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on December 8, 2009
I love Board Games and I cannot believe this one has no reviews. This game is a blast! My wife and I have friends over all the time for games and this one is always a huge hit.

Players all build the race track together (the track pieces fit together like puzzle pieces) and then draw for starting positions. Players then take turns "flicking" their cars (wooden discs with car stickers on them) around the track in a 3 lap race to the finish line. The game takes about 2 minutes to get the rules down and then the fun is on. The game always induces plenty of laughter and sometimes a little frustration...but that is what makes it so much fun. Anyone can play this game from 4 years of age on up (my 2 and 4 year old love to play with me when our older friends aren't over for adult game night). The pieces are very sturdy and should last until Jesus comes back for us.

This game is great to play about half way through a long night of board games so you can get up and stretch your legs and get off your bum for a little bit.

My only complaint about the game is the price and how little you get for it. You need at least 2 of this one, or this one and a couple of expansions to really have enough track to make some big fun tracks.

Thank you for reading my review,
Jeremy (age 32)
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on December 15, 2012
After seeing a 2-star review existing for this game, I had to at least write a few words.

Pitchcar is THE dexterity game. Of all the board games that exist in my closet, I am most happy when I have a nice group of players and can set this one up! I own both the base set and the first expansion (which includes a ramp/bridge) and every time I've played has been a blast. In fact, when we play, we tend to use the team rules, which makes it so that if you happen to have a few unlucky flicks, you are part of a team and therefore it is still important to fight for position. Players will create house-rules and are encouraged to be creative with their shots.

But, it's not simply the the joy of flicking that makes this game shine, it's the slickness of the track and the curved plastic fencing that can make for some gloriously fast flicks that travel half the length of the track in a single movement. It was designed with sturdiness in mind and I have yet to find a "warped" piece that stunts the game. An amazing, quality party game experience that makes people stand and cheer!

There are some negatives to keep in mind. Pitchcar requires a HUGE play surface and that surface needs to be as FLAT as possible. I keep small paper shims in the box in order to fix any bumps in the track, but sometimes it can be very difficult to make the track without any little bumps between segments. Also, players that are terrible at dexterity games are going to hate this one and it really plays best with as many players as possible. This means that it may only hit the table a few times per year, and I think this is PERFECT. It is always an event when PitchCar breaks out, and that means it never has a chance to wear out it's welcome.

Well worth the steep price. A classic game!
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on September 25, 2011
I bought this for my seven year old nephew. In the end, all of the males in my family were happily crawling around on the floor pitching wooden disks down a track. That includes me and my brother (late 30s), my father (late 60s), and my nephew.
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on April 30, 2016
This is expensive, but quite fun. This truly is an investment. Once you buy this set, you will start to look for deals on the expansions. You simply flick your wooden car around the track. Watch some Youtube videos to see how to play. A favorite way for us is to have a one vs one race, BUT don't start at the same spot -- one of you start at the halfway point. One flick each, and whoever crashes into the other guy first wins! -- NO going backwards.

We play a rule where if your car gets knocked off the course, you put it back to the spot to where you flicked it BUT OFF the board. Then on the next round everybody that is on the board gets to flick BEFORE any players off the board get to put their car back on track and flick. This is a GAMECHANGER in my opinion. It takes someone from first to worst in a snap! This keeps the game exciting since anyone could get out in front early, but one bad flick could have so many pass them.
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on October 13, 2015
I'm terrible at dexterity games and this is no exception, but damn, if it isn't fun.

In this game a track, much like the old hot wheels tracks, is built and players take turns flicking disks representing cars around the track trying to be first to complete a set number of laps. Super simple.

I get a lot of hate when I say this about games but I think this is yet another case of a toy disguised as a game. That's not an insult or criticism but this is more fun to play WITH than play. The comment was even made before my last play of this that building the track is half the fun. Players rarely seem concerned with finishing first but rather enjoy trying to make crazy shots.

I did enjoy this, it's never something I would want to invest money in because you need a lot of the expansion pieces to make truly exciting tracks, but I would never be disappointed in playing.
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on June 13, 2014
Pitchcar is a dexterity-based game. Basically, what you're doing is flicking a wooden disc around a track; whoever does it best wins.

Pitchcar isn't your standard board game. When you open it up you'll find a very small rulebook, some colored discs with cars printed on them, some plastic strips, and a bunch of puzzle-piece boards.

The boards are the racetrack for the discs; they piece together to make the course. (The boards are made of Medium-Density Fiberboard and are very sturdy; they'll last a lifetime.) The plastic strips get placed in grooves on the boards and act as guardrails to guide the cars around corners. However, the strips tend to pop loose while playing; you could glue the strips into place but if you do the boards won't all fit in the box.

Playing the game is very simple: players take turns flicking their cars around the course; the first person to complete three laps wins. There's not much strategy or thinking involved; the deciding factor here is finger dexterity.

Fans of traditional boardgames tend not to like this game very much unless they're in the mood for 'something completely different.' But Pitchcar does appeal to a wide audience who just want to have some quick, noisy fun rather than play something requiring deep thought.
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on December 12, 2013
This game is a classic and there just aren't many family / multi-player (1-8) games that rise to this level. Originally released as Carabande, the series reprint of "Pitch Car" may even be better as it has more expansions available for it. Literally fun for kinds of all ages ! Check it out -> [...]
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on January 15, 2013
I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my 12 year old nephew. It is both easy to learn and fun to play! Pitch Car is a great, interactive, family game .... a welcome relief to the electronic games of today!
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on January 30, 2012
I bought this game as a Christmas present for my family. My youngest is almost 3, and she can sorta kinda play it. She can't really flick the disc with her finger, but she understands it's supposed to go around the track and gives it a good shove. She'll play for a few minutes, lose interest and then my wife, son and I will play a bit more seriously. My son is almost five, and he can legitimately beat me sometimes. He has no trouble understanding the rules, and he's pretty good at flicking the disc. He loves it when he gets a lead and I tell him how I'm going to make my disc go flying past his, but then I hit it too hard and it goes off of the track. What's also great for me is that my wife and my parents will play! This NEVER happens with any of my other board games. I brought it over to my mom's house, quickly set it up and explained the rules and boom, three generations all playing Pitchcar and no one really had to "hold back" because my four year old was playing. My step dad wanted to play again and again (mostly because he kept winning). I brought it over to my buddy's house for poker night just to see what they would think. There were some groans because who brings a board game to poker night (me!), but they really liked it, and we played a handful of times before getting back to cards. Wagering may or may not have been involved.

The construction of the components seems very durable. Occasionally, one of the red boarder pieces will slip out and mess up your shot if you don't notice it's not in place. We learned very quickly that if your disc hits even a tiny bump, it goes right off the track. We fixed this issue by placing playing cards under the end of each track piece to make them slightly inclined. It takes a few extra minutes, but it's worth it because the discs travel around the track much easier. These are very minor issues.

I do think the game is a bit on the expensive side, and you do need a fair sized table or hard, flat surface to play on. Judging from some of the pictures I've seen of people playing, you'll need a REALLY big table if you're planning on getting the expansions. We tried setting it up on carpet, but this didn't work very well because the track wouldn't lay flay enough.

Overall, Five stars!
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on December 14, 2011
If the game sounds fun to you and you enjoy dexterity games, then you will love this game. Played with a variety of people of all different ages and they have all loved it.
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