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on October 29, 2006
I bought my system a couple months ago and I still can't believe how powerful it is. I live in a dorm and there's students here with stereo systems 2 to 3 times bigger than mine but is no match the JVC. I've connected the system to my PC for itunes and the sound is unbelievable!!! Really, U couldn't ask for more BASS. It's definitely loud enough although it could use a couple surround sound speakers to prevent the vocals from being drowned by the bass(When Bass Level is at Max). I'll probably upgrade next year only for the appearence of the next model. I hope this review was helpful because this system is definitely a winner!!!!
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on September 30, 2006
I just bought this system to listen to my XM radio, CD collection, radio, and everything else. Controls are easy to use after a few minutes with the manual. The sounds is great and it looks cool! It is small enough to fit on a desk or dresser if you are limited on space, yet the sound fills the largest of rooms. It sounds good at low volume as well as a higher one. The added features of USB, RCA inputs, and DVD player make this a deal at twice the price.
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on July 13, 2006
I just got my JVC HX-D77 compact component system today, I still cant believe this system, has this much bass capacity & If you are looking for a MONSTER BASS & crisp sound, look no further & get this system today!
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on October 15, 2006
this 540-watt mini monster replaced my 1000-watt Philips surround sound system. it's just that aesthetic. i need bass if i want something euphonious. sure, the philips system delivers an allright 5.1 dolby digital sound system [especially when the rear speakers are about several inches away from the back of your head] but there's just no power bass. that's the problem with most home theatre systems... they're weak. with the exception of BOSE, of course. but they range anywhere from $600-$3000. and most of them don't even work! but that's another review. anyways, the Philips home theatre system is dull compared to the JVC stereo system. it has power bass [great for all 14 lines of schwarzennegar in 'T2'] and it's the only stereo system i know of that can actually play-back DVD discs. you don't have to hook this system up to your old dvd player just to get great sound and less shelf space. one thing i also like about this system is that, instead of having to reach behind the tv to plug in my xbox and get medicore sound, i plug it in through the stereo system and get a s**tload of dynamic, explosive, meticulous sound.
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on July 22, 2008
When I first got this system, the CD player seemed to take a long time to play any CD that I put in it. It kept displaying "reading" for about 3 minutes or more before it would ever play the CD. The problem got worse and worse and anytime I power up the system now it gets stuck on "reading" with or without a CD in it. Without a CD it gets stuck on "no disc in CD#1", CD#2, etc. and won't switch to AM or FM, or do anything but stay locked up in this mode. I contacted JVC via email and they told me to clean the CD player with a CD cleaner disc, but this is a brand new out of the box unit and it is not in need of any cleaning. I got no further assistance from JVC other than this scripted response read from a que card statement and runaround. I contacted the seller and they more or less told me that it was out of their hands because it's past their 15 day return policy and good luck getting it fixed. I am still working on getting a local JVC service center to fix this problem but they are closed on vacation right now. I definitely would not ever buy another one of these or anything else from JVC after this (as this was my first JVC purchase). After doing some investigating on the internet, I found that this problem is quite common on this model as well as other JVC models and has been so for years now and they don't do much to fix it or give their customers any satisfaction. I do regret buying this piece of junk now. It's too bad, because when it did work, it sounded pretty good.
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on November 19, 2006
Not only is the bass so deep and rich that it's scary, but the other features like the dvd audio/ video playback, make this worth 2x more it's retail value. just insert your dvd's, connect to your tv, and you've got an all-in-one entertainment system w/ surround sound for a great price. You'll love it...your neighbors probably won't ;)
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on September 22, 2006
Quality, full-featured CD/DVD player with heavy, powerful speakers. 18 surround combinations. No true equalizer is the only drawback. Five individual CD/DVD thin-racks. Twin 185watt subs. The sound is very clear and the remote is nice. It can even boost the center channel when playing DVDs to better isolate voices in loud movies. All in all a fine option for a budget surround DVD system.
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on July 28, 2015
The unit is fine however there was no remote, trying to find one was not only extremely hard but costly.i feel since I paid a premium for the unit,I should of had some help with the remotes cost it ended up coming fromBritian.besides that I an satisfied.itsaid in the description in one place it came with one then explained that was just part of the original description.
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on December 11, 2012
So, I realize in looking at the other reviews that this may stand out as one of the few that doesn't endorse it. But honestly comparing this system to other audio options of comparable price and design, this system will please the majority, but it will leave audiophiles sadly disappointed.

Just so this is known for those reading the review, I'm not comparing this system to high priced audio equipment, but rather to other quality systems of which I've owned around the same price range, and in some cases a great deal less. But in any case, lets start off on a good note about what is solid about this system.

The Good:

The sound quality of the mid and high ranges are very good. Lyrics and music within these ranges are especially clear and well rounded. Highs are not "brassy", but instead are concise and well sounding. During movies, the action is heard powerfully and with great intensity. These speakers will get very loud, and the mid and high ranges still come through with great clarity. Within these aspects of the audio quality, I would rate them as excellent.

The number of options on this system are pretty solid as well. The 5 disk dvd player is very convenient and is great for movies with the multiple surround sound modes. There is also a good amount of other sound modes to help boost your music or audio however you'd like to. I haven't had the chance to use the USB audio connection yet, but this also opens up the use of this system with a computer (while also being video shielded), which is great, but would seem somewhat pointless when you can just use a headphone to rca audio adapter. No tape player, but this will only leave the old school unsatisfied. There is also the fairly common rca input for connecting games or other auxiliary audio options, a necessity of a stereo of this price range and caliber.

The system is also just easy to use. The displays and control options on the unit and the remote are fairly intuitive and easy to navigate. Few people will get lost in trying to operate this system.

The system looks radical and sweet (for those of the younger generation of course). While probably not appealing to those with real jobs or those on medicare, this system definitely appeals to the common spoiled teenager.

The Poor:

When reading the raving reviews of the bass by other owners of this system, I was pretty disappointed with the amount of bass put out by this system. The main problem that I found with the bass was that when turned up to higher volumes (roughly 2/3 of the way) it would often "bottom out" on songs with deeper frequencies, such as rap. This bottoming out effect is especially a sour note to my ears, as it turns from hitting the precise frequency to just making a distorted, booming noise for the note, which I find really annoying. This can be somewhat resolved by turning down the subwoofer level, to allow the subs to hit without distorting, but this is still a frustration for audiophiles or those who love bass.

The lack of a manual equalizer will also leave audiophiles somewhat disappointed with this system. With speakers of pretty good quality, it's a shame that they can't be arranged exactly how the user would like them to be. While most will be okay with what they find in the programmed sound options, an equalizer of some sort would have been great to bring out the best within this system. (even a 3 band simply controlling bass, mids, and treble would have been nice)

The Verdict:

This system would appeal to the common person as a great sound system. It's easy to use, it has a variety of options, its loud, and it just looks cool. But to those who have a trained ear, the JVC HX-D77 will fall short. The bass will get distorted and mangled at higher volumes, and there is no way to manually shape the sound of the system. These would prove to be significant problems that given the choice, I would probably not buy again.
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on March 25, 2007
This is the first real "home theater" system that I have bought, as it has a DVD/CD player and surround sound. I am an extremely tough critic when it comes to electronics. I was a bit worried that this system wouldn't get as loud as I'd like and that even if it did, the quality of sound would be crap. Well let me tell you, this sucker gets EXTREMELY loud and the quality sounds EXCELLENT!! It's crisp and clear, without any buzzing from the speakers due to the high volume. I've been watching DVDs and listening to my iPod off of it and I couldn't have gotten better for the price. This is a must have for anyone wanting a mini home theater system for a cheap price. Also, it's excellent for dorms and small bedrooms. I highly recommend this system to anyone who's looking for a high quality, mini-home theater system, for a reasonable price!
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