Customer Reviews: Java Programming 24-Hour Trainer
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on March 21, 2011
I like this book and it includes videos. Yes, you get a full set of videos so you can see what is taught in each chapter. Many java books are too verbose, you get 10 pages instead of the one answer you need. Not this book, it is simply perfect.

This book is excellent if you know another language and want to get quickly running in java. But its also for newbies who wish to just start programming. Each chapter is direct, no wasted words. And if you don't understanding something, you can watch the video.

You will not be a java pro when you finish the book but you will be able to write useful programs. And the book never intends to make you a pro. It is EXCELLENT for what it does and I highly recommend it as a first book for anyone wishing to learn java.

It uses the Free Editor Eclipse which is a plus. And you get to see the author write and run code in the editor you'll be using. The book teaches Java 6 so it is current as I write this. As a beginning java book it is worth every penny.
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on February 23, 2011
For those who need guidance - book is perfect. Perfect for programmers coming from other platforms, was perfect for me after learning JSE and I wish this book would have came out earlier when I needed it the most.

Book helped me to find out how whole Java Technology is working and how everything interacts and organized.
Will it tech you how to program? Not really, but It will orient you in the right direction, if you new to Java EE platform.

Price and thickness speaks for itself, and how author mentioned - "there are no miracles". If you want to learn how to program get Liang or some other thick 1300 pages book with LOTS of exercises and spend tremendous amount of time programming, then get another 1300 pages "Thinking in Java" Bruce Eckel, then "Effective Java" or patters by Head First and more. At least that is my agenda. Thin 24 hour trainers won't help you become programmer, but I think book is good what it was written for. Its not a "Java core book", its a 24 hour trainer through almost all Java technology to help you to get started in Java EE.

why 4 stars,- I would like to see not only an examples of how to use certain technologies but 2-3 exercises as well for practice. This way book would be priceless.
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on March 31, 2011
I have been in the IT Profession for 31 years. I recently changed jobs, switching from 11 years in the C++/C# closed-source world and into the Java/J2EE open source world. I needed a fast spin-up to become productive in my new job and this book was the best primer I have ever read/used (and I've read hundreds of books over the years). I very much hope the author will write a follow-on, more advanced version using the same techniques (text, examples, and video-DVD). Well done!
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on April 22, 2011
In my opinion, this book is an excellent thing for programmers like me, who want to switch their specialization to Java.

One of the advantages of this book is that it gives a big picture of the Java SE and EE platforms. Dozens of technologies' acronyms, which I was afraid of in the past (like JSF, JMS, JNDI etc.) are now familiar to me. Moreover, I understand where and when these technologies are applicable.

Of course, I can't be considered a Java EE guru after reading this book. But now, when I know the possibilities of the Java platform, I can continue with online tutorials and other books, dedicated to concrete Java EE technologies I'm going to work with on a particular project.

Thank you, Yakov!
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on June 16, 2011
An excellent book for those who want to get a general idea about the world of Java technology. The code examples given in the book are a complete building blocks from which we can build more sophisticated programs. In addition, the book is given the attention the passage of the technical interview process and job placement.
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on July 31, 2011
I was excited when I saw the content of book, but as I started using book, I became increasingly annoyed at having to waste my time figuring the mistakes in the book. I understand that this book is mostly for new comers to java, and finding the errors is not only time-consuming but also confusing. The author does have a cheek to ask the reader to send him the list of erros(and there are many..): when you are selling a book, it is your responsibility to check the mistakes and not do a poor job and then await for the users to send you the list of errors so that you publish a second edition without the mistakes!!!
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on April 3, 2013
The first two lessons were fine. By the third lesson, the author gets side tracked into some unneeded detail that is probably useful, but should come later when the information is needed. The Try It Yourself assignments are too detailed, more of a monkey see - monkey do. I have been making up my own "Try It Yourself" projects, but since they are my own - I have nothing to refer to when I get into trouble. If I were doing it, I would create similar "Try It Yourself" assignments to teh chapter examples and then have the author put his solsution onto the CD that comes with the book
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on March 22, 2013
This book is ok if your looking for a crash course in java. I have to say honestly you need to know at least a basic understanding of the language to understand this book. It doesn't go into super -detail which is expected since this is a 24-Hour Trainer. I'd suggest this for somebody who needs to learn Java Programming concepts in a super super rush. Otherwise I wouldn't depend on this book on its own.
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on February 21, 2011
1. of course, there are some errata. I'm on Lesson 4, and already frustrated.

2. There are supposed to be online "solutions" for the "Try it" exercise sections.
Not there. the Source Code that IS there, is lame and does not reflect the "Try It" exercises.

3. The DVD. wow. less than satisfactory. Kind of like item 2.

4. Been puzzling over the following from Chapter 4 , page 35, Listing 4-4. This is SUPPOSED to be online and downloadable on haven't found it yet.

The text: Consider a class called SomeOtherClass with a method defined as verifyTax ( Tax t). AS you can see, it expects an instance of Tax as an argument. Listing 4-4 shows how you can call it from the class Tax using the keyword "this" to pass a reference to the current instance of the class Tax.

class Tax { void verifyTax() {
SomeOtherClass s = new SomeOtherClass();


Now maybe I'm just being dumb. I AM a novice with many levels of Java. But this confuses me.
I can't even figure out how to test this, what the value of this is. It SEEMS iterative. I would have loved an example of how this works. I'm stuck here. I should just move on.

But I paid $45 for this book, and I"m sorely disappointed.

And as I said, the "solutions" look very little like the exercises in the "Try it" sections.

He mentions a forum. I'm the first one to join.

I AM prepared to give a better rating if these issues are addressed.

Oh, and there is NO errata.
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on September 14, 2011
This book is loaded with typos and errors. I called Wiley and they really did not have much to say or do about this, except to offer to me, as a consumer, the privilege of proof reading the book for them. BTW, there is an errata page but it is not complete, how incomplete I am not sure.

I'm even finding errata in the errata. Look at the suggested change on the errata webpage for this book (pg 126). New datatype - an "in". I know what he means, but really people, what is there I do not know what he means. It is like trusting driving directions from an idiot sister-in-law.

Pathetic. This book should be recalled, re-proofed and re-printed.

Update: I really want to like this book. Their Javascript book is great. One nice feature of these books are screencasts (training videos). The Javascript ones are great. The ones for this Java book are terrible. The author narrates and he is really hard to understand. He has a slight accent but it sounds like they made him get up at three in the morning and started just talking - no coffee. I think they should hire the Javascript guy to do a voice over - or Me.

This is such a shame; the subject matter is perfect. There are a ton of how to program in Java but this book's content goes to the next level. But the execution is horrible.
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