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on March 31, 2011
I purchased this headset to replace a broken BT500V, that I'd used every day for the past two years. When this arrived, I was so surprised on how light it was, and how clear the sound quality. Everyone I've talked to so far swears I'm not using a Bluetooth headset and they can't tell when I'm outdoors or in the car with the window down.

Very lightweight (almost too light)
Very comfortable (worn it 8-12 hrs per day so far, and hardly notice it is there)
Volume is good, but could be a bit louder for me. Volume buttons are easy to find and push.
Charging is by STANDARD MicroUSB connector. Finally, I can charge my phone, headset, and dozens of other devices with the same cord!
Answer/End button is where it should be... on the end of the boom (just like the BT500V)
Talk-time is per manufacturer specs. I talked on it for just over 6-hrs before the "low battery" warning was heard.
Audible Warnings - what a perfect idea... now I don't have to worry if my headset will last through a conference call because I get warnings in my ear when I have approximately 30-min of battery left.
Stand-by time has not been tested fully, but I expect it to be right on target.
On/Off switch is an actual switch! Finally, someone used their heads and got away from the dreaded push-and-hold button for on/off.
Light does not blink all the time... which is a good thing for the car so my kids don't complain about the flashing light. Light only comes on (steady) when you are on a call.
Headset appears to be smaller/lighter version of the BT250V, which is/was very durable and flexible, not like the rigid parts of the BT500V or 5020 Executive model. I still have a BT250V, and use it as a back-up (although battery doesn't hold charge too long, but what do you expect after 5-years of use?).

Foam microphone cover makes it a bit harder to find/push the answer/end button, but I'll get use to it.
Very light - if you are not careful, you'll knock it off or NOT be wearing it when you think you are! I've already "pushed thin air" to try to make a call more than once!
NO VIBRATE FEATURE - I know if it had vibrate, it would be heavier and larger, but hey, in very noisy situations, you can't hear the ring-tone. The vibrate feature of the BT250/500V was what made the units "special" (and worth the extra ounce of weight).

Overall, I am very pleased with the fit and function of the Wave Headset. I've tried other brands and styles, but Jabra has everyone else beat on comfort, function, sound, quality, and durability of their headsets. If you're on-the-fence regarding Jabra products, try one... buy one... you'll never go back to Plantronics or Motorola!

UPDATE 5/15/15:

Well, I've been using this headset for a little over 4-years... yes, FOUR YEARS, and it is still going strong! Battery-life has diminished slightly because I cannot go through an entire day of calls without taking a break to charge it, but I'd guess it still lasts better than 5-hours of talk-time. A full charge, however, can get me through the average week without issue.

One additional comment regarding the microphone... while it does have white-noise-cancelling and wind-cancelling ability (with the wind-sock attached), people on the other end of the call CAN hear background noises that are close to the headset (other voices, TV, running water, dogs barking, etc.), but they have to be close.

I'll be purchasing at least one additional Wave headset before Jabra discontinues this style (which I hope they never do).
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on November 25, 2011
I didnt wanna give my Jabra wave bluetooth a review until ive used it for a few months.Well its been 5 months and this bluetooth is perfect for me!!!!Im a local truck driver so the trucks i drive are very loud on the inside.So i needed a bluetooth that could drown out background noise very well but also allow me to be able to here what the person is saying who im talking to.Also i wanted a bluetooth that was stylish enough to wear when im not at work.Well this bluetooth does it all with style.Ive never had one problem with a caller telling me that they here any background noise.Actually ive recieved nothing but compliments about the sound quality of my earpiece.Also I can here what the other person is saying very well.It also fits nice in my ear which was an added bonus for me..Ive read the reviews before i bought it and some liked it and some didnt.I tried it out because almost everyone said the sound quality was very well with very little to no background noise.Yes they was right and i hope my bluetooth never stops working lol.
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on April 29, 2011
Color: Black|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Rigt off the bat let me explain why I gave it four stars instead of 3. Sounds quality. It's that simple, and it's good enough to bump this up a full star. While I love my current headset, I can tell you that the sound quality for the Jabra WAVE is EXCELLENT and as much as I hate to say it, better than my Oasis. Overall, the Oasis is the better of the two, as it is more compact, more comfortable, and better designed.....with that said, I keep comming back to the sound quality....both from my end, as well as the the person who is listening. When my wife called me with the headset, the sound quality sounded very close to that of a landline phone! That, for me is impressive. Unfortunately, a few things make this a little touchy, and keep it away from a 5 star product. First, the mic/boom is pretty long, which is not such a big deal, but when it rubs on my scruff when I am walking nobody will hear a word you are saying because of the noise from the scruff. With the sock over the mic, things get better, but that just adds a lot of bulk. It does make a difference over noise, but one can easily hear a television or radio in the background, even when it is not that loud. None of this is a deal breaker for me, except the following: I felt like I had to keep adjusting it as it did not really form into my ear and kept slipping just enough to make it hard to hear. I tried both ear pieces, and no help. Making calls is easy, and the sock over the mic did not affect the voice recognition at all. So, this really should be a 3 star product, and I do not easily give 4 or 5 stars, and I cannot remember bumping up a full star like this....but, hoenstly, the sound quality really is the best I have ever heard.....I quick note regarding Jabra customer service which I think is worth mentioning. A while back I had a Jabra Voyager and it died after several months of sparse use. I emailed the company and they asked for my home address. Thinking they would send me some paperwork, I waited, and about 4 days later I received a replacement (refurb, but worked perfectly)! I did not factor that into my review rating, but certainly that kind of service deserves to mentioned. Oh, one more thing, my wife and I both have Samsung Reality phones, and the adaptars that came with the WAVE can be used to charge the phone. So, if you have a similar port and are in need to a car or home charger (it comes with both), you have another reason to consider this product. Pairing was also a piece of cake, and the directions were short and sweet!
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VINE VOICEon April 28, 2011
Color: Black|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I loved this headset when it first arrived! It wasn't as obnoxious as some of them can be, it remains fairly well hidden. Comfort was amazing. Very light, barely notice it was there, the ear bud fit nicely and comes with another larger size if needed. This headset comes with a mini USB charger as well as a car charger and 2 foam covers for the mic. It paired easily with my Samsung Galaxy S Android. The buttons are located in easy to reach areas and the small lights indicate when it's connected, charged, etc There are also voice alerts for when battery is low, and connections are established. The sound was great, I could hear every call crystal clear and plenty loud enough. There was only 1 downfall, how I sounded to other callers. Sometimes you couldn't understand what I was saying, not that I broke up, it just wasn't clear. Then there were times where I did break up. I even attempted leaving myself voice mails at work in an attempt to test the phone in various locations & it was no better. I also tried it with & without the foam covers. This may have something to do with my service or it may be the quality of the headset, I'm not sure. Unfortunately, it's useless if I can't be sure if the people on the other end will hear me as clearly as I hear them. Very disappointed since I loved every other detail of this headset.
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on August 30, 2012
TL;DR Summary

- Small, lightweight.
- Appealing styling.
- Physical buttons for power, volume, placing and answering calls.
- Uneventful pairing.
- Excellent volume and clarity for incoming audio.
- Good clarity on outgoing audio.
- A2DP support.
- Reversible ear gel.
- Can charge from USB port, mains wall wart, or car cigarette adapter (all included).
- You can hug someone while wearing it.

- Slight size mismatch on ear gel; my ear can start getting annoyed after about half an hour, depending.
- Outgoing sound is reported to occasionally break up (though still an improvement over its predecessor).
- "Battery Low" voice prompts a bit over-insistent.
- Takes rather a long while to charge.


My Plantronics Voyager PRO had finally caused me one headache too many, and I started looking around for a replacement. While the PRO's behavior was annoying, I still liked its physical characteristics, and sought something similar. I wanted something that would fit in a vest pocket, with good sound quality, that looked interesting, didn't attempt voice recognition (i.e. had physical push-button controls), wasn't terribly expensive, and was an over-the-ear type rather than a shove-it-in-your-ear-canal-and-hope-it-doesn't-fall-out type.

With some admitted uncertainty, I ordered the Jabra WAVE. At time of writing, I've owned the WAVE for about two weeks, and so far am quite pleased with it.

The un-boxing experience was uneventful. One memorable aspect was that the WAVE was secured via easily unhooked rubber bands, rather than twist-ties. All the accessories -- power, cabling, alternate ear gel, wind socks, instruction manuals -- are contained in the package's lower box.

The WAVE was recognized by and paired with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus without difficulty, and the UI noises from the Nexus were immediately audible through the WAVE. However, I never use A2DP (eats batteries), so I turned it off on the Nexus.

The WAVE does have a voice command feature to place and answer calls. Since I talk to myself all the time, this is something I wanted to avoid. Happily, the feature can be turned off.

After fumbling it into my ear for the first time (a process that will doubtless improve with practice), it was clear right away the WAVE is an impovement over the Voyager PRO, in that it has an actual power switch. Not a multifunction button; a dedicated toggle switch at the top of the main housing. This means you can, by simply reaching up to feel it, know whether the WAVE is turned on or not. Many has been the time I wished I could know that with the PRO without pushing a button to see if it beeped (and then cancel the action I just triggered).

I'm an infrequent user of Bluetooth earpieces (mostly when I'm driving), so it took almost two weeks before I received the "Battery low" voice warning. This warning is repeated roughly every ten minutes, which in practice seems a little too frequent. I don't yet know if the warning prompt talks over a phone call in progress. I recharged the WAVE using my laptop's USB port. This took approximately three hours, which seemed a bit long to me.

The WAVE is very light, and uses your entire ear to stay in place. So far, it's only unintentionally come off once, and that was under duress. I wear glasses all the time, so they and the earpiece compete for space. If you don't have a problem with the Voyager PRO, you won't with the WAVE, either. For me, its most noticeable drawback is that the ear gel doesn't quite line up on my ear canal, and presses a bit on one side of it. If I can't nudge it around to not do this, my ear starts to complain after about half an hour. When I do get it to line up, I forget it's there.

Because it's so unobtrusive, I discovered another unexpected win the other day when I went to hug my sweetie while I still had the WAVE in my ear. With the Voyager PRO, the multifunction button would often get pressed against her temple, and the earpiece jammed deeper into my ear. Unpleasant for both of us -- the exact opposite of the purpose of a hug. With the WAVE, both of us barely noticed it was still there.

Overall, I'd call it a winner, and am pleased to have it.
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on March 14, 2013
Be warned. This is not the latest model of the Jabra Wave. According to Jabra Support this model was last manufactored in 2011. It will not play any audio from your phone except actual phone calls. This means no music or audible audio. The Jabra Support tech was surprised it was still being sold. To Jabra's credit they are sending me an up to date Wave at no cost to me. I am not sure if this is Amazon's fault or the shipper, AlwazOn.
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on October 12, 2013
I purchased this item 2 months ago as a gift for my husband. His arrived on time, in an ORIGINAL JABRA box. Works great, etc...
SOOOOO, I decided to buy one for myself, No problem right? WRONG, I have received the OLD version with a VERIZON box. This product in the Verizon box is for phone calls ONLY. NO MUSIC, NO GPS, NO SPEAK TO TEXT. Have returned it 2 times and decided to up my complaint to JABRA directly. Amazon has no interest in correcting the problem and the Customer Service Support staff are in India so what good is it to complain to them? They just apologize and offer me my money back. VERY DISAPPOINTED, and I have to say this is the first time I have ever been disappointed with Amazon.
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on May 1, 2012
I ordered this product over a month ago. I was skeptical because I tried a lot of blue-tooth ear-buds and none of them were right for me. I have a hearing disorder and the others just didn't sit well and the volume was never loud enough. This one is great. It sits in my ear perfect and most of the time I have to lower the volume. I would recommend it to everyone. It is totally worth the price.
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on November 21, 2012
Purchased one of these for a birthday gift. Was used for a few days and then started cutting out. We re-set it again and again but just didnot work well. Called Amazon they were kind enough to send another and so we tried another. Same issue. Sent back and purchased a different brand. would not recommend. BUT --- Amazon was great!
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VINE VOICEon April 27, 2011
Color: Black|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First, I have to say this device provides the highest quality sound I've been able to find in a Bluetooth headset. Truly amazing. In fact, in testing it, I dialed my home voice mail and switched back and forth between the microphone on my Samsung Galaxy S (AT&T's "Captivate" and Verizon's "Fascinate"), and the sound quality delivered was FAR superior when using the Jabra headset.

I have spoken to numerous people on the phone with this device, and I've frequently been asked if I've gotten a new cell phone -- yes, it's that dramatically better! It also paired very easily and quickly with my cell phone as well as with my new Dell Laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium.

I wish all were rosy, though. I have a few concerns --

The Small--
Comes with a car charger (Thanks!), but the cord is so short (9" not counting the connectors) that it falls on the floor because it barely reaches the console in my mini-van. The in-wall charger, too, is very short, requiring putting it in the lower outlets over counter-tops. Plus, the device is just ungainly huge -- would be nice to have some sort of carrying case for it. Finally, this is a really odd-shaped device to get on, but once one finds the right placement, it's very comfortable -- just a bit tricky to get on and have stay on initially.

The Large --
Almost impossible to use with glasses because of its huge around-ear bulk. It's not too bad with my standard eyeglasses, but with my sunglasses, it's almost impossible to wear. This is a serious design problem because most of us use these in the car, and I almost always drive with sunglasses during daylight hours. I can manage to force-fit the sunglasses around the Jabra, but the result is quite uncomfortable, not to mention extremely disappointing because this device performs so incredibly well.

I know it's strange to give a 4-star review on what reads like a 2 or 3-star review, but the sound is so good, it's hard not to give an extra star for the incredible performance. It's really 5 (or 6 -- yes, it's that good!) stars for performance and 2 stars for utility if one needs to "pair" (pardon the pun) these with glasses.
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