Customer Reviews: Jensen Portable Bluetooth Wireless Rechargeable Speaker for iPod,iPad,iPhone and Smartphones
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on September 19, 2012
I got the speakers yesterday and must admit that I was very skeptical due to the poor quality of speakers in the not so distant past. I am very picky when it comes to sound quality and I like bass. The reason why I bought these is because I listened to the jawbox this weekend and thought it was pretty good, but given the price difference and reviews, I went with these. These speakers are absolutely amazing for the size, even the video really doesn't do its justice. Since I only had those for a day, I don't know much about battery life, but everything else is just awesome! I am very happy with my purchase and as usual very happy with Amazon, getting them in a day with Prime!
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on May 30, 2012
Nice Speaker. Having tested it side by side with Jambox, it produces about 80% for the volume and quality of the Jambox. Bass response is not as good but fine for a speaker of it's size. Bluetooth range is about 80% of the Jambox but very serviceable. It does not have the cool pairing voice prompt, but the beep works just fine. All in all nice speaker with good battery life. I would like the see the price point at around $40 but I would buy it again.
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on November 19, 2012
I've had these for several weeks now. I ended up returning the iHome iDM8 mentioned below since I was able to purchase the Jensen for about 1/2 what I bought the iHome for. I also picked up the Jambox (smaller unit) during a Black Friday sale. The Jensen certainly took design ideas from the Jambox. The difference in the Jambox is that on the rear of the unit it has a passive radiator it uses to produce bass. While not very impressive just standing in the open, if you put it on a surface that will pick up the vibration of the radiator, it will amplify the sound of the bass to a very impressive degree. If you see the Jambox in a retail store, you'll see it is setting on a thin plastic demo box: the box isn't there for aesthetics: it makes the bass much louder and "thumpier". Anyway, that cannot be done with the Jensen. The Jensen is still a fine little speaker which I will keep as my wife also likes to stream music and this way we always have a 2nd speaker handy. I wouldn't pay retail for the Jensen, I would look into the Xtreme Mac Soma BT - it also incorporates a passive radiator and has the ability to charge a device with its own internal battery. I would have probably bought it instead of the Jambox, but I got the Jambox for a great price on Black Friday. I still say the Jensen is a 3 star speaker - it has average sound quality, average battery life and average features for this price point. I'll say again, I'm keeping this speaker; it's a nice little unit, just not deserving of the "rave" 5 star reviews it has received. Hope my experiences help you make your purchase.

Original Review:
I picked this up at a local retailer on clearance for a little less than 1/2 retail, making it a pretty good bargain. However, I also own an iHome iDM8, and while it only sports a single speaker and has less volume, I don't hear a huge difference. I listen to a wide variety of music: Mozart, Chopin, Instrumental, F. Sinatra, D. Martin, Andrea Bocelli, Pavarotti, Julio Iglesias, Black Eye Peas, Shakira, AC DC, you get the picture. These speakers do very well with all music unless the music relies on any kind of actual bass. Don't get me wrong, compared to a cheap desktop speaker, these are quite good, but I feel someone needs to address the lack of bass response. I can't compare them to a Jambox; I've only heard demo units in the store, but I do use Bose in-ear and on-ear headphones, so I guess I do like "Bose sound" which tends to allow more bass to come through the speaker.

Stereo is a moot point on any device this small: you can't really get stereo separation from the L/R channels unless perhaps you face the speakers opposite directions as I've seen on some products. The speaker phone is a nice feature but only a feature; people complain about me being to quite to make it really useful for other than taking a quick call when your music is interrupted.

Based on this review, you might think I didn't like these speakers. I do like them, but only for the price I paid. I'm still debating returning them b/c I have the iHome iDM8, and while it isn't quite as loud, it sounds a little "warmer" (personal preference: you might like the "brighter" sound of the Jensen), and the iHome doesn't use a silly proprietary cable so I have more charging options with it. I also like the upward facing speaker of the iHome, so I don't lose any sound when walking around it (such as working in the garage or around the house).

If you really want the speaker phone option this is a pretty good buy (when not selling retail). I just feel someone needed to comment on the bass, these don't sound ANY different in bass response then any other modern mid-quality speaker of this size. If you've not heard any before, you will be astounded by these or any other modern mid-level speaker. Because of that, I would rate it 3 stars "it's OK" but don't feel it deserved a 4 star rating as you get the same quality of sound from so many other speaker systems at the same price point.
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on August 1, 2012
This speaker is a really great value for the money. Range is good, even going around corners and into the next room in the right situations. It depends on how much signal interference there is from other electronics. The sound is enough fill my small 1,000 sq. foot home. The bass is a bit weak with nice mids and highs to my ear. The construction feels solid and pleasantly weighty. It feels quality. The speaker paired easily with my Android phone and iPod Touch. The measurements of the device itself are: 2" tall by 5.75" long by 1.25" thick. For the money, this is an excellent value.
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on September 26, 2012
A couple days ago I bought the (Dark Grey Color) SimplyVibe SV-S550 Premium Portable Laptop (Mac/ PC) Speakers w/ Subwoofer DSP Bass for iPod, iPhone, Android, MP3 Players, Tablet Devices (Plug & Play USB). It sounded terrible and I misread the product description (I thought it was rechargeable). I'm returning it, but not wanting to wait so long for a replacement I bought this Jensen speaker.

What a good choice! It sounds great. I didn't think I wanted wireless, but it has a lot of advantages. I'm using it around the house with my iPhone, and on my desk with my MacBook to watch TV. The sound quality is slightly better than I expected and a million times better than the device it replaces. It gets much louder than the MacBook's built-in speakers and doesn't have the tinny sound. It also doesn't emit sounds of interference.

The only disadvantage of the device is that it doesn't use a USB to Mini-USB cable (for charging) and instead has a proprietary cable. I appreciate that the box includes two cables; one for home and one for the office, I guess. What happens if I take it to a friend's house and forget the proprietary cable? My friends are very likely to have Mini-USB cables because of its prevalence for cellphones and digital cameras.
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on July 26, 2012
I will admit... when I received the product I was surprised with it's small size. I was replacing an older set of portable speakers which were much bigger than this. But wow... the sound did not disappoint! It sounds much bigger than it is, and was perfect for my needs. It connects easily with the cable or bluetooth. I haven't had it long enough to make any claims regarding battery life, but it has certainly lasted longer than I expected it to on a single charge. The USB charger isn't a problem for me, since USB is found so many places these days. (But you'll want to be careful not to misplace the proprietary cable supplied) Such a great bang for buck. I'm sure the Jambox sounds better, but for the price difference.. I can certainly live with that.

Update: Regarding battery life.... much better than I would have expected. Granted, I typically use the device at low volumes, but I only need to charge the battery every month or so. (I'd estimate I use the speakers about 4 hours a week at moderate volumes)
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on January 5, 2013
I bought this speaker after purchasing the G Grip speaker by G project from a national chain department store (hint- red dot). I did this for head to head comparison as I was unsure how good the G-Grip product was without direct comparison (see my customer image on product page for visual comparison). I have also used the Monster Clarity HD, but did not directly compare them (I purchased that one for my father). I also have many wired portable speakers. After trying them both, its a toss up and depends on personal preference.

Direct comparison:

Sound Quality-

Jensen appears to have better highs and high end of mid range, but I'm not sure if that is due to less bass response (still good for most music). Jensen certainly has a cleaner sound within 80% of its volume range, but after 80% it starts to distort. This doesn't bother me because 80% of its volume is more than sufficient for a product of this size, and distortion at volume extremes is fairly common for these products. GGrip gets a bit louder (but less of a difference than I expected), but it distorts even more -at about 75% of its volume range, which is still a bit louder than the Jensen. Some of this depends on type of music. G Grip has a fuller sound, but Jensen has a cleaner sound. If there was no comparison with GGrip the Jensen's bass response would be ample for me. Both sound impressive for their respective sizes, the Jensen a bit more because it is a bit smaller.


Both are pretty small and rectangular shapes. Both can fit on the windowsill, for example. Jensen is smaller (80% of the width and 2/3rd the depth). Both are very portable: G Grip comes with a strap with buckle and is more rugged. Jensen does appear well made and significantly lighter.

BT connectivity-
Jensen can be used for speakerphone as well as speaker (not true of G Grip), but I did not use this feature. Both connected to my S3 phone via BT without a problem- Good range and stability for both. I did not like that the Jensen defaults to aux when you turn it on, and requires a long press to start bluetooth. Not a deal breaker but its a full 3 seconds each time, and it get annoying quickly if you are always going to use bluetooth. G Grip does not have this problem.


Both have good battery life. I did not measure them, but I did not notice a problem- they last at least several hours. I liked that the G Grip used the standard microUSB port that so many products use. The Jensen uses a proprietary cable that has standard USB on one end and the other end (that plugs into the speaker) looks like those traditional tips that you find on univeral AC adapters. This is an important negative for the Jensen, because of convenience. I have several microUSB charging options in most places I go, and to have to worry about another cable seems unnecessary.

All in all it seems to be about personal preference. If the BT long press issue and lack of microusb charging option don't bother you then the Jensen is a great choice. Both can be very good options, but aren't perfect.
review image
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on March 26, 2012
Just ordered this and was pleasantly suprised by the bass response from such a small unit. This is comparible in size and quality to the Jambox, which is amazing considering the price. The only reason this didn't get 5 stars is that the power cable is USB only (you will need a USB port or AC adapter to charge) and you have to hold the bluetooth button down for 5 seconds to enable bluetooth. The included Bluetooth cable ends in a non-standard bluetooth power connector (round power adapter plug), so you will not be able to use your standard mobile phone bluetooth cables to charge. You may also accidentally plug the charging cable into the aux jack since they are the same size, but this will not harm the unit. Bluetooth speakerphone works well and switches easily from AD2P to speakerphone and back.

One difference from the Jambox: This unit has a flat back with grill on bottom and top whereas the Jambox has a grill on back with a flat bottom and top.

This comes with a storage bag, usb power cable, and tiny aux cable.
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on November 20, 2012
So, let me first off mention that this item was on clearance at a big box retailer and neither the packaging or even the low price really convinced me on the value of this. A coworker brought it up, though, and was mentioning the great reviews so I decided, what do I have to lose? So after buying, I carefully opened it up and paired it to my Windows Phone and WOW! Let me just say that at the price I paid, I could buy six or seven of these before approaching the price of a Jambox. To top it off, it sounds amazingly clear when maxed out. I got up to 50' range on a Galaxy SIII when trying it out at a store and could even go a little further! The onboard volume buttons are pointless but at the price I paid, I could hardly care. Buy two of these. You will not regret it.
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on December 10, 2012
I got this yesterday and I immediately set it up. Programming is pretty easy. You just push and hold down the bluetooth button until it flashes blue and red and then on your ipod/iphone go to bluetooth in settings and click the jensen device and it connects. Pretty simple.

Sound - I was pretty impressed at the sound quality this little fella was sending out. You could actually hear the bass. When the volume is all the way up though, the bass gets a little jumbled. But again, I was impressed at the quality of the sound.

This little guy is small, but for its size and price, I'd say its a good buy. I'm going to use it to blast gangsta rap while I'm showering. I named mine Javier.
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