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on December 30, 2012
This is the dichotomy that is the often hilarious Adam Sandler. It seems to me that he either is drop dead funny, or completely idiotic. This movie was so bad, I couldn't finish it, and am so glad 'That's my Boy' followed this POS!
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Oh, man, where do I even start with this disaster of a movie? I'm sitting here, pretty much blank, about 15 minutes after the conclusion of Jack and Jill. This was without question, one of the worst movies I've ever seen. It's without question in my top 20 all-time worst.

Adam Sandler's portrayal of Jill was frightening, creepy, and awful at the same time. It was so ridiculously over the top, that it failed to make any sort of positive impression whatsoever from a comedic standpoint. It was like a 90 minute SNL skit gone awry.

I'm trying to take something positive away from this film, and I just can't. Al Pacino wasn't terrible. That's about the best thing to come out of it! Katie Holmes and Adam Sandler's character had zero chemistry, and they were supposed to be husband and wife. Awful casting there.

I still give Little Nicky the nod as Sandler's worst film, but this one is RIGHT up there. Sorry for the poor descriptive detail. I'm still in disbelief from what I just watched! I can't believe I was able to make it through without turning it off. I battled through like it was the bottom of the 9th.
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Could "Jack and Jill" be Adam Sandler's worst movie ever? Yes (though I've never seen "Little Nicky.")

Here Sandler plays both Jack, a successful advertising executive trying to convince Al Pacino to do a Dunkin' Donuts television commercial, and Jill, his uber-annoying twin sister who travels with her bird, which is the only character in the cast remotely as grating as Jill. What does this film tell us about family? Nothing. This is a blight on the film industry and is nothing but an hour and a half of cinematic fingernails on a chalkboard. I cannot imagine why Pacino agreed to be in this movie, but I suppose he counts as the highlight of the film. Sandler is decent as straight man Jack, but is unbearably annoying as Jill. I seriously had a tough time getting through this one, and I have seen "Tiptoes."

I can find nothing to recommend this movie. It has a big cast of people you know, but there's no saving this Titanic twaddle from itself. This is without question one of the very worst big budget films I have ever seen and I cannot recommend it for humans or other higher primates.
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on January 27, 2012
Adam Sandler plays dual roles in "Jack and Jill," as twins Jack Sadelstein / Jill Sadelstein. Jack is a successful commercial producer living in LA, happily married to Erin (Katie Holmes). But now he is not a very happy man as his twin sister Jill (Sandler wearing a wig and women's clothes) is paying his family a visit for the Thanksgiving holiday. And Jill is very, very annoying.

In the meanwhile, Jack wants Al Pacino to be in the TV commercial for Dunkin' Donuts, but knows there is little chance that the Oscar winning star would accept the offer. But things start to seem better when, believe me or not, Al Pacino - playing a knowingly (I hope) exaggerated version of himself - fell for Jill.

It is not the film's non-existent story or countless stupid jokes that I find annoying. I like stupid jokes, but when they are done by someone like Jill, an irritating and obnoxious character, her antics are unfunny, even unpleasant. Yes, I know, as it turns out, Jill is really a woman with a kind heart, and Erin and kids like her, but Sandler's one-note performance doesn't just convince.

The only thing I find mildly amusing is Al Pacino playing himself, though it is obvious that comedy is not his forte. His energetic acting in the "Dunkaccino" part will either entertain you or make you sigh.

Directed by Dennis Dugan, "Jack and Jill" is yet another Adam Sandler-Dennis Dugan collaboration that started with "Happy Gilmore" back in 1996. There are lots of cameos - Johnny Depp and John McEnroe among others - but all those amusing cameos are not just enough to make us forget the fact that this is arguably the worst of their films.
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on April 27, 2012
I am a huge Adam Sandler and Al Pachino fan, but wow these guys must really need the money to take part in a horrible movie like this!

Poor acting, script and horrible concept for a movie. I can't believe I wasted 90 minutes and $3.99 of my hard earned money on this waste of a film.

Please, save your money and NEVER SEE THIS MOVIE!
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on March 9, 2012
If i could give this 0 stars i would. this was the worst movie EVER!!!! my daughter FORCED me to see this! Please ban Adam Sandler from making another movie. EVER. Every predictable cliche ever was there. Mexican jokes? Yup. Jewish jokes? Yup. IF YOU HAVE ANY BRAIN AT ALL, DO NOT WATCH THIS!!!!!!!!!
P.S. how desperate is Al Pacino for money, i mean seriously, did you see that dunkin donuts commercial at the end? HORRIFYING!!
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on March 9, 2012
I wouldn't spend two cents on this movie! What a total
waste of time and acting ability. Good thing they had
supporting actors, this was a flop.
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on March 11, 2012
This was an absolutely terrible movie. My family watched the first 10 minutes of it and then turned it off. Don't throw your money away on this one. Sorry for the poor review, just don't want others to pay for a poor experience.
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on May 7, 2012
I took my oldest son (13) to see this movie in the theater. I had major buyers remorse. With the exception of the short scenes of Adam Sandler's character work place and the short scene with David Spade, this movie was so contrived and forced. I know it's a comedy, but Sandler has done some quality stuff in the past. It seems like such a "crap shoot" with Sandler. He will make a quality movie like "Spanglish" then turn around and do this piece of work. Adam Sandler playing his sister was so bad, during the movie I really wanted Adam Sandler's character "Jack" to boot Jill out and never see her again. It wasn't a happy ending when we continued to see her. There was no sympathy that could be felt for this horrible character. It would have been better if Jill had been Jack's twin brother, Jim, and was dressing up as a woman and he had difficulty accepting his brother/sister and it would have been more believable. I digress. As your mother would say to you about an annoying cousin/brother/sister/etc. "Don't laugh (or give money to this movie), it only encourages them."
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on August 8, 2015
Cheesy, beyond cheesy, but I still love it, I am a huge Adam Sandler Fan, I love all his movies, cheesy, raunchy, stupid and good, you'll have to decide which movie is which for you, I wouldn't pay cinema prices to see this movie but $4 from Amazon ( $.01 + $3.99 S&H) is worth it. Happy viewing.
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