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on July 18, 2003
Before I bought this CD, I'd almost completely lost my enthusiasm for new music. I was firmly stuck in the early days of rock listening to Zeppelin, The Stones, The Doors, CSN, among the other greats, and happy to do so.
So much of the current "noise" out there, in my humble opinion, is absolutely void of talent. The record industry has slowly been losing my dollars for years. If I never hear about another boy band or "mouseketeer" making it big in the music industry, it will be a sweet day for sure. American Idol......please.
I heard about Jack Johnson on CNN, of all places. I went to Amazon and listened to a couple tracks and promptly purchased both his CDs. I eagerly await his next offering.
His blend of groove, spirit, and provocative lyrics takes me on a journey every time I listen. I usually wind up gleaning some subtle nuance to his songs that lingers with me throughout the day. His music makes me think while I groove and, for me, that's why I listen to music. He's socially conscious, sensitive, and probably a very cool individual in person.
Buy both his CDs, plop them in the CD player, hit "replay," invite some friends over, and watch the mood mellow to create a memorable evening. You could listen to his music on and on...
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on May 8, 2003
One would be hard pressed to find Jack Johnson interviewed in the pages of a music magazine going "on and on" about his music being innovative and ground breaking. He knows it's not and, for the most part, his biggest fans know it's not. The thing about Jack is he's good at what he does. He's a passionate singer with a great range, a competent guitar player, and a gifted lyricist. He keeps his melodies clear and simple which allows him to flex the emotions of his voice and allows the listener to explore the depth and weight of his lyrics. Johnson serves as a model for what singer songwriters should be. Simply, "On and On" is a fantastic album. It's much more cohesive than "Brushfire Fairytales" (which, to me, sounded like a collection of singles)and Johnson has finally become comfortable with his sound and mood. Not every track on the album is brilliant, but there's also no throw-away material either. The two songs that frame this album are "Gone" and "On and On." They both reveal Johnson's stoic acceptance of life's complications. Like every great artist, he asks his listener to sit back and ask him/herself what this all means. That's what I like about Jack, his songs don't inspire me to change the world, they inspire me to change myself.
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"On & On" is a great follow-up to "Brushfire Fairytales." The music and arrangements are similar enough to build solidly on the strengths of the first CD, but offers definite lyrical growth. "And there will always be stop & go and fast & slow, action, reaction, sticks & stones and broken bones," he sings on the opener "Times Like These." I have three favorites on the CD. "Taylor" is a perky track with Jack's throbbing rhythm guitar, a lovely melody and a bit darker lyric, "He thinks that singing on Sunday is gonna save his soul now that Saturday is gone." "Holes to Heaven" is another uptempo track with Adam Topol's percussion smashing away juxtaposed to Jack's throbbing guitar. "Bright lights flashing to cover up your lack of soul," Jack sings on the upbeat "Rodeo Clowns." "On & On" is an excellent progression from his first CD, building on the strengths and adding more lyrical depth. He's created set of certain fun. Enjoy!
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on March 3, 2005
I bought this CD on the strength of Jack Johnson's single "Taylor". This CD was definitely not a disappointment.

Jack Johnson has a very mellow tone that is very enjoyable to listen to. I was actually kind of surprised by how calming and relaxing this music is. This music is really hard to categorise, because it touches of many different genres. It's all blended together, and I can't really fit it into a category and blatantly label it "rock" or whatever. Sometimes there's even a Hawaiin vibe to some of the songs (which is probably because Johnson is from Hawai'i). I think that's part of the charm of Jack Johnson.

The whole CD is almost completely played on acoustic guitars (so if you don't like acoustic stuff, I would not suggest this!). Jack Johnson is great at writing riffs for guitars, and he has some mad guitar skills!

The highlights of the CD included "The Horizon Has Been Defeated", "Taylor", "Gone", "Cupid", "Dreams Be Dreams", "Holes to Heaven", and "Cookie Jar". Some of the songs are shorter than the average 3 to 4 minute song, but hey, they still sound good, so it doesn't matter.

For me personally, this is a lot different from other things I listen to. (Toad the Wet Sprocket, matchbox twenty, Better Than Erza, Chevelle, etc. has a much different vibe than Jack Johnson!) I think that even if you are used to listening to a "louder" kind of rock, you would still like this album. It's just plain good, so go out and get it! Everytime I listen to this CD, I find another reason to like it. I can't describe how great it feels to listen to "On and On", so you'll just have to buy it for yourself and find out.
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on June 4, 2003
Jack Johnson never misses a beat on his follow-up album "On And On." Much anticipated after his debut "Brushfire Fairytales," the new album stays true to the slow, smooth, catchy, Bob Marley-esque, style that warmed the hearts of millions of fans.
Although you won't find much experimentation on this album (partly because Jack wrote many of the songs in the same period he did for Brushfire), the entire album is solid and plays nicely the entire way though. I will add that Jack has really polished his sound in the last two years, and "On And On" flows much more smoothly than Brusfire (if that's even possible!!)
The best thing about the new album is the fact that Jack has proved he can build a legacy of rock-solid laid-back acoustic guitar blues rock sweetened by heart-warming lyrics for years to come!
If you liked the first album, this one's a no-brainer. And if you haven't heard of Jack Johnson before...Where Have You Been?? Buy this CD immediately!!
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on September 9, 2004
Jack Johnson is known for his mix of a soft and smooth like silk voice and acoustic sounds. I am a college student and most college students are burying their heads into finely printed text books, if not partying and goofing off. I was looking for something easy to listen to and study at the same time which is why I was tempted to buy Jack Johnson's latest cd. I sat in the nearest Starbucks, put on my earphones, and opened my textbook. To my surprise I was able to achieve my goal of doing my reading for my next day of classes. When was the last time you were able to sail through your homework without being distracted of the overloaded beats in some of your other music? Listening to this cd made me picture a laid back drive around the island with top down and the sun on my shoulders. This cd actually gave me an incentive to do my homework. His smooth sound will keep you pressing the replay button on your cd, I promise!
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on May 10, 2003
Jack Johnson is an instantly likeable guy. i mean, seroiusly. his first album, brushfire fairytales, is by far one of the best albums released in a long time. his laid back style, his smooth lyrics, and oh that guitar. Jack Johnson is the real deal.
On "On and on", He hardly changes a thing, And that is to our benefit. The sound is even more laid back (nothing nearly as catchy as 'flake'), but just as good. It's a nice, lazy record that, while not as good as brushfire, still holds it's own, quite formidably. it usually takes me a while to warm up to albums i like; but this one is instantly wonderful.
The Real notable difference, is that johnson's conscience shines through much clearer on this outing. He tackles a more social arena. "Look at all those fancy clothes; but these can keep us warm, just like those. and what about your soul- is it straight from the mold, waiting to be sold?" he questions on "gone", one of the many standouts on this collection.
my reccomendation: Throw this on, sit back, and just get immersed in the sound.
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on May 22, 2003
Another great album from Jack who is showing that he has really found a niche in the market. His laidback acoustic sounds are perfect for a quiet night when you want to kick back and relax. The studio versions of some of his live favourites have been taken down a peg or two in the tempo department and in my opinion could have added an interesting contrast to the ultimately 'slow' feeling to the album especially 'holes to heaven'. For Jack fans, the songs are more of what we want, for those who haven't heard him, this album is sure to place him on the musical map, and for those of you who didn't like the seemingly repetitive songs and slow pace of brushfire fairytales, well just don't listen to this because it's more of the same.
The only dissapointment was the relatively short length of the songs mostly around 2:40/3:00 mark.
highlights include Horizon Has Been Defeated, Times Like These
Rodeo Clowns, Taylor and gone.
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on December 28, 2006
Jack Johnson is amazing, and along with Jimi Hendrix and Shawn McDonald, is my favorite solo artist. This is his masterpeice. He is the true acoustic guitar-mellow man. Every song just takes you away from the blah-blah-blah of every day life and makes you feel good, and makes you slow down, and simply enjoy life as it is, as well as make you conscience of what we are making it. A genuis lyricist and musician, definitely a 5-star.
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on May 9, 2003
Sorta hate to be the voice of dissention here...but I was quite disappointed w/this disc. I loved BF within the first 2 listens but found this to be just too....repetitive I guess. I was hoping JJ would've expanded his sound a bit more, or at least mixed it up more than was evident here. I enjoyed the 1st two tracks and was looking forward to the rest, but then it just seemed to me that it all sounded VERY SIMILIAR. While BF had very diff't rhythms and sounds to most of the tracks I viewed this offering as a fallback on a tried and true recipe, almost as if he was determined to make this album sound enough like the first so that it would be successful. For me, it wasn't.
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