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on September 29, 2012
This item was EXACTLY as described. My friend had one of these all purpose blankets. When I saw hers, I had to know where she had gotten hers. Every time the family and I went on an outing, I always wished I had brought something to sit on and not just a traditional blanket, but something sturdier and waterproof. This is it!!!

I have to write, I was a little nervous after having read some of the reviews. I think that the J.J. Cole company really cares about their product and their consumers because all of the issues that had people had written about were none issues. This product did not smell like a petroleum product at all. I have one of the most sensitive noses around. I can't handle the smell of perfumes or non-natural based cleaning products. I'm telling you not a problem. I stuck my nose all over this product! Lol. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but I couldn't smell anything. I also have a seven month old baby, so I was concerned about him crawling on something that could be toxic. Again, non-issue. Didn't have to wash it or air it out.

The strap. Sewn on well. Hasn't broken yet. We shall see how that pans out. Also, there is an outer pocket. Would be nice if it had a flap on it to keep things from, potentially, falling out. This hasn't happened to me, but I could see if you were swinging it around where small things could fall out. It is a rather deep pocket that would fit several diapers and a small travel case of wipes without a problem. Of course, once you got to where you were going you would need to take items out to flatten the blanket out anyway. The pocket is strictly to hold a few things until you get where you are going.

Velcro closure, yes, stuff could get stuck in it if you weren't careful about unfolding. There is a way that the Velcro folds up against the material so that debris, leaves, etc., doesn't get all stuck. Also, do be careful, if you are wearing something delicate like silk, the Velcro could stick and snag delicate clothing. I had on a casual silk sweater and when I was trying to fold it up, I had to be very careful not to snag it, but it could snag up a swimsuit when trying to fold it up. This DID NOT occur when I was sitting on it, as the Velcro is underneath the mat.

Color of mat, mine was called grey and red. This is referring to the color of the trim and the exterior material, not the interior pattern. So, if you order gray/green, it means the exterior is gray and the trim is green. I was a bit surprised that other reviewers hadn't figured that out.

Size is roomy. Five foot by five foot. Perfect to sit on or eat a picnic on. Yes, if you are trying to seat a small village you will need two or more. I actually have a small village, myself, hubby, and four kids, and we were fine. I kept reading how people think it's too small, not to be rude, but I think they might just have more girth than others. It's plenty roomy for trimmer people. I wasn't sure how else to word that in a politically correct fashion. Please don't shoot the messenger.

Overall, love my product!!! Was exactly what I had been looking for.
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on June 23, 2012
I bought this blanket when my first baby was born - 4 years ago. I used it for my baby's tummy time, took it to the beach numerous times, then I used to protect my bed from my daughters night time accident. Now I have my second baby, it is again used as a play time mat-tummy time mat. I guess I am supposed to wipe clean, but every time it needs to be cleaned, I just throw it in the washer and hang dry. I washed it countless times and it still looks good. Color has not faded, no ripping, it might have lost a little bit of shape, but it looks like I can use this for couple more years. I love this blanket. I would highly recommend it and I would buy it again when I need a replacement.

****update November 2014*****
Ok, now it's been over six years. This product is still very much loved by my family. When we go to a park or an event, we take this blanket. I still throw this in a washer after I use it (never hand washed or wipe cleaned. - I know I am lazy). Still looks fine and I like its easy to fold!

*****update February 2016******
This product is still being used by my family. I leave this in my car and take it out when I get to the beach or park. I still throw it in a washer (too lazy to wipe clean), and I think I can use it for another year or two. Wll worth the money.
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on March 30, 2012
My family gets lots of use from this blanket. We often visit the local arboretum with its beautiful, lush grass ~ from lots of watering. So the grass is always wet! We picnic and stay dry ~ just perfect. It also does not shift when my toddler walks on it, so she's not had a slipping problem like other blankets we have used.

We usually picnic with other moms and kids. Four fit comfortably for a picnic. We don't nap on it, maybe 2 adults would fit for that purpose max. So if you are looking for a bigger blanket to sleep the afternoon away, this isn't it! But it's perfect for our picnic needs.

The fabric is a good heavy weight and is durable. Easy to wipe clean. Very nice design, visually appealing. So convenient that it folds back into it's own bag, love that feature!

UPDATE 4/19/2013:
I'm back for a 2nd blanket for a neighbor who just had a baby. Our own blue orbit blanket is still getting a lot of use and still looks great since it wipes clean so easily. We just clean ours with baby wipes, but I'm sure any cleaning wipes would do. The fabric is very durable and looks great a year later!

If this was only a tag bigger with a little more padding, I'd love it even more. But it's the best of all the outdoor blankets we've bought, and the only one that my toddler hasn't slipped on and fallen. And when it's wet out, it keeps our clothes dry :)

This go around I bought the red/gray. For some reason, the blue orbit is now up to $35. The red/gray was available for the same $29 that the blue orbit cost one year ago. Not sure why the price difference...they are just different prints, but the same blanket.
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on March 15, 2015
Best purchase ever! Folds up so easily, even with baby in my other arm. The material is easy to spot clean or machine wash. Better than a towel or blanket at the beach bc the sand literallt rolls off this mat. At the park, the grass doesnt poke through and we never feel any dampness if the ground is a little moist.

I originally purchased the skip hop mat bc it looked cuter, but quickly returned it bc it was hard to fold back together and it was harder to wash.

I get stopped every single time we use it by other parents wanting to know where they can buy one. Def a great purchase and has held up quite well for the frequency we use it.
review image
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on April 17, 2008
This padded blanket is thick enough to pad whatever you are sitting on, plus heavy enough not to blow in the wind or get wadded up under wiggly people. Just shake the sand off, or wipe off any spills. (The only thing that stained it was red clay from a lake.) It's perfect for the little babies at the park or beach, but it's also great for adults and big kids. The only draw back is that it isn't light to carry, but it folds neatly and easily and comes with a great strap.
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on July 1, 2014
On my first day I spilled punch on it but the liquid just formed a pebble. Just like what you would expect for a water resistant material! I've been having so much fun with the blanket. It;s so comfy and soft but super bonus points for resisting almost all stains. Sit 3 to 4 comfortably or two adults lying down. I'm 6'5 and a big guy. Sitting Indian style I take up 1/4th of the blanket. I just wish there was another larger size of this built in the same way. So I bought two of these instead. The little bit extra you get for this blankets largest version (5x7) is not worth the $20 increase. Just pay another $30 for a second one.
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on January 7, 2014
I purchased this blanket in 2009 for use at ourdoor concerts a local town offers every Friday night. At these concerts, people set up blankets and chairs on a grassy knoll, and I knew I wanted something durable, water-resistant, and light-weight to carry in and out of the concerts each week. The JJ Cole All-Purpose Blanket was the perfect choice for this!

1) DURABILITY-- This blanket has easily handled five years of weekly use, with toddlers, preschoolers, and now school-agers wrestling on it, "surfing" on it while dancing to music, using it as a sled down hills, and spilling tons of food and drinks on it. It has also easily held up with the near constant folding and unfolding, throwing it in the back of the car, and even (yes!) running over it with my car. It still looks practically brand new after five years of true abuse. The ONLY sign of "use" it shows is the dead grass stuck in the velcro on the enclosure.

2) WATER RESISTANCE-- Made of a nylon fabric with several layers, this blanket has worked BEAUTIFULLY on slightly damp grass, keeping me 100% dry. It is also water-resistant on the top od the blanket and has easily handled MANY spills and even a leaking diaper. It has always cleaned easily and has allowed most liquids to bead up and be easily to handle.

3) WEIGHT-- It was important to me to have a lightweight blanket so I wouldn't be weighed down too much by carrying coolers, chairs, and blankets. This blanket is perfect. It weighs very little, and because of its folding ability and handle that can be slung over one's shoulder, it is barely noticeable when being carried.

Folding this blanket is EASY. It has a cardboard insert in one part that helps guide the user about how far in to fold the blanket. It then rolls up and a velcroed flap holds it closed. EASY!

I would recommend this blanket to anyone who picnics, attends outdoor events that require sitting on the ground (kids' sporting events, perhaps?), play outside, or engage in any other such activities. I suppose this blanket could also be used indoors, especially as a play spot for babies, but I've never used it indoors, so I cannot comment on that use.
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on May 15, 2015
I did a lot of research before purchasing an outdoor blanket, and am so happy that I went with this one. As a new mom, I didn't realize that most of the time when you go to a park the grass has some condensation on it, so a water resistant blanket is a must! This blanket definitely did the job, no moisture soaked through it at all, and it was still soft enough to sit on comfortably.

Several reviews mentioned a strong smell when the blanket was new, which was something I was nervous about. I didn't smell anything, so fortunately this was not a problem for us.

This blanket is a good size, not too big, but can comfortably fit our family of 3 plus toys for the baby. I do think if we tried to add more people it would be a little too small, but 2 adults and 1 baby fit just perfectly. The blanket folds up easily and is held together with a velcro fastener, and also has a handle so that it can easily be carried or draped over the handle of a stroller. It's easy to fold it perfectly on the seams so that it velcros shut nice and compact.

The colors are nice, exactly as depicted in the photo (we got the stone color). The quality seems good as well as durable.

If I were to give any complaint, the velcro on the bottom of the blanket does seem to pick up debris. It hasn't been a huge problem so far, but I can see needing to clean it out to avoid the velcro being less effective.

I would highly recommend this blanket to any park-goers!
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on April 20, 2013
Let's face it: kids are dirty. And kids outdoor are even dirtier. This blanket provides the needed protection from the ground and is super easy to clean.

The surface of the blanket is a nylon-like material, but soft. It's not a cozy, snuggle up blanket, but a durable, waterproof mat to sit on. With actual cloth blankets, any dampness from the ground quickly soaks through and any crumbs or food end up smashed into the fabric. This blanket, however, avoids both of these problems. Spilled food can be easily wiped up or swept up. The waterproof, thick, cover prevents any moisture from wicking through.

Maybe the best feature, however, is the ease in folding it up. One section has a sturdy card built into it to assist in folding it up to the proper size. Simply fold the blanket lengthwise into quarters (which are stitched into the blanket to help you get the right size) and then roll it up using the built in "card" to get the size right. Then a velco flap folds over to hold it all together and you're ready to hit the road, carrying it by the included shoulder strap. One person can fold this blanket up neatly in a matter of seconds. It's a lifesaver when the kids are ready to go!

We take this with us everywhere. Like the name implies, it is an essential for any parent, or really any person, that spends time outside. It has stood up to a lot of abuse over the last several months and is still going strong!
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on March 9, 2012
I love this water resistant, easily folded travel blanket. There are many blankets like this on the market, but so far this is the only one I've found that has a good amount of weight to it. It doesn't bunch up every time someone moves an inch on it- it really stays in place! It's heavy enough to stay down in a good amount of wind too. It's SUPER easy to fold up, and to clean. We've had ours about a year now, and it really still looks brand new- even with plenty of use for beach trips and park trips. My only complaint is that it's a little small- two adults sitting up and a baby with a couple toys are about all it can fit comfortably. I'd love a super-sized version of this blanket!!!

Warning: as you will see in other reviews, it does have a kind of strong "plastic-ey" odor right out of the bag. Don't worry, the smell goes away quickly. We washed ours once, and it was gone.
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