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on November 3, 2011
My original review was not so good. Here is what I first said: I have had this stroller since my son was a year old, and at the time weighed 25 lbs or so. Even then it was hard to steer but manageable, but now that he is 2.5 yrs old and 38 lbs, it is nearly impossible to steer this stroller! I have a friend who has this stroller and loves it, but her son is very petite. My son is stocky like a football player, and I would never recommend the stroller for stocky babies! Now I am finding myself shopping for yet another stroller, which I didn't expect to do in the toddler years. :-

I am updating my review now to explain that the rep contacted me and suggested that I had a defective stroller. She sent me a new one at no charge, and it did indeed steer nice and smoothly, and we still use it now that my son is 3.5 yrs old and 43 lbs. It's comfortable and convenient and serves us much better than an umbrella stroller. Awesome customer service!
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on December 16, 2012
We have gone through several Strollers as we travel a Lot, the reason we kill our strollers is that we want strollers that are light, easy to fold and small. Our Jeep stroller died on our last day in Paris and remains in the city. We had the stroller for about a year and it traveled extensively throughout, Russia (poor streets and roads), Europe (on cobble stone streets!), New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

It probably went in 50 planes and covered hundreds of thousands of miles. We are pretty adventurous and probably walk anywhere between 5 and 15 miles a day. The stroller handled it all including snow, cobble stones, buses, trains and planes. The cobble stones were finally the strollers undoing but it lasted until the last day of our Europe adventure.

Our child is now 4 and we often loaded the stroller up with him and many shopping bags. By the time we left it in Paris there was NO tread left on any of the wheels.

So we have just received our new one. Hope it lasts as well.
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on July 2, 2014
After reading several reviews I can hardly believe that we own the same stroller! This was purchased for me as a Christmas gift when my previous stroller was stolen. I have only used it 3x since. I HATE IT! It has sat in the garage ever since. I bought a used stroller online to use instead. We walk daily and this thing was miserable to push. My son barely weighs 20 lbs. Every time we hit a bump in the sidewalk I nearly launched my son out of the stroller! The wheels only roll easily if on a perfectly smooth surface. I am 5'7" which means the handle is a bit low. Normally I don't mind much, but because it was so difficult for me to push, I found myself hunched over trying to get where I needed to go. I am not talking about pushing it on grass or gravel surfaces (although my old stroller does this nicely); i wouldn't even consider trying that with this stroller! This stroller was extremely difficult just on my neighborhood sidewalks. These aren't perfectly level sidewalks, as it's an old neighborhood with tree roots buckling the sidewalk, but seriously, shouldn't a stroller work on more than just a smooth surface? It handles so badly that I found myself walking in the street instead of the sidewalk so that I didn't rattle my poor child's teeth out.

Another major issue was the seat. It won't sit up straight. Under the fabric there are two solid support pieces but the two piecesvare not connected, onky the fabric is holding them together, so they flop around and don't provide any solid support. It really seems like thae bavk should be one solid piece. The piece that you adjust to make it sit up verses recline is under the top piece, so while that stays upright, the bottom piece still flops back so it's at a wierd angle that makes it hard to sit up straight with seat support. He pretty much just needs to lean forward to sit up or has to recline. If he reclines; he must be strapped in or he falls out the front with all the bumping around.

Other than those major issues, the drink hokder is too small for anything wider than a small bottle of water or a baby bottle. The cargo area is too small and awkward to get at to be of much use. I could overlook these ifthe major issues were non-existent.

Pro's it is lightweight and does in fact fold down one handed. That's the only good I have to say. I truly wish I loved it like so many other reviewers! I have a vrand new stroller that just takes up garage space. I've thoyght about selling it online but hate to take money for it!
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on February 4, 2014
the only reson i took off a star is that the front tray u see is not detachable from a side. i wasnt aware of this while buying. but had to be used while i was travelling so i kept it. So u literally have to hold ur child with ur arms and put him inside and while taking him out u have to lock the wheels so the stroller wont move and pull him back out. but i can stroll him beautifully on it
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on August 25, 2013
Don't buy the $20 umbrella strollers - this is well worth the extra $30! I picked this up after fighting with a cheap umbrella stroller for hours while wandering around Seattle. While we have a nice big stroller (City select), it's too big and bulky for a lot of trips, especially if you need to fold the stroller to take it on the train, bus, etc. I have 2 kids and generally carry one in an Ergo carrier, and one goes in the stroller.

Fold is pretty compact - not as small as an umbrella stroller, but it fits readily in the rear footwell of my Civic, and is easy to carry on to public transit. It is smaller than my Baby Trend Snap n' Go - narrower, and shorter when folded. I can fold it easily even with my Ergo tucked in the storage basket.
Really does fold easily with one hand, although then you have to bend down to lock it.
Nicely lightweight, easy to pick up with one hand.
Recline is ok, but a flatter recline would be better. It's great for my 2yo, ok for my 7mo. I would not use it for a baby under 6 mos, because it just doesn't recline enough, and only has a 3 point harness.
The canopy is adequate, much better than the umbrella stroller, but not as nice as a bigger stroller. However, there's a viewing window in the top of the canopy that doesn't have a cover to it, so the sun still can hit the top of your kid's head. I drape a muslin blanket over to cover the window and extend the shade area a bit.
The storage is quite generous for the stroller size and is easy to access. I had no problem tossing my diaper bag down below.
Steering is pretty good, and it handles moderately rough terrain very well. I like the single handlebar vs the 2 handles.
My toddler LOVES it and finds it very comfortable (at least I'm assuming so, since I can't pry him out of it!)
It's inexpensive, so if I have to leave it in stroller parking somewhere, I'm not worried about anything happening to it.

If you are willing to spend more, and want the flatter recline, 5 point harness, bigger canopy, and better handling with the same benefits, get a City Mini. I really think that you can't go any better for the price though.
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on March 1, 2014
We love this stroller for its simplicity, compactness and easy open/close feature. Obviously it is not suitable for jogging with and going over rough terrain but if you are looking for a basic stroller with lots of value, I would highly recommend this one. There is quite a bit of padding and a rather generous basket, it takes up little space in your car and travels well. The only complaint I have is the cupholder for your child in the front is so impossibly small I don't know what would even fit in there so we rarely use it. The ones at the top for whoever is pushing the stroller is bigger and may fit larger sized drinks and water bottles. Overall this is perfect if you are working with a small budget and want something that does the job.
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on July 8, 2014
I purchased this stroller in April 2013. It worked well, it is very light (which I LOVE), and did fold easily. But I am now finding it difficult to close it. There seems to be something keeping it from folding all the way down and I cant' quite figure out. I must have looked really silly wrestling with that thing while out in public and eventually just tossed it in the trunk as it was. Also all the cup holders are useless - very small. They do not hold any of my daughter's sippy cups and none of my water bottles (unless you are using the same bottle that is pictured). It does hold my phone and keys nicely.
FORGOT TO MENTION: When I purchased this item in April 2013, I paid around $50 for it. I would never pay over $100 for this stroller.
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on May 31, 2013
I was looking for a lightweight stroller that folds up small to keep in the trunk of my car for quick trips. It fits the bill being light enough to put away with one hand. But like others have said, the cup holders don't fit any cup that I've ever used, or my daughter's sippy cups for that matter, making them useless. That goes for both the parent and the child cup holders. And it's not tall enough, I'm 5'7", and find myself hunching over a little to use it, and my poor husband is 6'2" so it's downright uncomfortable for him. It's also impossible to open from the folded position with one hand (which sounds lazy, but who has both hands free for even a minute with a toddler on the loose?) because there's a little lever you have to open with your hand first before unfolding it. It's cheap enough though that I kept it because I was too lazy to send it back, and I still use it although it annoys me every time I do.
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on September 8, 2012
I have had this stroller for 2 years, and I love it so much that after a few months, I bought a second one to keep in my husband's car!! I think this stroller is the perfect in-between because it is light-weight and small like an umbrella stroller, but it has more features like the larger strollers (like cupholders and a storage compartment) but without being huge and bulky.

My favorite things about it are:
I can fold it and lift it into my SUV with one hand while holding my toddler in the other! It is small enough to just keep in the trunk all of the time.

I can steer it with one hand when I need to-- it is very easy to steer and it seems like a smooth ride for my child

It easily navigates in aisles at stores or at the airport because it's not too bulky.

It rides smoothly enough for walks on sidewalks (again, providing a good in-between of being more comfortable and sturdy than an umbrella stroller, with many of the benefits of a bigger "travel system" stroller)

it's comfortable for my 2 year old daughter and has been since she was a few months old (I think I started using it around 4-5 months old)

it holds my purse or diaper bag in the underneath compartment (plus, I bought a hook that hooks onto the handle to hold even more things like shopping bags), and I like that I have 2 cup holders, a place for keys or phone, and my child has a tray and cup holder

the price is awesome -- low enough to buy 2!

I've traveled on planes, trains, cabs, buses, etc. and even all around France with our baby, and it has been great.

After 2 years, mine does not look or seem worn out at all -- the fabric, frame, etc have held up very well even with lots of use. I will definitely be able to continue to use these with our next baby.

I HIGHLY recommend this stroller!!
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on August 21, 2013
What I like:
+ price, price, price (only $56 including tax)
+ light-weight
+ one-handed open and close
+ latch to lock in place when closed
+ ample undercarriage for diaper bag or groceries (light grocery shopping)
+ one-handed steering
+ easy to assemble
+ seat reclines (not much: about 45 degrees, but better than not at all)
+ color is suitable for boy or girl
+ snack tray for baby (her take n toss sippy cups fit) & one for parent (my water bottles/coffee cups fit)
+ side pouch comes in handy for when my little one insists on taking off her shoes (I just tuck 'em in there)
+ fabric dries fast when spot cleaning is needed
+ easy to maneuver in stores with small aisles (Jeep Liberty Sport X Urban Terrain is huge)

What I don't like:
- not as roomy as Jeep Liberty Sport X Urban Terrain but okay for short trips where need for light weight trumps comfort
- my little girl/ daredevil thinks its funny to let her feet touch the front wheels as the stroller moves but this is very dangerous
- if you try to push this stroller very fast on rough sidewalk the front wheels (because they're the small hard-plastic wheels) won't roll well. I know this will also be a problem in the snow (Jeep Liberty Sport X Urban Terrain is superior in this respect since it has real wheels and rolls well on any terrain)

If you're on the hunt for a light weight, sturdy, affordable stroller pick the Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller, React. It, does the job!!!
If you're looking for a luxury stroller, pick the Jeep Liberty Sport X Urban Terrain
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