Customer Reviews: The Jelly Jam
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on April 27, 2002
Put 3 great players in a room, what do you get? It depends. In this case, wow, we are treated to a very complete sounding album (incredible considering it was written and recorded in about 2 weeks time!). This is no longer Platypus as D. Sherinan has left and the band decided to go with the power trio format (not a real stretch for ty, eh?). We get bathed in lush harmonies, beautiful cymbal work from Rod, and we can finally hear Myung on the bass! On first listen the album grabs you by the ear and pulls you along with "I Cant Help You" which segways into the funky (boy does that guitar riff sound sweet) number "No Remedy". The listener is given a brief respite with the interlude track "Nature" but then is slammed over the head with a ton of bricks by the finger breaking "Nature's Girl" (which has a fantastic chorus). Ty fans who want more growl and guts from Ty (his solo CDs are a bit too pop for my taste) have their call answered on this release. "Feeling" really sounds like Moonflower Lane (ty's second solo CD) material but has an AMAZING vocal harmony part in the's bone chillingly good. "Reliving" is another soft number with ties to ty's divorce (see his solo album 'safety' for that whole scene). We are then treated to an impromptu studio jam "the jelly jam" with some nice non-shred guitar soloing (choice!). We are taken out of this dream land of floating harmonies with the raucous drumming Rod displays on "I am the King". Myung also shines on this track. "The King's Dance" is another interlude or can be seen as the exit solo to the previous track. "Under the Tree" recalls Beatle's yellow sub vocals with a touch of jethro tull, a touch of rush (say the second side of moving pictures) and some acoustic elements. wow. Over all this is one of the most satisfying albums (in the 'side project' genre) to come down the pike.
Why 4 out of 5?
1) album is short, especially if you remove the filler tracks (interludes). it satisfies me personally but some may see it as short (at around 45min)
2) there is a serious "lull" in the middle of the album after Nature's Girl. Just be ready for it. The energy between 5-7 is much lower than the startling opening tracks. 5-7 are non-car tracks, 1-4 rock your mirrors off.
3) there are some production quirks (pops, a few glitches here and there)
This CD is worth picking up, just for Nature's Girl alone.
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on March 19, 2002
A tremendous album, from front to back, light on ballads and sporting a no-nonsense approach to drum-and-guitar shred attitude. _Ice Cycles_ represented a step forward for this group, as Ty pulled out a bunch of strong, moody compositions upon which the band arrived at the sum of its parts. Here, minus one Sherinian, the "power trio" format is augmented from some subtly amazing vocal work and snarling guitar from Ty; urgent yet eloquent drumming from Morgenstein; and sneaky, yet fulfilling chops from a typically low-key Myung.
Not much to complain about here, heres one reviewer's highlight reel: "Nature/Nature's Girl" starts with moody clean Ty guitars but screams out wound so tight you couldnt slip a credit card through the time signature; "Feeling" skates over a descending chorus riff, building an amazing, almost "Pleiades"-like tension until an operatic release (the snippet on was indeed the track that got me excited about this release); the massive song island "The Jelly Jam/I Am The King/The King's Dance" gives the shredophiles exactly what they need, in kindly-measured doses of prog, funk and soloing, ending on a smoking Ty solo that has to be a career highlight; Finally the psychadelic-folk-metal of "Under The Tree" ends on a mystical note with some alternatively sensitive and thundering percussion by Morgenstein.
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on August 18, 2015
If you are a Ty Tabor fan you'll like this release. I was surprised not to find this release earlier. Ty consistently delivers first class performances. Now, about the drums and bass; Rod Morgenstein is a favorite of mine from The Dixie Dregs and is tremendous here. John Myung is not as well known to me, because, I don't follow Dream Theatre, however, his bass style is ethereal and progressive ... perfect.
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on October 19, 2005
The Jelly Jam features Ty Tabor on guitar (King's X), John Myung on bass (Dream Theater), & Rod Morgenstein on drums (Dixie Dregs). I would say Jelly Jam is more of a Ty Tabor side project than the others here, since he wrote all the lyrics & most of the music on this album. As you might very well imagine, there is a healthy dose of King's X sounding material on this disc. As a matter of fact "ST" could have been a King's X album (without Pennick's vocal), especially relative to King's X "Gretchen" era.

Jelly Jam "ST" is just a magnificent effort. It is by far the best thing I've ever heard as a King's X side project, & there are many. This album is filled with killer hooky riffs, rumbling & towering leads, & a killer right in the pocket rhythm section! But the most awe inspiring part of "ST" is the amazing song writing that is going on here, especially the musical end. Monster riffs go hand in hand with beautiful & intense melodies married to Ty's, Lennon like vocals, a lush tapestry of sonic delights fill ones ears. This album rivals "Gretchen" for me. There is no mistake that Ty must have been the central figure in conceiving King's X material in their early years. "ST" just rocks to no end, filled with songs that would have fit perfectly on "Gretchen!" As a matter of fact, "ST" on a whole rocks harder than "Gretchen," without losing it's exotic flavor of mixing Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Rush, & Pat Travers into a smoldering concoction of epic proportion that was so evident with "Gretchen!"

Jelly Jam "ST" is by far my favorite post 2000 album, & is essential to anyone interested in King's X or King's X influences. Your ears will be addicted! I know mine are!
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on January 9, 2003
sadly, what we have here is a great rock album that will slip into musical oblivion. The masses dont want anything genuine. If the music rocks, then its time to push it to the backburner because garbage like blink 182, nickleback and the wallflowers need the floor space. Shame cause this album is better than anything those cover boys ever put out. Ty tabor lets out some real growl on songs such as 'No remedy'. The band shows its tight with 'the jelly jam' and brings it all home with "under the tree".
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on July 9, 2008
I'll buy anything Rod Morgenstein plays on. This time, he's with John Myung(Dream Theater) and Ty Tabor(King's X) and as you might guess, this is wonderful. Tabor did most of the writing, so you get that Beatle vocal feel with a lot of muscle. (yeah i know, platypus minus keyboards) I liked this one the first listen. Production is excellent.
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on February 5, 2008
I didn't know what to expect after Platypus lost the keyboardist. But you know what happened? It got better. Don't get me wrong, the Pus is wonderful, but JJ just seems to pick right up where Derek got off and keeps on rocking.
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on March 20, 2002
I have to pause the CD for A moment so I can try to get out of the trance it put me in!!!!!! I had high expectations for this one since all of these dudes have shown the fans nothing but the best in all of their other projects and the bands they come from.
Ty Tabor (Guitarist and vocalist for King's X) in A recent interview said he's uncomfortable being A frontman but I must say to this man.... Please don't stop!! Your voice is probably the most sweet sounding and original pipe out there. and your overlaying harmonies are so hypnotic and beautiful,(which, by the way are all over this awesome recording.) His guitaring does the same with soloing that will blow your mind. Don't be bashful Ty, people like myself admire and see you as A one of A kind, you are the MAN, so get used to it!
John Myung (Bass player for Dream Theater) seems like A very reserved person, but when he puts on that Bass and starts fingering away you wouldn't think so. I think that their's nothing this man can't do on that thumpin machine. Sometimes he gets so wild on that Bass that it literally scares me! And that dude is beefing it out all throughout this CD.
Rod Morgenstein (Drummer for the Dixie Dregs) will get your heart pumpin and your feet tappin along to his unique style of pounding away, easing up A bit, and without warning, firing away again in just about every drumming style their is.
All three of these men blend so well together and have given us another awesome set of memorable songs you'll be singing along with and enjoying for years to come! This is A true classic and I recommend it to anyone, Youngsters, older hippies, Prog-heads or even your average rock-and-roll fan. This is music that will cross age boundries and touch the sole of anyone who will take A chance and pick it up. So what are you waiting for!
Now if youll excuse me, I've got to get back to my musical LA-LA-LAND with the help from THE JELLY JAM! And I hope to see you there soon!!!!!!!!
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on February 22, 2004
This is sheer musical gold. I loved it the first moment I played it, and I still love listening to it. I can pick it out and just bang it on and feel the ace vibes created by Ty Tabor and his cronies. (After all, it's more his album than John or Rod's.) If you're a fan of Ty Tabor/Dream Theater spin offs, or a rock enthusiast in general you'll just adore this. If you haven't got the Jughead CD then you should get that one next.
Definitely one of my top five albums of 2002 and one of my all-time classic albums.
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on March 20, 2002
It's a crime that musicians as wonderful as this don't get the exposure and respect they deserve. This side project trio of Ty Tabor (King's X), John Myung(Dream Theatre), and Rod Morgenstein (Dixie Dregs) takes the listener on a musical journey that showcases each of their individual talents. Check out "Nature's Girl" (Heavy, yet so beautiful), "No Remedy" (cool, funky riff), and "Feeling" (Dreamily groovy) and listen as Ty Tabor prooves why he is one of the best in the business! Go get it now!!!
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