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on June 6, 2010
Likes: Camera size and compactness, Auto Record function, Time Lapse Recording, HD quality, Zoom, Sound quality, image stabilization, 8GB built in memory with additional SD Slot

Dislikes: Camera menu is cumbersome, included Everio Software, no remote control function, photo snapshot feature, no integrated lens cover.

Purchased this for my daughter, needed something simple to use but good quality. Tried the FLIP-UltraHD, due to not having a image stabilizer took it back and purchased the JVC HM320. This unit has 8GB built in, nice addition as right out of the box you have 40 mins of HD recording, more if you record at lower resolutions. The Zoom is incredible, up to about 150 you get good quality, above that it gets really grainy and is useless, there are three options you can set for the default zoom functions when recording video, 20X optical.. gives always great quality, 80x Digital, and 200x Digital. Recommend setting to 80x Digital, this gets you great zoom, but limits the zoom function to prevent getting into poor quality. The Image Stabilization is ok, but you still need to be steady when filming especially when zoomed in. Also the un-zoomed view has a very narrow range which makes indoor shooting a bit tricky, which maybe the reason they offer a wide-angle conversion lens. Videos can be displayed directly to PC via USB, directly to TV using AV cable, Component Cable(not included), MiniHD cable (not included), all of which give excellent results .. with miniHD, and AV cable.
Some of the dislikes; I wish that it utilized a built an integrated lens cover, as the one that it comes with does not come with any mechanism to attach the lens cover and probably will be the first thing lost. The camera menu is less than intuitive, but is still decent. The Everio software is less than desirable as besides trimming a video has not editing functions. If you are simply going to upload and send videos as is, then it will meet the minimum requirements. The photo snapshot feature seems to take good pictures when viewed from the camcorder, but when transferred to a PC they of poor quality, could be operator error, but if so it should not be this difficult.

Overall great value.
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on January 29, 2011
I got this camcorder for Christmas a while back. I was very glad to find Amazon had reduced the price more than half its retail price! I think this camcorder is excellent for people just wanting to document their experiences in hi-def. Here's a list of pro's and cons about the camcorder:

-Light weight
-Captures gorgeous 1080p video in good light
-Tremendous zoom- Fine up to 80x... after that it gets very hard to focus; goes up to 200x didgital
-Compact and lightweight
-Easy to use
-Great 37mm threads for pro lenses
-Accepts powerful, long lasting batteries... the VG-121 Data Battery to be exact
-BEASTLY AUDIO. It sounds so great, wind cut really helps!

-The low-light performance deserves a "meh". It gets fairly grainy after dark, but good in other situations
-Paint scratches after a while; only minor cosmetic damages, still looks good after a slide on the concrete... :\
-The editing software it comes with is crap. Its impossible to do a thing with it.
-Is not easy to upload videos to other editing softwares*... see below to see how!
-Manual lens cap will be the first thing lost, i know it.
-A bit small for those of you with large hands.

*You can get the videos into another format easily. YOU HAVE TO FORMAT THE VIDEO BEFORE YOU SHOOT. Any pre-shot clips cannot be formatted without converting software. Anyways, if you go to the main menu, scroll down all the way, and select MEDIA SETTINGS, then scroll down this menu to FORMAT BUILT-IN MEM. or FORMAT SD CARD, you can format it differently so that you are able to upload your clips to Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere 7, 8,or 9, or iMovie.
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on November 26, 2010
This camera was a gift to my son and his new wife. They didn't play with it until they were on their honeymoom. That's not the best time to learn. However, the camera is very intuitive and performed excellently.

The camera is very small, but fits nicely in the hand. Like any other camera, if you zoom out too far, you really should use a tripod.

Lots of the controls are on the viewing screen which is really cool.

The sound quality is fine. Low light doesn't provide the same great quality as good light does, but it is fine also. The battery life is shorter than advertised, but that's true for any camera. My son was able to shoot most of a day at Disney World with one battery.

If I needed a new camera, I would gladly buy this one.
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on December 28, 2010
we bought this camera on black friday for an early christmas present as we were going to cancun and wanted to take it with us. The camera is light weight and fits in the palm of your hand. We bought a 32 GB class 10 SD card and it gave us 500 minutes of filming memory in HD. We got home a week before Christmas and I wanted to make a DVD of our trip with video and pictures. We found out that our filming was very novice. You need to move the camera pretty slow when panning, or doing anything for that matter. When you move it slow, or keep it focussed on one general object, the quality is very good. We were very impressed with the high quality of filming when we did that. When we moved it too fast, it was hard to make out what the camera was recording. I don't think that's the camera's fault though, I think it was novice recording. I'm pretty sure any camera would do the same. We didn't like how the camera didn't come with a string attached to the lens cap, it made it annoying to have to find a place to put it and not forget it. The microphone is great, it picks up the voices pretty well. We didn't have any problems going from low light to high light. It transitioned pretty quickly and focussed pretty quick. The zoom on this thing isn't great, and you need to hold the camera very steady when you are completely zoomed in, but it is adequate. Overall, we love the camera, it helped us capture so many great memories from our vacation, we're really excited to continue using it!
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on November 20, 2010
This was a gift.I really like the zoom and video recording and as long I stay within the 80x of zoom it looks great.I feel is heavy and have to recharge,so I have to get a card for memory to track of more time to take pictures and video recording.I had a nikon camara I hate nikon and the memory and pictures sucked..So,best camara I have had for 1 week so far.

Its not waterproof but,it sure takes what I was looking for holidays and imporant stuff and also,the simple fact that I can carry around to take snap shots even if I switch back to video it looks better and take action video pictures.

perfect for important moments and family functions and travel.

this is a investment and well taken worth everydollar.
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on April 13, 2011
I make short films for school and I recently wanted to step up my game from my still image camera to an actual camcorder. Naturally I wanted the best not 720p, not 1080i, but the real deal full HD 1080p and this camera delivers. Absolutely stunning, just beautiful video quality. It is ridiculously awesome. I considered getting other cameras for a higher price but after searching a while I found this and it has far more features and a better zoom than cameras that are more expensive. It has motion detection which is really cool, and time lapse that looks great! At first I didn't like how small it was but the strap adjusts nicely and it fits in my back pocket so I can bring it everywhere. Battery life is a good 2 and a half hours. And the video files stay nice and compressed as .mts I don't really care for the software it comes with but its nice for viewing the videos quickly because windows media player can't. This truly is the best HD camcorder for the price.
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on March 3, 2011
Let me say this first: this JVC offers by far the best price/quality ratio when it comes to HD camcorders.

I am a 20 year old student who will go on a road trip around Iceland in 2 weeks and I needed something to document the journey. I wanted a HD cam with a good optical zoom and which is affordable. I thought this was impossible to find, until I saw JVC HM320. A 20x optical zoom is enough, and 1080p recording is excellent as well.

That being said, this camera lags behind my old Panasonic NV-GS11 in some features - there's no LED, the screen is of a very low resolution, and it's not exactly feature-rich. But I paid my NV-GS11 about 500 euros many years ago.

Another thing I don't like about this camera is the fact that battery somehow gets in the way of the "Record" button. Yes you will still be able to press it, but it's a tad uncomfortable. That might just be me - I have big hands.

A cool feature (I'm not sure if other cameras have this) is the fact that you don't actually have to turn your camera off/on. Open the display and the camera turns on - close it, and it turns off.

It records decent video, albeit it does fall behind other cameras when recording in poorly illuminated areas.

As I said it, for $200, this is a steal. If you are looking for a budget HD camcorder with good optical zoom, this is the one you want.
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on February 2, 2011
I purchased this camera about a month ago for a decent price. So far it's been great for my son's basketball games and other things. The HD is decent, but I've seen the Sony and Samsung models produce slightly better quality, for slightly a few hundred dollars more. The photos taken from it are very similar to my little pocket camera in quality.

If you who want to 'edit' movies, create DVDs and fun stuff like that, be ready to become stressed. The Everio Mediabrowser comes bundled with a very basic editor with not many options. Prepare to have your pretty videos converted into very low quality YouTube videos. The only good thing about that is it's pretty efficient at converting and uploading them. If you want to make an HD DVD of your movies on blank DVD-Rs (but will only work in a Blu-Ray player like the ps3) then it will do that for you somewhat decent. I took several videos of my son's basketball playing, and then edited the clips I wanted for a 'highlight mix' and created the edited mix file. I then created a basic video menu it offers. I next created the DVD on a DVD-R and tried playing it on a regular DVD player and it won't read (obviously since it's at 1920x1080). I popped it into my PS3 and there it was! Click and watched. I wish you could add your own audio tracks over the video, but that's asking too much.

So if you thought you could use the videos here to make quick DVDs for everyone, it's not going to happen. The problem herein lies with converting it to 720 (which is what a regular DVD player can play). At 720 you can still get a decent picture generally speaking (not true HD though). There is nothing in this software to help you do that. It can happen when the right video converting software is bought perhaps.

I decided to use a video converter software to convert the MBT (MTS) file to AVI, MPEG, WMV or some format which can then be re-burned to DVD. Yes, it did convert to those file formats and the resolution was also converted to 720. The problem, the video plays at what looks like 2x speed, while the audio plays normal. Maybe it's my computer, which according to the manual, is more than the minimal requirement. I have a 2.8Ghz Duo-Core P4 with 3GB of ram and a GeForce 7900GS Video Card, about 500GB Hard Drive. I wish the software would let you burn regular DVDs and automatically convert to 720 for you. And yes, I've tried all the quality modes (UXP, XP, SP and EP) the lowest producing grainier images, but it keeps at 1920x1080 HD resolution.

For now, I'm just storing the HUGE files for future use (once I can get them to burn on regular DVDs or to convert properly). If you're not very techie on this kind of stuff, then good luck.
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on February 24, 2011
My husband bought this camera for our anniversary so I could start making videos of our baby boy. The camera is great because it is small and compact, so it can easily fit into my purse when we go out. It also fits into my hand very easily, so I can maneuver it easily to get good videos. The camera automatically turns on when you open the side window and also turns off when you close it, which is handy so that I don't have to search for the off button or accidentally leave it on and kill the battery. The small buttons and screen may be difficult for people with larger fingers or who have less than perfect vision, but otherwise I loved just about everything about this camcorder. The only problem I had was that the image stabilizer isn't great, but for the price you pay and the quality of the video, it really is a great buy and I would recommend it to anyone.
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on July 9, 2011
1 small light weight
2 good video in outdoor light
3 easy file transfer to PC

1 poor video in low light
2 they call that antishake

you dont need to install their software just plug the camera in open files folders
click on folder AVCHD then click on folder BDMV then on folder STREAM and their are your video files drag and drop then after it completes delete the files in the camera,, its that easy you can create a shortcut so you dont have to go through that long process. Most of all make sure you install the K-Lite codec pack on your computer so it will play any type of video file.
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