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Color: Black DiamondPackage Type: Standard PackagingChange
Price:$89.95 - $283.71
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 5, 2011
I got this product because a good friend had recommended it to me (we usually have the same taste in electronics among other things). Both he and I travel for our jobs and having a nice and compact speaker system is a nice to have when you are in a hotel room for a month or so. Actually, he demonstrated his Jambox for me while we were in Japan, and I thought the sound quality was pretty good for its size (this, of course, happened about 5 minutes later as there were some Bluetooth pairing complications due to the unit's low battery). In the end, while in Japan, I ordered the Red Dot Jambox and timed it to be shipped to my California address the same time I'd be home for a brief visit so I could go back to Japan with my new toy.

My first impression when I opened the box was that it was a very nice looking product and came with a nice variety of accessories: compact case for the Jambox, short and long USB charging cables, USB wall charger and AUX cable. I immediately plugged the unit into the wall to charge, powered it on, and connected it to my iPhone 4 via the AUX cable. As expected, the sound was flawless since it was directly connected to my phone. The sound was impressive and the bass really kicked in also. After the AUX check, I let the unit charge for about 30 minutes and then proceeded to test the Bluetooth portion. It took me about 5 minutes to pair it up with my iPhone and stream some music from iHeartRadio (the sliding power switch and its LED lighting scheme takes some time to get familiar with). Success!

At this point, I thought I'd be taking this thing back to Japan so I can enjoy my music from this speaker instead of my iPhone/iPad/laptop; however, this was not the case... I went to sleep with the music streaming from my phone to the Jambox. The next day I woke up and the music was not playing anymore. My phone still indicated that the music was playing, but there was no sound from the Jambox, only static. Perplexed, I turned off the Bluetooth from my phone and the music started playing on my phone again. I tried turning on Bluetooth, re-pairing, forgetting, re-pairing, and basically every combination to try to get the Jambox to play again but with no success. I then reverted back to the AUX cable, and as I expected, music would play from the Jambox again. A quick search on Google confirms that many people have experienced the same type of problem with many occurring after updating their units' software/firmware. I read that some people were able to get the Bluetooth mode on the Jambox working again by inserting the AUX cable about 3/4 of the way into the unit (leaving the other end unconnected), so I gave it a try. Voila, it worked! However, when you pull out the AUX cable, the music stops and the static returns. Slightly puzzled, I did some more reading on Google and saw people were getting replacement units directly from Jawbone when they contacted Customer Service, so I quickly followed suit...

My first call to Customer Service had me perform a "Soft Reset" of the Jambox after unpairing the unit with my phone. After the unit was powered on again, I paired it up with my phone (which I was currently using to talk to the rep). Once the unit paired, it automatically went from my phone's receiver/speaker to that of the Jambox (I was actually a bit surprised because I never really intended to use the Jambox for a speaker phone, but it was nice to know that this feature was still working). The rep then instructed me to try to play music, so I opened up iHeartRadio again and started playing a station. To my amazement, the music started streaming to the Jambox even while I was still on the call with Customer Service, so I thought the problem had been resolved and tried to get the music to stream normally again. But when I ended the call, the music also stopped. To my understanding, there is a hierarchy on what the Jambox will stream audio: I think it goes AUX, phone calls, music (so basically AUX before Bluetooth and phone calls before music). This was also confirmed by the Customer Service rep, saying the music should not be playing while we were on our call. After more troubleshooting with no luck, I started reading up on a user who had the same issue as mine but was able to get his working by sticking a small screwdriver into his AUX port on the Jambox and removing it (basically similar to inserting the AUX cable and removing it). Getting frustrated, I gave it a try and actually got it to stream on one attempt. But with the success rate being very, very low, I decided to call Customer Support one more time for more troubleshooting advice and having the last resort intention of asking for a replacement unit (which eventually I would not do). Same thing as the first call, "Soft Reset" followed by a "Hard Reset", still no luck. The rep also suggested to update the SW, which I found absurd since the Jambox was working fine the night before. This was clearly a hardware problem. In my experience it was similar to a problem which I suffered once with my iPhone 3G; when listening to music through headphones, I unplugged the headphone jack from the phone, but the phone still thought the headphones were plugged in. There's a switch in the jack which senses if something is plugged in or not. Solution: insert headphones and remove again. I figure this was the same type of problem that was happening with the Jambox.

After the whole ordeal with Customer Service and trying to get this unit back to life, I decided to just give up and return it. Like it says in the title, the idea of this product is nice, and it packs a nice punch with its sound and capabilities; however, the quality of this $179.99 product is severely lacking. 1 day and the unit is malfunctioning. In others' experiences, upgrade software and then the units malfunction. I'd gladly fork over the $179.99 for something like this since I can conveniently put it in my suitcase when I travel, but I won't be doing so until Jawbone comes out with a new and improved model which is free of all the quality issues and is clearly labeled as such (i.e. Rev 3 or what have you).

2 Stars, don't buy until quality is fixed, and just read all the reviews on this product.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Omar!

We work very hard to make sure that all products sent out to our customers are of the highest quality. Unfortunately, on rare occasions our customers may receive a product that has some issues. It is our policy to quickly replace these units under our one-year limited warranty.

We have made big improvements to our service since your review was posted last year, and we continue to learn from great customer feedback such as yours. We truly value your business and hope that one day you will give us another chance!

--Jawbone Support
on April 28, 2012
I had wanted the Jambox for a VERY long time but just could not bring myself to bleed the cash they want for them.
I finally decided to bite the bullet on the Apr 22nd, and ordered a RED one. I was excited when it arrived Apr 24.
...Until I noticed that it did not work... Major buzz kill on the pre-built excitement.

I went through all the proper channels, on Apr 25 after charging all night, I contacted Jawbone support, described the issue (would not stay turned on more than 2 seconds when plugged in, and would not come on at all when not plugged in) They walked me through a couple of steps to reset the device, and then pretty promptly told me it should be exchanged for a new one.

I wasn't particularly worried because Amazon is excellent at handling this sort of thing quickly and elegantly - that day another one was on it's way to me, and mine was picked up the next afternoon by UPS. My 2nd new Jambox arrived Apr 27.

Now onto my evaluation of the working product:

+ It is compact, for sure and good looking
+ My iPhone earbud indicator shows the relative battery charge for the Jambox
+ It has surprisingly full rich sound when turned NEARLY all the way up
+ It was easy pair with my iPhone4S
+ When plugged into my iMac to register and update, it worked well
+ The MyTalk website worked well to update the firmware in the unit
+ The update added or updated a feature called "LiveAudio"
+ LiveAudio does freaky cool things to my music when sitting in front of the jambox - it is eerily like surround sound but the audio source is just two channels, and there is no rear speaker. On my bartop it sounds great for most of the kitchen.

- I have not found a way to stop the obnoxious, loud, full volume "R2D2" noises it makes when turning on and off.
- LiveAudio CUTS THE VOLUME NEARLY IN HALF to do it's magic.
- You can turn LiveAudio on and off, but once off, the audio is substantially less appealing
- The last notch or two of volume severely distorts the audio, requiring non-max volume be selected.
- The loudest volume this unit can produce is several percent quieter than my previous travel speaker (more on that below)

Now I will compare apples and doughnuts:
As different as they both are, I can eat either of them for breakfast.
Likewise, I can use a substantially different type of speaker in my luggage for hotel and mobile entertainment.

The speaker I traveled with for hotel room entertainment etc, was an Altec Lansing Altec Lansing Technologies IMT227 OrbitM Ultra Portable Speakers To be clear, the Altec uses a wire, and was NOT stereo - (it combines the channels, but throws out the sound... big). I did some countertop experiments with these two on highs, clarity, bass, and volume. The Altec wins for non-distorted loudness, and for lower bass, the Jambox wins for no wires, true stereo, slightly crisper highs. And switching to LiveAudio, if your room is quiet, the effect is really excellent.

In all, I think I will find a place in my heart for the Jambox, but it is not the place I thought it would be...
I may find that I leverage the speakerphone feature.
I may find that I use it for really high quality surround-sound music in a quiet space of my home
I may find that I bring both the Jambox and the Altec in my bag for the next few trips to give them a hotel experiment.

UPDATE after 3 more days... ---------
Downgraded to 2 stars... I just could not fall in love with the lack of volume here.
The sound quality is really great, but the volume is only suited to intimate situations where headphones would be a better fit anyway...

For me, this item did not work out well enough for the premium price it demands, so I decided just to send it back.

PS: Perhaps the newly announced "BIG Jambox" will solve the volume issue once released.
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on June 8, 2013
First, I did not buy this Jawbone Jambox on Amazon but in a military exchange on 15 May 2013 for about the same price. No big discount. In less than a month, it now needs repair. Read on.

Second, it does/did perform well, although the sound volume was very low when using it with my iMac Bluetooth. Have to sit right next to it to hear. Using it connected to an iPod Nano, the sound was amazingly loud, even when running on the battery, although the volume level varied for some songs. One note, it does make loud, annoying electronic sounds when turned on/off or the volume is changed. Why this is needed, who knows?

Third, there is a common design flaw that the company REALLY needs to correct, especially considering the cost of this item. I knocked my Jambox off the desk onto the carpet while its power cord was connected to the USB port. The USB connector broke off and fell back into the unit. Tried to fish it out with tweezers, but no luck. It still works as before, until the battery runs out. I've since learned the connector can't just be pulled back into place but needs to be re-soldered. Considering the number of times I've dropped other electronic devices, cellphones, cameras, onto hard tile or concrete floors, with no damage, this is unacceptable.

Many Jambox owners complain about this issue on-line. There are even complaints on the Jambone forum webpage dating from 2012. All the company offers is tea and sympathy. OK, not even tea, just sympathy. Their warranty does not cover accidents, even though it seems the flimsy attachment of the USB connector is a design defect and the inherent cause of the problem.

If this happened to your Jambox, Google "Jambox Repair" for more information. If you want to try and repair it yourself, which voids the almost useless warranty, there's a YouTube video showing how. Since you can't put up URLs here, search YouTube for "Jawbone Jambox Charging Port Replacement" uploaded by ritz5858. It also pops up in a Google search. It looks like a difficult, delicate and complicated operation.

For about $60, not including shipping, you can send your unit to Mountain View, CA, to be repaired, probably by the same folks who designed Jambox, since Jawbone is located in Sunnyvale. What a deal! This Jambox repair service is found on eBay.

Better yet, for the price that these items cost, Jawbone should be devising a way to prevent this common problem in the first place! And offering relief for customers who spent a lot of money on a product that is flawed.

Bottom line: If I can't repair it myself and have to replace it, I'll look at other brands of Bluetooth or WiFi remote speakers first. Until this problem is remedied, I recommend against buying these products. If you buy any, handle them VERY carefully, which shouldn't be necessary for portable items!

So, I'd give the little speaker four stars for powerful, if inconsistent, performance, but only one star for reliability and one star for customer support, for an average of 2 stars (4+1+1=6/3=2). :)
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on April 8, 2011
Update September 2014....I had to replace my speaker after the mini USB broke inside the speaker. I bought a new one, but was later told by the company that had I called they would have just replaced it. Now, my new one, bought in June, has issues with its bluetooth (my iPad, Macbook, iPhone can't see it any longer and I have to use it with the speaker cable) and the company says if I want to pay to ship it back they can, once they get it, send me a replacement -- not the same thing but the mini thing. I'm not so bothered by the mini thing even though I like the size of the one I have, but four months in and I'm having to pay to ship it back to them. A fine speaker for sound, but it's darned expensive to have stopped working so soon after purchase. I'm afraid I've had to knock my five stars down to two for quality, durability and lifespan and I don't think I'll be recommending Jambox any longer.

Update: It's now mid-2013 and I've had this for some time and I must say I continue to love it. The sound is still great. Last night, I hooked it up to the projector outside and the sound was great for my movie. I liked it better than my outdoor speakers I'd used the night before. Still using the plastic box for its case. Still very satisfied.

After being nickled and dimed to death with cheaper portable speakers, I decided to bite the bullet and spend for one what I spent on all the others. First response when I played music from my iPhone: that's nice. When I played from music from my MacBook: very nice. When I played a streaming TV show from Netflix that I'd normally send over to the TV: OMG, that's amazing! Really. The dialogue and background noise were crystal clear.

One suggestion: I didn't like the black sleeve thing that came with it. I'm keeping the speaker in the plastic box it was packaged in. The lower part raises it off the table for better sound and stops it from dancing on the table from the strong bass. The plastic box is easy to open and close and will protect it when I pack it for camping. It also has room in the bottom for the small charging cable and audio cable, which the black sleeve didn't.

There you have it. Very satisfied.
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on July 11, 2012
I really liked the Jambox, although I didn't use it a great deal. The sound was pretty impressive for such a small unit. I had the unit for about six weeks and had at most 10 hours of use on it. Then it just completely died. It would not turn on and would not charge. Too bad cause I really liked it. I had bought it at Costco and they took the return even though I couldn't find the receipt.
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on August 16, 2011
I bought it basically because of many good opinions about this product but I really didn't meet my expectations. Basically concerning sound volume! It sounds OK but it will not fill even a small room. No question if you are thinking of partying with it! If it would have costed $40, it would have been OK. But it costed $175. Stylish, yes. Beautiful, yes. Good sound quality (not exceptional), but at a very low volume...
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on December 1, 2012
I am ONLY giving this item 2 stars because of the absurd price. If you don't care about spending almost $200, it's really cool, high quality and sounds good. I bought one at Costco and brought it on a cruise. It really did sound great, and filled the tiny room on the boat with sound...but the whole time I kept thinking: This thing should have cost $70, not almost $200. So when I got back, on principal, I returned it. I bought the GOgroove OR3 right here on Amazon for $45, and it sounds just as good, if not better than the Jawbone. It's rechargeable too. A little bigger and not as easy to pack since its a sphere, but I can live with it.

If you don't mind overpaying for performance, you will like the Jawbone for what it is (it IS small, so don't expect it shake your walls or anything), but IMHO there are too many other options, and I'd rather own a portable speaker I don't freak out about if I lose it or its full of sand on the beach.

UPDATE: I notice the price keeps coming down. When I wrote this review, it was almost $200. As of this update it's $140. I'd still have to say too high. Plus new market entrants in this blue-tooth speaker space all the time. I used one of these Jawbone's at a friends house recently and it confirmed the cheap one I bought sounds just as good.
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on July 3, 2012
Do not buy from Seller1on1,
Buy from a genuine Jawbone provider so the company can uphold the JAWBONE warranty. I purchased from Seller1on1 (not Jawbone qualified distributor) and the first Jam Box was defective right out of the box. The Bluetooth function was not working, even with the firmware upgrade. They sent me another jam box and it worked fine, but after 30 days the Bluetooth function failed. 30 Day refunds/exchanges. Since it was a couple of days after 30 days i was told I was on my own.
I understand most people who write reviews, write when there is a problem. I just feel that Seller1on1 knew that the BACH of Jawbone Jambox they had in their warehouse or on their shelf had faulty Bluetooth chips but didn't want to resolve the problem hoping it would work pass the 30day mark. Since they are NOT a JAWBONE distributor, Jawbone said I was on my own.

I think this product is way over-hyped and over-estimated by its Bluetooth functions. Yes it works with the AUX cable and sounds great, but I bought it mainly for the wireless function. $200 dollars=wasted
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on June 26, 2013
A premium priced product should be backed up with reliability. I've owned the Blue Wave Jambox since December 2011 and am now on my THIRD unit.

Spending $200 on this speaker, I made sure to take care of my Jambox. I used it regularly at home, the office and outdoors and can't say enough great things about the sound quality and ease of use. After 6 months of said regular use, the USB charging port became detached and fell inside the unit. Luckliy, Jawbone Support was more than helpful in replacing my unit that was still under warranty.

I decided to write this review after the SAME PROBLEM happened to my replacement unit after a similar amount of use. Having spent $200 for this product and having issues with the reliability, I would probably spring for a Bose at $300 or wait until being to snatch up a Jambox on Amazon Marketplace for under $100.

Anyone in the market for a portable Bluetooth speaker for Summertime Fun would be best served doing some research on newer products available. At a $200 price point, the Jambox simply isn't worth the money.
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on May 19, 2012
I loved this product for the 5 months it worked. Last week it started having problems charging. Originally I just thought I wasn't plugging it in correctly or something until today I noticed it wouldn't charge at all. So Jawbone is going to have to replace it but they require me to send it in first, process the warranty return, then ship me another one with no idea how long it will take. I had the Jawbone up! band and both of those stopped charging eventually also, what is it with Jawbone products not charging!? I was going to buy the Big Jambox next but I'm a little hesitant to drop $300 on another Jawbone product.
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