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on May 21, 2013
Very simple charger that has simple readout but no real instructions. For me that was not a problem as the device and readings where very intuative. First of all you slide the silver pin towards the bottom to insert the battery (Look on device for polarity) If you get it wrong it won't charge so no worries.

Here are the lights and what they mean:

All 3 flashing together=Bad Battery. Dispose of properly (not in the trash)
All 3 lighting up in sequence=charging a drained battery
First one stays lit and other two cycle=Charging a partially charged battery
First two lights stay lit and last one is blinking =Battery almost charged
All three fully lit=battery charged

Blue light on means power is to unit.

If you unplug the device and plug it again the charger will go through a test mode for a few seconds and then restarts the charging process.

The bottom of the unit can get rather hot. I will give the actual temps the next time I use this unit at home which will be in a few weeks. If you have something that is sensitive to heat like a fine wood table, I would suggest either placing this unit elsewhere or put something underneath the unit that will not retain heat like a cloth or towel.


Easy to use, just plug in, place batteries and let it charge
Can charge any number of batteries at a time up to 4. Many other chargers must be done in pairs. One reason this can be real bad is that if you put a dead battery and a battery that needs to be topped off in the same channel the charger you won't get the best results. This charger has 4 independant channels.
Can charge any combination of batteries AAA, AA Nicad and/or NIMH even 3.7 volt LION
Can charge 18650 batteries 3.7 volt LION
Has port of car power input (adapter not included)


Does not have refresh mode
Lights are nice and easy to read, but no display of exact charge/volts/mah
Blinking lights could be distracting at night. I'm thinking dorm room I strongly suggest not cover the unit up (Fire hazard) but perhaps using a little white out over lights or tape to dim them if this is a problem.
Made in China like everything else. When it fails it become another thing in the trash.

Not sure if this is a problem, but this unit does not have a plug built into the unit it has a short cord. I am not a big fan of the plug in chargers to be honest. For people that travel it does make it easier and more compact, the minus to that is the plugs that flip out look so flimsy and is just another weak point of failure IMO. Sometimes you take two spots to just plug this type in or in my case a plug in is unusable in my computer room where I intend to use it because the power strip only has a small spot for power left.

I bought a different unit that had a refresh cycle and a power adapter instead of a cord. Part of the heat build up in this unit I'm sure is the transformer.
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on March 15, 2013
This is a nice charger, it seems durable enough and charges at the correct rate for my 18650's and other batteries. It may not be the 'best' charger out there, but it seems to be pretty good for the price, and is commercially available.

The first thing you will notice with the packaging is the misspelled Intellicharger... These, like many of the chargers are made in China, and misspellings of english words are common. But if they misspelled the wording, what else is not exactly right? It does make you wonder about quality.

So far I've used it to charge my Fenix Li-ION 18650 batteries, Ni-MH batteries, etc... And after charging the voltages are correct. I do however hear a low grade 'hum' coming out of the unit, I don't know if that is an issue or not, but it doesn't affect the charging.

I'll go over the PROs and CONs of the unit:


+ Inexpensive, readily available unit.
+ Looks and feels durable.
+ Charges at 1A for 18650 batteries.
+ Charge is correct for my batteries.
+ Three different charging modes (CC, CV, Trickle)
+ Smart, it determines the battery type and what charge rate to apply.
+ Overcharge protection.
+ Charges many different types of rechargeable batteries (Li-ion, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd).
+ Charges many different sizes of rechargeable batteries.


- Low grade hum coming from unit.
- May not be right for all 18650 batteries.
- Three vs. four charging modes of less readily available chargers.

Overall I like this charger, I charge in the garage and store this charger in a ziplock bag when not in use, with a moisture absorbent to avoid dust/moisture getting to the unit. I like this charger, and despite the misspelling it works as advertised and is available here on Amazon for a fair price.

Overall recommended.
review image
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on April 1, 2013
This charger used to be the best in the world, it charges every rechargeable batteries and very well constructed. Now the best got better, this is the PRO 2013 3rd generation. Very nicely built, gotta love the spring slides they added, and charge up all rechargeable batteries perfectly, no over heat and smartly know what type of batteries inserted and charge accordingly.
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on April 6, 2013
I ordered this item based on prior reviews. The first one I ordered arrived quickly but, unfortunately, was dead on arrival. Plugged it in, no LED's lit up. Put in a couple Li-Ion 18650's making sure polarity was correct, no charging lights came on, no buzz, no nothing. Tested the 120VAC power cord and it was OK. Wiggled the power connectors and batteries, nada.

It looked to be reasonably well built. Too bad it was DOA. Fortunately Amazon's return process is very easy. It's on it way back for a refund (no exchanges from this vendor; Performance Outdoor Gear).

I'm willing to try again and will update this review accordingly.

Update on 18AUG2013:
Now that the second unit has proven itself to show some level of reliability I've upgraded the rating to 4 stars. If the first unit had worked this would have been a 5 star rating.
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on July 24, 2013
I recieve the product in good time and everything was in the package. When I installed the batteries to be charged everything seemed fine for only 15 min. Then the charger started Sparking and smoking! I unplugged the charger, took it out side until it stopped smoking. This charged shorted out after just 15 min. of use!!! So I don't recommened this product for anyone. It has manufacture problems!!! I believe it was made overseas!!
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on April 20, 2013
The 5 star rating I am giving is price point specific, meaning you get what you pay for. It's a cheaply made product that does exactly what it's advertised to do. I also own a second generation model, the one with plastic rather than stainless steel, for the price difference this is the one to get. The batteries slide SO much easier in the bays, major improvement! The other thing I really like is the power cord. It's a high quality very flexible design. The charger indicator lights are a breeze to understand and are highly visible. One feature that could be a bit annoying to some is the blue power on indicator light. It's quite bright and stays on unless you unplug the unit or have a separate switch. I have all my chargers on a separate power bar which I turn off when not in use so this in not an issue for me. If your looking for a basic 4 bay charger that will charge your lithium and NiMH,NiCd batteries this is a decent charger.
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on June 3, 2013
I bought one of these chargers to charge my lithium flashlight batteries. First day I got it, I inserted a couple 18650 batteries, and a couple 14500's. The charger got extremely hot to the touch and you could really smell the "burning electronics" smell we all hate. I ended up returning the charger for a refund. I replaced it with the virtually identical NiteCore Intellicharger i4, and that has been flawless for a few weeks so far.

I gave it 3 stars since it did work and did charge the batteries to a consistent 4.20v. I just honestly didn't trust the charger not lasting, and not burning my house down.
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on June 20, 2013
This little charger is surprisingly diverse and effective. I got this to use, as a supplement to my radiant energy (back EMF) pulse-motor charging method that currently requires constant monitoring attention. For these little battery sizes, it does the automated set-and-leave mode rather well, freeing up my time somewhat for other responsibilities. All of the different batteries that I've run through it, four sizes so far, have been slowly trickle-charged initially or recharged.

Two neutral observations:
- The charger plug-end (positive [+] end) gets noticeably warm to the touch while charging, but the batteries stay cool. I wonder how big the heat-sink is?
- The plastic body seems to be reasonably well made, although I can see where it could be (depending on the plastic compound) a tad bit heavier.

The only negative that I can see so far is that the cradle design won't accommodate four 26650's side by side. Every other slot for that size needs to be used.

I'll try to update in a while as use and function durability needs to be evaluated as well.

2016-02 Update: I updated to a 2015 version. If this is available still at a sizeable reduced price, It worked fine so I'd still recommend it.
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on January 30, 2014
Even when you leave them in too long. I have 2 of these. I charge Eneloop AA and AAA batteries as well as Lion 18650s in it, at the same time.

You do need to pay attention to the assymetry of the charger if you are going to mix things and you care about charge time. There are really only 2 chargers charging 4 batteries. So if you charge 2 batteries but put them both on the same charger circuit it will take twice as long.

OK, I lied in the title - it does not charge 9V batteries or button cells:-)
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on August 13, 2013
My previously used dedicated dumb chargers for Li-ion and Ni-Mh all had a common charging circuit. So when it indicated that all were fully charged, they weren't. For example when my 18650 Li-ion battery charger showed 4 completely charged, but 1 might meter at 4.06 volts and another might meter at 4.20 volts. So obviously the first battery to be topped off cut off the charger.

This JETBeam charger has 4 individual charging circuits for each cell. So each battery is charged to it's full charge. A huge plus. The Led's show each battery individually as it is being charged and when it is full. And I have confirmed the voltage consistency by metering freshly charged batteries, and after they have set for an hour or so, and all are the same or very close to each other. One thing to watch with button top batteries is be sure they are centered on the + contact & the led is on, the batteries can easily slip a little and lose contact.

I really like the La Crosse chargers with the digital voltage readout for each battery and the refresh mode. But considering that they are between 30.00 + 60.00, and they only charge Ni-Mh batteries. I decided that the JETBeam was a much better buy for versatility, performance, and price.

I have used this for 2 months and put it through many charge cycles to insure an accurate review. It has worked flawlessly. Considering that it automatically senses and charges Li-on, Ni-Mh and Ni-Cd batteries, can charge 1,2,3, or 4 batteries, even mixed types & sizes at the same time, is of very good quality, and at this price is an excellent buy.

I also chose The JETBeam because it is the latest model(Gen.3) which has improved stainless steel battery slides that are super smooth. I put a small dab of lithium grease with a Qtip on the slides, moved them back and forth a few times and it made the already smooth slides even better. You can also use vaseline. I am very pleased with this charger and highly recommend it.

It is also available in White.--> JETBeam IntelliCharger i4 PRO Charger V3 - 3rd Generation - 2013 Enhanced Version (WHITE) - for charging 18650, 16340(RCR123), 14500, etc.

Thanks for reading. I hope someone finds my review helpful in making a buying decision.
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