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Format: Video GameChange
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109 of 114 people found the following review helpful
on March 11, 2002
I am a 40-something gamer and as an adult gamer time is limited. I usually have a million and one things all in competition for my precious free time. That is why I love Jak and Daxter. The game is very easy to learn, only took me about 5 minutes, and is straight forward in communicating the mission objectives. The best attribute in this game is the ability to save anywhere! There are times when I only have a hour or a half hour to play any games. A game that requires I play for a minimum of two hours before hitting a save point is a game I would tend to avoid. But Jak and Daxter and its "save anywhere" function is just what all adult gamers have been looking for. But be warned, this game is highly addictive. So, while you may sit down with the intention of playing for only a hour, several will go by as you become totally immersed in the great graphics and hilarous voice acting. I just can't wait to see what that little guy will say next, he cracks me up! I highly recommend this game for all ages, and especially for busy adult gamers who are looking for a quick game fix inbetween PTA meetings.
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29 of 29 people found the following review helpful
on February 2, 2002
In a world full of violent and sexual, mature PS2 games (and i dont mind those), it seems as if the PS2 was meant for teenagers on up. Well not now. Jak and Daxter is a flawless PS2 game, reminding me somewhat of Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, or Crash Bandicoot. This is a nice breath of fresh air for PS2 owners... something your little brother can play, have a great time, laugh, without hesitating. and it is a good game, dont get me wrong. one of the best games ive ever played! its self explanitory, easy, and tons of fun. Once you get used to everything on the fist stages, it gets harder though, so it isnt a total walk in the park. there are great voice overs, and their worlds are very vibrant and have lots of color. Its the first good game for PS2 for all ages. While crash bandicoot on the PS2 really disappointed me, try this one instead.
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51 of 55 people found the following review helpful
Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy is brought to you by the company that made Crash Bandicoot. It shows the same playful, all-ages fun adventure style. Definitely lots of fun!
Your main characters are Jak, a teenage boy, and Daxter, his young friend who early on gets turned into a reddish weasel. You're told by the great sage that the only way to turn Daxter back into a human is to go on a quest to reach the other sages.
There are of course many subquests along the way, some involving the sage's sexy daughter, Kira. You need to gather up 'orbs' which are sort of a currency for the land, and power cells, which let you power various devices. There is also 'eco', a form of power which comes in four colors. It allows you to heal, to run more quickly, to breathe fire, and do other special activities.
The graphics are great, from running through water to climbing up mountains and walking through villages. The sounds work well too, with the wooden bridges and sandy beaches and ocean swims all seeming very realistic. The background music is catchy and fun.
This isn't a dark, somber 'save the world against zombies' type of game. It's very lighthearted, with wisecracking and simple tasks. The tasks you perform make you feel like you're really helping people out, and the challenges are doable. The save system makes it easy to try again if you fail the first time. It's really a game that both adults and kids can play together and both enjoy.
Highly recommended!
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28 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on December 6, 2001
I'm so happy this game finally came out. After playing the 1st Crash Bandicoot game I was instantly hooked to Naught Dog! When I heard Naughty Dog wasn't making CRASH any more I really got upset. To top it off when I brought the latest Crash (Wrath of Crotex), let just see I was very, very unhappy with it (please see Crash review).
Anyway, Jak & Daxter is the latest and greatest creation from Naughty Dog. One word describes this game FABULOUSSSSSSSS! The graphics are outstanding and the game play is very fluent. If you are or were a Fan of the Crash games then you can't let this game pass by. It has everything Crash has to offer and more. The biggest change is that you can roam all over the level, before with crash you had to stick to a predetermined path. The graphics are outstanding (way better than CRASH 5)! Also, there are no load times that I recall (unlike CRASH 5).
Once again this is a must have game for the PS2. Moms and Dads don't be worried, this is a game that the whole family can enjoy.
Fabulous Job Naughty Dog!
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17 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on August 8, 2002
Jak and Daxter is an amazing game. If you like Mario 64 or Zelda Crash Bandicoot, This is a game for you.
Graphics:(5/5) Top notch. Good job Naughty Dog. Some of the best graphics I've seen on PS2. Very crisp and clear with vibrant colors.
Gameplay:(4/5) Go around and defeat enemies, solve puzzles sorta game. Could be a few more enemies and bosses though. The really nice thing is that once the game is initally loaded, there are no load times between levels (unlike the old crash games). Again, good job with this Naughty Dog.
Sound:(4/5) I wish there was more background music. When it's there it's nice. Some of the sounds are annoying but most are good. Also, Daxter, Jaks sidekick will help you with certain puzzles as he sits on your shoulder throughout the game.
Replay Value:(4/5) The game isn't all that long. If you're a casual gamer like me and only play once in a while then this game could take months to beat but if you are hardcore, it could probably be beat in 24 hours. Something that adds to the replay value is going back and getting the eggs and power cells. Also, it would be fun to completely start over just to play some of the mini games.
Overall:(4.5/5) Great game. Must own PS2 title. Probably a Top 10 PS2 game. In the same league as GTA3, GT3, FFX, THPS3.
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27 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on October 23, 2001
I played this game at E3, the computer game convention in Los wasn't completely finished, but what I saw was absolutely fantastic. Imagine a world where you can go anywhere you want at any time. The movement and animation of all the characters is really superb, but the main characters really shine. If you're looking for a game that isn't littered with violence and blood, and has gameplay that will last for days and weeks, then this is the game. Remember, these are the guys that CREATED Crash Bandicoot...and now they have turned their creative talents toward a new set of characters. Mario and Luigi look out, here comes Jak and Daxter!
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21 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on December 4, 2001
Crash Bandi who? Seriously, Naughy Dog's Jak and Daxter handily bests the Crash games in every way. With responsive contros and quest design blatantly lifted from super mario 64. J and D won't win the most original award, but if you're gonna yoink from someone, take from the best. The game does break some new ground in the realm of disc loading times, specifically, the lack thereof. All of the game's many stages flow smoothly together with no breaks. You can even stand on high vistas and look out to see several areas far in the distance impressive stuff. Those views sure are pretty, thanks to lush, attractive graphics that rival the system's best. Subtle touches, like a continuous, gradual dat to night cycle and realistic looking snow flurries add to the game's visual charm. Aural pleasures take the back seat to graphics. Music is sparse and forgettable, but the bountiful dialog will keep you away from the mute button. Also, unlike some modern action games that are over in a flash, J&D is so obviously inspired by Mario 64, i do feel obliged to dock it a few points for creativity. In fact, one of its biggest flaws, a serious shortage of bosses, is a direct holdover from Nintendo's classic. But overall, it's an impressive effort. No other Play Station 2 platformer comes close this holiday season.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on December 13, 2002
I got Jax and Dexter game as part of a bundle and I have to admit it was the game I was least interested in. The box looked silly, the name sounded dumb, and the game seemed to be made just for kids. I basically bought the bundle for the other games and J&D was the last one I played...
It turns out I was quite wrong: J&D was easily the best game in the bundle and one of the better games I've played over the past 15 years as a gamer.
The graphics are great, the gameplay is superb -- all of those things are better described in other reviews. I will only add one thing that might help you decide whether or not to buy J&D: do you have fond memories of playing the old school Super Mario Brothers as a kid? If you answered "yes," then you should check J&D out. I haven't had as much fun with a game since I was a 10 year old kid with an 8-bit Nintendo. That "Super Mario Brothers" feeling is what I felt when I played J&D...
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on March 31, 2002
This is probably one of the greatest platform games of all time. Of course, that doesn't say much since platform games aren't truly the greatest games. The graphics are very good, though a little garish. The frustration level is not truly a problem. The most important aspect is the openness of such a game. You could move from the level to level with ease. If you're stuck at one place, just move onto a different place. The constraints of a standard platform game are absent.
Basically, Jak and Daxter travel through different areas (beaches, volcanoes, caves, villages) and try to pick up power cells. You can gain power cells through accomplishing many different task, from finding certain crates, destroying certain creatures, to mini-games, and on and on. You travel by foot, travel in a sort of hover bike, or in one instance ride a small bird like creature.
The controls are pretty intuitive, and the camera angles are right on. You can't save at any point in the game, but the saving takes place in very frequent spots. . This saves the user from repeating many jumps and actions. Sometimes jumping is a little cheap and frustrating, but no one is asking for perfection
The bad part is that it just is a platform game. Even though the exploration part is nice, it's basically a series of jumps for most of the game. It even falls to the same cliched trap of fighting some super boss at the end.
Good graphics
Very little in terms of cut scenes
Wide open
Little repetition
Just a platform game
Time: 17 hours
Frustration: Low
Difficulty: Low
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on March 28, 2003
Thinkin this game was gonna blow Major..., but when I played the demo, all of I sudden, I was like, WHAT IN THE BLUE HELL WAS I THINKIN??!! This game is great, and when I picked it up, THANK GOD, it lived up to what I wanted it to be.
Great Graphics
Very good voice acting
Gameplay has a ton of fun
There's alot to do
Daxter says pretty funny stuff at time
This so far is my favorite platformer to hit the PS2(I haven't played Rachet and Clank yet, tho I want to)
At [the price], it's a steal
Pretty gosh darn short
I busted my... to get all 101 powercells to get a cheap ... alternate ending
Some of the powercell are frustrating(When I first played, and at times still are)
To me I kept fellin this game reminded me of somethin, oh yeah Mario 64. Tho it may feel like Mario 64, it will never be Mario 64. This game left me mad when I open that stupid door with all 100 power cells(Well I grabbed the extra 1) And they just stared at a door of light and the game ended. I swear if I didn't know a sequel was comin out I woulda gave this game a 4. But yet if u love games like Crash, Rayman, and Rachent and Clank, and never played Jak and Daxter yet, u should, cuz hey it's only 19 bux.
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