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on October 24, 2003
Ok, I saw this movie when it came out in the theaters. I saw it when it came out on DVD. Something didn't seem right about the movie. It seemed choppy. Then a few months ago, I saw it on TNT, and it seemed to flow better. Do you want to know why? Do you? Well here's why. When New Line Cinema released this movie, they cut scenes out, cut scenes shorter, and generally chopped off 5-10 minutes of the film. I HATE it when distribution companies do this. Then recently on TNT, they ran the whole version of the movie, without edits. There were scenes that just helped the flow of trhe movie and the underwater fight was noticably longer and more impressive. While this was never by any means Chan's best movie, the whole version deserves a 4 star rating. However, because this is a review of the DVD, which is lacking 5-10 minutes, I cannot give it the 4 stars. If New Line goes back to release a Director's Cut DVD with the whole version and optional Chinese language track, it would get a 4. But until then, this otherwise great movie gets 3.
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on January 6, 2002
"Jackie Chan's First Strike" is yet another tour-de-force of hilarious near non-stop action comedy featuring Chan's trademarked ultra-choreographed but jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring just plain AWESOME action sequences (including the trademarked end-of-film outtakes).
"First Strike" follows Jackie's adventures which take him from the snow covered mountains of the Ukraine to the sunny shores of Australia as he becomes entangled in a web of deceit and danger involving a ruthless mobster smuggling nuclear arms, ruthless hitmen and a killer shark!!!
Notable Scenes:
1. The Hotel Fight Scene
2. The Warehouse Fight Scene
3. Hilarious - Jackie stripped down and forced into a funny suit
The DVD is a little sparse on special features, but it does come with a pretty detailed bio (more so than the Rumble in the Bronx DVD) and filmography of Jackie Chan, as well as the movie's director Stanley Tong. Also included is the film's theatrical trailer.
Action movie/martial arts film fans will love this movie. The action, as well as the story, are solid. New fans of Chan will also love this film as its great action sequences. The DVD features, while a bit sparse compared to more recent DVD releases, are alright. Overall, whether you rent, borrow or purchase this DVD/movie is worth a watch at least.
Highly Recommended.
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on May 15, 1999
You don't even have to be a Jackie Chan fan to like this movie.If you are a jackie Chan fan you will love it!This is just an all around fun movie,great stunts,great jokes,great locations,just GREAT!!!Jackie Chan once again puts his life on the line for his fans by doing his own stunts,and risks even more then that by singing!!Just kidding Jackie ,but don't give up your day job!If you are looking for a soul searching,intelectual movie,look elsewhere,but if your just looking to be entertained for an hour and a half this is the way to go!! Lots of action,pretty women,handsome men,cute critters,slapstick comedy,just all around fun,you won't be dissapointed,trust me.And best thing of all is you can watch it with your kids!!Can't say that about alot of flicks these days unless your watching Disney!!!Rent it,buy it whatever,you will enjoy!!
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on June 20, 2005
Every time I watch Jackie Chan, I have to wonder: How does he do this stuff? He's just phenomenal. If you don't like Chan, that's fine, but if you aren't impressed by his amazing acrobatic grace and wild imagination, I feel sorry for you.

The plot is, of course, simple and just an excuse for Chan to do some amazing stunts. There's a lot to like here, including a ridiculous, yet absolutey stunning, fight in a shark tank. There's so much more, but I'd rather not spoil it.

Just see the film and expect a good time.
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on April 7, 2015
This movie is a must have for Chan fans. Personally I love his younger stuff, but once he gets control over the choreography and stunts, you can't be disappointed with the outcome. This movie is worth having for the ladder fight sequence alone. It's got his humorous antics in it, which is why I love Jackie Chan movies they aren't tense the whole time. It is a fun family movie with really great action sequences.
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on December 27, 2015
Just like all JACKIE CHAN movies a lot of action the only one that I was really disappointed in is KUNG FU MASTER he's in that movie I say tops 10 minutes if that long but another action packed CHAN movie
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on January 16, 2000
Want to see some awesome martial arts action with amazing stunts thrown into the fray? Then buy this movie. Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh have excellent chemistry and perform well together on-screen. Jackie's fight with Tsui's family is aweinspiring and the escape through the mall has to be seen to be believed. One of Jackie's best.
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on June 23, 2007
As many of you Jackie Chan fans may already know (and those who aren't fans are about to find out), Chan has his own uniqueness that makes him one of a kind. One of the elements about his action films that makes Jackie Chan, "Jackie Chan", is the humor. In "Jackie Chan's First Strike" we get to see some humor, but what there is more of is just pure fun. Where most of the fun lies, is in some of the coolest action scenes in any Chan film.

First Strike is basically part 4 in the popular Police Story series, arguably the best series of movies with Chan. Police Story 1 & 2 had a decent amount of comedy, but also a lot of seriousness. Supercop was quite serious. First Strike is the most fun out of the bunch, but has its serious moments too. As mentioned earlier, its the action that is so much fun. Plenty of scenes from beginning to end that will surely thrill from a great ski/snowboarding scene in the beginning, chases & fights, the incredible & famous "ladder fight" scene, and the incredible fun and somewhat humerous aquarium underwater scene.

The plot in First Strike is actually not all that dull, but might seem a little common for a Chan film. Jackie is hunting down some people who are dealing with nuclear weapons, and ends up working on the wrong side by mistake. The action picks up in the movie when he discovers he was working for the bad guys, he's a wanted man, and they begin to come after him. The English dubbing, though not great, is satisfying for a Chan film, actually helping in bringing out the fun factor.

Arguably the best scene in the movie, and of the best Jackie Chan scenes ever, is the famous ladder scene (although the particular fight is not limited to just a ladder). It is truly amazing to see what can become a weapon and how he uses them with such incredible choreography that is intelligently used to make a simple brawl just an outright blast. The honorable mention scene is the finale, which is an underwater fight at an aquarium. Chan provides some cool underwater martial arts action at times, as well as plenty of comic relief when attempting to avade the shark in the aquarium. There is no big stunt scene like in some of his other movies, but the biggest are jumping from a cliff onto a helicopter and taking a red sprts car off a ramp and into a movie boat.

For a Jackie Chan fan, this is a must for the collection. First Strike is just an all-out fun film that anyone can enjoy, and most likely will. Oh yeah, and there is a scene where he is forced to sing naked outside "I will follow you..." Just hilarious.
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on May 3, 2000
I've seen 14 Jackie Chan films and this one ranks on my list as his best. It's a hectic blend of martial arts, death-defying stunts, and hilarious physical humor that goes beyond even Buster Keaton. Yes, the plot is a bit hard to follow (probably due to a cut from the Hong Kong version) but the action sequences more than make up for it. I originally had been wanting to watch this film in theaters but it left after a quick run and a 14.53 million dollar gross, so I had to catch the film on video.
Jackie Chan plays, well, Jackie Chan, a Hong Kong cop who is assigned to follow a woman named Natasha. It's believed she is a part of an operation by the Russian mafia to smuggle out a nuclear warhead from the Ukraine. She eventually leads Jackie to Tsui, a former CIA agent who appears to be the head of the operation. After getting tangled with him, Jackie teams up with Col. Yegorov to retrieve the stolen warhead. Along the way, Jackie makes certain discoveries and begins to find out who the real bad guys are and what he must do to keep the warhead out of their hands.
Jackie Chan is the master. The reason his movies are so delightful is because Chan has no problem making fun of himself. He has a lot of great fun with his self-deprecating humor and it makes the movie even more enjoyable. First Strike is perhaps his funniest film yet.
As for the action sequences, they're as far from disappointing as possible. The kung-fu fight involving Chan defending himself against several men with tables, chairs, sticks, brooms, and a large aluminum ladder is a classic, perhaps his best fight ever (and I've seen Who Am I? and Drunken Master 2). With the last hour full of creative non-stop action, First Strike never fails to be a funny, thrilling, entertaining and all-out fun experience.
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on May 16, 2014
Jackie Chan's First Strike, also known as Police Story 4: First Strike, is probably the weakest of the series thus far. The movie opens with an entertaining James Bond-ish scene in the snow to get you going, but takes it's time before it heats up again. The whole theme of the Police Story movies have changed dramatically.

The first two were true Hong Kong action police detective movies, but starting with Supercop, Chan seemed to change the direction of the films, heading more towards a Bond-like movie. In fact the final underwater fight scene in First Strike is definitely an homage to Thunderball, a Sean Connery James Bond movie. Besides that there is really only one more notable action scene in the film, which would be the scene where Jackie visits Annie to tell her he is innocent.

Here Chan exhibits that clearly, he is a master of his environment. Jackie uses almost every single prop in each setting to thwart and disarm his attackers. These incredible acrobatic feats are something that over the years has become a staple in Jackie Chan's martial arts style and is something that keeps people coming back to see his movies.
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