JUNIPER WOOD PRODUCTS/FROM SIBERIA WITH LOVE TRIVET [Made in Russia. Material: juniper wood. Diameter: 10.4 inches (26 cm). A natural product without a lacquer coating, saturated with an inimitable, delicate perfume. It is polished with an ancient technique, using pieces of wood, so the hue remains bright for many years] [This wooden trivet gracefully finds the balance between organic beauty and modern functionality. The coaster is handmade in Siberia from richly scented juniper wood, and its earthy simplicity makes it a great addition to any decor. Experience a soothing scent when you put a hot teapot on the coaster. Products made from juniper wood are not only beautiful, but contain the enormous energy potential of the wood from which they are made. Juniper trees have been growing for over a thousand years, accumulating strength and energy. The smell of juniper wood stimulates and restores mental equilibrium, prevents the spread of infectious diseases, cleans and freshens the air, clears the senses, and imparts internal strength. The aroma of juniper wood is spicy yet smooth. Since ancient times, juniper wood has been used to fumigate rooms in times of epidemics]