Customer Reviews: Jerome Russell Semi Permanent Punky Colour Hair Cream 3.5oz Violet # 1428
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on January 10, 2013
I purchased 4 of these from this Amazon seller "BYPLE", I recommend them!

This seller has the cheapest rates in town for this product, believe me I know since I use it often.

I have tried many other brands and I stick with this one. Jerome Russell Punky Colour is super vibrant and long lasting! I have tried Special Effects before and it is long lasting and bright however, Jerome Russell does the same thing for half the cost! Plus I enjoy custom mixing my own pinks using a tad of blue or purple (for a cooler toned pink, I strongly dislike warm toned pink.) Flamingo Pink by Punky Color needs toning with a pat of blue or purple. The result is a bright shocking Magenta! Love it, if mixed right it blows Special Effects Atomic Pink out of the water. PLUS, this product smells like grape kool-aid soda :D

AND did you know that you may do custom colors with these?! Say you cannot find the perfect purple or the perfect blue, what not.. well, I often create hybrid colors by mixing anywhere from 2-3 different Punky Colour dyes then store them for future use under the cabinet. Example being: Say I want a cool-toned pink? I'd mix 90% Flamingo Pink and add in a half spoon of Violet! Beautiful and gorgeous :)
Or I mix Atlantic blue with Spring Green and come out with a beautiful sea-green! LOVE :)

*Word to the wise, never mix greens with pink, purple, orange, or red! And never mix blues with orange or red!

Anyhow, if you buy this product you will get your moneys worth. It is super vibrant, in fact, is so vibrant that you can dilute it for applying if you have more porous hair (as a result of several bleachings which are necessary to attain platinum hair.)

Speaking of bleaching.. you MUST pre-lighten your hair several shades (if you are naturally dark) for this dye to take hold and fill your hair cuticle. That is how you get a very vibrant color-true shade from this dye. I highly recommend and cannot say enough good things about this bleach: Schwarzkopf Igora Vario Blond Plus Blue Dust-Free Bleach (Available here on Amazon)
It has never broken my hair off, burnt it, or burnt my scalp. And as my hair is naturally dark brown, this bleach has always provided the most rapid lifting, in several levels, that I have ever achieved at home.

That being said on to some more information which I hope you will find useful.

If you are interested in diluting this product as I do then here is my diluting recipe and tips and tricks that work for me!


1.) Get a value package of vinyl gloves. Never mind buying them by the set at the beauty supply per hair coloring, way too expensive in the long run. A lady ALWAYS needs gloves on hand. You'll thank yourself for it whenever the hair coloring fancy strikes!)

2.) DOLLAR STORE: Buy a box of plastic spoons & forks, great for mixing and disposable.

3.) DOLLAR STORE: Buy a 2-4 count set of "tupperware" type bowls with lids - these you can use to mix your color then store under the bathroom cabinet for future use.

My diluting Recipe:

80% Conditioner (Cheap one such as White Rain!) I use the Coconut scent as it makes your hair smell divine!
20% Jerome Russell Punky Colour (1 good teaspoon will do it.)

Mix well to blend it completely, scrape the bottom of the bowl and sides to ensure that it is all blended evenly.

*** You can control the amount of hair dye ratio to suit your needs, such a lower amount for Pastel Hair, or a higher amount for brighter hair. I never put it on full strength because it wastes product as far as I am concerned and PLUS I do not want to be stuck with the same hair color for months.

Want to keep it bright and vibrant? Here is how:

DO NOT use harsh shampoos at ANY TIME or shampoo often. Get yourself some "Dry Shampoo" to control the oily roots only, it will freshen them and leave your hair smelling great after absorbing the oils.

Use a shampoo which is SULFATE-FREE only. The vegan section of the grocery store should have a reasonably priced one or you can opt for purchasing a more pricey salon product.

Don't like it? Here is how to remove:

I have very porous hair so it "grabs" color easily and sometimes it does not want to let go!

When I want it out the first steps that I take are using 'Head & Shoulders shampoo'. This stuff will really fade it quick within a few washes. You can't just massage it into your head and expect it to work though. You have to massage it well through your lengths by rubbing the lathered hair between your hands from top to bottom, one section at a time. Then you will see lots of dye rinse down the drain.

Once I have it faded I then take a plastic mixing bowl and mix up either an entire packet or a full scoop (depending on which bleach you have on hand, a pre-measured packet or a canister) of hair bleach with a 30 or 40 VOL Creme Developer FIRST, blend and allow to sit for several minutes to activate, and then I add in several squirts of any shampoo - which for those who don't know - this is called a "Soap Cap"

I apply this to my entire head (wet or dry) and massage quickly then let it sit for about 2 minutes or slightly longer. Usually before I even have a chance to finish getting all my hair covered with this mixture I can see the color just disappearing instantly! SO the same may be true for you and if it is WORK FAST to apply it. There is no need to keep bleach, even diluted bleach, on your hair for more time than it needs to be, specially if it is already damaged. Mine is damaged however these soap caps never hurt it :)

Follow with a nice conditioner! Not something cheap. I love Hayashi 911 Emergency Pak Re-constructor.
It cost's about 33 bucks for 33 ounces here on Amazon.

I Squeeze the excess water out of my hair with my hands and then apply this conditioner, clip my hair up and cover my head with a plastic cap (you can use saran wrap also! or even a plastic grocery bag) and leave it on for at least an hour. It is truly a moisture quench for parched hair! AND THE SMELL IS DIVINE!

***About using soap caps for removing alternative colors: Soap Caps work best on faded Pink, Yellow, Orange, Purple dyes. They are pretty much instantly wiped out.

Colors I have found which don't need to be faded first to be successfully stripped out quickly are:


Colors which I have found are super stubborn to remove with either Head & Shoulders or Soap Caps are:


Colors which I have found to need substantial fading to be removed easily:


I love blue and purple but they are tenacious, especially blue. At least for my hair.

I hope this review might help out some newbies! Please remember that ALL hair is different and dyes and removal processes are highly subjective to each individual! The above tactics just happen to work great for my hair so I thought I'd share.
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on February 1, 2014
So I dyed my hair rainbow with Punky Poppy Red, Lagoon Blue, Bright Yellow, and mixed the yellow and blue to make green and yellow and red to make orange [the purple was a different brand].
It's been 4 months and it's still practically perfect. My pictures are all over the internet because of how bright these colors were and still are despite that they've faded a tad bit.
The dye smells AMAZING. My hair smelled like grape juice for like a week after dying.

I've gotten so many compliments it's not even funny anymore.

This color is amazing especially if you want to keep your hair color. If you want to change it in a couple months? Not so much. I've tried so many different fading methods so I wont have to bleach the crap out of my hair, but this is just NOT coming out ever.

Anyway I left the dye in for an hour and when I washed out each section I dipped it in vinegar to stop the colors from blending into each other and to prolong the color. [probably not the best idea since now it wont come out..]
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on August 10, 2015
I am very impressed by how vibrant these colors are and how long they last in the hair. They do start to fade out, but even the faded colors are gorgeous. My natural hair is a very dark brown, almost black so I needed to bleach my hair three complete rounds to get it light enough for the color to go over it. (About a level 8). I think that the people that are complaining about it not working or not covering their hair are the people that aren't taking the steps to lighten their hair before they apply.

I mix equal parts of the Punky Flamingo Pink and the Punky Plum to get a pretty vibrant magenta color. I also dilute the Plum with an equal part of conditioner. (So one pot pink, one pot plum, and one pot conditioner, for example.) The product itself is thick and easier to apply that most dyes. Because it is a semi-permanent stain, it is ok to leave on your hair for a long time. In fact, the longer you let it stay in your hair, the longer the color will hold and the more vibrant it will be. I apply mine in the evening, wrap my hair/head with plastic wrap, and then sleep on it and wash it out in the morning. (Be sure to put a towel over your pillow that you don't mind ruining, in case a bit of the color transfers) I re-apply every 6 weeks after bleaching my roots again. (Side note: when bleaching your roots, the bleach that touches the purple hair will turn a vibrant green color....don't worry about it. It will cover just fine once you reapply the Punky colour)

I have long hair and a lot of it, so I end up using a total of THREE 3.5oz containers of product each time. You really want to saturate the hair so that it applies evenly. In the photo shown my color had been on my hair for 4 weeks, fading it a lighter magenta color, and then I went and weaved some of the Punky Plum as well as the Punky Purple in my hair so that I had 3 different variations of color.
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on March 12, 2008
This is the best hair color in the "non-natural color" line that I have found. It is long lasting, even more so if combined with L'anza brand Trauma Treatment leave-in conditioner. The color is vibrant and "Plum" is more of a true purple, whereas "Purple" is more on the pink end, with "Violet" more on the blue end.

Be warned, it will stain EVERYTHING! For the first week after application, be careful what you wear as it will stain the back of the neck of any shirt you wear and put a towel over your pillowcase or it will stain too. The good thing is, if it's white, bleach will take it right out. Also, use Easyoff Kaboom bathroom cleaner on your sink and shower, and you will never know that it was once purple/blue/red/green... To me it's worth it to have such an incredible color, I receive compliments everyday from complete strangers!
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on May 1, 2012
(From the reviewer's college-student daughter): I put this in my hair a week ago, and it's just the most fantastic color, better even than what I got at the professional salon. It was a really deep blue right after I put it in (left it in for about two hours), but after a couple washes it's a very nice deep blueish-teal color. I wash my hair once every three days (I use dry shampoo in between washes, specifically "Stila hair refresher"), but I can see myself needing to retouch the color every 2-3 weeks (blue comes out really fast, after all, no matter what brand of dye!).

Note: in order for this to wash out to a true turquoise color, your hair literally needs to be bleached white. My hair was bleached to a light yellow, so as this washes out it will become more dull and green. I can see that if one's hair is as close to white as possible, then less reapplications of dye would be needed (in order to not have green - yuck!). For me it's a little expensive, but overall worth the price compared to all the other dye products I've read about. I will continue to buy this brand and dye my hair crazy colors... until I have to get a job this summer, anyways.

Beware: having blue hair will stain everything blue, ALL THE TIME! If you're not up for that kind of a pain-in-the-butt, then reconsider dying your hair. Plan for darker-shaded clothing and covering pillows and couches with towels you don't care about, and buying a ton of Comet cleaner with bleach for the shower. A color sealant will help a bit with the staining, but not stop it completely. As for staining on the skin (back of neck, hands, etc) use a soap with exfoliating beads/crystals or something, since that stuff isn't coming off with just regular soap and water.

If you're willing to deal with all this, then you will have awesome teal blue hair and be the coolest kid/adult/grandma on the block. People will stare at you, but that's just because they're jealous ;) Or right-wing tight-ass conservative Bible-thumpers, but who ever cares what they think?
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on January 12, 2014
The color is great, it lasts twice as long a Manic Panic, and smells really good too. Of course with unnatural colors you have to take extra care to make the color last longer. For example, wash with cold water, add some dye to your conditioner, don't wash everyday, also using blow dyers, flat irons etc will make it fade faster. But for me, I work in a factory and wear a hairnet and hard hat all day at work and naturally my hair gets oily so I have to wash it everyday. I get lazy and only wash with cold water about 50% of the time because let's be real-who likes ice cold water in the shower? I did find that adding the dye to my conditioner helped as well as when I didn't use heat on it as much. But over all for a regular person who didn't have strict regimend-my color was vibrant for maybe 2 weeks then started looking dingy at about 3 weeks. I have since gone back to black because I was tired of the upkeep but when I see pictures I miss the green. It's fun and different, the maintenance is the only downside. Anyways, still I would definitely recommend this product and color.
Ps: I forgot to mention, i would bleach my hair to a copper color to get the dark green I wanted. Also I would leave it on for an hour or two.
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on April 29, 2014
I have been using this brand for years since I have discovered it during my days in beauty school. I currently use Flamingo Pink and Violet for my hair, but I have used Atlantic Blue, Lagoon Blue, Plum, Rose Red, Poppy Red, Fire, Purple, and Turquoise. All beautiful colors! Anyway, on to the pros and cons.

-I find that Rose Red and Flamingo Pink last VERY long, like at least 3 months, and fade out beautifully.
-Smells Great.
-Conditions my hair.
-Fun colors.

-The lighter colors like Lagoon Blue didn't really last long for me, but it came out beautiful at first.
-The color might come out darker than what you expect depending on the level you bleach your hair to.
-If you do not rinse, rinse, rinse, til the water runs clear you will end up staining your pillow case. (I recommend you don't shampoo after application.)
-It does stain your tub a little bit, but its easy to clean up with bleach or magic erasers. (I usually leave it processing in my hair for about 2 hours, so it kinda dries up a little bit on my hair, I find when I do that, it stains the tub a lot less.)
-Punky Purple for some reason looks more pink than purple to me.

Of all the brands of semi-permanent I have tried out there, I find this one works the best for me. It lasts the longest and fades out beautifully. I usually retouch my hair every 2 to 3 months and this is my go to brand. When I select colors, I usually opt for darker colors because I know that fading with semi-permanents are inevitable. So my hair starts off very dark and rich in color and within a couple weeks will fade to the color I desired in the first place and it then it stops fading and bleeding in my tub.

Anyway, I highly recommend trying this brand for yourself! It's good stuff!


I decided to add some photos.

They all showcase Punky dye colors: Rose Red, Violet, and on my friend Turquoise diluted with conditioner.
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on January 19, 2008
This was a very awsome product. It lasted WAY longer than Manic Panic, and Punky hair colour is cheap :)
If you buy this product (pre-bleached or not), just a few tips, don't use conditioner or hot water, and leave in the color for at least an hour..
It's very intense and it comes with plenty of color. You can even mix the colors, and get great results, unlike other kinds of brands. I one time mixed bright yellow and blue and it made green!
Always go for J.Russell..
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on August 10, 2013
I love this color soo much, that I have bought it twice! This color is very nice on my virgin, dark brown hair, and it smells good too. I have shoulder lenth hair, and it took me less than half the bottle to dye my whole head. And the end product was beautiful! It does come out a lot a lot when showering, so be prepared to bleach out your tub! And it does bleed onto pillow cases (and my face haha) while sleeping, so be prepared for that too. Two weeks I washed my hair, almost every day too, and this color didn't even budge! I absolutely love this product, and don't think I will be using another semi-temp dye any time soon!
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on November 5, 2015
This is like the only review I have written but it's because this brand is amazing. I have been using for over a year and it didn't hit me how well they stay in your hair until I tried another one. I currently have Arctic Fox in my hair and to be honest I love how they support animal rights but my hair bleeds the color every time I wet it. Prior to that, I had JR Punky Colour and I was having a hard time just to get it out. I tried vitamin C and shampooing it and I think all of that was just as damaging as beaching it all. I will say that it does fade eventually.. After a couple of months. The first time I used it I was trying to tone my hair and boy what a mistake. I had the purplest hair around. Eventually it faded and I eventually added some blue (you can mix turquoise and a bit of purple to make a deeper blue). This summer I tried green on my bangs, purple, and blue. It was a bit difficult to keep those not to mix as they make a muddy looking color. Eventually I tried their flamenco pink and for whatever easy it was not as bright as I expected to be (perhaps should try diluting it in conditioner next time).
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