get what you pay for.

The earbuds came in a pretty small, thin packaging. What comes in it? The earbuds, 4 size tips, a clip, and a card containing the serial number. NO manual is included, but the card sends you online to access the manual.

When I get earphones, the main thing I look at is sound quality, how comfortable it is in my ears. The sound quality is amazing. I'm not even an audiophile, but even I could tell this is a significant upgrade over my original earbuds. Songs sound crystal clear, bass is good, it sounds like there is a mini-subwoofer in my head. While playing one song, I heard some strange noise, and I had to pause because I thought there was something wrong with my earbuds, or something's out there is going on. Apparently it's not any background noise, it's part of the instrumental in the song. While wearing these earbuds, I was able to discover new elements in songs that I have previously never known. Amazing! Now I'm listening to my music library over, rediscovering missing elements of a song. The Earbuds are incredibly comfortable as well, once you put them in, you can barely feel them. They have an earplug effect, so once you play a song, you totally isolate yourself from the outside world. There are 4 size tips, from 1-4(smallest to biggest). I have smaller ears, and I found that the size 2 are the best fit for me. If you think the earbuds aren't comfortable, you are likely using the wrong size tips. Don't assume which one will be the best, try on all of them for a while and see for yourself.

I made a couple phonecalls with the mic. I used a Droid Incredible 2. Call quality was clear, and my girlfriend had no problem hearing me. There is one button on the mic, pressing it once plays/pauses your song. Pressing it twice skips to the next, while trice skips to previous. This button worked for both the iPod Touch 4G and Android Phones. Not sure about other devices.

The earphones will stay in your ears during workouts. One way you can prevent it from falling out is to wrap it up and around your head. The downside is that sound of the cord hitting your body while running. Personally it isn't a big distraction to me. It's normal for sound-proof earbuds though, ever tried on an earplug? You can solve that problem by using the clip on the cord. The J4s look a lot more durable than this

Overall, excellent earbuds. However, the J4s do look more durable than this. Durability is something that can only be tested with time. I've only had these for about a week. I'll update this after a while, and see how these earbuds hold up. As for now, I'm happy with my purchase.
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